Episode 793
Flying Sky High
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: March 13, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Love Dont" Adam Lambert

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Abby scared Trenyce by showing up at the Davenport house as Trenyce believed the Rose Peddle killer was returning to try to murder her. Trenyce panicked and collapsed
- Vinny broke into Felicia's room to replace her medication, but she caught him!
- Robbie told Natasha he was going to marry Kim despite her reservations
- Max told Paige he was thinking of opening his own photography studio with the money Cassie left him

The Davenport House; Trenyce's Home

"Come on, let's get a drink of water and try to calm you down, okay?" Abby encourages a panicked Trenyce, who is stressing out about the fact that she moved back into her house despite Brad being murdered in the living room on New Year's Eve. Abby arrived at the house because she saw lights on inside; thinking that the house was still a crime scene, Abby went inside, which scared Trenyce to her very core as she assumed Abby was the Rose Peddle killer coming back to murder her, since she was the intended victim on New Year's Eve. Abby has tried to calm Trenyce down, but it appears that she is suffering from a panic attack.

Trenyce nods back to her as another tear falls down her cheek. "Yea, some water sounds good," Trenyce manages to reply. Trenyce slowly stands up from the sofa, but as soon as she's on both feet, she collapses to the ground!

"Trenyce!" Abby rushes up to the unconscious woman. "Trenyce, my God, can you hear me? Trenyce!"

Abby reaches for her purse and grabs her phone.

"9-1-1, what is your emergency?" an operator says on the other line of the phone call.

"Yes, I need an ambulance," a shaken Abby replies quickly. "A woman just collapsed, and I can't get her to wake up! Please, hurry!"

The Cascade Apartments; Andrew's Home

"Thanks for dinner, it was delicious," Albertinah tells Andrew, as she finished putting some plates away in the kitchen of Andrew's relatively tiny apartment. They just shared a nice meal together where Andrew had informed her that he was going to take up Trenyce on her invitation to move into her house since there is more room for them to both co-exist. Andrew did, however, promise Albertinah that before he would move in, they would have a romantic date night.

"It was my pleasure," Andrew replies to her. "I'm glad that we have this time together. I don't want you to think that it will change once I'm living with Trenyce. You're still my priority, Albertinah."

"You've made that perfectly clear," she purses her lips back to him. "And, I appreciate that. I must admit that I was worried about the living arrangements when it was first mentioned."

"You were, huh?" Andrew chuckles back to her.

"The idea of Trenyce living here with you in this apartment did worry me," Albertinah admits to him. "I think you moving into her house is a much better idea. You will each still have more privacy. I just hope she's ready to move back there. I can't imagine living in a place where someone you were close to was murdered."

"That's why she wants me there," Andrew nods back to her. "It makes sense that it would be too much for her on her own."

Before Albertinah can say anything else, Andrew's phone chimes. "Sorry, I thought I shut that off," he says as he moves into the living room and grabs his phone. He looks at the screen and the incoming text message from Abby. "It's Abby," he looks over at Albertinah. "Trenyce collapsed; she's taking her to the hospital."

"What? My God," Albertinah gasps back to him. "We have to get to the hospital!"

Tyler's Townhouse

Vinny remains frozen in Felicia's bedroom as he sees the door handle start to turn. He had broken into Tyler's townhouse to refill Felicia's pill bottle with the false tablets he has been giving her, so he could ensure that she remained off her regular medication; he had switched her medication because Tyler saw him sneaking out of Victoria's condo and he felt like Tyler was asking too many questions about why he was at Victoria's. He assumed that if Tyler had something else to focus on, he would stop looking into his master plan with Victoria, whom is also drugging to make her appear to have gone crazy because he wants to get revenge on her for exposing his plan last year with Daisy and Brett. The last thing Vinny needs is for Tyler, of all people, to start to uncover his plans.

He looks around and doesn't see anywhere for him to hide in Felicia's room. He gulps as the door open and Felicia appears with a large towel wrapped around her head, as she just emerged from the bubble bath. Immediately she looks at him in shock, as she wasn't expecting to see someone in her bedroom.

"Brett?" she gasps back to him. "What are you doing here? How did you into my bedroom? Why are you here?"

Vinny uneasily looks back at her and notices that her hand is trembling a little. He realizes that his false tablets are working on her. He wonders if he can use that to his advantage in trying to get out of this jam that he is in.

"Answer me!" Felicia yells at him. "What the hell are you doing in my room? Why are you here, Brett?"

The Pampa Grill

Eva sits at the bar by herself with a glass of white wine in front of her. She is, once again, alone because she has been forced out of her home with Dominick because of her affair with Will. She has been trying to get back into her husband's good graces but so far, she hasn't been able to make Dominick forgive her for straying on their marriage. On top of that, she has been worried about Victoria and her mental health. She feels like her world is slowly crashing down around her and there isn't anything she can do to stop it.

She picks up her glass of wine and takes a long sip of it. "Donovan and I will come up with a plan to help Victoria," she tells herself. "I am sure that we will be able to make her realize that she needs professional help."

She sighs when she looks at her phone screen and sees a picture of her and Dominick on their wedding day as the backdrop. "Dominick is the one I am worried about," she admits to herself. "I don't know how I can make this up to him. But, I must figure it out. I can't lose my marriage. I just have to think of a way to get him back. But how can I do that when he is so focused on Felicia all the damn time?"

She takes another sip of her wine. "I won't lose you to that woman," she grits her teeth together. "Felicia will not steal you away from me."

The Cascade Apartments; Max's Home

Max cracks open a beer before he moves back to his sofa. He takes a drink as he thinks about how he saw Paige earlier at the coffee house and he revealed to her that he was thinking about using the money he inherited from Cassie to open his own photography studio. To his surprise, Paige seemed genuinely supportive of the idea. He hopes that he can continue to impress her, so he can try to break her and Jacob up; he won't stop until he is back together with Paige because he feels like they belong together; and he knows that deep down, Cassie still wants to get back together with Jacob.

"I won't let you down Mom," he says before he takes a swig of his beer. "I will get Paige back, so you can be with Jacob."

Before he can say anything, he hears a slight ping noise. He immediately recognizes it as his burner phone that he uses to communicate with Cassie; he stands up and moves over to the drawer where the phone is. He pulls the phone out and looks at the screen.

"Thinking about you, my beloved son," he reads the text message. "I'm staying safe and am doing okay. I hope all is well in Twin Peaks. xx Mom."

Max smiles at the message as he knows that he has wanted to hear from his mom. The fact that she is telling him that she is safe and happy means the world to him.

He unlocks the phone and starts to reply to the message. "Things are good here; working on breaking up Paige & Jacob, just like you asked me too. Miss you, xx Max."

He pushes the send button and then puts the phone back in the drawer. "I will get Paige back, I owe it to Mom to do it," he tells himself before he moves back to his beer and he takes another healthy swig of it. "Jacob won't see it coming."

The Calimo Mansion

"How was your time with Sophie today?" Paige asks Jacob as they lay next to one another in his bedroom at the Calimo mansion. Paige knows that the reason they weren't together the entire day is because Jacob wanted to spend some time with his younger sister, which she thought was very sweet. She certainly isn't complaining as she was able to see Max at the Sugarbowl; she knows that Max and Jacob don't see eye to eye, so she is glad that she was alone with her ex-boyfriend.

"It was good," Jacob replies to her quickly. "She certainly has a lot of personality."

Paige chuckles back to him. "Yes, she certainly does. I suspect your Mom will have her hands full when she reaches her teenage years."

"I don't even want to think about it," Jacob laughs back to with her. "What did you get up too?"

Paige takes a breath for a moment as she braces herself for the discussion with Jacob that she saw Max; she hopes that he isn't too upset that she saw him. "I ran into Max, actually," she reveals to him as Jacob uneasily looks back at her. "At the coffeehouse. We had a good chat, actually."

"I bet."

"Don't be like that," Paige tells him, not liking the tone in which Jacob replied to her. "Max and I are friends, you know that."

"He still wants you!" Jacob replies to her, flabbergasted that Paige doesn't see that. "I wish you would realize that. And, I don't believe for one second that his inheritance is legal; I still think Cassie was able to put the stolen money from Robertson Enterprises and Roboto into offshore accounts without a trace. Max is living off our families are work."

"You have to drop this," Paige looks back at him. "The police did their investigation; Max was cleared of any wrong doing with his inheritance. Besides, he is planning to use the money for a good use."

"Really? What good use would that be?"

"He is planning to open his own photography studio," Paige reveals to her fiancé. "He wants to be his own boss and do the work that he is passionate about. I think it's a great idea."

"Oh wonderful," Jacob rolls his eyes. "So, the son of a bitch is going to open his own company using my family's money? This just keeps getting better and better."

"Ugh," Paige crawls out of the bed and puts her robe on. "I need to get away from you right now. I can't handle you when you're so negative about Max. He's done nothing but try to be nice to us, and all you do is bully him around."

"Where are you going?"

"It doesn't matter, as long as it's away from you," she slams the door closed behind herself, leaving Jacob alone in the bed.

He sighs heavily as he runs his hand through his hair, wondering if he and Paige will ever see eye to eye on the topic of Max again.


Meanwhile, in Robbie's bedroom, Kim emerges from the washroom only wearing a black silk robe. She looks at her fiancé, who is laying shirtless in bed with a book in his hand.

"Don't you look handsome reading before bed," she purses her lips together as she moves up to him. "Sorry, I was late getting home tonight, I was caught up at Roboto talking to Andy."

"How is your brother?" Robbie puts his book down and looks back at her, as Kim sits on the edge of the bed.

"He's doing okay," she nods back to him. "There are some issues between him and Nicholas right now, but he is doing good for the most part. He is excited about our wedding plans."

Robbie chuckles back to her a little as he thinks about how he was with Natasha while Kim was with Andy and his sister was still not happy about the prospects of his upcoming marriage. "At least someone in the family is excited for us?"

"I guess you're referring to Natasha?" Kim sighs back to him as Robbie nods back to her. "What did she do this time?"

"She practically begged me not to marry you," he reveals to her, as he thinks about his conversation with Natasha earlier in the evening. "I told her that you and I were going to be married no matter what she said or did."

"Do you think you got through to her?"

"I doubt it," Robbie admits to her. "She is a very stubborn woman."

"You're not having second thoughts, are you?" Kim asks him next, knowing how close Robbie and Natasha once were. The last thing she wants is for her to come between the siblings.

"About marrying you?" he asks her back. "Of course not. I want you as my wife, and my God, it will happen, Kim. We will be married."

Kim smiles back to him as she leans up and kisses him passionately on the lips. "I'm glad you feel that way because I want to marry you too, more than anything else in the world."


Meanwhile, Natasha slowly walks down a hallway in the mansion until she reaches the doorway of the study. She slowly opens the door and moves inside, turning the small desk lap on to give the room some light. She looks around the room and suddenly is overwhelmed with emotion. The study was Bob's personal haven when he was alive; it seems like yesterday, he was alive and sitting behind the large desk working away on something for Roboto. Natasha moves behind the desk and runs her hand along the top of it, filled with memories of her father.

She slowly sits in the chair and looks at a framed picture of Bob, Robbie and herself. She picks up the frame and touches her hand to Bob's face as she gets tears in her eyes.

"Daddy," she gasps as a tear falls down her cheek. "Why is everything such a mess right now? I wish you were here because if you were, none of this would be happening."

She sets the frame back down on the desk but continues to look at the picture. "Robbie wouldn't be thin close to marrying Kim if you were still here," she sighs to him. "I just don't know how what to do to get through to him that this marriage is a mistake."

She pauses as she looks around the room, suddenly feeling inspired by her father. "You would do something to stop this," she tells herself as she stands up. "You would find a way to stop the wedding and make them realize that this was a mistake."

She moves over to the large bookshelf and finds her father's small lock chest. She pulls it down off the shelve and walks back to the desk. She opens the desk drawer and pulls out a small key. The key opens the locked chest; Natasha opens it and pulls out her father's small handgun.

"Maybe they just need a little scare," she whispers to herself. "Maybe this will make them realize this wedding is a mistake."

The Victors Mansion

Daisy appears in the living room of the mansion and moves to the bar to pour herself a night cap. She takes a sip of the scotch before she moves back to the sofa and grabs her phone. She sighs to herself when she doesn't see a new message from Brett.

"Our date ended hours ago," she whispers to herself as she takes another sip of her drink, as she thinks about how Brett left the Pampa Grill before her and told her that he would see her at home. "Why aren't you home yet, Brett? Where did you go? What is going on here?" she asks herself, wondering if Brett is up to something. She can't help but think about Tyler's words to her that Brett might still not be trust worthy; the fact that he isn't back yet is giving her cause for concern.

"Please," she whispers to herself. "Don't make me regret trusting you."

Tyler's Townhouse

"Answer me, Brett!" Felicia's hand starts to tremble even more as she yells back at the intruder in her room. "What the hell are you doing in my room?"

Vinny notices that Felicia's hand is trembling and puts a sly smirk on his face. "I'm….not….here…." he says slowly back to her as she darts around here. "You're…not…taking…your…pills…you….are…dreaming…this," he tells her as he ushers her closer to her bed.

Felicia, thinking she is seeing a ghost, moves towards the bed and falls into it. "What is happening to me?' she asks as she lays on the bed.

"Go…to…sleep…" Vinny coaches her, thinking that his plan is working. "And, …in…the…morning…you'll…realize….you….are….dreaming…"

He moves back to the door and quickly leaves the bedroom. He takes a deep breath once he is outside the room and then quickly rushes out of the townhouse from the back door.

"That was close," he says once he gets outside. "Too close; I can't take any more chances. And damnit, she better believe she was dreaming, or I'll be in trouble."

Meanwhile, Felicia rolls over in the bed and realizes that she is alone again. She slowly stands up and looks around the room, which is now empty. "Brett?" she calls out. She looks around in confusion and shakes her head.

She moves to her bedroom door and opens it but sees the empty hallway. She slowly closes the door and puts her hand to her head. "My God, am I seeing things now? What is happening to me?" she asks herself as she pulls her robe tighter around herself, wondering why her medication is seemingly making her more unstable instead of helping her.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Vinny's crazy plans continue
- Felicia questions herself
- Andy and Nicholas have a heated discussion

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