Episode 796
A Single Teardrop
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: March 21, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Save Your Tears" The Weekend

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Abby & Andrew shared a close moment after learning Trenyce was pregnant. Albertinah, meanwhile, told Andrew she was going for a walk
- Felicia saw "Brett" in her bedroom. Vinny convinced her she was dreaming
- Natasha found Bob's handgun and thought if she could scare Robbie & Kim, they would change their mind about getting married
- Jacob and Paige bickered over Max
- Meggan saw Leah and Jeff share a close moment

The Pier

The afternoon is slowly turning into evening which creates a warm glow in the air as the sun is setting over the river while Albertinah slowly walks down the pier. She had spent the previous night at the hospital because while she and Andrew were having a romantic evening, he received an urgent message from Abby informing them that Trenyce had fainted. Once they learned that Trenyce was awake, Albertinah felt like she needed a breather so she left the hospital to get some air. She had texted Andrew that she was going for a walk because she still feels like she needs to clear her head. She just hopes that whatever caused Trenyce to faint, isn't that serious.

"I still wish you were here with us, Chris," she whispers to herself as she stops and looks out at the river, which is still frozen from the long winter Twin Peaks has had. "Trenyce wouldn't be going through this nightmare alone if it wasn't for that damn car accident last year."

She knows that Trenyce would feel much safer post her attack on New Year's Eve if Chris was out of jail and home with her; with Chris' 18 month sentence not even half way over, she realizes that Trenyce will have to go through this trauma on her own. At least, she thinks to herself, Andrew is going to move in with her.

"Hopefully Andrew's presence will make Trenyce feel safer," she tells herself, as some wind starts to blow, causing her to get a shiver. "Brr, it's getting cold. Maybe, I should head back to my car."

She slowly starts walking again, not seeing the shadowy figure that is hiding behind some large barrels up against one of the older brick buildings that is parallel to the river. A shiny knife blade sparkles in the setting sunlight in the hand of the figure.

The Cascade Apartments; Andrew's Home

"Thanks for coming home with me," Andrew tells Abby as he unlocks his apartment door and then allows her to enter. He follows her and then closes the door and re-locks it. "After the day we had, I didn't want you to be alone."

"I appreciate that a lot," Abby nods back to him, as she recalls getting emotional about Sonny after she learned that Trenyce is pregnant. She didn't ask about the father because she doesn't think it's any of her business, but she has already realized that it couldn't be Chris because he went to jail. "And, I am sorry about how emotional I got at the hospital."

"Hey, like I said, you never have to apologize to me," Andrew looks back at her. "You and I went through something that only we understand. We will always have Sonny to bond us together."

"I'm just ready for it to get easier, you know?" she bites her lip back to him. "Everyone keeps telling me that it will be easier with time but I still feel like I lost him yesterday. And, hearing that Trenyce is pregnant, I guess it brought up all of those feelings for me."

"I also thought of Sonny when I heard the news," he admits to Abby. "It is impossible for us not too. It wasn't that long ago that we were expecting to have a child in our lives."

"You have no idea how much I appreciate your support, Andrew," Abby looks back at him. "I talk to my parents a lot about this but I truly feel like you're the only one who really understands."

"We are in this together," he smiles back to her. "Now, I should try to track down Albertinah. It's getting late; I don't like that she's not back yet."

Abby sighs back to him, wishing that Albertinah wasn't in the picture. She still believes that had Albertinah not come back into Twin Peaks, she and Andrew would be together now. "She said she was going for a walk, right?"

Andrew nods back to her. "Yea, but it's getting late. I don't want her out alone. With the Rose Peddle killer still on the loose, it could be dangerous."

"I'm sure she's fine," Abby tells him as Andrew sends Albertinah a text message. "As soon as she reads your message, she'll be on her way home. I'm sure of it."

The Calimo Mansion

The wedding guests for Robbie and Kim's wedding continue to circle the living room of the large mansion as they wait for the ceremony to begin. Meggan quickly grabs another glass of sparkling cider from one of the waiters that is carrying trays of drinks for the guests. She can't help but recall how earlier at the event she saw Jeff and Leah engaged in conversation; they both had sly grins on their faces and they seemed to be enjoying each other's company. She takes a sip of her drink as she tries to calm her insecurities; she just can't help but think about how Jeff has been obsessing over the fact that Cory and Leah are trying to have a child together. She secretly fears that Jeff is still harboring feelings for the woman he was married too for so many years.

"There you are," Jeff comes up to her and kisses her on the cheeks. "We arrived together but I haven't seen you in what seems like hours."

"I'm sure you've found ways to keep yourself occupied," she replies to him quickly.

"What does that mean?" Jeff asks her back quickly. "It almost sounds like you are accusing me of something, Meggan."

"I saw you," she reveals before she takes a sip of her drink. "You and Leah seemed pretty cozy earlier."

"We were catching up," Jeff defends himself to Meggan. "I haven't seen or heard from Leah in weeks. You can't expect me to ignore my ex-wife at a social event like this."

Meggan sighs heavily back to him. "After everything that has happened between the three of us over the years, Jeff, you can't blame me for being insecure, especially since you have been worrying about her having Cory's baby," Meggan replies to him. "Look, this isn't the time or place to have this conversation, but don't you dare think you can push my feeling aside with a simple explanation. It won't be that easy, not this time."


"You look very handsome in your suit," Paige tells Jacob as they stand next to one another, each with a glass of champagne in their hands. Paige runs her hands over her fiancé's chest and smiles up to him.

"Thanks babe," he smiles back to her. "I'm the luckiest guy here, by far. You're gorgeous."

"You're so sweet," she laughs back to him as they hug one another. "I'm sorry about our fight the other night."

Jacob sighs back to her as he thinks about how they bickered after Paige revealed that she ran into Max and he told her that he was going to use his inheritance money from Cassie to open his own photography studio; Jacob was annoyed because as he still believes that the money Max got from Cassie are the stolen funds from Roboto and Robertson Enterprises. He hates that Max is using his family's money to build his own business; it doesn't seem fair or right.

"It's fine," Jacob looks back at her. "All couples have their squabbles. We just have to agree to disagree on Max."

"He's here today," Paige informs him. "Maybe it would be a good opportunity to try to bridge the gap between you two?"

"No," Jacob shakes his head back to her. "I don't want anything to ruin my Uncle Robbie's day. If you want to go say hi, you can, but I'm staying away from Max."

"Okay," Paige nods back to him. "I'll only be a minute. I'll be right back," she leans in and gives him a quick kiss on his lips.

Jacob watches as Paige rushes away from him and moves up to Max to say hello. He sighs heavily. "I have to do something to make you realize Max isn't the good guy you think he is," Jacob whispers to himself. "How can I make you realize that, Paige? But, what can I do?"


Tyler steps into the foyer from the living room and takes a deep breath. He still feels like his blood is boiling from his interaction with Natasha a few moments ago; she suggested that if Felicia was off her medication, she could be the Rose Peddle killer. According to his lover, Eva told her this theory and she was just sharing with him. Tyler's concern is that if this so-called theory gets around town, Felicia could face serious legal ramifications, which is the last thing he needs.

"Damn it Natasha," he whispers to himself. "You have to be more careful about what you spread around. Thank God you only told me this theory and no one else."

Before he can say anything else, he feels his cell phone vibrate in his pants pocket. He quickly grabs it and sees that it is his mother.

"Mom, are you okay?" he quickly asks her.

"Yes, I'm fine," Felicia tells her son, as she stands in the living room of Tyler's townhouse. "Actually, I'm not fine. I've been meaning to tell you something; something, I should have told you yesterday."

Tyler arches his eyebrow back to her. "What is it Mom?"

"I know you're at the wedding and I hate to interrupt you," Felicia says as she notices her other hand shaking uncontrollably.

"Don't you worry about that," Tyler replies to her quickly. "Just tell me what's going on."

"I…I saw Brett Victors in my room," she manages to say. "It was a couple nights ago after my bubble bath. But, he was gone so quickly that I think I was dreaming. But, Tyler, why would I dream he was in my room? It doesn't make any sense to me! My God, am I going crazy son?"

"No, you're not," Tyler calmly tells her, immediately wondering what the hell Brett was doing in his mother's room. He has felt like Brett is hiding something and this could be further proof of that; he just has to figure out what it could be. "Don't worry about a thing, Mom. As soon as this wedding is over, I'll come home and we will figure this out, okay? Just hang tight for me?"

"Okay," Felicia nods back to him. "I'll wait for you. But Tyler," she gasps for some air. "I'm scared. I'm really scared."


"Knock, knock," the door to Kim's bedroom opens and Andy appears with a smile on his face. "How is the bride to be?"

Kim turns in a long fuchsia dress and giggles to her brother. "Oh Andy," she says. "I'm so glad you're here."

"Wow, you look gorgeous," Andy tells his sister. "I've never seen this color of a wedding dress before. But, it looks amazing."

"Thank you," Kim pulls him into a hug, unable to hide her excitement of the day. "I wanted something special and unique, especially since this isn't my first time walking down the aisle."

"You know," Andy looks back at her. "It's not too late to call this off, if you want too. You don't have to go through with this."

Kim looks back at him in shock. "Why would you say that to me? We are minutes away from this wedding starting!"

"I know, I know," Andy tries to stay calm. "I also know how much your union has caused heartache for the rest of the Calimo family. I just want you to make the right decision."

"Marrying Robbie is the right decision," Kim nods back to him. "I want Robbie as my husband; he makes me so very happy."

"Okay, I will never mention it again," Andy tells her with a smile on his face. "But, as your brother, I had to be sure."

"That's why I love you," Kim laughs back to him. "Now, help me finish getting ready? I have a man waiting for me at the altar!"


"Wow, Robbie, you look so handsome," Natasha tells her brother as she moves into his bedroom and immediately sees him standing in his tuxedo. Natasha is reminded of how much Robbie looks like Bob when he is all dressed up; the resemblance is almost uncanny.

"Nat, thanks," he smiles back to her. "I'm surprised that you came to see me before the ceremony. I would have assumed you were lining the aisle with bombs."

Natasha chuckles back to him. "Do not give me any ideas," she winks back at him. "I guess I wanted to come see you one last time, just to remind you that you have to go through with the ceremony. It is not too late to call this all off."

Robbie rolls his eyes back to her. "I don't know how many times I have to tell you, Natasha, I am in love with Kim," he sternly tells her. "I want her to be my wife. I want to spend the rest of my life with her."

"Okay," Natasha puts her hands up in defeat. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Come here and give me a hug," Robbie smiles to his sister, who comes up and gives him a hug. "I know we haven't been seeing eye to eye, but I do love you Nat."

"I know," Natasha replies to her brother. "I love you too, I just don't want Kim to hurt you," she tells him, as she thinks about the handgun in her purse. She had hoped that she wouldn't have to resort to using it, but since Robbie refuses to listen to her, she realizes she has no other choice.

"Don't worry," Robbie tells her as they exit their embrace. "Kim and I love one another; we will not hurt each other, I promise."


Sophie slowly opens the door to her mother's bedroom and move inside. She looks around but doesn't see Natasha anywhere.

"Mom, are you in here?" she calls out, but Natasha doesn't respond. "I guess I'll see you downstairs."

Sophie is about to leave the room when she happens to see Natasha's purse laying on the bed. "Mom never goes anywhere without her purse," she moves closer to the bed and grabs the small purse. "I'll take it to her."

As she picks it up, the purse opens and the small handgun falls out of the purse. Sophie picks up the gun and looks at it. "Mommy has a gun in her purse!" she says as her eyes light up with a mixture of excitement and fear.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Helen makes an impassionate plead to Adam
- Victoria and Bryce meet again
- The wedding begins

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