Episode 797
Take Off My Disguise
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: March 22, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Alone Again" The Weekend

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Albertinah walked alone on the pier, unaware the Rose Peddle Killer was watching her
- Victoria made an appointment at Raven's Meadow after she thought she saw Brandy in her living room; Bryce was her doctor
- Natasha thought if she could scare Robbie and Kim with Bob's handgun, they wouldn't get married. Sophie, meanwhile, found Natasha's weapon
- Andy kept Nicholas at arm's length while struggling to over his boyfriend's betrayal
- Shane agreed to file for custody of Dominique in hopes of breaking up Robin and Adam

The Calimo Mansion

"If you'll excuse me for a moment," Robin passes Adam her glass of champagne while looking at her phone as she sees an incoming phone call from Nicholas. They are still standing in the living room of the Calimo mansion as they wait for Robbie and Kim's wedding to start. She has no idea why Nicholas would be calling her, since she assumed he would be at the event with Andy. "I should get this, it might be important."

"Of course," Adam replies to her. "Give Nicholas my best."

Robin steps into the foyer for the mansion and then puts her phone to her ear. "Nicholas, hey," she says into her phone. "I'm surprised you're not at the Calimo mansion for Kim's wedding? I would have thought you would have been Andy's plus one."

Nicholas sighs back to his sister as he sits in his office at the One Day House. He knows that he was supposed to go to the wedding but because Andy is still upset with him for not telling him truth about Clayton, Andy asked him not to go attend. Nicholas just hopes that his boyfriend will be able too, eventually, find a way to forgive him.

"It is a long story," he finally replies to his sister. "But, Andy isn't happy with me right now because of a secret that I kept from him. I don't know if he will ever be able to forgive me. I was hoping you could give me some advice, actually, sis."

"Oh Nicholas," Robin uneasily tells him. "You and Andy are so good together; you have to do whatever you can to make it up to him. Promise me that you won't let go of Andy without a fight?"

"You have my word on that," Nicholas nods back to her.

"And, my advice?" Robin sighs back to him. "Do whatever you have to in order to make it up to Andy. He will come around, he just needs some time."

The Calimo Mansion

Helen grabs a glass of champagne before she turns around and happens to see Adam standing alone with two glasses of champagne in his hands. She realizes that Robin must have stepped away from him for a moment. She looks at her ex-husband and quickly realizes how handsome he looks in his suit. She still wishes that it was her that was here with Adam, not Robin. She just hopes that this plan she and Shane have come up with works in breaking Adam and Robin up. Helen still believes that she and Adam belong together; now, she just has to make him realize that.

"Where did your fiancé rush off too?" she asks Adam, as she moves up to him, as many other wedding guests circle the living room as they are still waiting for the wedding to begin.

"She had a phone call," Adam replies to her quickly. "You look beautiful in your dress, Helen."

Helen smiles back to him. "You're kind," she tells him. "After everything that has happened, I wasn't sure you'd ever look at me that way again."

"I don't agree with some of your actions, Helen," Adam informs her. "But, we have history. We will always have a connection of some kind."

"That's exactly why I did everything I did," Helen nods back to him, thinking about their time last fall before Adam got his memory back; they were a family again, and it felt so good to be that way. "I was hoping that you'd remember how much we loved one another, how much I still love you, Adam."

"Helen, I am with Robin now. I have told you that," Adam looks back at her. He hates to hurt Helen but he does wish that she would accept that he has moved on. "You have to accept that."

Helen forces a smile on her face. "I know," she whispers back to him. "But, like you said, we have history. My feelings for you, they won't just go away, no matter how hard I try."

"Maybe seeing Robin and I finally get married will help you with some closure," Adam suggests to her. "Because, we are getting married this time, Helen; nothing will stop Robin from being my wife."


Robin puts her phone back into her small clutch purse and then starts walking back towards the living room. She hopes that Nicholas is able to make amends with Andy because she does think that they make a very good couple. As she moves back towards the living room, Shane appears at the entry of the foyer.

"Shane," Robin says moving up to him and giving him a quick hug. "I saw you earlier and meant to come say hello."

"Hello back," he smiles at the woman who still has his heart. "Who is watching Dominique today?"

"I dropped her off with my father," Robin admits to him. "He loves spending time with his granddaughter."

"That's nice that Dominick will get some quality time with her," Shane nods back to her. "Listen, I think this wedding is about to start, but once the ceremony is over, we need to talk. It's rather urgent."

Robin arches her eyebrow back to him. "Is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine," Shane looks back at her with intent, as he knows that he has decided to sue for full custody of their daughter in hopes of splitting up Robin and Adam. At first he was unsure of Helen's idea, but he has realized that it is the only way to ensure he can raise Dominique with Robin as a family; and that is something he wants more than anything else in the world. "I've made some decisions and you should hear them from me."


Upstairs, Natasha moves into her bedroom and closes the door. She was just visiting Robbie and tried, again, to get him to call off the wedding; she knows that he refused and is planning to go ahead with marrying Kim, which she believes is the biggest mistake of his life.

She walks over to the bed and finds her purse where she left it. She quickly opens the purse and sees Bob's small handgun. She picks it up and looks at the weapon.

"I still think," she whispers to herself. "If I stand up at the ceremony and threaten to shoot them, they will realize that this wedding is a mistake. They will have to realize how far I'm willing to go to prevent Robbie from marrying that horrible woman."

She opens the barrel and sees some bullets inside. "And, thankfully, I replaced the bullets with blanks, so even if I did fire the gun, no one would be hurt. But, it might add dramatic effects," she tells her as she puts the gun back into her purse.

"Okay," she looks at herself in the mirror one final time. "Let's go stop this wedding."

Raven's Meadow

"Thank you for coming back so quickly after our initial first visit," Bryce smiles over to Victoria as they sit across from one another in his office at Raven's Meadow. Bryce recalls how a few days earlier, Victoria came to the hospital to have some tests run to see what was going on with her; she had told him that she has been suffering from headaches for a while now, and most recently, she had a vision that her alter ego, Brandy, was standing in her living room. Of course, Bryce had already received all of this information from Vinny, because Vinny has instructed him on how to proceed with handling Victoria. Bryce also knows that if he doesn't follow Vinny's orders, he will be exposed for who he is really working for. Bryce knows that his boss can't be exposed, so he is going along with Vinny's plans.

"Of course," Victoria nods back to the doctor. "It's like I said the other day, I am very committed to finding out what is wrong with me."

"Yes, I can understand why," Bryce replies to her. "The truth of the matter is, all of the tests that we ran the other day, they all came back inconclusive."

"Really?" Victoria asks in surprise as she had hoped to uncover the source of her illness. "Nothing out of the ordinary was found?"

"I'm afraid not," Bryce sighs back to her. "But, that's why I asked you back today. I was hoping to do a full psychiatric evaluation today. It will take a couple of hours but there is no pressure into doing this test, Victoria. It is completely up to you. It might be a tad invasive at times, but it should help us shed some light into what is going on with you."

Victoria takes a deep breath as she thinks back to her last bout of D.I.D; she worked so hard to get better, it's hard to believe that she is going through this again. Still, after thinking that she saw Brandy in her living room, Victoria knows that she has to do whatever it takes to make sure she is healthy.

"I will do the evaluation," Victoria uneasily looks back at the doctor. "I need to know what is wrong with me and if this will help you uncover that, then I am game."

"Perfect," Bryce gives her a smile back. "I'm glad you think so because I do believe that this will help us get to the bottom of everything that is going on with you, Victoria."

The Cascade Apartments; Andrew's Home

"Trenyce, are you sure that you're okay?" Andrew asks as he holds his cellphone to his ear. He can't help but think back to being at the hospital a few hours earlier in the evening when Trenyce was told that the reason she had fainted is because she is pregnant. Trenyce got discharged from the hospital and was supposed to go home; however, because she had her panic attack at her house because of the memories of Brad being murdered there on New Year's Eve, she got herself a room at the Twin Peaks Executive hotel for the night.

"Yes, I'm fine," Trenyce replies to him from her hotel room. "I have a king suite at the hotel. I'm going to take a nice bubble bath, enjoy some room service, and have an early night. I do appreciate you checking up on me though."

"You know you gave us a scare earlier," Andrew tells her. "I am just glad that you're okay."

"I am fine," Trenyce says back to him. "And tomorrow, maybe you could move into the house so I'm not alone there anymore. I am sure I will feel safer with you around."

"I will definitely do that," Andrew smiles back to her through the phone. "Okay, have a good night. Get some rest."

"Good night, Andrew."

Andrew hangs up the phone and looks over at Abby, who is sitting on his sofa. "Trenyce is resting at the Twin Peaks Executive hotel."

"That's probably a good place for her tonight," Abby stands up and looks at Andrew, as she recalls how upset Trenyce was when she found her at her house. Abby was the one who took Trenyce to the hospital after she collapsed. "She's in a very secure location and can try to unwind."

"Yea, that's her plan," Andrew uneasily replies to her.

"What is it? You still seem upset about something?" Abby observes back to him. "I know you well enough to know that you're worried about something? Is it Trenyce?"

Andrew shakes his head back to her. "It's Albertinah," he reveals to her. "I sent her that text message but I haven't heard back. It's not like her to ignore me."

"She said she was going for a walk, right?" Abby reminds him as he nods back to her. "So, maybe she left her phone in the car, or it's on silent in her pocket. There are many reasons why she hasn't responded to you."

Andrew sighs heavily to her. "I know," he admits to her. "I guess I am just worried considering the Rose Peddle Killer is still on the loose. I just have a bad feeling about this."

"Why don't we try to find her?" Abby suggest to him. "It might help not waiting around here?"

"Yea, sure," Andrew nods back to her. "Come on, I'll drive."

The Pier

Albertinah still walks slowly down the pier as she inches closer to her car. She has been walking down the pier to try to clear her head from all the drama that happened with Trenyce at the hospital earlier; once she realized how late it had become, she decided to head home since she knows Andrew is likely waiting for her.

She smiles at the thought of her boyfriend and lover. When she returned to Twin Peaks last year, she never thought that she and Andrew would get back together and be as happy as they are with each other.

"Oh Andrew," she whispers to herself, not seeing the figure dressed in black creeping up behind her. In the killer's hand, a large knife blade sparkles in the moon light. "I am so luck I have found you. You have made me so happy."

She moves to her purse to grab her car keys; she accidently drops them. "Oh shoot," she says as she bends over to grab her keys and the killer raises their arm, preparing to plunge the knife into Albertinah's back.

The Calimo Mansion

The wedding guests have all taken their seats in the living room of the Calimo mansion and Robbie stands at the altar, waiting for his bride. He looks into the crowd and sees Natasha, who is sitting next to Sophie and Jacob. He looks at his sister for a moment and smiles to her, giving her one final indication that he wants to marry Kim.

Suddenly, the wedding march starts to play and the guests turn around to see Kim standing in her fuchsia wedding dress. Everyone stands as Kim slowly starts to walk down the aisle. Kim looks at Robbie and smiles at her fiancé as she slowly inches towards him.

Natasha looks at Kim and then looks down at her purse, knowing that her handgun is inside. The question, Natasha asks herself, is when will she pull it out to scare everyone in stopping this shame of a wedding? Soon, she smiles to herself as Kim reaches the altar and looks into Robbie's loving eyes.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Albertinah comes face to face with the Rose Peddle Killer!
- Will Natasha pull out her gun?
- Shane's news stuns Robin

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