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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dominick revealed his affair with Sofia years ago to a stunned Robbie and Leah. Dominick then decided to fight for Sofia’s heart. He told a hospitalized Natasha of his affair with her mother.
- Bob and Sofia remembered their dark secret: Eva McCloud is Natasha’s real mother, not Sofia! Bob slept with Eva after learning of Sofia’s affair with Dominick.
- On New Year’s Eve, Dominick returned to Twin Peaks … with Eva! While she has kept mum about her secret, she wondered if she should spill the beans to get closer to Natasha.

Scene One -- Gli Appartamenti Icon; Rome, Italy; March 4, 1981

Sofia looks outside the window of the small apartment building that she shares with her husband Bob. The sun is setting over the Tiber river which creates a beautiful orange and magenta sky. Sofia sighs heavily as she leaves her view. She picks up a picture frame of her wedding day to Bob; the two have only been married a year and she already feels so alone in the marriage. She understands that his father has a huge company, Roboto, and that Bob is being groomed to take over as CEO but she wishes he would make more time for her. She looks at her watch, Bob is late again. He hasn’t called her to let her know what time he will be home, so once again she is left wondering what to do for dinner. This is not what she has bad envisioned married life to be like. She walks into the small kitchen of their apartment and opens the fridge door. As she chops some vegetables, the front door opens.

“Hi honey,” Bob says as he drops his briefcase on the floor. He walks over and kisses Sofia on the cheek. “Sorry I’m late. We had a meeting that would never end.”

Sofia sighs and says nothing in return. Bob feels the tension with his new wife as this isn’t the first time he has been late. He places his hands on her shoulders and starts to massive them. “Not now Bob, I’m fixing dinner,” Sofia snaps at him hoping to create some kind of reaction from him.

Bob puts his hands up and moves away from his wife. “You’re upset, huh?” Bob asks keeping his distance from his wife. “I know you hate that I’m always away Sofia, but this is our future. This is my job. This is our family!”

Sofia looks up at her husband. “This wasn’t part of the deal! I didn’t marry you to never see you! I miss you!”

Bob comes over and hugs her. “I know you do. My Dad told me that in a few years we’ll be large enough to move over into the United States. He wants me to be in charge! Imagine that! Think about it babe! No more making dinner! We could have a huge house! You could decorate!”

“Really?” Sofia smiles, knowing that she has always wanted a huge mansion and servants to do her chores.

“Really. I just have to put the time in now or nothing will come in our future. You understand, right?”

Sofia sighs and looks at Bob. She knows he means well and she wants to believe in the same dream that he is seeing. “I guess. I just get so lonely when you’re gone for all of these hours. But I understand.”

“Good babe. It’ll be worth it, you’ll see,” Bob reassures her as he comes closer to her. He leans in and kisses her passionately. “I love you. Never forget that.”

“I love you too,” Sofia smiles as she wraps her arms around her husband and kisses him back.

Scene Two -- Jardin du Luxembourg; Paris, France; September 18, 1982

Sofia sits at a table outdoor in the large park in Paris, France. She takes a sip of her espresso and takes a nibble of her croissant. She remembers how quickly her life changed when Bob got transferred to Paris to run the new Roboto division. “It’s the start of the transfer to the USA,” he told her as they packed up from Rome and moved to France. Not that Sofia is complaining, she loves living in Paris. The city she had only visited once before with her mother when she was younger. Sofia spends her days shopping wishing she had money to afford the Chanel, Dior and other high end names that she sees in the shop windows. One day, she smiles to herself.

As per usual, she is alone on the early autumn day, as Bob is consumed with work. While she knows that he is working for their future, she still feels alone and without a real companion. She has made a few girlfriends in Paris, but she is scared to get too close to anyone else as she doesn’t really know when Bob will be moved again. She hopes not for some time though, as she loves Paris.

Across the park, Dominick sits on a bench reading the daily addition of the Paris Star. He takes a quick drink of his coffee and puts the paper down to turn the page. That’s when it happens; he sees her sitting at the table by self. A gorgeous woman with long, dark brown hair and large black sun glasses. She is stunning, he says to himself. He gets up and throws his paper and coffee into the rubbish bin next to him. He puts his hands in his pockets as he approaches Sofia’s table.

“Can I sit with you?” he asks as he makes his way up to the table.

Sofia puts her coffee cup down and looks up and sees Dominick; Young, dashing and a killer smile. Inside she feels her heart skip a beat quickly, but she then immediately scolds herself for being attracted to another man as she is a married woman. “I’m not sure. I wasn’t staying,” she lies to him wanting him to leave her alone.

“Where are you going? I could use some company,” he says sitting next to her. “I’m Dominick.”

Sofia arches her eye brow and takes off her glasses. “What do you want from me?” she asks not trusting the man in front of her.

“I’m in this city all alone. I saw a beautiful woman sitting by herself and thought together we could keep each other company,” Dominick says with a twinkle in his eye. He flashes his smile to Sofia again and she feels herself start to melt a little.

“What did you have in mind?” she asks trying to be nonchalant, also knowing that she could use the company for the day.

“How much of the city have you really seen?”

“Enough of it. I’m fairly new here …”

“Come with me then. I’ll give you a great tour!”

Sofia pauses as she looks at Dominick quickly. He’s smiling and full of life. She looks at her watch. It’s not even lunch time she realizes. Spending a day with a nice guy like Dominick would help her day go by faster … and someone could keep her company.

“Okay, let’s go!” she says quickly to Dominick.

Scene Three -- The Eiffel Tower; Paris, France; September 18,1982

Sofia and Dominick arrive at the most cherished tower in Europe after a day of exploring the City of Light. Sofia looks up at the tower and gasps in amazement. “It’s so beautiful,” she says smiling, having only seen the tower once before as a child.

Dominick pulls Sofia to face him. He smiles at her. “Not nearly as beautiful as you are,” he says leaning in and kissing her. Sofia quickly pulls back and looks at her wedding ring. “Don’t think, just go on your feelings.”

Sofia hears the words from Dominick and melts into him as they rekindle their kiss. For the first time in a long time, Sofia feels good. She feels wanted. She feels alive. She takes the next step and moves her tongue into his welcoming mouth.

Scene Four -- The Eiffel Café; Paris, France; September 18, 1982

Bob steps foot into the busy café that is close to the historic landmark. He has grown fond of the small café for lunch as it serves great sandwiches for a low cost. Plus, he has grown fond of the waitress that is always working.

A young blonde woman with a name tag that reads Eva is behind the counter. She smiles at Bob as he comes in. Eva knows Bob well as she has served him dozens of times. She knows that he’ll take a coffee while he looks over the menu. She likes giving him the best customer service as she has a secret crush on him. His dark hair and broad shoulders and the way he smiles at some of her corny jokes. Plus, she’s always had a thing for men in suits. She quickly fixes her hair before she grabs the coffee pot and walks over to his table.

“Good afternoon Bob,” she smiles as she turns over his cup and pours in some freshly brewed coffee.

“Eva my dear, how are you today? Spot on with the coffee, thank you,” Bob says back to her as he looks over the menu.

“So what’ll you have today?”

“How about just a tossed salad,” Bob reports back to her as he closes the menu.

“Coming right up,” Eva says beginning to walk away.

“Eva, hold on … can you sit with me for a minute?”

Eva looks around the restaurant and knows that it’s not very busy. She smiles. “Sure, I can.”

She sits and looks into Bob’s brown eyes. She notices a little curl on the top of his forehand with his hair. He’s so cute, she thinks to herself.

“Is anything wrong?” she asks not sure of what to say to him, although she’s fantasized about this moment before.

“No, nothing. I just see you almost every day and don’t really know you. See, I am pretty new to Paris myself …” Bob begins as looks at Eva. Despite being married, he can’t help but notice how beautiful Eva is. Her green eyes, her long blonde hair and her hourglass figure.

“I’d be happy to show you around anytime Bob. Seriously,” she smiles as she reaches over and touches his hand. Then is dawns on her: there’s a ring on his left hand. “Oh my, I’m so sorry!” she says moving her hand back.

“Sorry? For what?” Bob asks confused, although slightly amused by her.

“You’re married! I shouldn’t have …” she blushes.

Bob laughs. “It’s okay, we haven’t done anything wrong. We are friends. I’m okay with that if you are.”

Eva smiles. “Yea, I’m okay with it. You’re salad is up. I’ll be right back.”

Scene Five -- La Maison Calimo; Bob et d'accueil de Sofia; Paris, France; August 14, 1983

Sofia places the baby boy down in his crib as he is sleeping. She smiles as she watches her child sleep, Robbie JR. She remembers what happened about 10 months ago now; discovering she was pregnant and fearing that Dominick, not Bob was the father of her baby. She remembers telling Dominick about the baby and they secretly had a paternity test done behind Bob’s back. Thankfully it came back to confirm what Sofia had hoped: Bob is the baby’s father. She feels guilty as she has continued her affair with Dominick as Bob has continued to work long, gruelling hours at Roboto. She is happy that they have upgraded to a decent size home in Paris. Still she longs for the day her husband can give her the attention that Dominick has given her, even during her pregnancy. She looks down again and sees Robbie fast asleep. She gets a tear in her eye. She knows that she has to end her affair with Dominick now; she does not want to jeopardize her new family. She wants her family to be strong.

She turns and walks over to the telephone and begins to dial Dominick’s number, when she hears the doorbell. She hangs the phone up and walks over to the front door. She opens it and sees Dominick standing there.

“Hey you,” he smiles as he enters the house.

Sofia looks outside quickly to ensure no one has seen Dominick enter her home. She shuts the door. “I’m glad you’re here, we have to talk,” she says going back into the living room and checking on the sleeping baby again.

“Sounds serious. What’s going on beautiful?” he says coming up to her and putting his hands on her hips. She turns around and he leans into kiss her.

“We can’t do this anymore,” she says brushing him off without kissing him.

Dominick sighs and looks over at Sofia who has walked over to the other side of the room. “We’ve had this conversation before,” he notes recalling previous times Sofia has tried to end their affair. “It always comes back to the same thing babe: I love you and you love the attention I give you, in every way.”

Sofia blushes. She can’t deny that she loves spending time with Dominick and being in his arms after making love. She gets a tear in her eye as she looks over to the baby’s crib though. She knows that she can not go on in this way; she has to set an example for her child now. She has to be a good wife and mother. “I know Dominick. But I have a baby now. Having Robbie has made me realize that I need to be a good mother. And a good wife to Bob. This has to end, today.”

“I love you Sofia,” Dominick admits stubbornly, not wanting to lose this connection they have found with each other.

Sofia doesn’t say anything in response. Something catches her eye in the corner: Bob is standing there having over heard everything! “Bob!” she gasps in shock and horror that he has overheard their conversation.

“You son of a bitch!” Bob says angrily to Dominick as he comes up to him. “You’ve been sleeping with my wife!?”

Dominick gets back in Bob’s face. “You haven’t been around. I’ve been here for Sofia. I love that woman. And I love that baby boy too.”

The words hit Bob and sting. How dare another man claim to love his wife and his child. He thinks about punching Dominick in the face, but suddenly a scarier thought comes into his mind. He looks at Sofia with a tear in his eye. “How long has this been going on?”

Sofia turns and hides from Bob, not wanting to face him as she is ashamed of her actions.

“Answer me!” Bob yells. Sofia continues to hide her face from Bob. He covers his mouth with his hand. “My God! Is Robbie even my son?” he asks in fear that he has just lost his son.

Sofia turns around and faces her husband, tears strolling down her face. “Yes! Yes he is! I … I had a test done to confirm it. He’s yours, I swear!” Sofia cries moving closer to Bob. She tries to place her hands on him. “I’m so sorry my love. So sorry.”

“Get your hands off me!” he yells back at her. “You both disgust me!”

Before either one can reply, they hear the front door slam close as Bob has left the house. Dominick looks over at a weeping Sofia. He goes to comfort her, but she pushes him away.

“I think it’s best you leave too,” she says coldly.

“So that’s it?” he asks trying to hold on to her.

“Go Dominick! We’re over!” Sofia says tending to Robbie who has started to squawk in his crib.

Scene Six -- The Eiffel Café; Paris, France; August 14, 1983

Bob has been walking for hours; he needed a release after discovering his wife’s torrid affair with another man, an affair that has been going on for so long that he is now questioning his sons paternity. He looks up and sees the Eiffel Café, the place he has had lunch for almost every day for last year or so. He sees the front door open and Eva step out. He walks over quickly.

“Bob, what on earth are you doing here?” she asks surprised as he approaches her.

“Would you believe I was in the neighbourhood?” he replies to her question.

“What’s wrong? You seem down.”

“What are you doing right now?” he asks her looking into her green eyes.

“My shift just ended. I was going to go home…” she begins looking into his eyes. Before she could say anything else, Bob’s lips were on hers giving her a passionate kiss. Having wanted Bob for so long, Eva responds to the kiss slipping her tongue in and out of his mouth. “Come home with me?” she whispers to him in between kisses.

Scene Seven -- La Maison Calimo; Bob et d'accueil de Sofia; Paris, France; October 4, 1983

Bob and Sofia sit at the dinner table eating the dinner that Sofia has made. Bob just presented the news that they are getting to move to the U.S.A at the end of the year; his plans for the future are happening sooner than what they believed. Sofia looks at her husband and smiles. She feels so blessed that he forgave her for her affair with Dominick. She also looks over at Robbie and remembers how Bob demanded another DNA test to prove that he is Robbie’s father; another positive test. She was worried during the waiting time, especially after Bob revealed he slept with Eva McCloud. Sofia couldn’t really stay mad at him for long; after all she did sleep with Dominick first.

Bob looks over at Sofia. “You’re quiet,” he says over to her. He watches her closely. He feels closer to his wife now than ever before. Sometimes, he concludes, you have to have rough patches to become stronger with your spouse. He knows that he and Sofia have been through a lot the last few months. Her affair with Dominick; his affair with Eva; the paternity test. He is thankful though, everything worked out the way it should have.

“I’m just thinking. Everything we’ve been working towards is finally happening. I’m so happy my love,” she smiles over at him.

“I’m happy too.” he replies to her.

They are interrupted by the telephone ringing. “I’ll get it,” Bob says standing up and walking over to the telephone. “Bonjour,” he says into the receiver. “Eva, this is a surprise,” Bob says again as his eyes meet Sofia’s. Sofia arches her eyebrow wondering what Eva could possibly want from her husband now, after all they slept together only once and that was a few months ago. “Are you sure?” Bob continues to have his conversation. “Have you been to a doctor?”

Sofia’s interest is peaked even more at the sound of Bob referring to a doctor. Is she ill? Does she has a transmittable illness? Is Bob infected? Has she been infected. “Yes, we’ll be in touch Eva. Take care of yourself,” Bob says as he hangs up the phone. Once the phone is back on the receiver, Bob puts his hands on his hips. “We have a situation,” he says calmly not looking at his wife.

“Is Eva alright? Whatever this is Bob, we can get through it,” Sofia says standing up and coming behind her husband. She puts her arms on his shoulders. “I love you. We’ve been through it all already. What is it? What is going on now?”

Bob turns to his wife, looking at her lovingly. She has been so supportive through his affair. “Eva claims to be pregnant,” he says their eyes locking. Tears immediately fill her eyes and she turns away gasping for air. She feels like someone has kicked her in the stomach. Her husband is going to have a baby with another woman. The image of their perfect family for ever will be ruined. What will her family think? What will his family think? The press? She tries to get herself together but tears fall from her eyes more heavily.

“I’m sorry Sofia,” he says putting his arms around her trying to help her get control of herself.

“Everything we’ve worked for, we’ve lost Bob. The truth about Dominick and I, and now you and Eva … it’s all going to come out! We’ll be the laughing stock of the corporate world, our families, our friends …” Sofia cries. “And I don’t know how to accept that another woman is having your baby.”

Bob holds her. “I have an idea,” he says trying to reassure her. “Look at me Sofia. Look at me!” he says sternly as Sofia’s wet eyes meet his.

“What is it?”

“What if we pass the child off as yours. You can lay low for the next 9 months. You can go to the USA early. Once Eva has the baby, you can return and claim you had the baby there. No one will ever know. I’m sure I can give Eva enough money to make her go away forever,” Bob says thinking his plan is brilliant.

“Why would Eva give up her baby?” Sofia questions aloud thinking that no mother would want to give up her baby.

“Because she’s just a waitress at a café. She’s barely making end meets herself, yet alone be able to care for a child. Plus, if we stand united and tell her that we would give the child a better home. This can work, but only if you can love the child as your own,” he says continuing to look into her eyes.

Sofia pauses and stops crying. She asks herself the same question over: can she love Bob’s love child as her own. She thinks back to how forgiving Bob was about her affair with Dominick and how he has really made an effort to try to be there for her more since the truth came out. She loves him more than she can express. “Yes, I would love the child as though he or she was my own. I hope it’s a girl. She and Robbie would be such good, close friends Bob. Let’s do this. Together, together my love, we’ll can do anything!”

Bob hugs her and they share a kiss. “I’ll call Eva.”

Scene Eight -- Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris; Paris, France; July 2, 1984

The hospital is crowded on the hot summer evening as Sofia makes her way down the long corridor of the paternity ward of the hospital in Paris. She just landed into Paris about 45 minutes earlier and she came right to the hospital once she got the phone call from Bob; Eva had the baby, and it was a girl. Sofia’s heart is so warm right now, she can’t wait to meet her little girl. She comes up to the room and looks inside. Eva is laying on the bed fast a sleep. Bob is sitting next to her, watching the baby sleep in the basinet next to the bed. Sofia, for a moment, feels insecure. The three of them could pass as a perfect family. She shakes her head knowing that it’ll never happen: she and Bob are going to take the baby back to Twin Peaks and raise their family together. Roboto’s US office is already set in Twin Peaks and they have a large, grand mansion on the hill side. Sofia knows that her future is set, and she couldn’t be happier.

She enters the room and Bob immediately turns and looks at her and smiles. “Come in,” he says whispering. “Eva just fell asleep. Come meet our little girl,” he says to her meeting her hand as she approaches.

Sofia walks over to the basinet and a smile becomes permanently fixed on her face. “She’s so beautiful,” she says touching the baby’s face. “I thought of a name on the flight over,” Sofia smiles looking up at Bob.

“Yea? Let’s here it.”

“Natasha Bianca Calimo,” she says slowly. “Natasha after your grandmother and Bianca after my grandmother.”

“I love it,” he says leaning in and kissing her softly.

“Am I interrupting?” Eva asks, still a little groggy as she lays in the bed. “You must be Sofia.”

“I am. Good to finally meet you,” Sofia says trying to remain civil to the woman that slept with her husband. “How are you feeling?”

“As good as to be expected for someone that just gave birth and is about to lose their child,” Eva says filled with sarcasm and yet an unbridled sadness.

“You’re not having second thoughts are you?” Bob chimes in knowing that they have come way too far for Eva to back out of their agreement now.

Eva’s eyes fill with tears. She knows that she signed away her life with her baby months ago when she agreed to give her baby to Bob and Sofia in exchange for money. She knows that she’ll never have to work the waitress job again and can now be free to live the kind of life that she wants to live. “No. Just take her. I don’t want to see her. I don’t want to grow attached.”

Bob and Sofia wheel the basinet over to the door way. Bob turns around and sees Eva crying in her hospital bed. “Goodbye Eva,” he whispers back to her. They make eye contact one final time before he turns and rushes to catch up to Sofia and their new baby girl.

Scene Nine -- The Calimo Mansion; Twin Peaks; Present Day

Sofia sits in the parlour sipping a drink of her tea. She looks out the large bay window and sees the garden starting to lose some of it’s frost. Soon, she thinks, she’ll be able to plant her spring flowers. She looks over and sees a picture of her, Bob, Robbie and Natasha. She smiles when she looks at her family. No one will ever ruin my family, she tells herself. Bob enters the parlour with his brandy and looks at his wife.

“You look a million miles away,” he smiles as he sits next to her. “What are you thinking my beauty?”

Sofia looks at her husband and suddenly feels blessed. “We’ve been through so much. So many years we’ve been together. Always coming out on top.”

“Always. I never settle for second best. And you’re the best,” he says leaning in and kissing her. “What’s got so you nostalgic?”

Sofia sighs. “I guess I was just reflecting on the years we’ve had together. They’ve been so wonderful. We’ve been through a lot,” she says holding his hand.

“Especially early in the relationship. But you know what? We made it through, and we’re stronger than ever. No one will ever come between us. Not now, not ever,” he reassures here as he leans in and kisses her again.

Scene Ten -- Dominick’s Town House; Present Day

Dominick reads the news report on Roboto’s latest sales figures. More over, he’s looking at the photo of Bob and Sofia that the article used. He runs his finger over Sofia’s face on the screen of his laptop. “Oh Sofia,” he sighs. “One day, we can get back what we had.”

“Talking to yourself?” Eva asks as she enters the office and sits next to Dominick.

“Hey, you’re out of your room!” he says shutting his laptop.

“One can only spend so much time in the room before you go stir crazy,” she says to him. “I saw you looking at the Calimos. What is your fascination with them?”

Dominick chuckles. “Sofia and I go way back. I know you and Bob to do,” he says to her. “That’s why I brought you here. So we can finally both get what we really want.”

Eva looks at Dominick. Slowly she has been warming to him, but she is still unsure if she should trust him. After all, by agreeing to help Dominick she would be going against the agreement she made with Bob and Sofia all those years ago. Some tears fill her eyes as she still thinks about the baby she gave up; every day she thought about the baby and what could have been.

“Are you okay?” Dominick asks as he observes her emotion.

“Some things are just hard to let go of, you know?” she asks as she reaches in her pocket and takes out a cigarette. The long Benson & Hedges cigarette smoke soon fills the room.

“Like what?” Dominick asks with hopes that Eva will soon start to open up her secrets.

Eva looks over at him and smiles catching on to his plan. “Family. One day you have one, the next day you don’t,” Eva says as she shivers. “I think I’ll go for a bubble bath. Do you mind if I open a bottle of Merlot?”

“Help yourself,” Dominick says as he watches Eva leave the room. “Interesting,” he says under his breath after she has departed the room.

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