Episode 800
After All the Heart Breaks
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released:

Episode Theme song: "Hardest to Love" The Weekend

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andrew and Abby found a stabbed Albertinah on the pier; while Abby called for help, Andrew chased the killer and ended up getting slashed. The killer disappeared into another alley off the pier
- Eva wondered how she could get her marriage to Dominick back on track. Will, meanwhile, told Eva he wouldn't wait for her forever
- At Kim and Robbie's wedding, Natasha pulled a gun on them and told them that she was trying to scare them into not getting married. She revealed the gun had blanks in it; Kim and Natasha started to fight but the gun went off!
- Shane told Robin that he is suing her for custody of Dominique. Meanwhile, Adam told Helen he would try to forgive her

The Pier

Flashing red and blue illuminate the sides of the old brick buildings that line the pier. Abby stands wrapped in a blanket as she looks at the police officers that are tending to Albertinah's lifeless body, which is still leaning up against her car. Abby looks at Albertinah's face and immediately gets tears in her eyes. She can't believe that any of this is happening; she was with Andrew at the hospital after Trenyce fainted. While they were together, Andrew got a message from his girlfriend that she was going for a walk. Abby and Andrew had left the hospital but he hadn't heard from Albertinah again, so he sent her a text message. Once he didn't hear back from, Andrew and Abby decided to try to locate her. When they got to the pier, they saw a person dressed in all black, including a black ski mask covering their face, hovering over Albertinah's body. Andrew went off to chase the person while Abby called for help, as they realized that Albertinah had been injured and her body was covered in pink rose peddles.

"Please, can you tell me if you have found Andrew?" Abby moves up to Simona Lopez, who just finished looking at Albertinah's body. "He went after the person that did this to Albertinah! What if he's hurt too?"

"Some of my officers found Andrew in the alley," Simona replies to her, thinking about how she just got word from two of her officers about Andrew's whereabouts. "They are on their way back here right now."

"Oh, thank God," Abby breathes a sigh of relief. She was worried that Andrew had been hurt as well in the process of chasing after the killer. Just then, she happens to see Andrew and two officers walking towards her. Andrew has a large wrap around his arm. "Andrew, my God, what happened?"

"The son of a bitch slashed my arm and got away," he replies to her, as he grimaces in pain. He still can't believe that he looked the killer in the eyes, but he wasn't able to detain them. He looks at his arm and can see the blood seeping through the bandage that he has wrapped around it.

"What? Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine," Andrew tells her. "They want me to go to the hospital, but I need to find out about Albertinah. Where is she? Is she okay?"

"I don't know," Abby shrugs back to him. "They haven't told me anything."

"I'm so glad you called for help when you did, Abs," Andrew looks back at her. "You saved my life."

"I just can't believe we were so close to this monster and we couldn't do anything to stop them!"

Before Andrew can respond, Simona approaches them. "Detective, how is Albertinah? When will she be taken to the hospital? I'd like to ride with her please," Andrew asks her as Simona looks back at him as she removes her latex gloves from her hand. "Well, don't keep me waiting," Andrew replies to her. "When can I go to the hospital with Albertinah?"

The Calimo Mansion

"You bitch!" a frustrated Kim storms up to Natasha, who is still holding her handgun which has interrupted Kim's wedding to Robbie, and slaps her hard across the face, causing the guests at the wedding to gasp out loud. Kim is annoyed that Natasha has interrupted her wedding to Robbie by pulling out a gun and aiming it at her; Natasha, however, just revealed that the gun is not loaded, it only has blanks in it. She is tired of Natasha trying to come between her and Robbie and she won't stand for it.

"How dare you!" Natasha puts her hand to her cheek. Immediately, she slaps Kim back, not wanting her to get away with hitting her.

Kim glares back at her rival and then leaps towards her! Natasha falls down on the ground and the women start to brawl with each other! Robbie stands there in shock at the sight he is witnessing.

"Hey! Kim! Natasha! Stop this right now!" Robbie says as the women continue to shriek and as they continue to struggle for the power in the fight. He can't believe that his fiancé and his sister are physically brawling with each other.

Suddenly, the gun in Natasha's hand goes off! A blooding curling scream can be heard as the crowded room gasps once again. Natasha's face drops as she sees Kim's body crumble to the ground and there's a pool of blood forming around her!

"Oh my God!" Natasha cries out loud. "Kim! Kim!"

"You shot her?" Robbie gasps as she rushes to his fiancé, who is unconscious on the ground and the wedding guests start to walk around in shock and awe. "I thought you said the gun had blanks? Oh my God, Shane! Please, help her!"

Shane rushes up to the wounded Kim, and immediately looks at Robbie. "I need some towels to help put the pressure on the bullet wound," Shane tells him as Robbie rushes to grab something to help the doctor with.

"Please Shane," Natasha pleads with her ex-husband, as she is still in shock that she shot Kim; she only wanted to scare her and Robbie into not getting married. The fact that her children are behind her and have witnessed her shooting someone is almost more than she can bare. "You have to save her! Kim can't die! Please!"

"Do me a favor," Shane looks up from Kim's body and at Natasha. "Call 9-1-1, Kim has to get to the hospital."

The Pampa Grill

Eva sits at the bar in the restaurant with another vodka martini in front of her. She has lost count of how many martini's she has had but she doesn't care; she is drowning her sorrows as she is unhappy with where her life is right now. She still hasn't been able to make Dominick forgive her yet for her affair with Will; she is worried that the longer they go without reuniting, the bigger the chance will be that they will divorce. The last thing she wants is for her marriage to be over; she just has to make Dominick realize that she is still the woman he needs to be with.

She turns her head and happens to see Will sitting alone at a table. She sighs as she looks at her former, younger, lover who is playing on his phone. She can't help but remember him telling her that she wanted her marriage to work and he replied that he wouldn't wait for her forever; she doesn't want him to wait for her because she is desperate to get her back on track.

She finds herself standing up and slowly moving over to him, trying not to wobble as she is feeling the effects of the vodka. "Good evening William," Eva tries not to slur anything together with her words. "How are you?"

Will puts his phone down and looks up at Eva. He can see that she is drunk, but he hasn't seen her in a while, so he decides to engage with her. "Eva, hi. Looks like you're having a good night."

Eva purses her lips together. "I'm just having a couple of drinks," she says before she looks down at his phone and sees a picture of a female on the screen. "What is this?"

She grabs the phone and realizes that Will is on a dating app. "Tinder? Really, William?"

Will grabs his phone back and looks at Eva with intent. "The last time we saw one another, I told you that I wasn't going to wait forever," he reminds his former lover. "You know that I am young guy with wants and desires. You made it perfectly clear that you want your marriage to work; you can't blame me for trying to find someone else."

"I know what I said!" Eva hisses at him, as other tables start to turn and look at her. "It is just jarring, okay?"

"Do you want to go for a walk or something? Maybe you can clear your heard and walk off some of the vodka?" Will asks her as he starts to stand up.

"No, no, no!" Eva pushes him back down. "I can't go anywhere with you! I am trying to save my marriage!"

"What in the hell is going on over here?" Dominick asks, as he comes up to his wife. "I can hear you from across the restaurant!"

"Oh great," Eva waves her hand in the air. "This is just what I needed. I suppose now you're going to think that Will and I are sleeping together again!"

"Eva, please, keep your voice down," Dominick looks back at her, not wanting everyone in the restaurant to know their business. "Let's get out of here, okay?"

"Only if you can promise me that we will get back together, Dominick! This has gone on far too long! We belong together damn it!"

"Come on," Dominick grabs her arm and pulls her towards the exit. "We will talk about this once you've had some fresh air."

Will watches Dominick take Eva away and sighs heavily; he had no idea that Eva was struggling with everything that has happened but clearly their affair is weighing heavily on her.

"Please get yourself together Eva," he whispers to himself. "You're too good of a person to let this bring you down."

The Calimo Mansion

The wedding guests have started to grab their belongings as they know that there will be no wedding now that Kim has been injured. Everyone is still reeling from the fact that Natasha actually shot her former step mother; they all just hope that Kim gets to the hospital before it's too late.

"What a night, huh?" Helen looks over at Dawn as they grab their coats and put them on.

"It seems like every wedding in this town is interrupted in some way or another," Dawn chuckles back to his mother. "I just hope Kim is okay. I can't imagine what will happen if Kim is seriously hurt because Natasha shot her."

"I don't want to think about it," Helen agrees with her. "Actually, I have some good news for you."

Dawn arches her eyebrow back to her mother. "What news?"

"I spoke to your father earlier," Helen reveals to her. "And, he seemingly agreed to try to forgive me for everything that happened leading up to Robin giving birth to baby Dominique."

Dawn gets a sly smile on her face as she still hopes that one day Adam and Helen will reunite; she has agreed to standup for Robin at her upcoming wedding to Adam, but if she's honest with herself she only agreed because Max agreed to standup for Adam. If Dawn is honest with herself, she still wants her parents together.

"Good," Dawn grabs her mother's hand. "That means that our family might still have a chance to be together after all. Come on, let's go home."


Max and Adam emerge together into the foyer, just as Dawn and Helen are leaving. Max turns to his father.

"Looks like we just missed the girls," Max tells him, as he moves over to the waiter that is handing out everyone's jackets. "They probably drove here together."

"Yea, I'd say so," Adam nods back to him. "How are you doing? Some wedding, huh?"

"It's crazy," Max replies to him quickly. "I just hope Kim is okay. The ambulance should be here anytime."

"Thanks again for agreeing to standup for Robin and I at the wedding," Adam tells him as he changes the subject. "You have no idea how much that means to us."

"I thought it was the least I could do," Max looks back at his father. "Besides, after everything you and Robin have been through you two deserve some happiness."

"I'm glad you think so," Adam chuckles back to him. "Helen is still having a difficult time letting go of our past together; I told her that she had to move on, but I can tell that it is hard on her."

"Can I give you some advice?" Max asks his father as Adam nods back to him. "Don't be too hard on Helen; she means well, she really does. Sometimes it is more difficult than you realize to get over someone you really care about."


The paramedics lift Kim's body on to the gurney and they whisk her away to the ambulance, which has arrived. Shane watches them go before he wipes his forehead that has some fresh beads of sweat on it. He just hopes that Kim gets to the hospital in time to save her; he did everything he could for her.

"You did great," Robin tells him as she comes up to Shane. "If Kim makes it, it will be thanks to you."

"The ambulance got here pretty fast," Shane replies to her. "I just hope they can get her to the hospital quickly. They have to get the bullet out of her."

"I know this isn't a good time," Robin looks back at him. "But, we have to talk about what you told me before the ceremony began; you want to sue me for custody of Dominique?"

Shane sighs back to her as he knows that he has filed for custody of their daughter because he and Helen have decided that this could be the way to break up Adam and Robin. At first, he was unsure if he should go through with it, but after seeing Adam and Robin share several close moments, he has decided to pursue it because he still wants Robin for himself.

"I have already filed the papers," Shane tells her. "I'm sorry Robin, I'm tired of having to go over to Adam's to see my own daughter. Dominique never should have gone to his house in the first place."

"You said you were okay with my decision!" Robin hisses back to him, thinking back to how she asked him when Dominique was getting discharged if he was okay with her living arrangements. "What changed?"

"Everything changed," Shane replies to her quickly. "You have no idea how hard it is going to see my daughter living with another man; living under another man's roof when it should damn well be under my roof!"

"I'm her mother! Surely, the judge will not separate a new born from her own mother."

"Maybe," Shane shrugs back to her. "But, I warned you Robin about not getting worked up while you were pregnant, but after every damn turn, you were in Helen's face getting worked up and cramping more and more. That cramping put Dominique in danger; you helped cause your premature delivery."

"How dare you!" Robin gasps back to him. "How can you say that?"

"Look, I don't want to fight with you Robin, I want the opposite actually."

Robin shakes his head back to him in confusion. "What are you saying? What do you want to make this case go away?"

Shane uneasily looks back at her. "I'll drop the case on one condition."

"What condition?"

"Marry me Robin," Shane stuns her. "Marry me so we can be a family with baby Dominique."


"Please, make sure you get to the hospital quickly," Robbie tells the paramedics as they put Kim into the back of the ambulance and they close the door. "I'll be driving right behind you."

Robbie watches as the two men get into the ambulance, turn its lights on and start to drive off. He runs his hands through his hair before he turns around and sees Natasha standing behind him.

"I'm so sorry," Natasha tells him as she lets a single tear fall down her cheek. "I never meant to do this, Robbie, you have to believe me. I thought the gun had blanks in it!"

"I don't want to hear your damn excuses right now," Robbie grits his teeth together. "I have to get to the hospital to make sure my fiancé doesn't die!"

"I know, I want to be there with you," Natasha pleads with him. "I need to make sure Kim is okay."

"You better hope she is okay," Robbie looks at her with intent. "Because, otherwise you'll be charged with first degree murder, Natasha. You think we have problems now, if Kim doesn't make it, I'll never forgive you."

The Pier

"Simona, please," Andrew pleads with the detective as he stands next to Abby on the pier waiting to get some information about his girlfriend. "How is Albertinah? When will the ambulance take her to the hospital?"

Simona uneasily looks back at the younger man. "They won't be taking her to the hospital."

"I don't understand!" Andrew admits to her. "She has been hurt, we have to get her to the hospital."

Abby grabs Andrew's hand and squeezes it as she gets tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry Andrew," Simona replies to him quickly. "Albertinah is dead. She will be going to the morgue, not the hospital."

"No," Andrew gasps back to her. "No! No! No!" he rushes over to Albertinah's body and looks at her face. "Please, Albertinah, please don't be dead! Please come back to me! Oh my God, noooooo!"

The Docks Storage Unit

The dockside storage units are located three blocks east from the pier. The storage units themselves are in the same style of older brick buildings that line the pier; many buildings from the late 1930's were constructed with the old red brick. Instead of knocking the buildings down, the city has repurposed them for various uses. Almost everyone that has lived in Twin Peaks for a number of years, has a storage locker at the dockside location.

One of the large doors to a storage locker opens; like all of the units, they are lined with automatic lights, so once the door opens, a light comes on. The Rose Peddle killer, who is still dressed in all black, quickly enters the unit and pushes a button so the garage-style door closes behind them. Once the door is closed, they move directly to the back of the storage unit. At the back of the unit, there is a small industrial sink; they turn the water on and place the bloody knife until the running water, which turns red as it goes down the drain.

Once the knife is clean, the killer rests it in the sink so it can dry off. They move back towards the light and puts their hands on a box, as they take a deep breath. Slowly, they start to take off their black gloves. Once the gloves are off, they move their hands to the base of the ski mask, which is covering their face. Slowly, the mask comes off, revealing blonde hair.

The killer shakes her hair out, as it was confirmed by the mask. Once the hair is out of her face, Brooke's face can be seen in the light. "Sorry Albertinah," she whispers to herself. "But, you had to go. You had to die."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Will Kim survive?
- Abby tells Greg & Brooke that Albertinah is dead
- Trenyce tries to comfort Andrew

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