Episode 801
Hear My Heartbeat
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: March 27, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Love Again" Dua Lipa

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Simona told Andrew and Abby that Albertinah was dead. Brooke was revealed to be the killer
- Trenyce had a panic attack as she thought she was about to be attacked again by the killer
- Vinny covered when Tyler confronted him about Felicia's claim about seeing Brett in the hospital
- Natasha and Kim fought at Kim's wedding to Robbie. Natasha's gun went off and Kim was shot!

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"What the hell is taking so long?" Robbie asks as he paces back and forth in the waiting room of the hospital. He has been waiting for an update on Kim since she arrived at the hospital after suffering a bullet wound from Natasha's gun. He is still having a difficult time believing that his sister pulled a gun at his wedding and aimed it at Kim; Natasha claimed that she was just trying to scare Kim and Robbie into realizing that they shouldn't go through with the wedding and that the gun was filled with blanks, not bullets. Kim was angry with Natasha for stopping the ceremony and they ended up in a brawl! The gun went off and Kim was shot, leaving everyone horrified. He just hopes that his fiancé is safe because he has no idea what he will do to Natasha if something has happened to Kim.

"I wish I knew," a pale Natasha tells him as she stands up from one of the chairs. "Do you want me to go see if I can find a doctor?"

"No," Robbie glares back at her. "You've done enough tonight, don't you think?"

Natasha sighs back to him heavily. "Don't you think I feel awful, Robbie?" Natasha asks him as she looks back at her brother. "I never meant for any of this to happen. I swear to God, I thought that gun had blanks in it! I even double checked before I went downstairs!"

"But, it didn't have blanks in it, Nat," Robbie grits his teeth together. "For months, you have been against me being happy with the woman I love! How can I possibly believe a single word you say when all you have said is how much you hate that I'm with Kim? You have wanted her out of my life, and maybe now, you'll get your wish."

Natasha lets a tear fall down her cheek. "You're right," she whispers back to him. "This is all my fault. God, what have I done?"

Before Robbie can say anything else to his sister, Shane emerges in the waiting room holding a file in his hands. Robbie looks at the doctor and rushes up to him. "Shane, thank God you're here. I've been worried sick."

"We both have," Natasha manages to say to her ex-husband.

"Please," Robbie looks at him with desperation. "Tell me how Kim is? Tell me she's going to be okay?"

The Calimo Mansion

"Now, I don't want you to be scared tonight, okay?" Cory tells Sophie as he tucks his daughter into bed. He can't imagine what his young child is thinking after seeing her mother pull a gun on Robbie and Kim; fighting with Kim and then shooting her. It is far too much for a nine-year-old to have to witness. "What happened earlier was a big mistake."

"Mommy is sure going to be a lot of trouble, huh?" Sophie looks back at her father.

"We will see," Cory nods back to her. "The most important thing is that Kim makes a full recovery."

"I guess I'll be in trouble too."

Cory arches his eyebrow back to Sophie, curious about her remark. "You in trouble? Why would you be in trouble, Sophie?"

"I found the gun in Mom's purse," Sophie reveals to him. "I should have told you."

"No, baby, it's not your fault," Cory reassures her. "You had no idea what Mom was going to do tonight."

"But," Sophie pauses for a moment. "I saw different bullets on her dresser. I changed them from the ones in her gun," she admits to him.

Cory feels the blood drain from his face as he recalls Natasha claiming the gun had blanks in it; it is part of the reason she was so shocked that the gun fired off. Now, Cory is realizing that Sophie found the weapon and changed the blanks for the actual bullets.

"Don't you worry about a thing," Cory whispers back to her as he leans up and kisses her forehead. "You're not in trouble, I just want you to get a good night sleep."

The Pampa Grill

"You're here late?" Tyler announces to Daisy as he moves up to the bar and sees his ex-girlfriend sitting by herself with a glass of red wine in front of her. Tyler just came from the Victors mansion where he confronted Brett over Felicia's claims that she thought she saw him in her bedroom a few nights earlier. Of course, Brett claimed he wasn't there, and that Felicia must have been dreaming; something about Brett is still rubbing Tyler the wrong way, however. He has no proof, but he feels like something isn't adding up. It all started when he saw Brett leaving Victoria's condo; ever since then, he has had a feeling in his stomach that something isn't adding up.

"Trenyce was in the hospital," Daisy reveals to him as he sits next to her. "She had a panic attack because she was at her house and she thought she heard a noise."

"It wasn't…?"

"The Rose Peddle killer?" Daisy finishes his sentence. "No, thank God. But, the ordeal was a lot of her. She's safe now at the Executive hotel; she got a room there for the night. I just wanted to have a drink before heading home. Why are you here so late?"

"I just came from your house," Tyler reveals to her as Daisy looks back at him in surprise.

"The Victors mansion? Why were you there?"

"I wanted to speak to Brett," Tyler admits to her. "My mother claims she saw him in her bedroom a couple of nights ago. She wasn't sure if she was dreaming or if it was real; I wanted to talk to Brett directly."

"And? What did Brett say?"

"That Felicia was dreaming," Tyler tells her. "I don't know why I thought he'd be honest with me if he really was there?"

Daisy takes a sip of her wine before she looks back at him. "Why would he be in your mother's bedroom? That's the piece that doesn't make any sense to me."

"I don't know," Tyler admits to her as he sighs back to her. "But, Daisy, I must tell you, something isn't making sense to me. There's something about Brett that I don't trust; I know you said that you believe him but be careful, please. I still believe he is dangerous."

Tyler's Townhouse

Vinny slowly moves into Tyler's townhouse from the back door. He creeps through the hallway until he reaches the base of the living room. He can see a fire in the fireplace, so he turns back, hoping that no one has spotted him. He slowly turns his head back and doesn't see anyone in the living room. He slowly creeps towards the sofa until he can see Felicia, who is fast asleep on the sofa.

He breathes a sigh of relief before he runs his hand through his hair. He knows that he must make sure Felicia starts acting even crazier than she has been because he has to ensure Tyler doesn't continue to investigate him. The last thing Vinny needs is for Tyler to start to realize that he has been drugging Victoria to make her seem like she has split again and that he has replaced Felicia's medication with false tablets. He has gone too far for anyone to foil his plans now; he will not allow Tyler to ruin his plans.

He moves quickly over to Felicia's bedroom door and moves inside. He immediately goes to her vanity and pulls out her pill bottle.

"I have just been giving you sugar pills," he whispers to himself. "But now, you will get the same drugs that I have been giving Victoria. You will start to see more and more things just aren't there," he gets a devilish grin on his face. "And, when that happens, Tyler will have no choice but to realize that you were dreaming when you saw me in her your room; you crazy old loon."

He puts the pill bottle back, now filled with the new drugs. He leaves her bedroom and looks towards the living room, ensuring that Felicia is still asleep. When he realizes that she is, he quickly rushes through the back hallway again and leaves the townhouse.

Twin Peaks Police Department

"Damn it!" Simona opens her office door and slams it closed behind her. She picks up a file on her desk and throws it against the wall in frustration; she can't believe that the Rose Peddle killer has struck again which has resulted in Albertinah's death. She hates that she hasn't been able to figure out who the killer is; the longer she goes without solving this case, the higher likelihood that there will be more bloodshed.

"I have to figure this out!" she scolds herself as she moves up to her whiteboard with all the clues that she has in the case. She can see that she was trying to connect the dots between Shelley and Trenyce, because she was the intended victim on New Year's Eve, not Brad; now, she must figure out what the tie in that Albertinah has to the other two women.

"Who would want Shelley, Trenyce and Albertinah all dead?" she asks herself as she continues to study everything on her white board. "There has to be a connection here, I just have to figure out what it is!"

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

"Are you sure that I can't get you anything?" Trenyce asks Andrew, who is slouched on the sofa in her hotel room. Trenyce almost can't believe what has happened; Abby had dropped Andrew off at her hotel room and explained that Albertinah was killed by the Rose Peddle killer. Abby ended up heading home and Andrew is going to stay with Trenyce in the hotel room over night to ensure that he is safe. Trenyce knows that she must be strong for Andrew, who must be gutted by Albertiah's death, but she can't help but feel scared to her very core at the thought that the killer has struck again; it has brought up memories of New Year's Eve all over again. Of course, on New Year's, the killer attacked her and Brad was killed in the process.

"I don't need anything," Andrew's hoarse voice replies to her. "I…I just can't believe what has happened tonight."

Trenyce moves up to the sofa and sits down putting her hand on his leg. "I know, probably better than anyone, what you're going through right now," she looks him in the eyes. "It is exactly how I felt when Brad died on New Year's."

"I just don't understand why Albertinah had do die," he gets tears in his eyes. "What did she ever do to deserve this?"

Trenyce shakes her head back to him. "I wish I knew," she whispers back to him. "We just have to hope that the police find the person who did this; hopefully then we can get justice and some peace with all of this hell we are going through."

"Yea," Andrew nods back to her. "I want that son of a bitch to pay. Albertinah's death will not go unpunished; I refuse to let her die in vain."

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Brooke, Abby & Cheresa's Home

"When will this end?" a stunned Cheresa hugs Abby, who is in tears in the living room of the Lawson estate, as she has just told her sister and father about Albertinah's gruesome death on the pier. Cheresa, after hearing the news, is having flashbacks to finding Shelley's dead body in her apartment last November. The fact that Brad was also killed by this monster is all becoming too much for the family to handle.

Abby exits the embrace from Cheresa and looks over at Greg, who comes up to hug her. "I just can't get the image of her body out of my mind," Abby gasps for some air. "There was so much blood."

"I am so sorry that you had to go through that," Greg tells his daughter. "I can't believe that Simona Lopez hasn't found this monster yet! Shelley, Brad and now Albertinah, when will this be over?"

Brooke slowly walks down the stairs and freezes when she hears her family talking about the murder of Albertinah. She closes her eyes as she flashes back to stabbing Albertinah a few hours earlier; she knows the reason that she had to kill Albertinah; she isn't sorry about what has happened, now she must ensure no one ever finds out that she is the killer. And, she knows that she has had her reasons for everyone to die; Brad, of course, was the accident that she never meant to do but she must carry forward. She has to ensure that she composed so no one will ever figure out what she has done.

"What has happened?" Brooke asks as she comes into the living room. "Everyone looks so glum."

"It's Albertinah Michaels," Abby looks at her mother. "She's dead; she was killed by the Rose Peddle killer."

"What?" Brooke gasps back, acting shocked at the news.

"Andrew and I found her body," Abby continues to explain to her mother. "Andrew chased the killer and then got his arm slashed by the killer, who then got away."

"My God," Brooke puts her arms around Abby. "This nightmare needs to end. This simply can't go on. I am so sorry my baby."

"That's exactly what I was just saying," Greg nods back to her. "We have to find this psycho before anyone else gets hurt."

Brooke locks eyes with Greg and nods back to him, secretly knowing that no one will ever that she is the Rose Peddle killer; not now, not ever.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Please, Shane," Robbie pleads with the doctor as they continue to stand in the waiting room. Robbie is desperate to find out if Kim is going to be okay or not; he can't wait for any longer to find out about his fiancé. "How is Kim?"

"She is fine," Shane replies to him, as he breathes a sigh of relief. "The bullet graze her arm and it caught a vein, which is why there was so much blood, but it was mostly a flesh wound."

"Thank God," Robbie looks back at him. "When can she go home?"

"Tomorrow," Shane tells him quickly. "I want to keep her here overnight just for observation."

"Makes sense," Robbie nods back to him. "Can I see her?"

"Yes, just don't make her if she's sleeping, she needs her rest."

"Thank you so much Shane," Robbie smiles back to him. "I really appreciate it."

"I am so relieved," Natasha comes up to her brother. "Kim will be okay, thank God."

Robbie turns back to his sister and glares at her. "You stay the hell away from me and Kim, Natasha," he grits his teeth to her. "You have caused enough pain to last us a life time."


"No," he cuts her off as he moves towards the exit of the waiting room. "I mean it Natasha, stay the hell away from me and Kim, or so help me God, I won't be responsible for my actions."

Natasha watches her brother leave before she gasps and covers her mouth as tears flood her eyes. "What have I done?" she asks herself as a tear falls down her cheek.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Will makes an admission to Eva
- Cory tells Natasha about Sophie's confession
- Nicholas tells Andy about his plan

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