Episode 802
Dancing with the Devil's Past
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: March 27, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Bleed Like Me" Garbage

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Brooke acted surprised when Abby told the Lawson's about Albertinah's murder
- Lukas and Donovan came to an understanding about Abby's involvement with Olly
- A drunken Eva lashed out at Dominick and Will at the Pampa Grill
- Robbie was relieved when Kim's gunshot wound wasn't serious
- Cory learned that Sophie changed the blanks from Natasha's gun
- Meggan agreed to try to find Clayton for Nicholas

Twin Peaks Sun; Andy's Office

Andy sits behind his desk typing furiously into his laptop as he is writing another story about the Rose Peddle Killer; he got in early this morning so he could write a story about Albertinah's death, which occurred the night before; now, he is already working on a follow up piece that will feature what the police are, or are not, doing to ensure the safety of the citizens of Twin Peaks. He, like everyone else, almost can't believe that there is a serial killer on the loose in Twin Peaks. He is scared to think about who the next victim could be and why the police haven't been able to track the killer down yet, when three people have been murdered.

He looks over to his office doorway and happens to see Nicholas standing there with an extra coffee in his hands from the Sugarbowl. "I thought you could use another coffee this morning," he tells his boyfriend as he moves in and sets the coffee down on Andy's desk. "I read the paper this morning and figured you'd be swamped."

"You have no idea," Andy picks up the coffee in his hand and takes a sip of it. "Thank you, this was nice of you."

"Anytime," Nicholas nods back to him. "How was the wedding?"

"Oh God," Andy groans back to him, thinking back to the drama at Kim and Robbie's wedding the previous night. "It didn't happen. It's a long story but, Natasha shot Kim by accident and Kim went to the hospital."

"What? That is insane!"

"You're telling me," Andy nods back to him. "Anyways, Kim will be fine. It was just a flesh wound. I was leaving the hospital when I found out about Albertinah's death, and I came here. I haven't actually been home yet; I have so much work to do."

"Well, then, I'm glad I stopped by with that coffee," Nicholas looks back at him. "Just make sure you get some rest at some point."

"I will, thanks."

"Look," Nicholas tells him as they lock eyes. "I know what I did with Clayton Hughes was wrong, Andy. I really do. And, I'm working to try to make it up to you."

Andy arches his eyebrow back to him. "And, how do you think you're going to do that? It will take more than brining me a coffee, Nicholas."

"I know," Nicholas replies to him. "But, I reached out to Meggan and she has agreed to try to find Clayton for us. I know when he was at the One Day House, he didn't have a lot of money, so he couldn't have gone far right?"

Andy uneasily nods back to him. "Okay, thanks for telling me. I hope we do find him because I still have a lot of questions. But, just remember that the entire reason I still don't have those answers is because you didn't tell me about Clayton in the first place."

"I get that," Nicholas sighs back to him. "I won't ever let myself forget how I have let you down. I won't let it happen again, you have my word."

The Richardson Estate; Meggan, Lukas & Donovan's Home

"I can't believe that another person fell victim to the Rose Peddle killer," Lukas huffs before he takes a sip of his coffee and looks over at Donovan, who is putting baby Olly in his play pen for one of his naps. Lukas puts his tablet down and smiles at the sight of his husband and his son together; he feels so blessed by what life has given him, he almost can't believe that it is real. With the killer on the loose, he has to ensure that his perfect little family stays safe.

"I know," Donovan stands up and stretches after he places Olly in the play pen. "Poor Trenyce and Andrew; I don't know how much more they can handle. Albertinah was so young and so full of life. And, they are still mourning the loss of Brad."

"I have never liked Simona Lopez," Lukas admits to his husband. "Ever since she wrongly arrested and convicted me of Frederick's death…"

"Ugh, don't remind me of that nightmare," Donovan chuckles back to him. "I just hope that she can piece this together before someone else dies. To think that three people have already been killed…"

"You realize the common thread between all of the victims, don't you?" Lukas replies to him quickly as Donovan shrugs his shoulders. "Abby Lawson, Donovan; She was connected to all of the victim's."

Donovan arches his eyebrow back to him. "What are you saying? Are you saying that Abby is the killer?"

"No, of course not," Lukas replies to him quickly. "The article I read said that she and Andrew found Albertinah's body and he chased the killer. It is impossible for Abby to be the killer."

"But? You were trying to make a point, what was it?"

Lukas sighs back to his husband. "Just that I feel justified in not wanting Abby in Olly's life," he admits to Donovan. "Everyone around her is slowly dying; the last thing we need is for Olly to be caught in her crossfire."

"Okay, okay," Donovan waves his hands back to him. "That's a bit of a stretch; we came to a good understanding about her role with Olly, Lukas, but let's not get carried away, okay?"

Lukas puts his hands up in defeat. "I'm just saying," he replies to Donovan. "I think we have made the right decision by distancing ourselves from that woman. She is bad news, I can feel it."

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

Eva slowly opens the door to her room to collect her morning paper wearing large black sunglasses. She can't help but remember the previous night when she was at the Pampa Grill and she had a few too many vodka martinis; the result was that she made a public spectacle of herself by confronting Will and Dominick, both of whom were also at the restaurant. All she wants to do now, is to grab her paper, order room service and crawl back into bed.

"Morning," Will says as he walks past her door and stops to see his former lover at her door. Will is only in shorts and a tight tank top as he was using the hotel gym this morning. "How are you feeling today?"

"Ugh, please don't ask me," Eva stands up straight and tries to collect herself.

Will chuckles back to her. "You did have a few drinks last night," Will reminds her. "But, I suppose you earned them, considering what you are going through."

"You have no idea what I am going through, Will," she coldly tells him.

"I think I do," Will tells her. "You claim to want your marriage to Dominick to work but the moment you saw that I was on a dating app, you certainly got riled up."

"I do not care what you choose to do with your time," Eva replies to him quickly. "Now, if you'll excuse me."

"Eva, wait," Will stops her from going back into her room. He moves up to her and takes off her sunglasses, so he can look into her eyes. "I know I told you that I won't wait for you."

"You made that perfectly clear."

"But," he continues to look deep into her eyes. "I love you," he admits to her. "I always have, and I always will."

"Will, please…" she starts to plead with him, but she finds herself putting her hand behind his head when he leans in and kisses her on the lips.

They part and he looks back into her eyes. "Don't forget that, okay?" he whispers back to her. "Now, go order yourself some room service, I know that you are looking forward to that."

Will walks off and leaves Eva breathless at her door as she watches her younger lover move towards his hotel room. She tries to collect herself before she scurries back insider her own room, letting the door close behind her.

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Brooke, Abby & Cheresa's Home

"Did you sleep at all last night?" Greg asks Brooke as she moves into the living room, still wearing her robe. Greg is pouring himself a cup of coffee from the bar in the living room. "Would you care for a cup of coffee?"

"Yes, please," Brooke replies to him. "And, surprisingly, I slept pretty well. I am assuming you didn't get much sleep?"

"None," Greg admits to her as he passes his ex-wife her coffee. "I can't believe that Albertinah was killed last night by the same son of a bitch that killed Shelley and Brad."

Brooke uneasily takes a sip of her coffee as she thinks about plunging the long knife into Albertinah's chest and immediately seeing the blood ooze out of her chest. The thought of it almost gives her chills all over again. She knows that she must hide the rush she is feeling inside because she can't let on that she is the killer, especially to Greg.

"I know," she shakes her head back to him. "What is Simona Lopez doing, exactly?"

"I have no idea, but I intend to find out," Greg looks back at her. "I just hate that Cheresa found Shelley's body and now Abby found Albertinah's. Our children are being impacted by this maniac, none more than our beloved Brad!"

"That was…I know," Brooke corrects herself quickly, still knowing that she never meant to kill Brad; she wanted to kill Trenyce, but he got in the way. She is still wrestling with that, but she has to, somehow, go on.

"That was, what? What were you going to say?"

Brooke freezes and takes another sip of her coffee. "I was going to say," she looks back at Greg. "That he is the biggest tragedy, but wouldn't be fair to Shelley and Albertinah's friends and family.":

"I just hate this," Greg admits to her. "We need justice!"

Brooke puts her coffee down and then looks at Greg. "I'm going to skip breakfast," she tells him. "I'm going to shower and then go for a walk, I just need to clear my head about this entire mess."

"Brooke," Greg calls out stopping her from leaving the room. "Be careful, the last thing this family needs, is for you to be the next victim."

Brooke gets a sly grin on her face. "Don't you worry," she replies to him. "I won't be. I won't let that happen."

The Calimo Mansion

"I haven't had my second coffee yet so if you're here to berate me, you can turn around and leave," Natasha tells Cory as she takes a sip of her coffee and she sees her ex-husband moving into the living room of the mansion that she lives in. The living room has been restored to its usual set up following the wedding ceremony for Robbie and Kim the previous night that Natasha interrupted by pulling out her father's handgun. Natasha barely slept the previous night as she kept replaying in her mind how she pulled a gun on Kim at her brother's wedding ceremony in hopes of making him realize that marrying Kim would be a mistake; Kim ended up slapping Natasha and the two women fought which caused Natasha's gun to go off! Natasha had believed that the gun had blanks in it, but she actually shot Kim, and thankfully, it was just a flesh wound. Still, the fact that Natasha shot Kim was a hard pill for her to swallow and she knows that Robbie was furious with her. She still has no idea how the real bullets ended up in her gun, but she was up all-night thinking about it. "I know what happened last night was wrong."

"Wrong?" Cory huffs back to his ex-wife with a chuckle. "You think shooting your former step mother is just 'wrong'? Do you have any idea what you put our daughter through?"

"Yes!" Natasha hisses back to him, knowing that her daughter was seated next to her at the wedding. She can't imagine what Sophie is thinking this morning having witnessed the shooting. "I know that Sophie is probably confused and upset by what happened last night, you do not have to stand there and remind me of that, Cory!"

"I think I do," Cory moves closer to her. "I stayed here after you went to the hospital last night," he reveals to her. "I put our daughter to bed."

"Good for you? You want a medal for being father of the year now, Cory?"

"Do you know what she told me?" Cory asks Natasha. "She told me that she found the gun in your purse and that she is the one who changed the blanks with the real bullets."

"What?" Natasha gasps back to him in shock. She can't believe that Sophie is the one that changed the bullets in her handgun; now it is all starting to make sense to her as to why the blanks were not in the gun as she thought. "I can't believe this! Why would she do that?"

"She is a little girl," Cory explains to her. "She had no idea what she was doing. You, Natasha, you, however, never should have had that damn gun in your purse in the first place!"

"I know!" Natasha tells him, trying to make him understand what she did. "Don't you think I'm beating myself up over this?"

"You should be!" Cory yells back her. "You shot someone in front of our daughter, Natasha! This isn't going to just go away because you feel bad. This is going to have long lasting repercussions."

"What are you saying?"

"I don't know," Cory shakes his head back to her. "But, you will answer for your actions, Natasha. Our daughter is paying the price for your actions, and I won't let you get away with this!"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robbie slowly opens the door to Kim's hospital room and immediately gets a smile on his face at the sight in front of him: Kim is sitting up in her hospital bed wide awake reading the newspaper. He was so worried that she was seriously injured after Natasha shot her; the fact that she only suffered a flesh wound is the best possible ending to the nightmare that took place at their wedding ceremony the night before. His head, however, is still reeling from everything that happened at the mansion the night before.

"You are a sight for sore eyes," Robbie says as he moves up to her bedside. "You gave me a scare last night."

Kim puts the paper down and looks back at her fiancé. "Hi," she smiles back to him. "I am going to be fine, Robbie."

"I know," he sits next to her. "But, I was worried. When that gun went off…"

"I can't believe that Natasha pulled a gun on me at our wedding," Kim admits to him as they lock eyes. "I know that she didn't want us to get married, but that really was the most insane thing she has ever done."

"Don't get me started," Robbie replies to her. "I told her that I would never forgive her for what she did to you."

"She has to pay," Kim looks back at him with intent. "She can't get away with what she did to me, to us."

"What are you saying, exactly, Kim?" Robbie asks her quickly.

"I'm saying," Kim tells him. "I want Natasha to pay for what she did to me. I want to throw the book at her in every possible way."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce realizes she must break the news of Albertinah's passing to Chris
- Victoria gives Eva an update
- Shane tells Helen about his conversation with Robin

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