Episode 803
I'm Carving the Sky
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: March 27, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Palo Santo" Years & Years

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Brooke was revealed to be the Rose Peddle Killer
- Trenyce supported Andrew as he grieved Albertinah's death
- Victoria went to Raven's Meadow and underwent several tests hoping to figure out what was wrong with her
- Cory scolded Natasha for shooting Kim and revealed that Sophie changed the bullets in the gun as Natasha believed there were blanks loaded in the weapon. Kim, meanwhile, told Robbie she wanted his sister to pay for the shooting
- Shane filed for full custody of baby Dominique; he told Robin he would drop the suit if she married him, so they could be a family

The Dockside Storage Units

Brooke paces back and forth in her family storage unit as she tries to clear her head. She was at home with Greg, who was still reeling over Albertinah's death, when she realized that she needed time alone. She is finding more difficult to keep her composure when she is around her family as they continue be rocked by the number of deaths that have come from the Rose Peddle killer. Brooke, of course, is the killer and knows that she has had her reasons for killing everyone that has died already.

She moves to the back of the storage unit where there is the industry sink; inside is the knife that she uses when she is killing her victims. She slowly picks it up as she thinks back to her trial that she was on for buying Cheresa from the black market. Once the trial was over, she pleaded with Greg to take her back, so they could make their marriage work; of course, he refused which left Brooke absolutely devastated. She wanted nothing more than to make her marriage work and to unite her family; the fact that Greg refused left her feeling very low. Then, she reached out to Robbie and he also rejected her. This sent Brooke into a tailspin and she left town to try to find herself.

Brooke shuts her eyes and thinks back to the time that she had left town; she was staying in an air bnb and she was in the kitchen chopping some vegetables for her dinner. The knife blade slipped and cut her finger badly; she immediately rushed to the sink and turned on the cold water to try to stop the bleeding.

As she stood there and saw the blood in the sink, she realized exactly what she had to do.

"Blood," she looks at the knife blade. "That's how I wanted to help my family," she recalls seeing the bloody water in the air bnb ". And, I have helped them; I have helped my entire family."

The Pampa Grill

"You know, darling, I have been wondering how things went at Raven's Meadow," Eva tells Victoria as they sit across from one another at a table in the restaurant. Eva knows that her daughter has been struggling with her mental health for some time now; Victoria has been dealing with headaches and, recently, thought she saw Brandy standing in her living room. Once that happened, Victoria told Eva and Donovan that she made herself an appointment at Raven's Meadow to get checked out. "How was your appointment?"

Victoria looks back at her mother and purses her lips together as she thinks about going to the hospital and having tests ran; initially, Bryce had told her that the rest results had come back inconclusive, so he did a full psychiatric evaluation on her.

"The initial tests that the doctor ran was inconclusive," Victoria replies to her as she takes a sip of her coffee.

"Really? So, the doctor wasn't able to find out what is wrong with you?"

"Not at first," Victoria admits to her. Behind the large plant in the restaurant, Vinny stands listening to their conversation; he was at the bar when he saw the women come into the restaurant together. As soon as he saw them, he knew that he would have to try to listen to what they were saying as he has wanted to know what happened when Victoria went to see Bryce at Raven's Meadow; he just hopes that the drugs he has been giving her will continue to make her believe that she has split again; if he can succeed in driving her crazy, it will be the perfect revenge. "So, he ordered a full psychiatric evaluation."

"I see," Eva nods back to her daughter. "And, how did that go?"

"It was pretty intrusive," Victoria admits to her mother. "But, I am hoping that it will give me, give us, some answers as to what has been going on with me."

"I hope so too Victoria," Eva tells her. "I just want my beautiful daughter to be healthy again."

Victoria smiles back to her, as Vinny rushes away as he realizes he got all the information that he needs. "Don't worry Mom," Victoria says back to her. "I will get back to my normal self; I am determined to be healthy again."


At another table, Robin sits across from Nicholas as they are having breakfast together. Robin can't help but think back to the previous night at Robbie and Kim's interrupted wedding when Shane revealed to her that he is suing her for custody of baby Dominique; the only way that he would be willing to drop the suite is if she agrees to marry him, so they can be a family together. Robin has been rattled to her very core by his demands; and yet, she also has no idea what she is going to do.

"You seem quiet this morning," Nicholas notes to his sister as he picks up his coffee and takes a sip. "I heard that there was a lot of action at the wedding last night."

Robin smirks back to him as she thinks about the drama that unfolded at the ceremony. "That is putting it mildly," she chuckles back to him. "I am just glad to hear that Kim will make a full recovery. I still can't believe that Natasha fired a gun at her!"

"Andy said that Natasha and Kim have had a very sorted relationship."

"They used to be best friends," Robin recalls many years ago when Kim and Natasha were close. "Everything changed when Kim and Bob fell in love and got married. I don't think Natasha ever really supported her father's marriage to Kim."

"I just hope that this is a wake-up sign for the family to start to mend their fences," Nicholas replies to her. "Speaking of family, how is my precious niece?"

Robin gets a smile on her face at the thought of her daughter. "Dominique is wonderful," Robin nods back to him. "I am so grateful that she is healthy and getting bigger each and every day."

"I am also grateful for that," Nicholas looks back at his sister. "What is it Robin? I can tell something is upsetting you? Do you want talk about it?"

Robin sighs heavily back to him. "You know me so well," she sighs back to him as she thinks about her dilemma with Shane; after so many ups and downs with Adam, they are finally in a great place and are engaged to be married. However, if she follows Shane's plan, her and Adam will, once again, be torn apart. "I guess I am struggling with a decision and I'm not sure what I am going to do."

Nicholas reaches over and grabs her hand. "You're one of the strongest people I know," he whispers back to her. "Think about everything you went through at the end of last year with Dominique being premature," he reminds her. "You can get through anything, I know you can."

"Thanks," Robin gets tears in her eyes. "I appreciate your support, just wish that I knew what to do."

"You will do whatever is best for you and Dominique," he encourages her. "You always put your daughter first because that's the kind of mother you are."

Robin uneasily nods back to him. "You're right," she looks back at him. "I have to put Dominique first, thanks Nicholas."

The Sugarbowl

"I can't stay too long," Shane tells Helen as they sit next to one another at the window bar, each with a latte in front of them. Shane knows that he must get to the hospital as he has a shift, however, he wanted to give Helen an update on everything that happened the previous night at Robbie and Kim's wedding. "I have to get to the hospital."

"That's fine," Helen takes a sip of her drink. "I'm really just curious about your conversation with Robin; did you tell her you were suing her for custody of Dominique?"

"I told her last night at the wedding," Shane reveals to her. "I told her that I had something important to discuss with her and that we would chat about it after the ceremony, but she cornered me during one of the interruptions. I just blurted it out."

"She must have been stunned," Helen replies with a slight chuckle. "I am guessing she wasn't too pleased?"

"She was floored," Shane nods back to her. "Then, after Kim was taken to the hospital, she approached me again and we talked more about it."

"And? What did she say?"

"She pleaded with me not to go through with it," Shane tells Helen. "I told her that I would mention how I warned her about getting so worked up during her pregnancy, but she continued to do so and that is what caused the premature labor."

"Wow, good for you," Helen says back, thrilled by Shane's words to Robin. "Then what happened?"

"She asked me what it would take to drop the case and I told her that I wanted her to marry me, so we could be a family together with Dominique," Shane continues to tell Helen, who looks back in awe. "That's where we left it; I have no idea what she is going to do."

"She's going to do what's right for her child," Helen replies to him quickly. "We are going to get what want, Shane. You and Robin will be together, and I can get back together with Adam. This will work, I have faith in that."

"I hope so," Shane nods back to her. "We've come too far to go back now."


At the back booth in the coffeehouse, Natasha sits next to Sophie and across from Cory as the parents know that they must talk to their daughter about the previous night at the wedding. Natasha is feeling mortified that she pulled a gun on Kim in front of Sophie; her daughter is so young that she can't imagine what Sophie thought about seeing Natasha pull a gun on Kim and then accidently shooting her. Natasha also can't help but remember how Cory told her that Sophie is the one who replaced the blanks that were in the gun with the real bullets; Natasha didn't know how the bullets were changed but she can't believe that Sophie would do such a thing.

"How is the hot chocolate?" Cory looks across the table at his daughter, who is taking a sip of the heated beverage.

"It is yummy," Sophie smiles back to him. "But, why do I get the feeling I'm in trouble? I never get hot chocolate before lunch time."

Natasha uneasily chuckles back to her. "Your dad and I want to talk to you about the events that happened at the wedding last night."

"You mean how you shot Kim?" Sophie asks her smugly.

"That is part of it, yes," Natasha looks back at her. "But, before that, you didn't tell me that you found the gun in my purse. Why didn't you say anything to me, Sophie?"

The young girl shrugs her shoulders back to her mother. "I didn't know that it was wrong of me not to say anything," Sophie tells her mother. "I didn't know you wanted to shoot Kim!"

"I know you didn't baby," Natasha looks back at her. "But, you shouldn't have been playing with the gun and you most certainly shouldn't have changed the bullets that were inside."

Sophie shrugs her shoulders back to her. "And, you shouldn't have had the gun in your purse!"

"I know that too and I am going to get in trouble for my actions because I was wrong," Natasha tells her daughter. "But, I need you to promise me that you will never touch another gun again, okay?"

Sophie looks over at Cory for further support, but he looks back at her with intent. "Ugh, fine!" Sophie replies to them as she starts to pout. "You shoot someone, but I am getting in trouble? This isn't fair!"

Natasha pulls her daughter into a side hug. "You're not in trouble, you just have to know that what you did was wrong, okay?"

"Fine," Sophie pushes Natasha off her. "Can I have my hot chocolate now?"

"Yes," Cory tells his daughter before he looks back at Natasha, wondering if they even got through to their daughter about her actions. "Now, you can have your hot chocolate."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Robbie asks Kim, who is still laying in her hospital bed following her shooting the night before. He is still relieved that his fiancé only suffered from a flesh wound and she should be discharged later today but right now, she is still waiting for another update from the doctors.

Kim uneasily looks back at him and nods to him. "I'm sure," she replies to him, thinking about how she told Robbie that Natasha has to pay for everything that she did to stop their wedding. "It is like I told you, Natasha has to pay for what she did last night, Robbie. She pulled a gun on me at our wedding and shot me!"

"I know, I know," Robbie tries to keep her calm as he doesn't want her to get too worked up. "It's just…"

"It's just nothing," Kim cuts him off. "I am tired of Natasha thinking that she can come between us; this the only way to ensure that she stays out of our relationship. You have to see that, Robbie?"

Robbie sighs back to her. "I do," he nods back to her. "And, I agree; her actions last night were jarring she has to be stopped."

"Good, then we are the same page," Kim purses her lips together.

Just then, there's a knock on the hospital room door and Simona appears. "Good morning," Simona announces to Robbie and Kim as she moves into the hospital room. "I came as soon as I got your message. Can you explain to me what I'm doing here?"

"Yes," Kim nods back to her. "And, when I'm done, you're going to be making sure a woman never hurts me again."

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

"Did you get any sleep last night at all?" Trenyce asks Andrew as they sit together at the small table in the hotel room. She can see that Andrew looks exhausted, which makes sense since the previous night he found Albertinah dead and the killer slashed his arm; she knows all too well of how traumatic being attacked by the Rose Peddle killer is because she was attacked on New Year's Eve.

"Not much," Andrew admits to her. "Every time I shut my eyes, the image of Albertinah leaning up against her car came back to me. There was so much blood, and of course, those damn rose peddles."

Trenyce uneasily nods back to him. "I just have to hope that Simona finds the killer," Trenyce replies to him. "God knows how many others will die if she doesn't stop them."

"I can't think about that," Andrew looks back at her. "This has become so much."

"I know," Trenyce agrees with me. "And, I have realized that I have to do something this morning. Something that can't wait."

Andrew arches his eyebrow back to her. "What do you have to do, Trenyce?"

"I have to the jail," she reveals to him. "I have to tell Chris that his sister is dead."

Andrew groans back to her, knowing that Chris will not take the news well, which he can't blame him for. No one is taking these deaths very well. "He's going to be devastated," he whispers. "He's going to blame himself for not being here to protect Albertinah."

"I know, I'm dreading telling him. But, I want him to hear it from me."

"How about I go with you?" Andrew looks back at her. "You don't have to tell Chris alone, Trenyce."

Trenyce manages to put a smile on her face. "I'd like that," she nods back to him. "We can tell Chris together."

The Dockside Storage Units

Brooke continues to stand in her storage locker looking at the knife that she has used to kill Shelley, Brad and Albertinah. She knows that she has killed to help her family; they just don't realize how far she has gone yet.

"Shelley had to die," Brooke whispers to herself. "Because, she and Cheresa had their affair which caused Dawn to break up with Cheresa," Brooke continues to recall her motivation. "Dawn and Cheresa belong together; the only way they were going to get back together was to remove Shelley, so I did. And, look what happened, Dawn and Cheresa have reunited."

She then shuts her eyes as she thinks about New Year's Eve and when she attacked Trenyce, but Brad ended up dying. "New Year's was a horrible mistake," she whispers to herself. "Brad was being played by a fool by Trenyce, so I was going to remove her from his life. But, he had to be a hero and push that bitch out of the way," she says as she gets a tear in her eye. "I will never forgive myself for killing you, Brad. But, I can't go back now. I just have to move forward and continue my plan to protect my family."

"Which is why Albertinah had to die," she continues to tell herself. "Abby has been devastated by the loss of Sonny and Andrew; with Albertinah out of the picture, Andrew and Abby can have their chance to be together now."

"You see," she looks into the blade of the knife and can see her reflection. "I will do anything for my family, my blood, my children," she whispers to herself. "And, I'll be damned if anyone will ever stop me again."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Natasha interrupts a moment between Kim and Simona
- Daisy confronts "Brett"
- Andy is in for a surprise

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