Episode 809
Anything Could Stop Me
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: April 27, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Don't Start Now" Dua Lipa

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Greg found Brooke's stash of pink roses in the Lawson estate and wondered if she was the serial killer. He used his phone to track her down and realized she was at the storage locker
- Eva told Dominick that she would sign his divorce papers after he, once again, came to Felicia's rescue
- Vinny ordered Bryce to tell Victoria that she has split once again
- Vinny pressed Daisy for a second date as Tyler continued to believe that "Brett" was up to something
- Paige told Max that she ended her engagement to Jacob
- Nicholas realized that Melissa called the One Day House before Clayton disappeared
- Madeline returned to town

The Dockside Storage Units

"Okay," Brooke takes a deep breath as she paces around her storage locker. She has been at her storage locker for a few hours as she needed to get out of the house as she had a close call earlier in the day with Greg finding some pink rose peddles on the floor of the Lawson estate; she was so worried that Greg was going to figure out that she was the serial killer but she was able to cover up with a story that her weekly delivery of flowers arrived, including some pink roses, which is how the rose peddles appeared on the floor. Of course, she knows that the entire delivery was of pink roses in case she had to remove someone else that was getting in the way of her family. "I have to stop killing people. I told myself that Albertinah was the last victim and I mean that."

She moves over to the large trash can and grabs a vase, that only has the stems roses left in it. She looks at the stems and quickly recalls how she removed all the petals from the flowers before she killed Albertinah. The peddles were then sprinkled over the bloody, dead body.

"I need to dispose of any evidence that could ever tie me back being the killer," she whispers to herself. "No one can ever know about this."

She moves to the back of the storage room where there is an industrial sink and turns on the water. She then grabs the knife and starts to wash it. She drops it firmly in the sink before she moves over and grabs some rubber gloves. She puts them on and then starts scrubbing the knife for all blood and any finger prints. When she's done, she turns and looks at the storage unit.

"Okay, I'll put everything in this garbage bag and dump it in the river," she whispers. "The current is going so quickly, no one will ever find these flower stems or the knife."

On the side of the storage unit, there is a secondary door to the unit that has a small window. At the window, Greg peers into the unit and is stunned by what he sees unfolding in front of him. He was able to track down Brooke by using the "Find my Friends" app on his phone; he knew that something was odd about her location as they haven't been to the storage locker in years. Combined with all the odd things that happened earlier in the day, Greg knew he had to come and see what was going on. Now, he can see Brooke cleaning, what appears to be a knife, and about to throw away stems of roses. He is having a hard time believing this, but he truly thinks that his ex-wife is the Rose Peddle killer, which is jarring to him. He can't believe that Brooke would kill three people, especially their son Brad, but what other explanation could there be?

He stumbles back and walks into the storage locker behind him, which causes a loud thud. He looks back in shock, realizing that he may have alerted Brooke that someone was watching her. He moves to scurry away just as the side door opens and Brooke's head appears to see what the noise was. She manages to catch a glimpse of Greg rushing away before she closes the door and takes a deep breath.

"Damn it!" she whispers to herself. "Greg saw me! He must have put this all together! Damn it, damn it!"

She moves towards the knife and picks it up slowly. "I can't let anyone tell my secret," she tells herself. "I hate that I have to kill someone else, but it might be my only option."

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

Eva looks in the mirror in the washroom of her hotel room and can see the redness under her eyes from the tears she has been shedding. She can't help but recall how Dominick paid her a visit to ask her if she mentioned to Simona Lopez about her theory that Felicia might be the Rose Peddle killer if she was off her medication; Eva can't believe that, once again, Dominick is defending Felicia and choosing his ex-wife over her. Before Dominick left, a gutted Eva told him that she would sign the divorce papers because she feels like she can't keep doing this with her husband. No matter what she says or does, Dominick will always defend Felicia, she has realized. If he really wants to be with Felicia, Eva has realized that she can't stop him.

"I have to move on," she whispers to herself. "I have to let this go once and for all and I think I know just the way to do it."

She leaves the washroom and moves into the main area of her room to grab her purse. She takes a deep breath before she moves towards the door. "I'm going to get rid of every part of you from my life, Dominick."

She opens the door and moves into the hallway, just as Will is opening his hotel room door. Will looks at his former lover and sighs to himself as he recalls seeing Dominick move into Eva's room just a short time ago, which he assumed meant they had reunited.

"Will," Eva says as she moves through the hallway. "How are you today?"

"I'm okay," Will replies to her. "I am guessing you're on cloud nine?"

Eva arches her eyebrow back to him. "Why would you say that?"

"I saw you and Dominick earlier," he reveals to her. "I am guessing you two are officially back together?"

Eva chuckles back to him before she leans in and kisses him on the lips passionately. "Nothing could be further from the truth," she looks into his eyes once their lips part. "I told him I would sign the divorce papers. My marriage is officially over, Will."

Will looks back into her eyes. "What are you saying?"

Eva shrugs her shoulders back to him. "Maybe this is our time to give us a shot? If you'll still have me?"

Will smiles back to her and kisses her again. "I've waited so long to hear you say those words," he tells her. "Of course, I'll have you," he looks into her eyes with a smile on his face. "Do you want to come in, so I can show you much you mean to me?"

Eva puts her hand on his toned chest. "I'd love too," she nods back to him. "But, I have to take care of something first. The sooner I rid Dominick from my life, the sooner I can truly move on."

Will nods back to her. "Okay, I'm here as soon as you're ready Eva. And, Eva," he says as she starts to move towards the elevator. "I love you."

The Sugarbowl

Jeff opens the door to the coffeehouse and scurries inside as he is looking to grab another coffee to satisfy his caffeine craving. As he moves closer to the lineup, a woman with long hair spins around and starts to move towards the door and they almost collide into one another!

"Whoa!" Jeff puts his hands up before he looks back and is stunned to see Madeline standing in front of him. "Madeline Wilkins? My goodness, is that really you?"

Madeline gets a sly grin on her face at the sight of Jeff. "In the flesh," she winks back to him. "How are you Jeff?"

Jeff chuckles back to her. "I am good, let me grab a coffee and we can catch up?"

"Sure, I'll be at the window seat," Madeline nods to him. By the time she sits down, Jeff is moving up next to her.

"So, what brings you back to Twin Peaks? It has been … what? 6 years?" he sits next to her.

"I can't believe it's been that long," Madeline admits to him. "But yea, it's been a while. I'm here helping Andy solve a mystery."

"A mystery, huh? You always were a great private investigator," he chuckles back to her.

"Thanks, I actually gave that up a long time ago," she reveals to him. "After I moved to LA, I actually went back to medical school and became a doctor."

"Just like your Mom," he nods back to her, thinking about Olivia Wilkins. "That's amazing."

"Thanks," Madeline smiles back to him. "How about you? How are things?"

"I can't complain," he tells her. "Paige is a beautiful, young woman now; you likely wouldn't even recognize her."

"That is the funny thing about being back," she looks him in the eyes. "Things are different yet oddly the same? You know?"

"I think I know exactly what you mean," Jeff chuckles back to her. "I'm really glad I ran into you, it's great to see you."

"Likewise, Jeff," Madeline takes a sip of her latte.

The Young Mansion; Boston

Nicholas slowly drives up to the large mansion that is behind a large steel gate and fence. He looks at the mansion as he parks his car and sighs heavily. He hasn't been at his childhood home in years and seeing it now, is bringing up a lot of memories for him. So many memories of himself, Robin and Melissa fill his mind as he steps out of his car and continues to look at the mansion.

As he slowly walks towards the front door, he can't help but think about his personal life right now; Andy is still upset with him for not telling him that he knew that Clayton was staying at the One Day House. Nicholas can understand why Andy is upset with him because he did keep a secret from him; Nicholas just hates that he let his insecurities get the best of him during that time. Of course, by the time he was going to tell Andy the truth, Clayton had disappeared from the One Day House and now they have no idea where he went. Nicholas, however, saw phone records that revealed that Melissa had called the One Day House; he has no idea why, but he is determined to figure it out.

He arrives at the porch and knocks on the door. Shortly, Melissa opens the door and gasps at the sight of her son. "Nicholas?" she smiles as she opens the door and pulls him into a hug. "This is such a surprise! You didn't tell me you were coming for a visit?"

Nicholas uneasily chuckles back to her as they move into the foyer of her large home. "I wanted to surprise you," he reveals to his mother. "I hope this is a good time?"

"It is never a bad time to have a visit from my son," Melissa replies to him as they move into the living room.

"Good," Nicholas tells her. "Because, this isn't just a social visit. I'm here to get answers Mom. And, I'm not leaving here until I get them."

The Calimo Mansion

Jacob paces back and forth in the living room of the mansion that he lives in with his family. He moves to the bar and pours himself a scotch and immediately takes a sip of it. His mind is racing over the fact that Paige has ended their engagement because of their constant bickering over Max. Jacob still believes that Max inherited stolen funds from Roboto and Robertson Enterprises after Cassie died; now, Max is using that money to open his own photography studio. Jacob hates that Max is using his family's money for his own selfish purposes. Of course, he knows that Simona Lopez did some type of investigation into the inheritance and she has claimed that the funds are legitimate. Jacob, however, still can't shake the feeling that Max, or Cassie, did something to cover up their tracks.

"If I could just make Paige realize this, she would never want to be around Max again," he whispers to himself as he takes another sip of his drink. "But, how the hell am I going to get through to her? She has blinders on when it comes to Max."

He paces back and forth trying to think of something that will assist him in getting Paige back; the last thing that he wants is to lose his fiancé over something this.

"If I can figure out that Max somehow knows that those funds are stolen," he tells himself. "Then, Paige will realize that Max is just like his mother. She will have too. The question, how the hell am I going to prove that Max knew about Cassie's plan?"

The Pampa Grill

"Thanks for coming to get a drink with me," Max looks over at Paige as they sit at the bar of the restaurant together. Max had been out for a jog when he saw Paige sitting on a bench in the park by herself; when he approached her, he quickly realized that she was no longer wearing her engagement ring and she explained that she ended her relationship with Jacob because they had been bickering about him. Max was very impressed that Paige was defending him to Jacob; without even trying, he has managed to break up Paige and Jacob which makes him very happy. "I didn't want our visit to end."

Paige chuckles back to him as she picks up her mojito and takes a sip of it. "I'm just glad I convinced you to go home and change first. A running shirt and shorts might not be appropriate for this place."

Max laughs with her. "I could have sworn I saw you take a look when I took my shirt off," he winks back to her. "But, you're allowed now that you're a single woman again."

"Ugh," Paige groans back to him. "I am hoping that Jacob comes around but for right now, yes, I am a single woman."

"Then let me take you out on a date?" Max looks back at her as she arches her eyebrow. "I'd love to show you a good time, Paige."

Paige chuckles. "I'm sure you would," she slaps his arm playfully. "But, I'm in no position to get involved with someone else right now," she tells him as Max nods back to him. "But, I would love to go out with you, as long as it can be as friends."

Max smiles back to her. "If it means taking you out, I'll agree to the terms of going as friends," he winks back to her.


At another table, Vinny and Daisy sit across from one another with a bottle of red wine on the table and some beef tartar. Vinny, who is still posing as Brett, was thrilled when Daisy agreed to go out on another date with him since they had a couple of disagreements about Tyler and Felicia. Vinny is just happy that he was able to switch Felicia's medication with the same drugs that he has been giving Victoria; he knows that soon, Felicia will start to hallucinate, and everyone will realize that she did imagine him in her bedroom a few nights earlier. And, Vinny knows that the more Felicia falls off the deep end, the more Tyler will be focused on his mother and not on him.

"This was a nice idea," Daisy looks across the table at the man that she thinks she was held hostage with for months. "I am glad we are out of the house and enjoying one another's company."

Vinny nods back to her. "Yea, me too," he nods back to her. "And, for what it is worth, I am sorry about our disagreements Daisy. The last thing I want is to fight with you."

Daisy waves her hand back to him. "Let's not worry about that now," she tells him quickly. "We both made our points and we are going to move on, end of story, right?"

Vinny smirks back to her. "Right," he replies to her. "You look stunning tonight, by the way."

Daisy feels her cheeks flush at the compliment. "Thanks, you look pretty handsome yourself, Brett."

"You know what would make us look even better?" he says as he scoots closer to her.


"This," he licks his lips and leans in and kisses her. Daisy responds to the kiss as it grows more passionate.

At the doorway of the restaurant, Tyler stands and watches the kiss unfold. He sighs heavily wondering how he will be able to get through to Daisy that Brett is up to something; he still believes that there is more Brett than meets the eye. Now, he must prove it before someone else gets hurt.

Raven's Meadow

"Thanks for seeing me so late in the day," Bryce tells Victoria as he welcomes her into his office at Raven's Meadow. He watches her move to a chair that is next to his desk as he recalls his phone call with Vinny earlier in the day; he knows that Vinny wants him to tell Victoria that her multiple personalities have returned so he can continue to torment her. Bryce hates that he must tell this to Victoria because he knows that it is not true, but he can't risk Vinny following through with his blackmail and revealing to everyone who his boss is. Bryce knows that his boss would not be happy if their identity was revealed.

"It is no problem at all," Victoria says as she sits and watches the doctor return to sitting behind his desk. "I have been curious to know if you have my test results," she admits to him, as she thinks about how she had another vision of Brandy recently while she was with her mother. She has no idea why she is seeing her alter ego but she is scared because she knows that Brandy is not her own person; she is a part of Victoria, so seeing her is impossible.

"I do have your results here," Bryce picks up her file and looks at her. He arches his eyebrow when Victoria looks back at him as he realizes, for the first time, just how beautiful Victoria is. Her long dark hair is pulled back into a pony tail and she has a light pink shade of lip stick on that matches her dress. One more reason that he hates what is he about to do, Bryce realizes.

"Oh great," Victoria forces a smile on her face. "So? What do they say? What is wrong with me?"

Bryce uneasily sighs back to her. "I think your alter ego Brandy is back," he tells her. "I think she comes and goes; this would explain your headaches and your loss of time."

Victoria shakes her head back to him. "But…that can't be true. In the past, I have known when she's been in control; I don't feel that way right now?"

"You have to remember that every time you have these types of personality splits, they will always be unique and never the same," Bryce informs her. "Based on my evaluation, I think Brandy is in control of your body and mind at times."

Victoria feels her eyes swell with water as she listens to the doctor speak. She can't believe that she has split again; this is truly her worst fears coming true. "So, what do I do now?"

"That is entirely up to you," Bryce looks back at her. "If you want more tests, we can run more. If you want to check yourself in to the hospital, you can."

Victoria stands up quickly and grabs her purse. "I'll be in touch," she quickly tells him, as she feels like she is suffocating. She wants nothing more than to breath in some fresh air and try to figure out what she is going to do. "I need time to process all of this; it is too much to handle."

Before Bryce can say anything, Victoria bolts out of the office. Bryce covers mouth in horror about what he just did to Victoria. "Damn you Vinny," he whispers to himself. "Damn you straight to hell."

The Dockside Storage Lockers

Eva walks on the concrete padding that is in the center of the storage lockers; on either side of her, there are storage lockers that various owners have. She is moving towards her own storage locker as she is desperate to get inside and start removing anything that reminds her of Dominick, or any of his own belongings. She wants to truly remove him from her life, so she can start to move on.

"Okay," she whispers as she gets closer to her locker. "I'll spend a couple hours here and then head back to Will and he can make love to me all night long."

She freezes when she hears one of the doors start to open as the noise startles her. "Oh my," she gasps. "I guess I am a little jittery tonight."

She looks closer at the opening door and sees Brooke standing there dressed in all black and holding something in her hand. She tries to see what the object is in her hand and then gasps. "She's holding a knife," Eva whispers to herself. "Why is Brooke holding a knife?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Donovan prepares to tell Abby about his and Lukas' decision
- Tyler and Natasha have a discussion
- Robin shatters Adam's dreams

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