Episode 810
Bruises on Both my Knees
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: May 02, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Bad Guy" Billie Eilish

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Donovan invited Abby over to tell her that he and Lukas want her to keep her distance from Olly
- Greg realized that Brooke is the Rose Peddle killer! Eva, meanwhile, saw Brooke holding her knife
- Andrew and Trenyce told Chris that Albertinah is dead
- Kim and Robbie got married
- Tyler and Natasha had a disagreement when she suggested Felicia could be the killer
- Robin agreed to marry Shane, so he wouldn't file for custody of Dominique

The Dockside Storage Units

Eva moves back up against one of the storage lockers as she watches the door to the Lawson storage room open and Brooke appears holding a knife. Eva had arrived at the storage lockers, so she can start to remove Dominick from her life completely as she realized, finally, that he will always put Felica before her. She was already emotional given the state of her current situation and was left startled when she heard the storage door start to open; the sight of Brooke holding a knife has left her feeling even more shaken as she has no idea why the woman could be holding a knife while emerging from her storage locker.

Brooke, meanwhile, squints her eyes a little as she is adjusting to the outside light, even though it is getting dark outside. She recalls how she was packing up all the evidence that she is the Rose Peddle killer when she heard a loud thud from outside the storage locker. She opened the side door and saw Greg rushing away, which means he saw her. She realizes that her ex-husband must now realize that she is the killer; she knows that she must make him understand why she has done what she has done. She can't let anyone else figure out what has happened.

As she steps out of the storage locker, she turns to push the button to close door behind her. She turns back around and happens to see Eva standing across the walkway staring at her. Brooke immediately realizes that Eva can see the knife that she has in her hand.

"Eva," Brooke calls out as she starts to walk over to the other woman. "What are you doing here?"

"I…" Eva gulps as her eyes move to the knife in Brooke's hand. "I was going to my storage locker. I startled myself and was just collecting myself."

"Hmm, I see," Brooke moves closer to her as she realizes that Eva can see the weapon in her hand. "Well, I was just leaving. I must head home. I guess I see you around?"

"Why do you have that knife? What is going on, Brooke?" Eva asks her as Brooke turns around to face her again. She didn't want to say anything, but she can't shake the feeling that there is something very wrong with the picture in front of her; why would Brooke emerge from her locker room with a knife? And, why is she wearing all black? Eva doesn't want to think that Brooke is the Rose Peddle killer but that is what is in her mind right now.

"Do you really want to know, Eva? Are you sure you want to ask me that?" Brooke's eyes glare back at Eva, who gulps heavily. "Because, once you know, you will never be able to unhear the truth."

The Calimo Mansion

"I don't know why, but it feels even better making love to you know that you're my husband," Kim runs her finger over Robbie's chest as they lay next to one another in the large bed in their room in the Calimo mansion, fresh from making love to one another. Kim almost can't believe that she and Robbie are married; since their wedding was interrupted by Natasha pulling out a gun and shooting her. She is still feeling lucky that it was only a flesh wound and that she was able to get Natasha to accept their relationship or she would press charges against her. When she got home from the hospital, Robbie surprised her with a wedding ceremony. It wasn't the large wedding that she had dreamed of, but she will take it because all she wanted was to be Robbie's wife.

"You better get used to it," Robbie licks his lips back to his wife as he looks her in the eyes. "Because, I'm planning on making love to you as often as I possibly can."

Kim chuckles back to him. "You certainly won't get any complaints from me," she tells him. "I guess tomorrow will be our first day back at the office, huh?"

"Yea," Robbie leans up in the bed. "We have a ton of work ahead of us."

"I know," Kim nods back to him. "We still have to think of a way to recoup that money that Cassie stole from us. We need something new, something exciting that will really push Roboto back to the top of the corporate world."

"Do you have any ideas?" Robbie asks her back.

"I'm saving those ideas for tomorrow," Kim smiles back to him. "Right now, the only idea I have is this," she moves up to him and kisses him passionately on the lips.


Down in the living room, Natasha looks out of the French doors that lead into the garden as her mind is racing about everything that has happened lately. She still can't believe that she almost shot Kim at her wedding; she had no idea that Sophie had changed the blanks in the gun with real bullets; had she known she never would have pulled the gun out at the wedding. She knows that she can't go back; she just must ensure that she never makes that kind of mistake again. The fact that Kim has agreed to not press charges is also a blessing.

"Well, the sniper exists," a voice calls out from behind Natasha. She turns around and sees Tyler moving into living with his arms folded across this muscular chest.

"Very funny, Tyler," she quips back to him. "If you're here to read me the riot act about what happened at the wedding, please don't. I've heard from everyone else."

Tyler shakes his head back to her. "You don't think that you deserve to be read the riot act, Natasha?"

"I know what I did was wrong," Natasha tells him. "I never meant for any of this to happen. It was a series of very bad decisions and mistakes. Kim and I have called a truce and we are all just trying to move on from this."

"I am just glad that Kim wasn't seriously injured."

"You and me both."

"You know what I think?" Tyler moves up to his lover. "You have to respect and support your brother's relationship to Kim," Tyler tells her. "If you want your family to support our relationship, then we have to respect their relationship."

"We still have a relationship?" Natasha asks him back. "You weren't happy with me for suggesting that your mom might be the Rose Peddle killer. And, I can tell you're not impressed by my actions at the wedding."

"Yes, we still have a relationship," Tyler chuckles back to her. "I don't expect you to be perfect. And, I was upset with you about your comments about my Mom, but I know that you were just trying to help. I would rather you tell me everything than keep something from me."

Natasha moves up to him and wraps her arms around his neck. "I'm glad to hear that," she looks into his eyes. "Because, I'm getting used to having you around."

Tyler leans in and kisses her. "Just promise me that you won't make any other bad decisions? At least not for a little while?"

Natasha chuckles back to him. "I think I can make that promise."

Adam's Townhouse

"I won't be happy when I hear your news?"Adam asks Robin as they stand together in the living room of his townhouse. Adam recalls how he just got home, and he noticed that Robin was looking rather upset so he questioned her about what was wrong; she told him that she wasn't okay, and he wouldn't be either once she told him what has happened. Adam only hopes that baby Dominique hasn't suffered a setback since he knows that she was born prematurely and spent weeks in the ICU. "It's not Domi, is it?"

"Oh no," Robin shakes her head back to him as she can feel her heart start to race. She still can't believe what she is about to tell Adam; just when she and Adam have found happiness, they are about to ripped apart again. It seems like every time they feel like they are going "I mean, this is about Domi in a way, but she is fine. She is still perfectly healthy."

"Thank God," Adam crosses his arms over his chest. "You had me so worried."

"I'm sorry," Robin replies to him quickly. "I never meant to worry you."

"It's fine," he says back to her. "But, you said this involves your daughter? So, tell me Robin, what's up?"

"I'm…" she slowly starts to tell him as she looks him in the eyes. "I'm leaving you. I have to marry Shane."

Adam feels the blood drain from his face as he hears the words come from Robin's mouth. He feels like everything starts moving in slow motion because he doesn't understand or believe what is happening. "I'm sorry but what? Where the hell is this coming from?"

"Shane," Robin bites her lower lip. "He threatened to sue me for custody of Domi; he said he would mention how I continued to get worked up during my pregnancy which could have resulted in me giving birth prematurely," she tells him as he gets tears in her eyes. "I…I can't lose my daughter. I can't do it!"

"I don't understand how marriage got pulled into this! This doesn't make any sense to me, Robin!"

"I asked him what it would take to drop the case," she continues to tell him. "And he said he would drop the case if I married him, so we could raise her as a family. You must know that I'm only doing this because I must protect Dominique; the last thing she needs is to be in the middle of a long, drawn out custody hearing. It wouldn't be fair to her, not after everything she is going through."

"I don't believe this," a dumbfounded Adam replies to her. "You're marrying Shane and I'm, what? Left out in the cold? This is fucked up, Robin!"

"I'm so sorry," Robin lets a tear fall down her cheek. "I have no other choice. I have to leave you and I have to marry Shane. It's my only option."

Robertson Enterprises

Donovan paces back and forth in his office as he looks at his watch and realizes that Abby will be arriving any moment now. He takes a deep breath as he prepares for the younger woman to arrive as he is dreading the conversation he is about to have with her. Together, he and Lukas have realized that Abby does need to take a step back from being around baby Olly so much; he knows that telling Abby this, however, will be painful for her because she is still grieving the loss of Sonny. On top of Sonny, Abby has also lost Brad and she just found Albertinah's body, whom was murdered by the Rose Peddle killer.

"Just stay calm," Donovan tells himself as he looks over to his door. "Olly is your son, you have every right to make this decision."

He pauses when he hears a knock on his door. He sees Abby slowly move into his office. "I got your message," Abby looks over at him. "Is Olly here?"

"No," Donovan shakes his head back to her. "It's just you and me."

"Oh," Abby feels her heart sink into her chest. She had hoped that Olly was going to be at this visit as she continues to feel a strong connection to the child; after finding Albertinah's dead body, she would like nothing more than to be around Olly, as he provides her so much comfort. "I was hoping to see him."

"I can't imagine what you're going through right now," Donovan uneasily tells her. "I can't believe that you and Andrew found Albertinah's body."

Abby shakes her head back to him as she feels her eyes swell with water. "There was so much blood," she whispers back to him. "The images are haunting me; every time I close my eyes, I see Albertinah's bloody body."

"I am so sorry that you went through that."

"It's been a difficult 6 months or so," she uneasily nods back to him. "That's why I was hoping Olly would be here. He has a way of calming down."

"I know," Donovan locks eyes with her. "But, that's why I invited you over here. We have to talk about Olly and it can't wait."

Twin Peaks Police Department

"How is your arm feeling, Mr. Pherson?" Simona asks Andrew as he sits next to Trenyce in her office at the police department. Simona recalls how the Rose Peddle killer slashed the younger man's arms when he chased them away from Albertinah's body; to help escape, they cut Andrew's arm and he had to go to the hospital to get stitches. She still wishes that Andrew could give her more information on the killer because anything would help her catch the person who is killing the citizens of Twin Peaks.

"It is okay," Andrew looks back at her before he looks over at Trenyce. They just came from the state jail where they had to tell Chris that his sister was murdered by the Rose Peddle killer. Now, they want to see if Simona and the police have made any inroads with finding the person responsible. "I will heal. Albertinah won't be so lucky."

"That's why we are here," Trenyce doesn't let Simona respond to Andrew. "We need to know if you are any closer to finding the person who is responsible for killing Albertinah, Brad and Shelley. We need this person stopped!"

"I know," Simona uneasily nods back to them. "And believe me, I am working around the clock trying to solve this mystery. Every day that this person isn't caught means that there is still another chance that someone else will end up dead. And, I don't want that to happen."

"It can't happen!" Trenyce yells back to her. "We've already lost three people! We can't lose anyone else, do you understand me, detective!"

"You have to understand why we are so upset," Andrew looks back at the detective. "We have seen things we shouldn't have seen and loved ones have been taken from us."

"Believe me when I say I am doing everything in my power to stop this monster," Simona looks back at them. "You have my word."

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Brooke, Abby & Cheresa's Home

Greg paces back and forth in the living room of his large mansion that he lives in with his family. He can't believe what he just saw at the storage lockers: Brooke had a knife and vases of rose stems. There were no peddles on the roses because, he realizes, that she has used them to sprinkle over the dead bodies of the people she has killed. Brooke, his ex-wife, the mother of his children, is the Rose Peddle killer. He almost can't believe it if hadn't seen all of the evidence himself. What is more jarring is that she killed Brad; Brooke killed their own child. He has no idea what happened to make her snap like this, but he knows that she has to be stopped before someone else gets killed.

"I can't believe this," he moves to the bar and pours himself a scotch. "My head is spinning so fast right now. Brooke, a serial killer?"

He quickly drinks all of his scotch before he sets the glass down. "What the hell am I going to do? I can't let her get away with this but if I confront her, she might be dangerous," he tells himself. "I need to stop her though; I have to stop her before someone else dies."

Suddenly, he realizes exactly what he has to do. He moves over to his cell phone and picks it up. "I have to call Simona," he whispers to himself. "I have to tell her everything that I just saw."

Before he can dial a number, the front door to the mansion opens and Greg can he hear slam close. He looks to the entry way of the living room and freezes when he sees Brooke appear.

"Hello Gregory," she purses her lips together. "I think we have to talk, don't you?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Donovan rocks Abby's world
- Greg and Brooke have a heated discussion
- Jacob learns about Paige's upcoming date

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