Episode 813
Cold in My Kingdom
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: May 04, 2022

Episode Theme song: "you should see me in a crow" Billie Eilish

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Greg learned that Brooke was the Rose Peddle killer. When he went to call the police, Brooke announced that she was going to kill him
- Donovan devastated Abby by revealing he wanted her to stay away from Olly
- Bryce told Victoria that she split again
- Will told Dominick that he was worried about Eva when he hadn't heard from her in hours
- Leah had another dream of a baby crying which worried Cory
- Meggan dumped Jeff
- Nicholas returned from Boston and told Andy & Madeline he knew how to track down Clayton

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Brooke, Abby & Cheresa's Home

"I really, really had hoped it was going to come to this Gregory," Brooke looks at her ex-husband as she holds an ice pick firmly in her hand as they stand facing one another in the living room of their lavish estate. Brooke has been pleading with Greg to reunite with her so she can get help as she has clearly had a mental break and turned into the Rose Peddle killer. Greg, however, is demanding that he call the police so Brooke can serve justice for her murdering her victims, especially their son Brad. When Greg was about to call Simona Lopez, Brooke slapped him across the face and knocked his phone out of his hand. She crushed the screen with her stiletto and then she grabbed the ice pick and has told him that she is going to kill him to keep him from revealing the choice. "But, you've left me no choice, don't you see that?"

Greg starts to shake a little as he sees his deranged ex-wife standing before with the weapon in her hand. "Brooke, please, you don't have to do this! You don't to kill me!"

Brooke suddenly starts laughing hysterically before she stops cold. "You can't seem to make up your mind, Greg," she taunts him. "First you say, I must be stopped and that you are calling the police and now, you are saying I don't have to kill you? You can't have it both ways."

"Okay, okay," Greg puts his hands up in the air in surrender. "You win, okay? I won't call the police. I swear to God, I won't tell anyone that you're the Rose Peddle killer."

"I somehow don't believe you," she whispers back to him. "I'm sorry Greg, but I have to do this. I have to kill you," Brooke tells him as she starts to rush towards him with her hands in the air, preparing to stab him with the ice pick!

The Tower's; Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

"I know it's late, I don't have to stay," Donovan tells his sister as they sit next to one another on her sofa in her condo. Donovan just finished telling Abby that he wants her to stay away from Olly, which devastated the younger woman. Donovan, himself, was upset by what he had to do for his family so he came to see his sister before he will head home to see Lukas. He knows that Victoria has also been going through a rough time, which is why he stopped by to see his sister. Plus, she has always had a way of comforting him when he is upset.

"Don't worry about it," Victoria replies to him quickly. "It is nice to see you. You seem down about something?"

"First of all, how are you feeling?" Donovan looks back at his sister, knowing that she has been struggling with her mental health lately. "You know, Mom and I are still worried about you."

"I know," Victoria nods back to him. "It's funny because right now, is probably the best I have felt in a very long time. I don't have a headache for the first time in ages and I feel great."

"That's a good sign?"

Victoria sighs back to him. "I had an appointment at Raven's Meadow," she starts to tell Donovan. "The doctor there, Bryce Barty, he gave me a full psychiatric evaluation."

"And?" Donovan eagerly asks her. "What did the results say?"

"That I've split again," Victoria whispers back to him in horror, still rattled by Bryce's diagnosis. "He thinks Brandy is coming back in and out of control of me."

"I don't know what to say," Donovan admits to her. "Mom and I were worried about this but I didn't know if we should believe it or not."

"Neither do I," Victoria looks back at him with intent. "Because, I don't feel like I've ever lost control of my mind, Donovan. I know what that feels like, and that feeling isn't happening right now. Not even close."

"But the doctor said…"

"I know," Victoria replies to him quickly. "I know what he said. And, I know that I have been seeing Brandy, so I know something isn't right. But split again?" she asks him as her voice cracks. "If I have, it is something completely different than any other time before, and that, Donovan, scares me to my very core."

The Pampa Grill

Meggan takes her last bite of her chicken Cobb salad and reaches for her sparkling water to take a sip. She came to the restaurant, rather late because she was tied up with cases at MWI and she is just finishing up. She is really looking forward to paying her bill, heading home, kissing Logan goodnight and then crawling into bed.

"It has been a day," she tells herself as she passes the waiter her credit card.

"You're here late," a voice calls as they approach her table.

Meggan looks up and sees Jeff standing in front of her. "Jeff, hey, I'm just wrapping up. I am heading home now."

"Long day?"

"You can say that," Meggan replies to him, unsure of why he is being so nice to her when she recently ended things with him. She couldn't handle the interest Jeff has taken in Cory and Leah's desire to have a child together; for her, it was just another way that Jeff was showing that he still cares about his ex-wife more than he cares about her.

"I'm glad I ran into you," Jeff sits across from her. "I have missed you; I know it's only been a couple of days, but still."

"Jeff, this isn't the time to have this conversation, okay?" Meggan looks back at him. "I am exhausted; I just want to go home, see Logan and go to bed."

"How is our son?"

"He is fine," Meggan snaps at him. "Just because I ended our relationship, doesn't mean that I am not a good mother to our son."

Jeff chuckles back to her. "I wasn't suggesting that at all," Jeff tells her. "I just miss him, it's weird not seeing him all the time. We could change that, you know? If you gave me another chance?"

Meggan sighs back to him. "Jeff, I told you that I'm done," she looks at him before she collects her purse. "I know it might be hard to understand, but you need to get it through your head; I can't keep doing this, I won't keep doing this. Now, have a good night."

Before Jeff can reply, Meggan stands up and bolts out of the restaurant, leaving him alone. Jeff sighs and runs his hand through his hair.

"I have to make you understand that I care about you," he whispers to himself. "I want to be with you, Meggan. You have to realize that."

The Tower's; The Penthouse; Cory's Home

"Hey, are you still awake? You seem to be tossing and turning?" Cory whispers as he lays next to Leah in their large king size bed in the bedroom of his penthouse. Cory recalls how Leah awoke earlier in the night after she had another dream of a baby crying, only she is unable to locate the crying infant. Leah and Jeff had assumed that Leah's dreams were recurring because it was right around the time of the anniversary of Noah's death; however, that has come and gone, so Cory is concerned as to why Leah would still be having these dreams.

"Yea, I'm awake," Leah replies to him. "I am sorry that I am keeping up you up. I know you have a busy day at the One Day House tomorrow."

"Don't worry about it," Cory tells her. "I am just concerned about you and these dreams you are having."

"I know," Leah rolls over and looks at him. "I really thought it was because of Noah, but you're right, his anniversary was a couple of weeks ago. So, why am I still having these dreams?"

"I had a thought," Cory admits to her. "Maybe it is because we are trying to have a child."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

Cory shrugs to her. "I just mean, maybe we have put too much pressure on ourselves, you know? We've taken a few pregnancy tests and when they are negative, we try to be positive but maybe it is weighing on us?"

"I guess that could be it?" Leah tells him. "I just want these dreams to go away, Cory. I really do."

"I know babe," Cory pulls her in tighter to his chest. "How about we talk about planning a getaway in the morning? The time away might be just thing that helps us get through this?"

"That sounds like a great idea," Leah smiles back to him as she feels his muscular arms wrapping around her.

The Tower's; Floor One; Andy's Condo

"I can't believe that Melissa called Clayton while he was at the One Day House and told him to run away," Andy shakes his head in disbelief at Nicholas' story of his visit with his mother in Boston, where she admitted that called Clayton while he was staying at the One Day House and told him to run away before Andy could have the chance to speak to him.

"Why would Melissa tell him to run away? I guess that is the piece that I am confused about," Madeline admits to the guys that are in the room with her.

"I have no idea why my mother does anything," Nicholas sighs back to them. "She told me she was trying to help my relationship with Andy; which is the exact reason why I didn't say anything about Clayton sooner, which I realize now, was a huge mistake."

"But, you said that your Mom gave you information as to where we could find Clayton? Is that true? Does your Mom know where Clayton went?" Andy asks him, trying not to get his hopes up. He would like nothing more but to find Clayton so he can try to understand how and why he looks like Reese; if he is able to understand, he believes that he won't have so many lingering questions about the man who looks like his dead husband.

"She told me where he is," Nicholas looks back at his lover and then over at Madeline. "He's in Nashville."

"Nashville? Why Nashville?" Madeline asks back.

"I have no idea," Nicholas shrugs his shoulders back to her. "But, I have three plane tickets leaving for Nashville tonight. If we hurry, we can make this flight and track down Clayton Hughes. What do you guys say?"

Andy looks over at Madeline and then at Nicholas. "Let's go to Nashville," Andy says to Nicholas, as Madeline comes rushing up behind them as they move to the doorway.

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

"Eva, please, if you're in there, open up, it is urgent that I speak to you," Dominick calls out from the hallway of the hotel as he knocks on the door to Eva's room. Behind him stands Will, who first encountered Dominick at the Pampa Grill and told him that he was worried about Eva because he hadn't heard from her in a few hours; it is not like her to not respond to texts and voicemails right away. Will just hopes that nothing bad has happened to his love.

"I don't think she came back here," Will sighs back to Eva's husband. "I can't shake the feeling that something bad might have happened."

Dominick turns and looks at Eva's younger lover. "Let's not jump to any conclusions, okay? Tell me, again, what Eva said exactly when she saw you before she left the hotel?"

"She said that she would be back but first she had to start removing you from her life," Will awkwardly explains back to Dominick. "She told me that she was going to sign the divorce papers and didn't want to wait to start moving on with her life."

"She wanted to remove me from her life?" Dominick whispers to himself, racking his brain about where Eva could have gone. Suddenly, it dawns on him. "I think I know where she is."

"What? Where?" Will asks him, eager to know if Eva is okay.

"We have a storage unit at the Dockside Storage lockers," Dominick explains to him. "We have accumulated a lot possessions and mementos over the years. If she was trying to remove me from her life, she might have gone there to start clearing out what belonged to me."

Will nods his head back to him. "That makes sense," he replies to him. "Come on, let's go see if she's there."

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Brooke, Abby & Cheresa's Home

Brooke races towards Greg with her hands in the air as she prepares to stab him with the ice pick! At the last moment, Greg darts out of the way, and Brooke falls into an expensive vase, which shatters on the ground in a million pieces.

Brooke looks back at Greg, who is watching her every move, trying to prevent himself from getting stabbed by his ex-wife. "Brooke, please, stop this!"

"You want me to pay for everything I have done," Brooke spits back to him. "After everything I have done for this family, you want me to suffer! No, I won't let that happen! I refuse!"

Brooke lunges towards Greg again, and he dodges her. Brooke falls to the ground and drops the ice pick in the process. Greg moves over to her and crawls on top of her to keep her detained.

"It's over, Brooke! You won't get away with this!" Greg yells as he lays on her, as Brooke squirms, desperate to get free.

Brooke struggles to get free and then is able to grab another paper weight that fell to the ground in their struggle. She grasps it in her hand and then looks up at Greg. "It's far from over, Greg," she smiles as she raises her arm and hits Greg in the head with the paperweight.

Greg falls to the ground as blood starts to ooze out of his wound. He falls in and out of consciousness as Brooke moves towards the ice pick and is about to pick up the ice pick when the front door of the mansion opens.

A distraught Abby enters the room and closes the door. She looks over with red eyes as she has been crying over the fact that Donovan told her that he and Lukas don't want her around Olly anymore and immediately sees her mother reaching for an ice pick and her father on the ground with a bleeding head.

"Mom," Abby calls out in confusion. "What the hell is going on in here?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- What will Nicholas, Andy & Madeline find in Nashville
- Jacob does some snooping
- Dominick and Will locate Eva

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