Episode 814
Heaven's Out of Sight
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: May 05, 2022

Episode Theme song: "all the good girls go to hell" Billie Eilish

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Brooke and Greg fought as she tried to kill him. Just as she knocked him out with a paper weight, a distraught Abby returned to the mansion
- Nicholas told Andy and Madeline that Melissa sent Clayton to Nashville
- Dominick wondered if Eva went to their storage locker as he and Will searched for her
- Trenyce learned that Chris was getting out of jail on good behavior
- Paige agreed to go out with Max as friends, which upset Jacob
- Cory suggested to Leah that they go away in hopes of helping her get rid of her dreams

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Brooke, Abby & Cheresa's Home

A wobbly Greg looks around the foyer of the Lawson estate and tries to focus but the room is spinning quickly for him. He finally manages to gain some stability and moves his hand to his head, which is throbbing in pain. He moves his hand back within eyesight and he can see some blood on his hand.

Suddenly, it all comes rushing back to him: Brooke tried to kill him by stabbing him with an ice pick; he was able to dodge her attacks, but she clobbered him with a paper weight. He manages to look to his right and can see Brooke looking back at him, the bloody paper weight is still in her hand and the ice pick is on the floor.

"This is finally over Greg," Brooke whispers to him as she starts to move to grab the ice pick. "I hate that it has come to this. I begged you to listen to me, but you refused," Brooke sneers at him.

"Bbbroooke, pleaaaaase," Greg manages to say back to her.

Just then, the front door to the Lawson mansion opens and a distract Abby moves inside the foyer. Her eyes are red from the tears she has been shedding as she just saw Donovan and he revealed to her that he and Lukas want her to stay away from Olly; she has no idea where that came from but she feels like she has been punched in the stomach and the wind has been knocked out of her because she feels such a strong connection to their little boy.

Immediately, she sees her father on the ground; her mother holding a bloody paper weight and there is an ice pick on the floor. She has no idea what is going on, but she feels confused by the scene unfolding in front of her.

"Mom? What the hell is going on in here?" Abby asks, as Brooke turns and sees her daughter standing there.

Brooke stands up straight and tries to fix her hair, which is scatted all over her face. "Oh Abby, I'm so glad your home," she manages to say. "Your father and I were just talking."

"Abbbbby," Greg looks at his daughter before he shuts his eyes for a moment.

"What happened to Dad?" Abby asks Brooke, as she sees the large cut on her father's head. "My God, what happened? Did you do this to him?"

"No, of course not!" Brooke shrieks at her daughter. "Why would I do this?"

Abby looks back at her with intent as she can see the bloody paper weight in her hand. "My God, you did do this? Why Mom, why did you hit Dad over the head with a paper weight?"

The Tower's; The Penthouse; Cory's Home

Leah slowly walks down the stairs of the penthouse as she wraps her robe tighter around her waist. She has been having a difficult time sleeping because she had another one of her dreams where she heard a baby crying but she wasn't able to locate the crying infant to help it stop crying. For a while, she and Cory were laying talking to one another, but he fell asleep a while ago, and she was still laying wide awake so she decided to get out of bed so she wasn't disturbing him.

She finds herself moving to the bar and opening a bottle of red wine. "Maybe a drink will help me calm down," she says to herself as she pours herself a glass. "Cory suggested that we are putting too much pressure on ourselves to have this child together and that is why I'm dreaming? I guess it could be true, this just feels different somehow, and I can't explain it."

Suddenly, she moves her free hand to the back of her neck as she feels a shooting pain from the injury she suffered in the explosion in Lake Tahoe years earlier. She sets her wine down and moves to her purse, where she finds her medication. She puts a pill in her mouth and swallows it down quickly with a sip of the wine.

"That should take care of the pain," she whispers to herself as she pulls her cell phone out of her purse.

She sees a new message from Jeff and reads the text. "Meggan ended our relationship; thinks that I'm too invested in you having a baby with Cory. Sad cause I care for her a lot. Didn't mean to burden this on you, x."

Leah sighs as she takes a sip of her wine. She finds herself opening the message to reply. "Cory and I were thinking of getting away … maybe you two should come so she can see that we are just friends? Let me know?"

She takes another sip of her wine as she thinks about the getaway with Cory; she hopes that some time away will help her with these dreams; and, she hopes Cory is okay with her inviting Jeff, and possibly Meggan.

The Sugarbowl

"I'm glad you texted me that you were here," Max looks over at Paige as they sit in the back booth of the coffeehouse together. Max was at home getting ready for bed when he got a message from Paige telling him that she was still at the coffeehouse; she suggested that he come join her as their "friendly" date. Max, eager to prove to her that he has changed, agreed and raced right over. "I am surprised that our date is happening so quickly."

Paige shrugs back to him with a sly grin on her face. "I know I should be tired, but I feel like I have a lot of energy," she admits to him. "So, thanks for keeping me company."

Max chuckles back to her. "I'll always keep you company," he replies to her. "I hope you don't mind but I updated my Facebook status to 'having a date with my bestie'," he reveals to her.

"It's fine," she laughs back to him. "I saw Jacob earlier and he knows that we were going to do this."

"How'd he take that news?"

"As well as you'd expect," she remembers how Jacob stormed out of the coffeehouse after she told him about her date with Max. "I don't know what it will take for him to come around."

"And, maybe he never will," Max looks back at her. "That is something we will have to get used too, I suppose."

"How are you doing, Max? I know losing your Mom was really hard on you."

Max bites his lower lip for a moment as he knows he must pretend that Cassie is dead, even though she is alive and well. "It has been the hardest thing I've ever gone through," he admits to her. "Some days are better than others, I'm just holding on to the memories I have."

Paige nods back to him. "I'm not sure if you remember but a few years ago, I thought my Mom died from an explosion in Lake Tahoe; it was the worst time of my life too. I made some really bad decisions because of my grief."

"I do remember," Max winks back to her. "But I am trying to not make bad decisions. I am just trying to make her proud, you know?"

"I think she would be proud of you Max," Paige looks into his eyes. "Very proud."

Max smiles and grabs her hand. He leans in and kisses it before he looks back into her eyes. "Thanks Paige, this is turning out to be the best friendly date, ever!"

The Cascade Apartments; Max's Home

Jacob stands in the hallway outside of Max's apartment looking at the screen of his phone; he can't believe that Max updated his Facebook status to show that he was having a friendly date with Paige. Jacob rolls his eyes as he shuts his phone off and looks at the door to Max's home. Jacob first saw the Facebook update when he was at the mansion; once he realized that Max wouldn't be at home, he drove quickly to Max's apartment because he is desperate to see if he can find anything that would help him prove that Max knew about Cassie's plan to steal the money from Roboto and Robertson Enterprises, or prove that he inherited the stolen funds.

He pulls out a key from his pocket and moves to the locked door. "Let's see if this key Cassie gave me still works," he whispers to himself as he unlocks the door and moves into the apartment. "Bingo!"

He looks around the small apartment and doesn't see anything out of the ordinary at first. He moves into the kitchen and opens a few cupboards.

"Okay, I don't know exactly what I am looking for, but I will know when I see it," he says to himself as he continues to look in the kitchen.

He moves into the living room and is about to open the drop drawer to the dresser, where Max's burner phone is located, when Jacob hears his own phone chime.

"What is going on?" Jacob asks as he pulls his phone out of the pocket. He sees that Max has updated his status again to say, "Date = Success!"

"Ugh," Jacob groans. "If he's back on social media, I'm guessing their date is over, which means I should get out of here, so he doesn't catch me," he tells himself. "But I'll be back. I know I can find something to prove that Max is up to no good and then I can show Paige that I was right about him all along."

The Patterson House; Nashville

Nicholas, Andy and Madeline usher themselves into The Patterson House, which is an upper scale restaurant and bar in downtown Nashville. The three of them have landed and got checked into their hotel, which is just a couple of blocks away from the restaurant that they are in. Andy and Madeline almost can't believe that they are in Nashville; they were getting ready to go to bed when Nicholas arrived at Andy's condo and revealed that Melissa had called Clayton at the One Day House and told him to run away so Andy wouldn't have the chance to talk to him. Nicholas, however, managed to get Melissa to tell him where Clayton went, which is why they are in Nashville.

"I could use a glass of wine," Madeline tells the men as they stand at the entrance of the restaurant, waiting for the waiter to come show them to their seats. "The last thing I expected tonight was to travel to Nashville on a lead on the guy who looks like Reese."

Andy chuckles back to her. "I'm hoping tomorrow we can track Clayton down," he tells her. "It would be great if we could just talk to him to see what he knows and what he doesn't know."

"Wouldn't it be a miracle if my mother actually did some good for a change?" Nicholas looks back at Andy, hoping that this lead pans out so he and Andy could try to get back on good terms again. He knows that Andy has been struggling with the fact that Nicholas kept the truth that Clayton was at the One Day House from him, so he hopes that by finding Clayton it will bring them closer together again.

Andy laughs back to him. "You can definitely say that again!"

They all turn when they hear the waiter come around the corner. "Sorry for the wait," the waiter says as he looks up from grabbing three menus and freezes in his tracks. "Wait, what the hell?"

Andy and Nicholas look back in shock as they see Clayton standing in front of them. Madeline moves around to the other side of Andy and gasps at the sight of the man that looks like Reese.

"Reese?" Madeline gets tears in her eyes. "My God, is that really you?"

Before anyone can respond, Madeline collapses to the ground, having fainted at the sight of the man that looks exactly like her twin brother. Andy and Nicholas rush to her side, hoping that she is okay.

"Maddie, hey, can you hear me? Madeline, wake up!" Andy says to the woman who is laying on the floor of the restaurant.

The Dockside Storage Lockers

"Where the hell is your locker?" Will impatiently asks Dominick as they walk quickly down the concrete pad that is in the center of the storage lockers. There are lockers on either side of them; each one has a light over top of the garage door, but it is still dark outside, so they are struggling to see a lot. They are at the lockers because they believe Eva might be at her and Dominick's storage unit as she told Will that she wanted to start getting rid of Dominick from her life after she agreed to sign the divorce papers. Will, however, has been worried about her since Eva hasn't responded to any of this texts or voicemails. He found Dominick and after they went back to Eva's hotel room, Dominick realized that Eva might be here.

"It's just at the end of this walk way," Dominick replies to the younger man. "I am sure that Eva is inside and has lost track of time and it happens sometimes that the cell phone reception isn't great once inside the storage rooms."

"I hope to God you're right," Will uneasily looks over at him. "I just have this bad feeling…"

"Eva will be fine, I am sure of it," Dominick says back to him. They look forward and stop in their tracks when they see something hovered up against the wall of one of the storage lockers. "What is that?" Dominick asks Will as they look at one another with worry.

"Eva?" Will calls out as the men rush towards the figure. "Oh my God! Eva!" Will cries out as they reach the figure and it is Eva's body, which has been stabbed and covered in pink rose peddles.

"There's so much blood," Will looks over at Dominick, who has his phone to his ear. Will continues to try to find a pulse. "Come on, Eva, stay with me! Don't you leave me Eva!"

"Yes, this is Dominick Robertson, I need an ambulance now! My wife, she's been stabbed!" he says into his phone as Will continues to weep over Eva's lifeless body, pleading with her to be alive and well.

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Brooke, Abby & Cheresa's Home

"Don't be ridiculous Abby," Brooke sneers at her daughter, who just accused her of hitting Greg over the head with the paper weight. "I didn't hit your father!"

"Really? Then what the hell happened? How did he get a cut on his head and you happen to be holding a bloody paper weight?" Abby presses her mother for information. She can't place it, but something isn't adding up here.

When Brooke doesn't respond to her, Abby turns her attention to her father. "Dad, can you hear me? Are you okay?"

Greg slowly opens his eyes and looks at his daughter. "Roooose Pedddddle…kkiiller…." He mumbles to her as Abby's open wider in surprise. She looks back at her mother, who is about to pick up the ice pick.

"Oh my God," Abby gasps as she stands up and rushes towards her mother. "It's true, isn't it? You're the killer? Dad found out the truth and you were going to kill him?"

Brooke looks at her daughter and gets tears in her eyes. "I … I …"

"Save it! I know the truth and I won't let you hurt my father! How could you do this?" Abby asks her as tears form in her eyes, feeling her world crashing down around her. How is it possible that her mother is the killer? How is it possible that Brooke killed Shelley, Brad and Albertinah?

Brooke looks in her hand that is holding the ice pick and then back at Abby. The last thing that she needs is for Abby to go spilling the beans about everything she has done; she won't go to jail, she can't be behind bars for the rest of her life.

Abby gulps as she looks at her mother, who is still looking at the ice pick. "Mom, what are you going to do? Please, don't do this? Please?"

Brooke looks up at her daughter. "I don't want too," Brooke admits to Abby. "But, what choice do I have? I can't go to jail, Abby. I just can't…"

A tear falls down Abby's cheek. "You don't have too Mom," she pleads with her. "We will get you help, I promise. I…I love you."

"Oh baby…" Brooke gasps. "I love you too," she tells her. "But I have no other choice."

Brooke raises her hand to stab Abby, but Abby runs into her mother's torso and pushes her back up against the wall! The wind gets knocked out of Brooke and she drops the ice pick. Abby rushes over to grab it as Brooke starts crawling on the floor, closer to Greg.

Abby picks the ice pick up in her hand and looks at Brooke; without thinking, Abby rushes over to her mother and plunges the ice pick into her back! Blood immediately starts oozing out of Brooke's back, who screams until her eyes slowly close and she collapses completely on the floor.

Abby let's another tear fall down her cheek as she looks at her mother, bleeding on the floor in front of her. "Oh my God," she gasps as she starts to hyperventilate. "What have I done?"

Suddenly, Abby collapses on the ground herself, as she faints at the sight of her mother, laying on the ground covered in blood. The three members of the Lawson family lay on the ground of the foyer in the lavish estate, Brooke and Greg still bleeding and all three unconscious.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Eva's family meets at the hospital
- Jacob gets an eyeful
- Helen confronts Robin

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