Episode 826
When I Fall Down
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: June 15, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Honestly" Noah Reid

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Chris remained upset at Trenyce's pregnancy
- Roboto and Robertson Enterprises both thought of Cheresa as a potential new model
- Victoria checked herself in to Raven's Meadow
- Cory took one of Leah's pain pills as he was still curious about them
- Robin told Shane to plan their wedding

The Pampa Grill

"Despite everything that Brooke did, she was still your mother," Dawn tells Cheresa and Abby as they sit together in the restaurant. Dawn knows that since the reveal that Brooke was the Rose Peddle killer, everyone has started discussing how much of a monster she was however, Dawn knows that Brooke was still a good mother for many years to the Lawson children. She just hopes that they are grieving properly for their mother since she was such an important figure in their lives. "It is okay to be sad not only by her actions but also that she isn't here anymore."

"I think the hard part is the fact that we will never get answers from her," Abby tells her friend and her sister. "She will never have to answer for any of the pain that she caused."

"I do miss her though," Cheresa uneasily tells the girls. "Before she snapped, she was a good Mom."

"That's why I wanted to make sure you two are grieving properly," Dawn replies to them. "For years, she was a rock for both of you for many years."

"Okay," Cheresa chuckles back to them, not wanting to only talk about Brooke as it is depressing to think of how far her mother fell. "I actually have some good news to share?"

Abby looks back at her sister in surprise. "Really? I can't remember the last time someone had good news to share."

"Yea, don't keep us in suspense," Dawn tells her before she picks up her glass of white wine and takes a sip of it.

"I am feeling very popular these days," Cheresa admits to them. "Both Roboto and Robertson Enterprises have requested to meet with me about the prospects of using me as a model in an upcoming campaigns."

"Whoa, really?" Abby smiles back to her sister. "That is really awesome and exciting news!"

"I agree with Abby," Dawn looks back at her girlfriend. "Super random that both companies called around the same time."

"I can't explain it either, but it is an interesting opportunity for sure," Cheresa nods back to them.

"Well, how are you going to decide which company to work for? You can't do both?" Abby asks her next.

Cheresa shrugs back to her. "I have no idea," she admits to her. "I guess I will wait to see what the details of the offers are and go from there. I have meetings with Tyler and Kim next week, actually."

"Regardless," Dawn smiles back to her. "This is exactly what you need right now; something positive and happy to happen to you. We needed this type of news!"

The Sugarbowl

"I don't know if I've had the chance to tell you that I am glad that you're back," Daisy tells Chris as they sit across from one another in the back booth of the coffeehouse. Daisy had missed Chris while he was in jail for driving while drunk last fall; of course, their family changed so drastically while he was away because Brooke murdered Albertinah. She can only imagine the guilt that Chris is feeling because he was away when she was killed.

"Thanks Daisy," Chris looks back at his ex-wife. "I hated being away from everyone that I loved. And, it seems like everything changed while I was away."

"You mean Albertinah, don't you?"

Chris nods back to her. "I still can't believe that my sister is dead," he admits to her. "I never got a chance to say goodbye. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time apart from her, you know?"

Daisy uneasily sighs back to him. "I know, I am sorry for that," she tells him. "I suppose Trenyce's current situation isn't helping you feel great about things, huh?"

"That's putting it mildly," he admits to her. "I know that I was sentenced to jail for 18 months but if she didn't think she could wait that long to have sex, I wish she would have come to me or put off getting engaged. The fact that she went back to Brad and is now carrying his baby…I don't know how to get over that."

"I keep thinking about what Andrew said the other day," Daisy says back to him. "That we must put the baby first because like it or not, Trenyce is going to have a child and no father. We have to support her."

"I know," Chris takes a sip of his coffee. "I am just trying to find my footing in all of this. But, it's not easy, it is definitely not easy."

The Davenport House; Trenyce, Chris & Andrew's Home

"Andy is coming in a little while," Trenyce tells Andrew as she moves into the living room and she sees the younger man looking at his phone. Trenyce is looking forward to seeing Andy since they hadn't had a good catch up in a while. She feels like she needs all the support she can get right now as she is still dealing with Chris walking out on her after he found out that she is pregnant with Brad's child. "You can stay and visit, if you'd like."

"Thanks, I just might do that," Andrew puts his phone down and looks at Trenyce. "I haven't seen Andy in sometime. Is he coming because of the baby?"

"He doesn't know I'm pregnant yet," Trenyce sits next to him. "So, I will tell him. I guess since Chris didn't take the news very well, I am trying to rally as many people around me as I can."

"You know that I am here to support you, right? Even with Chris home, I will stay living here to help you out, if you'd like."

Trenyce smiles back to him. "I appreciate that Andrew," Trenyce says. "I know that you're going through your own grief still with Sonny and Albertinah."

"I am," Andrew admits to her. "But, having a good purpose helps me move on and feel good about myself, you know?"

"I really do like having you around the house," she chuckles back to him.

"Good, then it's settled," Andrew laughs back to her. "I'll stay and you can let me know anything and everything that you might need from me."

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"I just made a pitcher of iced tea," Helen tells Adam as she comes into the living room of the house that she resides in with Dawn. "Can I pour you a glass?"

"Sure, I always loved your iced tea," Adam replies to her. "And, thanks for letting me come over today. I thought it had been a while since we saw one another."

"It has been," Helen tells him as she pours him a drink. "I've been purposely giving you space, Adam. I know you told me that you could forgive me, but I didn't want to rush you."

"Time heals all wounds," Adam accepts the iced tea from his ex-wife. "Like I said to you, I we have been through so much together, I can forgive you for mistakes. Lord knows I am not perfect either."

Helen chuckles back to him. "I did hear that Robin moved out of the townhouse, I am sorry about that."

Adam sighs back to her as he thinks about how Shane threatened to sue Robin for custody of baby Dominique unless she married him; Robin was worried that Shane was going to bring up how she continued to put stress on herself during the pregnancy. Worried that she would lose her daughter, Robin agreed to marry Shane.

"She did," Adam finally nods back to her. "I am still in shock that Shane would go that far."

Helen uneasily nods back to him, knowing that it was all her idea for Shane to sue for custody to break up Adam and Robin as she still believes that they belong together. "We all do crazy things sometimes for love," Helen tells him. "Just know, Adam, that I am here for you if you need anything while you're going through this, uh, breakup."

"Thank you, Helen," Adam smiles back to her. "Having you in my corner really feels good."

The Glubbs House; Shane & Robin's Home

Robin moves into the living room of the house that she is living in with Shane and sees the doctor typing on his IPad. She wonders what he is working on as he is usually at the hospital by now.

"I just put Dominique down," Robin tells him as she moves to the sofa where he is sitting. "She was exhausted and fell asleep quickly."

"Oh good," Shane responds to her. "She was up early today so I'm not surprised she went down so quickly."

"What are you working on?" Robin asks him pointing to his IPad.

Shane smiles back to her. "I was actually looking at stuff for the wedding," Shane reveals to her as he sets the IPad down on the sofa. "You know that I want to marry you, Robin. And, hopefully sooner than later."

Robin sighs back to him knowing that she is still in love with Adam. The only reason she is living with Shane right now is because he threatened to take her to court for custody of Dominique. "Shane, is that really necessary? We are already living together? I am not sure that getting married is really going to change things for us?"

Shane looks back at her in surprise as he thought that their deal was that they were going to become husband and wife.

"I told you that I wanted to marry you, Robin," Shane reminds her. "That hasn't changed."

"I get that," Robin sighs back to him. "But I am only here because of Dominique. I don't want to put her through a custody case. I think you need to realize that I don't love you, so marrying you isn't an option for me. You have to settle for me living here, because that's all I'm willing to do."

Robertson Enterprises

"How do you think it went with Tyler earlier?" Jeff asks Leah as they move into her office at Robertson Enterprises. Jeff recalls how they suggested to Tyler that they hire Cheresa to be a new model at the company to give their ads a fresher look. Jeff got the sense, however, that Leah wasn't very enthusiastic about having the discussion with her brother.

"Fine," Leah quickly replies to him. "He's going to do whatever he wants regardless."

Jeff chuckles back to her. "You're not pleased that Dominick made him the CEO, are you?"

"How can you tell?" she replies to him. "I guess there's nothing I can do about it now, I just have to learn how to deal with this."

"I am sure that it doesn't help considering everything else you're dealing with," Jeff looks back at her as he recalls how they cut their trip to Santa Barbara short because Leah was hearing a baby crying in her ears; he also knows that she has been having dreams of a baby crying but she can't locate the infant to help it. "How have you been since you've been home from Santa Barbara?"

"Actually, really good," she admits to him. "I haven't heard the crying since I left Santa Barbara. I am just trying to figure out what this all means and why I am having these dreams. It is really odd."

"I agree," Jeff tells her. "If I can help with anything, let me know. I want to help you with this, Leah."

"Thanks," Leah purses her lips together. "I just have to figure out what all of this means. Until then, it will remain a mystery."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Mr. Calvin," a nurse comes up to Cory, who is standing by the nurse's station in the hospital. "I have the results that you requested."

Cory nods back to her as he recalls being with Leah earlier at his penthouse when she took one of her pain pills for her neck injury that she suffered a few years earlier. He hasn't been able to place it, but he finds everything about Leah's medication very odd as she gets it delivered to her house. When Leah went to grab one of her files that she needed for work, he grabbed one of the pills and brought it to the hospital so he could find out what they are, exactly. He hopes that they are a pain pill for her neck but he felt like he had to be sure.

"That didn't take long at all," Cory looks back at the younger woman.

"It was a pretty easy test to do," she smiles back to him. "We can easily identify medications."

Cory nods back to her. "Okay, so," he looks back at her. "Don't keep me waiting: what kind of pill is this?"

"It's is a pill that enhances memory loss," the nurse explains to him. "Doctors will usually give this to patients that have experienced some type of trauma; it helps them block out the event so the patients can try to move on the negative experience."

"Memory loss?" Cory shakes his head in confusion. "Thanks for your help, I appreciate it."

Cory watches as the nurse leaves and then he runs his hand through his hair. "Why the hell is Leah taking a memory loss pill and who prescribed this to her?"

Raven's Meadow

"Knock, knock," Bryce smiles as he opens the door to Victoria's room at Raven's Meadow. The doctor moves inside as he sees Victoria standing up from her small bed. "How are you feeling today, Victoria?"

Victoria pulls her long hair into a pony tail and looks back at the doctor. "Pretty good, I guess."

"No more headaches?" Bryce asks her as he moves closer to her.

"A faint one but not as bad as when I was at home," she admits to him. "I guess that means that these new drugs you are giving me are working?"

"I'd like to think so," Bryce smiles back at her, still thinking that she is a beautiful woman. He really hates that Vinny is tormenting her, but he feels like he is between a rock and a hard place because Vinny is blackmailing him into helping him. "Speaking of, here are your pills for the day."

Victoria accepts the small white cup with three different pills in it. She puts them in her mouth and swallows them down with some water. "Thanks Dr. Barty," she looks back at him. "I will see you at the art class later?"

"You bet you will," he nods back to her. "In the meantime, try to get some rest, okay?"

"I will try," she replies to him as she moves back over to her bed, not noticing that Bryce has dropped his ID card on the ground.

In the hallway, Bryce sighs as he looks back at Victoria's door. "I hate hurting you," he whispers to himself. "You don't deserve this, but Vinny will expose me if I don't help him."

He pulls out his cell phone from his pocket when he hears it ringing. He rolls his eyes when he sees Vinny's name appear on the screen. "This isn't a good time," he says answering the call. "I am at work."

"I know you are," Vinny smirks to himself as he stands in the living room of his mansion. "I wanted to see how things are going with Victoria? Are you giving her the drug cocktail mix that I suggested?"

"Of course, I am," Bryce grits his teeth. "I can't believe you're doing this to Victoria; she doesn't deserve this, Vinny."

"Don't tell me what she deserves and doesn't deserve," Vinny snaps at him. "Just remember…"

"I know," Bryce cuts him off, as Victoria opens her door holding Bryce's ID card in her hand as she was going to give it to him. She freezes when she hears the phone call happening. "I have to do what you say, or you will expose who my boss is. That can't happen; the Chief of staff here is very powerful, and it would create chaos if the truth got out."

"Good," Vinny tells him. "I'm glad you understand where I am coming from. We'll be in touch."

Bryce hangs up the phone and sighs back to himself, as Victoria wonders who the Chief of Staff could be and who her doctor was just talking too. She arches her eyebrow wondering what is really going on in the hospital and if she made a mistake checking herself in.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Greg's trial begins
- Jacob confides in Natasha
- Nicholas almost tells Andy the truth

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