Episode 827
Nightmares Turned into Big Dreams
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: June 15, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Snowchild" The Weekend

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Daisy continued to feel like something was different while making love to "Brett", unaware it was really Vinny
- Meggan dumped Jeff again. Jeff, then, suggested to Madeline that they pretend to date again to make Meggan & Will jealous
- Clayton agreed to get a DNA test to see if he was a third Wilkins baby
- Jacob found Max's burner phone, which had texts from Cassie. Max and Paige, meanwhile, made love
- Lukas hired Jasper to watch Olly
- Greg await his trial for killing Brooke

The Courthouse

"It is critical that you remember a couple of things before the trial starts," Josh Levitt tells Greg as they sit next to one another in the courtroom, as Greg's trial is moments away from starting. Josh has been in the courtroom many times before, so he knows that he must go over a couple of things with his client to ensure the trial goes accordingly to plan.

"Uh, okay?" Greg asks him back before he looks over his shoulder and he sees Abby and Cheresa sitting behind in him in support. As he looks at Abby, he can't help but wonder if she is having any memory flashes of killing Brooke; he hopes that she doesn't because everyone would realize that he is covering up for his daughter and the last thing she needs is more drama to unfold. Greg feels like Abby has been through so much lately with Sonny dying at birth, followed by Brad's death, finding Albertinah's bloody body and then discovering that Brooke was the Rose Peddle killer. He is thankful, though, that she killed Brooke when she did because Brooke was going to kill him, and likely Abby, for learning the truth.

"Don't speak out of turn," Josh warns him quickly. "The Judge will not tolerate that. Regardless of what any witness says, just sit here and keep calm."

"I can do that," Greg nods back to him.

"And, secondly, be honest when you're on the stand. The only hope we have to get you off is for you to tell the truth."

"I will tell the truth," Greg replies to him as they lock eyes. "Just remember what I said though, I killed Brooke. I am guilty of this crime."

Josh sighs to himself as the bailiff moves forward. "All rise, the honorable Judge Franklin Ross resides," he announces as the Judge arrives in the courtroom and moves to his chair. Greg turns around to face his daughters one more time, giving them a faint smile before he turns around to face the Judge.

The Sugarbowl

Meggan grabs her iced coffee and turns to leave to head back to MWI when she spies Jeff working at the window bar alone. She sighs as she thinks back to their recent time in Santa Barbara; the trip, with Leah and Cory, was supposed to be a way for Jeff to prove to her that he was over Leah and only wanted to be with Meggan. However, because of Leah's dreams of hearing a baby crying, Jeff showed a lot of concern for his ex-wife, which left Meggan feeling very insecure. When the returned to Twin Peaks, Meggan made the decision to end her romance with Jeff because she believes he still has feelings for Leah.

"Hey Meggan," Jeff turns and sees her standing in the coffeehouse. "Are you going to come say hi?"

Meggan forces a smile on her face as she moves up to her former lover. "Hi Jeff," she says back to him. "I guess I was just lost in my train of thoughts."

"Are you having second thoughts about ending our relationship?" he asks her, hoping that she is.

Meggan moves a piece of hair behind her ear before looking back at him. "Not at this time, Jeff," she admits to him. "I know that you're upset with my decision, but it is my decision."

Jeff uneasily nods back to her. "Yes, it is your decision. I can respect that Meggan. I just hope you don't expect me to wait around until you are secure again?"

Meggan looks back at him in surprise. "What does that mean?"

Jeff gets a sly grin on his face as he recalls telling Madeline that they should pretend to be dating one another in hopes of making Meggan and Will jealous. He hasn't heard back from her if she wants to proceed with his plan, but he is hopeful that she will come around. In his mind, if Meggan can see him with another woman, who isn't Leah, it might help her realize that he can be trusted again.

"When I think about everything that has happened this year," he looks back at her. "It makes me realize that life is short Meggan. I don't think anyone would have thought Shelley, Brad, Albertinah and Eva would have been killed, but they were. I don't want to waste a single moment of my life."

"I am still not sure what you're getting at," Meggan admits to him.

"I'm saying," Jeff locks eyes with her. "I respect your decision to end our relationship. But I'm going to start dating again. I want to find happiness, and if it's not with you, I will find someone else."

The Pampa Grill

"Well, I think that is the best news that I've heard in a long time," Will tells Madeline as they sit across from one another in the restaurant. Madeline just finished filling him in on the fact that Clayton has agreed to do a DNA test to see if he is her brother; she still believes that it is a long shot, but it would explain why Clayton looks exactly like Reese.

"Right?" Madeline chuckles back to him before she takes a sip of her pinot grigio. "I just hope you know how grateful I am to you, and to Andy of course, for all your help with this."

Will takes a sip of his beer. "Of course," he nods back to her. "Like I said, the distraction was good for me. And, regardless of the outcome of the DNA test, it looks like we still have more questions to ask anyways."

Madeline nods back to him. "That's very true," she replies to him. "So, I guess that means that you're willing to help me moving forward?"

Will chuckles back to her. "Yup! Helping you with this mystery has helped me not constantly think about Eva."

"I am so insensitive," Madeline admits to him. "I haven't even asked how you're doing?"

"It's fine," Will waves his hand back to her. "I have good moments and bad moments; I don't know that I will ever truly get over her death, if I am honest."

"I think she would want you to be happy," Madeline tells him, as she thinks about how she kissed him recently. She hasn't been able to stop thinking about it however, Will told her that he wasn't ready to start anything right now because of his grief. "I hope you remember that."

"And, maybe one day I will be happy," Will sighs back to her. "But, right now, I can't see that for myself."

Madeline forces a smile on her face as she thinks about Jeff's offer; if they pretend to date one another, Meggan and Will might get jealous and realize what they are missing. The more she thinks about that, the more she realizes that Jeff could be right. That could be the perfect way to get Will to realize that she is standing in front of him.

"I can see that for you," she purses her lips together. "Believe me when I say, you will find happiness again Will. I have every faith in that."


"Hey, before we go to the table to see Madeline and Will can we talk for a moment?" Nicholas asks Andy as they move into the restaurant. Nicholas recalls how he ran into Clayton the other day and Clayton ended up kissing him. He doesn't know how Andy will react but the last thing he wants is to keep something else from Andy because of how he reacted the last time Nicholas kept something from him.

"Of course, what's up?" Andy asks him back quickly.

"I actually ran into Clayton the other day," Nicholas reveals to him. "At the coffeehouse."

"Oh," Andy nods back to him. "Yea, he got the barista job? I happened to see him on his break the other day. It is when Madeline and I were able to convince him to take the DNA test."

Nicholas gulps back to him realizing that Andy has already seen Clayton since their kiss. He wonders if Clayton has said anything; if not, he wonders why he wouldn't say anything to Andy? Nicholas knows that he was firm in his response to Clayton that they shouldn't be kissing because he is involved with Andy.

"Ah, so you heard about his job?" Nicholas nods back to him, thinking that maybe it is for the best that he doesn't tell him about the kiss. "That's what I wanted to tell you, we can head to the table now."

"Okay, sure," Andy smiles back to him. "Let's go."

The Richardson Estate; Meggan, Lukas & Donovan's Home

The sounds of a crying child can be heard throughout the Richardson estate as baby Olly is being fussy. In the living room, Jasper picks up the crying infant and starts to sway him in his arms. Shortly, the baby has stopped crying to the joy of Lukas and Donovan, who look at their nanny in amazement.

"He is a miracle worker," Donovan chuckles to his husband before he takes a sip of his coffee. "Olly used to scream bloody murder for hours in the morning."

Lukas nods back to him. "See, hiring a nanny was the best idea I've ever had."

Donovan continues to giggle back to him. "I can't take that away from you," Donovan nods back to him. "Jasper is so good with the baby."

"He really is, and Olly seems to have taken a liking to him too," Lukas replies to him. "If our son is happy, I am happy."

Donovan looks at his phone when he hears a notification come through. He looks at the screen and sees that the Twin Peaks Sun notification showing the headline that Greg's trial is starting today. He sighs heavily, thinking about what Abby and Cheresa must be going through having found out that Brooke was the Rose Peddle killer and then having Greg kill her in self-defense; he knows that Abby was already going through a lot because of losing Sonny, Brad and then finding Albertinah's dead body. In this mind, this just further adds to her heartache.

Lukas happens to see the notification and shakes his head back to him. "Another thing I feel justified in," Lukas admits to him. "That family is a disaster, I'm glad we told Abby that we had to keep her away from Olly."

Donovan uneasily nods back to him. "I feel for her," he admits to Lukas. "She has been through so much. These events are just the latest in what has been an awful year for her."

"You're not having second thoughts, are you? You still agree with me that we should keep Abby away from Olly?"

Donovan sighs back to him. "Yea, I agree with you. I just don't like it, I feel awful for Abby. I don't know how much more she can take."


"I must admit that I was surprised to hear from you Daisy," Meggan says as her half-sister moves into her office at her firm. "I hadn't seen much of you lately."

Daisy uneasily nods back to her, knowing that she hasn't seen Meggan or Lukas in a long time. She knows that they had some tense moments when it was revealed that Frederick was also Daisy's father; the fact that she was a product of rape was really difficult for Daisy to process. The fact that she spent so much time locked up in Vinny's dungeon, and since being freed has had her own whirlwind romances with Tyler and Brett, she found herself thinking about her family and decided to reach out.

"I know and I guess I should apologize for that," Daisy looks back at her sister. "I guess it's never easy to make the first step and reach out, huh?"

"You're here now?" Meggan smiles back to her. "For what it's worth, I am glad that I have a sister. I don't think we will ever be as close as Lukas and I because we grew up together, but there are somethings that I don't want to share with me. It would be nice to have someone, like a sister, to share with."

"I couldn't agree more," Daisy nods back to her. "My niece, Trenyce, is pregnant right now and it's just made me realize how much family means to me."

"Well, why won't we start by you telling me what's going on with you? Trenyce is pregnant again? That is exciting?"

"It is exciting," Daisy nods back to her. "She was a great mother to Andrew when she thought he was her child. I think this is a blessing. As for me? I don't think you will believe this but I am seeing Brett Victors."

Meggan's eyes open wider in surprise at Daisy's revelation. "I didn't realize you two were that close?"

"We grew closer while we were being held hostage," she reveals to her. "You know about that all too well."

Meggan uneasily chuckles back to her, thinking about how Dave held her hostage years ago in the same dungeon that Daisy and Brett were held in. "That was a long time ago, a time I'd rather forget," she replies to her. "But, I can see how you and Brett grew closer since you were together for so long."

"We made love while trapped together," Daisy admits to her quickly. "And, we've seen been that close again."

"Why do I get the feeling that you want to say something else about that?"

Daisy uneasily shrugs back to her. "I…uh…I can't shake the feeling that it was different. I can't explain it, it just feels different being with Brett now compared to when we were trapped together."

"That is weird," Meggan admits to her. "Have you asked Brett about it?"

Daisy nods back to her. "He said it was because we were trapped and now we are free and it was different for him too. Which makes sense, I still get the feeling that something is off though?"

"Trust your gut," Meggan tells her sister. "If you feel like something is off, then it likely is."

The Claus Home; Leah & Paige's Home

"I still can't believe that we just made love," Max tells Paige as they stand in the living room of the house that she lives in with her Mom. Paige moves up to the bar and starts to make a couple of drinks for them as she thinks about how she and Max just had sex twice; she knows that they were going to take it slowly, but when they got together something came over her and she wanted to have him.

"You've said that a couple of times today," Paige giggles to him as she passes him a gin and tonic. "You better get used to the idea of it."

"Does that mean it will happen again?" Max asks her quickly before he takes a sip of his drink.

"I wouldn't be opposed," Paige winks back to him. "I enjoyed myself too, Max. You're a great lover."

"I aim to please," he chuckles back to her. "I've waited for this moment for so long, I almost can't believe that we are in this place again, Paige."

"Me either," Paige looks back into his eyes. "But, I am glad that we are Max. I really am."

The Calimo Mansion

"You're going to burn a hole in the floor if you keep pacing like that," Natasha announces to Jacob as she moves into the living room of the mansion that she lives in with her son. Natasha wonders what has gotten Jacob so worked up and that he can't sit still for a moment.

Jacob turns and looks back at his mother, still in shock by what he found at Max's apartment: a burner phone with recent text messages from Cassie. Not only did Jacob prove that Max and Cassie are working together, but he has proof that she is alive and well.

"Mom," Jacob replies to her. "How are you? I know you've been struggling since Grandma's passing."

"It is still a struggle," she admits back to him. "I went into work yesterday and that helped. It was nice to try to focus on something else for a little while. What is going on with you? You were pacing around here like crazy when I came in."

"You won't believe this," Jacob shakes his head back to her. "But, I have proof that Cassie Nova is alive and well."

"What?" Natasha gasps back to him in shock. She had hoped her rival was dead for good following the plane crash last fall. "How do you know this?"

"I've had a feeling that Max was keeping something from us," Jacob reveals to her. "And, so I used my key to his apartment to look around. I found a burner phone with texts back and forth from him and Cassie as recently as last week."

"I don't believe this," Natasha tells him, as she feels her blood boil. "Did the text say anything about the money from Roboto?"

"That and the money from Robertson Enterprises," Jacob nods back to him. "And, how he was trying to break Paige and I up so he could be with her. I caught that son of a bitch, and now, he's going to pay."

"I know exactly what we have to do," Natasha looks back at him with intent. "We have to call the police. I want him arrested."

Twin Peaks Law Courts

"Mr. Lawson," Franklin Ross says as he sits behind his desk in his large chair in the courtroom before he looks at Greg, who is standing next to Josh. "You have been charged with manslaughter of your wife, Brooke Lawson. Do you understand these charges?"

Greg uneasily looks at Josh, who nods back to him in support. He looks back at the Judge. "I do, your honor."

"Very well," Franklin replies to him. "And, how do you plead?"

Greg sighs heavily before he turns around and looks at his daughter's, Abby and Cheresa. He closes his eyes for a moment and recalls how Brooke was going to kill him when Abby burst into the mansion and confronted Brooke; when Abby realized what was happening, she picked up the ice pick that Brooke was going to use to stab him with and plunged it into her mother's back, which killed her. The trauma caused her to blackout, and she has blocked it from her memory. Greg knows that Abby has been through hell since losing Sonny, which is why he confused to the crime.

"Mr. Lawson," the Judge impatiently says back to Greg. "How do you plead?"

"Guilty, your honor," Greg looks back at the Judge. "I plead guilty."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Victoria questions Bryce
- Greg takes the stand
- Madeline and Jeff plot

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