Episode 828
Had to Love & Lose
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: June 22, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Break My Heart" Dua Lipa

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Victoria overheard Bryce talking on his phone that the Chief of Staff at Raven's Meadow was very powerful
- Greg pleaded guilty as his trial started
- Max and Paige made love as Jacob uncovered that Max had been in touch with Cassie
- Cory learned that Leah's medication was actually a memory loss drug
- Jeff asked Madeline to pretend to date him to make Meggan & Will jealous
- Robin told Shane she didn't want to marry him, while Adam thanked Helen for supporting him

Twin Peaks Court House

The murmurs in the courtroom continue as everyone is still reeling from the fact that Greg just pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his ex-wife Brooke, who was revealed to be the Rose Peddle killer. Most of the people in the courtroom had assumed that Greg was going to plead not guilty, so the shock is felt throughout the room.

"Are you sure you understand what you're doing by pleading guilty?" Judge Franklin Ross asks Greg as they continue to look at one another. Franklin knows that by pleading guilty, it will change the course of the trial that is going to unfold.

"Yes, your honor," Greg uneasily nods back to him, knowing that he must continue to ensure that protects Abby, who is actually the one person responsible for Brooke's death. He will do anything to ensure his daughter doesn't suffer any more than she already; he knows that Abby has been through enough the last few months with Sonny's death, Brad's death, finding Albertinah's body, Donovan telling her that she has to stay away from baby Olly and then finding out that Brooke was the killer. For her to go to jail for killing her mother is not an option, in Greg's mind. "I stand by my plead."

Josh stands up next to Greg and looks at the Judge. "Given the fact that my client has pleaded guilty, your honor," he starts to tell the Judge. "I am hoping that you will be more lenient in the ruling."

"We will get there when we have heard the testimony's," Judge Ross quickly replies to the lawyer. "I have noted your plea, Mr. Lawson. You may be seated," the Judge tells Greg, who turns back to look at Abby and Cheresa, who are sitting behind him with worried looks on their faces.

"Actually," Josh stops Greg from sitting down. "Mr. Lawson is my first witness, your honor. I call Greg Lawson to the stand."

The Pampa Grill

"Thanks for meeting with me today," Jeff tells Madeline as they sit across from one another in the back-corner table of the restaurant. Jeff recalls how he saw Meggan at the coffeehouse earlier in the day and she told him that she wasn't ready for them to be together; he, in turn, revealed that he wasn't going to wait around for her to become secure in her feelings for him. He told Meggan that he was going to start dating again, which is why he wanted to see Madeline; he wants to see if she has given any thought to the idea that they would pretend to date one another in hopes of making Meggan and Will, who Madeline is crushing on, jealous.

"Of course," Madeline nods back to him. "I was here earlier with Will, Nicholas and Andy. I just stayed on after they left to meet you. We are going to do the DNA test later today."

"I'm glad it worked out," Jeff tells her. "I have been thinking about our last conversation a lot, Maddie. Have you given it anymore thought? My idea, I mean?"

"About you and I pretending to date to make Will and Meggan jealous? I haven't been able to think of much else," Madeline admits to him.

"Well?" Jeff chuckles back to her. "What do you say? Do you think this is something you'd be interested in?"

Madeline reaches over and grabs his hand to squeeze it. "I'm in, let's start dating again," she winks back to him.

Jeff laughs back with her. "Excellent, I really think this will work Madeline. I think this is exactly what Meggan and Will need to realize what they are missing out on."

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"I wasn't expecting Dawn to make lunch for us today," Helen looks over at Adam, who is still visiting his ex-wife. Helen knows that she and Adam just finished sharing a closer moment because he has admitted that he has forgiven her for her role in causing Robin to give birth prematurely and he appreciates her being in his corner while he is going through his most recent split from Robin. Of course, he has no idea that it was Helen's idea that Shane threaten to sue for full custody of Dominique in order to break the couple up. Now, she just wants to make sure that they get closer so they can reunite.

"Neither was I," Adam chuckles back to her. "Especially with Greg's trial starting today; I would have assumed that Dawn would have been at the courthouse with Cheresa."

"Cheresa just wanted to be there with Abby," Helen tells him. "Dawn told me about it last night."

"Ah, that makes sense," Adam nods back to her. "I still can't believe that Brooke was the killer; she must have really snapped at the end."

"It's horrible," Helen agrees with him. "It just makes me realize that life is so short and precious, you know? We can't take a moment for granted."

"I agree with that," Adam tells her. "We only have one chance at being happy, so we have to take it when we get it."

"Do you really think that?"

"Of course," Adam locks eyes with her.

Without thinking, Helen leans up and kisses Adam on the lips. It only lasts a moment until Adam pushes her back. "What are you doing, Helen?"

"I…I'm sorry," she looks back into his eyes, hurt that he didn't respond to her kiss. "I just thought…"

"I am still in love with Robin," Adam tells her, as Dawn moves into the living room about to announce that lunch is ready.

"Oh, sorry," Dawn interrupts her parents. "I didn't …"

"No, it's fine," Helen quickly stands up from the sofa, feeling embarrassed by Adam's rejection. "I'm going to wash up before we eat."

Dawn watches her Mom scurry out of the living room before she looks back at her father. "Dad," she moves over to the sofa and sits next to him. "You know that she still loves you, right?"

Adam nods back to his daughter. "It is pretty clear."

"I know that Robin leaving was upsetting," she tells him. "But, this could be our chance to be happy again, as a family. Don't throw it away because you're scared. You know that Mom will treat you and love you the way you deserve. You don't have to answer me, just think about it, okay? Now come on, let's go eat."

The Glubbs House; Shane & Robin's Home

"Dominique is sure having a great nap today," Shane announces to Robin as he moves back down into the living room of his home that he is sharing with the mother of his child.

Robin turns and looks at Shane, wondering how he took the news that she dropped him earlier in the day when she revealed that she didn't want to marry him; she feels like she has done enough by already leaving Adam and moving in with Shane to show him that she was serious about his demands.

"She was up early so I guess it is good she is getting rest," Robin finally replies to him. "It is nice that you have the day off from the hospital, we can finish our conversation from earlier."

Shane uneasily nods back to her. "You made your point pretty clear about not wanting to marry me," he says with a chuckle.

"And, I meant that," Robin replies to him quickly. "I think I have given up enough already, don't you? I left Adam, I uprooted Dominique's life and I moved in here. I think this is more than enough."

"I told you that I wanted to marry you," Shane looks back at her. "And, I stand by that Robin. This is about more than just you and I," he continues. "This is about Dominique and giving her the family and life that she deserves. Our daughter almost died!"

"You don't have to remind me of that," Robin snaps back to him. "I was at the hospital every day, day and night, with her."

"Then you understand why I want this for Dominique," Shane tells her. "I want her to have a family; I want us to be happy. I want us to be married and that's final."

The Pampa Grill

"I didn't realize how famished I was until I got here," Paige giggles over to Max as they sit across from one another at a table in the restaurant. She can't help but think about how the two of them made love multiple times earlier in the day and that resulted in her working up an appetite.

"Yea, me too," Max takes a bite of his lamb burger. "I guess spending the morning in bed does that."

Paige chuckles back to him. "Agreed completely."

"Hey," Max looks over at her for a moment. "You don't have any regrets, do you? I mean about us having sex? I know you had said you wanted to go slowly."

Paige looks back at him for a moment while she moves a piece of hair behind her ear. "I don't have any regrets, Max," she says back to him. "I feel like what happened had been building for months, only I was with Jacob before."

"Okay good," Max tells her quickly. "Because, being with you like that, it's more than I ever could have hoped for Paige. I love being your lover, more than you'll ever know."

Behind them, Jacob freezes as he was walking to an opening table. He can't believe what he just heard: Max referred to Paige as his lover. He feels the blood drain from his face; just as he found proof that Max has been lying about Cassie, Paige falls into his bed. He doesn't know if he should confront them or punch something.

"I have to get you away from her," he whispers to himself. "You won't get away with this Max, not if I can help it."

The Tower's; The Penthouse; Cory's Home

"Cory, are you here?" Leah calls out as she opens the door to the penthouse and moves inside. She as at work when she got a text from her lover asking her to come and meet him. It's not like Cory to interrupt her day at work, so she thought she would come home over her lunch break to see what is going on. "Cory? I got your message."

"Hey, I'm here," Cory announces as he rushes down the stairs from the second level of his home. "Thanks for coming over," he says as he kisses her on the lips quickly. "I didn't think this should wait for tonight."

Leah arches her eyebrow back to him. "Well, you certainly have my attention," she replies to him. "What's going on?"

"Earlier today," Cory recalls their conversation from the morning. "You took one of your pills and then went upstairs to get a file."

Leah nods back to him. "I remember, I'm not sure where this is going?"

"Okay, I did something, but you have hear me out," he warns her. "I've always thought this pain pill situation was odd, looking in as an outsider. I mean, it is delivered to your house, you never have to refill the prescription? It's is all weird to me."

"You never told me that before?"

"I know," Cory uneasily nods back to her. "While you were upstairs, I took one of your pills and I had it tested at the hospital to find out exactly what it is."

"Why would it be anything other than a pain killer?" she asks him in confusion.

"It's not a pain killer Leah," Cory reveals to her. "The tests revealed that it is a memory loss enhancement drug; doctors usually give it to patients that have gone through a traumatic experience to help them forget until they are strong enough to handle the situation."

Leah looks back at him in confusion. "I don't understand any of this," she admits to him. "I've been taking these pills for years? So, I have been purposely taking something to block out memories? But why?"

"That's what we need to figure out," Cory grabs her hand quickly. "When did you start taking these pills? Who started giving them to you?"

"Frederick," Leah replies to him quickly. "He started giving me these pills while I was staying at Santa Barbara when I had amnesia. Do you think he was giving me these pills in hopes of me not regaining my memory?"

"Or, maybe there is a particular memory that he is trying to block out for you?" Cory suggests to her. "I think we need to get you off these pills and hope that your memory, all of it, comes back soon."

Leah feels herself start to shake, startled by the news that Cory have given her. "I…I just can't believe this," she admits to him as she pulls him into a hug. "Frederick has been drugging me for years and I had no idea. What was his motivation? That's what we must figure out, Cory."

Raven's Meadow

"How did you enjoy art class today?" Bryce asks Victoria as they slowly walk back towards her hospital room in the mental facility. Bryce looks over and sees the woman that he has been crushing on for a while now; he still hates that Vinny is blackmailing him into continuing to torture her as he knows the drugs, he is giving her will continue to make her think she has split again.

"It was fun. There are some good people in here, despite having some issues," Victoria smiles back to him. "I am just glad that I found your swipe card so you can still get around. I remember when I worked here, you needed your card for every door."

Bryce stops and looks back at her for a moment. "You worked here? I didn't know that?"

Victoria nods back to him. "Well, my alter ego, Brandy, worked here," she admits to him. "The last time she took over my life, she got a job here. I have very faint memories of it."

"That is one of the things that I heard impacts people different; if they have split, sometimes they can remember what their alters did and sometimes they can't," Bryce tells her.

"I don't remember everything," Victoria replies to him. "If I am honest, that's why when you told me I had split, it was jarring for me because this is nothing like the last time. But, I know after my breakdown at my mother's funeral, I had to make a change."

"You will get better," Bryce forces a smile on his face, knowing that he must to figure out a way to stop Vinny. "I know you will."

"Thanks Bryce," Victoria says back to him. "By the way, when I worked here Greg Lawson was the Chief of Staff. Who is running the hospital now?"

"Why do you ask?"

Victoria shrugs her shoulders back to him, knowing that she doesn't want to tell him that she overheard him on his phone earlier when he mentioned that the Chief of Staff was very powerful; it made her curious as to who is running the hospital now.

"I am just curious, I suppose," she says back to him.

"Oh," Bryce stops and looks at his watch quickly. "It is time for your medication. Come on, let's get you back to your room so you can take your pills," he tells her, knowing that he can't reveal who his boss is. He must ensure no one ever finds out, which is why he is under Vinny's thumb.

Twin Peaks Court House

Greg rests his hand on the bible that is in the court room as he is sworn into his testimony. He feels like he is in a dream in this moment; he can't believe that is in his own trial for killing Brooke because he knows that he didn't kill his ex-wife. The fact that Brooke turned out to be the Rose Peddle killer and that she murdered four people, including their son, is still gut wrenching to him.

"You may be seated," Judge Ross tells him, as Greg listens and sits in the witness stand.

Josh stands up and looks at his client. "Mr. Lawson, can you explain how you uncovered that your ex-wife, Brooke Lawson, was the Rose Peddle killer?"

Greg sighs heavily back to him. "Well, that's a long story," he admits to his lawyer. "I had come home, and it was rather late in the day, and I saw some pink rose peddles on the floor of my foyer. Immediately, I thought that the killer had broken into my home and my family was in danger. However, Brooke appeared and told me that our weekly floral arrangement had arrived, and they had included some pink roses. She claimed that she moved the flowers to another room so our children wouldn't be upset by seeing the roses."

"Seems like a logical response considering your children lost loved ones to the killer."

"That's what I thought," Greg nods back to him. "Shortly after, Brooke told me that she had an appointment at a spa, and she left. I immediately thought it was odd because of the time of day. A short time later, I found the floral delivery in our conservatory and it was all pink roses. My mind immediately started thinking that something wasn't right."

"What did you do next?" Josh asks him.

"I used my phone to track Brooke's location with the Find my Friends app," he explains to the court. "Brooke had lied to me; she wasn't at the spa, she had gone to our family storage locker."

"I see. Did you go to the storage locker?"

"I did," Greg tells him. "And, I saw her inside the storage locker. She had a knife and stems of roses that she had used the petals to cover the bodies of her victims. It's when I realized that she was the killer."

"What did you do next?" Josh continues his list of questions.

"I was in shock," Greg tells everyone. "I left quickly and raced home, but Brooke must have seen me because she arrived at home shortly after."

"Brooke knew that you had uncovered her secret?"

Greg nods back to him. "I was about to call the police when she walked in the door. She confronted me and admitted that she snapped after her own trial last year. She had a mental break and she thought removing people from our lives would solve our family problems."

"So, she admitted to killing Shelley Hamilton, Brad Lawson, Albertinah Michaels and Eva Robertson?"

"Not Eva, but the other three, yes," Greg informs Josh. "She knew that our adopted daughter Cheresa, was having issues with her girlfriend and Shelley; she believed that without Shelley in the picture, Dawn and Cheresa would get back together, so she killed Shelley," Greg explains as Cheresa covers her mouth in the crowd, devastated by his announcement. "On New Year's Eve, Brooke killed our son Brad. But, she meant to kill Trenyce Davenport because she and Brad had been having an on again-off again relationship. She wanted to remove Trenyce from Brad's life, but Brad saved her life and took the stabbing for her. Brooke did seem upset about killing our son," Greg fights tears in his eyes.

"I am sorry for your loss," Josh moves closer to him. "But, can you explain why Brooke killed Albertinah?"

Greg pauses to collect himself as he wipes a tear from his eye. "Albertinah was dating Andrew Pherson; our daughter Abby had designs on him. Just like Shelley, she believed if Albertinah was out of the picture, Andrew would turn to Abby," Greg explains, as Abby lets a tear fall down her cheek.

"After she explained all of this," Greg continues. "She grabbed an ice pick and announced that she was going to kill me since I learned the truth. We struggled until I got on top of her. But, she grabbed a paper weight and knocked me in my head."

"That must have been some blow?"

"It was, I was bleeding and disorientated," Greg explains to everyone. "But, when I fell down, I landed close to the ice pick, that had escaped Brooke's hand. I grabbed it and plunged it in her back. I had too, or she was going to kill me."

"So, you were disorientated and just had a blow to your head?" Josh asks him back quickly. "But, you still were able to kill Brooke?"

"Yes," Greg nods back to him. "I had no choice. It was either her or me. I choose my life."

Abby continues to look at the her father, listening to his story. Suddenly, she has another flash: she can see the ice pick laying on the floor of the Lawson foyer. The next thing she sees is Brooke laying on her back, blood oozing out of the wound where the ice pick is.

She shakes her head and then looks back at her father, wondering what these flashes mean. "Why do I keep seeing Mom dead?" she asks herself in a whisper, as she suddenly struggles to continue to focus on Greg's testimony about how he killed her mother.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andrew and Trenyce grow closer
- Shane is called to testify
- Clayton's DNA test comes back!

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