Episode 831
Want to Go Wild
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: August 03, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Rager Teenager" Troye Sivan

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Jacob stunned Paige by revealing that he has proof that Max has known that Cassie is alive and well
- In court, Abby continued to have flashes of killing Brooke. While Greg was about to be sentenced, Abby blurted out that she killed Brooke!
- Chris and Trenyce remained at odds after he learned that Brad got her pregnant
- Donovan continued to mourn Eva while he wondered about why Lukas would hire Jasper to be their nanny
- Shane told Robin he wanted to marry her while Dawn told Adam to not give up on Helen

Twin Peaks Court House

"I did it!" Abby's voice cracks as she turns around from leaving the courtroom and faces Judge Franklin Ross with tears in her eyes. She had been sitting in the court room, feeling hot from all of these memory flashes that she was having. Cheresa suggested that Abby leave to get some water, and that's when she realized what actually happened that night. "I killed my mother! I killed Brooke!"

Greg gasps as he looks back at his daughter in horror. The entire ordeal that he has been trying to protect her from is unfolding in front of him; he had hoped to take the fall for Brooke's death to protect Abby from more pain as he knows that she has been put through the ringer the last few months. This is the last thing that he has wanted to happen because he knows that Abby will be crushed by the truth.

"Abby, no, this is crazy, please, leave this room now," Greg stands up and looks at his daughter. "Please, leave!"

"Dad," another tear falls down her cheek. "I did it! I killed Mom! Why are you doing you covering for me?"

"That's enough!" Judge Franklin smashes his mallet down quickly! "There will be order in my courtroom, is that understood?"

Greg looks back at the Judge and slowly sits down before he runs his hands over his face. He looks at Josh and shrugs back to him, still stunned by what is going on in the courtroom.

"Ms. Lawson," the Judge looks at a shaking Abby. "What are you saying, exactly? Why are you now claiming to have killed your mother?"

"I," she gaps for some air before she moves closer to his desk. "I just remembered. I…I must have blocked out what happened. But, my God, it was me! I killed my own mother!"

Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

"Is someone going to tell me what is going on here?" Max asks as he looks over at Paige and Jacob, who are huddled closer together in the studio. He can tell that they are talking about something intently, he just wants to ensure that Paige is still okay with their new found status of being lovers. "Paige, is he harassing you?"

Jacob chuckles back to his rival. "You think I'm harassing her? You're a piece of work, you know that?"

Paige looks back at Max with tears in her eyes, still rattled from the text messages that Jacob just showed her from Max's burner phone. It certainly appears that Max has been in contact with Cassie for months; a part of Paige doesn't want to believe that Max has been lying to her, and everyone, all this time, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

"Jacob was just telling me that he has proof that Cassie is alive," Paige admits to him as Max looks back at her in shock. "He was showing me these text messages from this phone," she continues as she holds the phone up in the air.

"Where the hell did you get that?" Max looks back at Jacob as his blood starts to boil. "What the hell is this? A witch hunt?"

"I got it from your apartment," Jacob admits to Max. "I still have a key from when Cassie lived there. I knew that you were up to no good, I just had to find proof. And guess what? I found all the proof I needed. You've known that your mother is alive and well and have been lying to everyone!"

"You broke into my apartment? You're an asshole, Jacob!"

Jacob chuckles back to him. "Are you going to deny the fact that this is a burner phone that you have been using to communicate to Cassie with? Because, that's exactly what it looks like, Max. Your mother is alive and well and you've known for all along, isn't that right?"

"Max, please," Paige looks back at him with desperation in her eyes. "Tell me that this isn't true? Tell me that this isn't what it looks like?"

Max sighs heavily and runs his hands through his hair. "For once in your life, Max," Jacob presses him. "Just tell the truth. Stop lying!"

"Fine!" Max yells back at him. "It's true, okay? My mother is alive and I knew about it! Are you happy now, Jacob?"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Trenyce slowly walks out of the hospital room and puts her hand on her ever expanding belly. She just had a doctors appointment to ensure everything with the baby is going well, and she should get the results shortly of some test results. The last thing she wants or needs is for her baby to have any complications.

"Trey," a voice calls out from the end of the hallway. Trenyce looks over and sees Chris standing there with his hands in his pockets. "What are you doing here? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she moves up to him. "I just had a doctors appointment to make sure this little one is doing okay, and thankfully everything is going well in the pregnancy. I have some test results pending but I am hopeful everything is okay."

Chris uneasily nods back to her. "That is good to hear. After all the loss this town has experienced, I'm sure you needed to hear some good news."

"You have no idea," Trenyce chuckles back to him. "How have you been? You have been keeping your distance lately."

"I know I have," he tells her. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around you and Brad."

"I am sorry that I hurt you," Trenyce looks back into his eyes. "I don't know what else to say, to be honest with you. I want to move beyond this but I also understand if you feel like you can't. After all, I am going to have a constant reminder with my baby."


"Don't say anything Chris," Trenyce cuts him off. "I am giving you the space you need to come to terms with this, and if you never can, that's fine. I'm not going to sit around and stew over it anymore. I have to focus on getting my life together; my baby deserves that from me. I'll see you around, okay?"

Chris smiles back to her as she walks away from. He turns and watches her go and wonders if he will ever be able to get over her affair with Brad because she was right: the baby will be a constant reminder of their affair.

The Pampa Grill

"Have you given any more thoughts to what I said to you earlier?" Dawn asks her father as they sit at a table in the restaurant. Dawn slowly picks up her glass of chardonnay as she recalls how she walked in on Adam and Helen sharing a kiss; Helen quickly left the room, which made Dawn realize that Adam must have shut down the kiss and that made her mother upset. Dawn, however, told Adam that this could be their chance to put their family back together.

Adam picks up his beer and takes a sip. "Of course I have," he looks back at his daughter. "I'm not sure that I agree with you, however. I am in love with Robin; going back to your mother doesn't seem fair to anyone. Wouldn't you agree?"

"I disagree completely," Dawn locks eyes with him. "The fact of the matter is, Robin left you and moved in with Shane. She wanted to give baby Dominique a home, I guess. What are you doing to do? Sit around pinning after someone that you can't have?"

"Shane gave Robin an ultimatum," Adam tells his daughter. "If she didn't move in with him, he was going to sue her for custody."

"That was still Robin's decision to make," Dawn takes another sip of her wine. "You can't wait around for her forever, Dad. And you know that Mom has always loved you. You are her soulmate, I truly believe that."

Adam uneasily chuckles back to her. "You really want your mother and I to get back together, huh?"

"Every child wants their parents together," Dawn smiles back to him. "I'm just saying that this is your time to put our family back together, Dad. Go to Mom and reunite with her, there's nothing left stopping you."

The Glubbs House; Shane & Robin's Home

"Since I have to go for groceries first thing tomorrow, I'm going to order in for dinner," Shane tells Robin as he moves into the living room of their house. "Do you have any preference of where I order from on Skip the Dishes?"

"Nah, I'm flexible," Robin says as she looks up from her IPad. "Whatever you want is fine."

"Okay, that's easy enough," he chuckles back to her. "By the way, our daughter must be exhausted. She's been sleeping most of the day."

"She's growing," Robin looks back at him. "Sleep is the best thing for her now."

"That's true," Shane moves up to her and sits next to her on the sofa. "Have you given anymore thought to our conversation earlier? You know about how I really want to marry you?"

"I haven't been able to think about much else," Robin admits to him. "You are pretty persistent about getting married despite my objections."

"I told you why, Robin. I do love you and I want to give Dominique a family."

"I know," she sighs back to him. "And, you must understand where I am coming from."

"I do."

"But, I will marry you to keep the peace," Robin tells him. "The last thing I want is for Dominique to pick up on any tension. She doesn't need that in her life; she needs a happy and safe space."

"Really? You'll marry me? You mean that?" Shane asks with a grin on his face.

"Yes, but you have to give me a few days," Robin looks back at him. "I have to be the one to tell Adam this news. He can't hear it from anyone else."

"I can do that," Shane looks into her eyes and then caresses her cheek. "I will make you happy, Robin, I promise you that."

The Cemetery

Donovan slowly moves up to Eva's tombstone and bends down to see where is mother is resting. He sets a bouquet of red roses at the base of the tombstone before he looks at Eva's name engraved in the marble.

"These are from Victoria and I," Donovan tells Eva as he looks at the roses. "She can't be with me today because she's getting better but she misses you just as much as I do."

"You know," he continues to talk out loud. "I still can't believe that you're gone. I keep thinking that I am going to wake up and find many missed text messages from you. And, then I remember what happened and I feel a little lost all over again," he says as he gets tears in his eyes. "I miss you, so much, and," he wipes his cheek dry. "I don't know how to do this without you, Mom. I need you still. This doesn't seem fair at all."

He moves his hand to touch the tombstone as he tries to get his crying under control. "I love you so much, and I will still come you to you whenever I need guidance. You are still so much a part of me, I can't do this without you. I'll see you soon, okay?"

The Richardson Estate; Meggan, Lukas & Donovan's Home

"Olly finally went down for his nap," Jasper announces as he moves into the gym that is on the second level of the Richardson estate. Jasper wanted to tell Lukas about Olly going down for a nap since he has been so fussy during the day; he heard Lukas working out so he knew that he was in the gym. Jasper, however, wasn't expecting to see Lukas shirtless in the gym. He pauses for a moment to admire Lukas' toned chest.

Lukas sets the weights back in the press and looks over at Jasper as he grabs his bottle of water. "Hey, thanks for the update," Lukas takes a swig of his water. "I know he was a handful this morning."

"Yea, he was," Jasper moves closer to him. "But, he finally caved in. I'm glad, I'm feeling tired myself."

Lukas chuckles back to him. "Does that mean you don't want to work out with me now?"

Jasper laughs back to him. "I'm tempted but I have a million things to do; some of Olly's laundry, and cleaning some of his bottles. Another time?"

"You're on," Lukas nods back to him. "With Donovan at work, I never have anyone to spot me."

"I'll bring some work out clothes then," Jasper replies to him. "I'll spot you."

"Perfect," Lukas replies to him. "Let me know if you need help with any of Olly's things."

"Will do," Jasper says back to him, getting one final glance at Lukas' chest before he leaves. Once he's in the hallway, Jasper sighs to himself. "Okay, that was a good view. But, I can't get sucked in. He's a married man with a child!"

Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

"How is this possible?" a rattled Paige asks Max as they continue to stand in the studio of Robertson Enterprises. She can't believe that Max just admitted to knowing that Cassie is alive and well; he has known this entire time which means he has been lying to her, and everyone, since last fall. "Your mother is alive? You have been claiming we have all been so insensitive to your mourning?"

"I know, and I can explain," Max looks back at her, desperate to make her understand what happened.

"Of course you can," Jacob sneers at him. "You always have an excuse, don't you?"

"This is my mother we are talking about!" Max ignores Jacob and continues to look at Paige. "I will do anything I can to protect her, she is my family! Did she fake her death, yes? But, she was scared she would go to jail over everything that happened in Canada."

"She should go to jail!" Jacob yells at him. "She tried to kill us, Max!"

"Paige, please," Max continues to look at her. "Tell me you understand? Tell me you understand that I was just trying to protect my mother?"

Twin Peaks Law Courts

"Okay, I want to hear this from the start," Franklin looks down at Abby, who is still standing in the middle of the court room, insisting that she killed Brooke. "How and why are you now suddenly claiming to have killed Brooke Lawson?"

Abby takes a deep breath. "I'm not sure why I didn't remember until just now," she admits to the Judge, still having tears flow from her eyes. "I've been having these …flashes and suddenly it all came back to me."

"And, you're sure that you killed your mother?"

"I was at Robertson Enterprises that night," Abby looks up at him as she fights more tears in her eyes. "I was with Donovan Moretti; I have grown close to his son, Olly, since my own son died. Anyways, Donovan told me he wanted to me to stay away from his son; I was devastated by this," Abby reveals to the Judge.

"I went home and when I got there," Abby continues to explain to the court. "I saw my Mom about to kill my Dad. My Dad, he was bleeding from the head and on the floor. My Mom saw me and tried to cover but I saw the ice pick … I picked it up and killed her because she was going to kill my Dad. I, I must have passed out because the next thing I remember is waking up the next day and my Dad told me he killed Brooke."

Franklin looks over at Greg. "Mr. Lawson, did you lie to your daughter? Have you lied to the court the entire time about what happened that night?" he asks him as Greg feels the beads of sweat start to form on his head. "Answer me! Have you wasted this courts time, Mr. Lawson?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- The court case comes to a close
- Victoria continues to hide her medication from Bryce
- Andy fills Kim in on the latest

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