Episode 838
Let the Dreams Get In
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released:

Episode Theme song: "Window" Carly Rae Jepsen

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce saw Chris and told him that she wouldn't wait for him while he got over her affair with Brad. Later, she learned that she was a risk for high blood pressure during her pregnancy and Andrew told her he would support her
- Victoria realized that if she seduced Bryce, she could learn the truth about her mental illness
- Cheresa decided to accept Robertson Enterprises' offer instead of Roboto. Robbie, Natasha and Kim were upset
- Leah told Jeff and Paige about her drugging

The Pampa Grill

Natasha storms into the restaurant and moves straight to the bar as she is getting ready to pick up some lunch for her, Robbie and Kim. They have had a hell of a morning as they learned from Cheresa that she has decided to accept Robertson Enterprise's modelling offer over Roboto's. She, Robbie and Kim are now scrambling to come up with an idea that will help Roboto come out with a fresh, new look as they were banking on Cheresa joining their team. The worse thing is that Tyler, her boyfriend, got the contract that she wanted. She has been avoiding his messages all morning because she has to focus on her company.

As she arrives at the bar, she happens to see her ex-husband sitting alone with beer in front of him. "Cory, hi, what are you doing here?"

Cory looks back at Natasha. "Hey Nat," he replies to her. "Honestly, I just needed some me time to have a drink and think."

"Oh, is everything okay?"

"I hope so," he forces a smile on his face as he thinks about the fact that he discovered that Leah has been taking memory loss pills for years because Frederick Richardson was giving them to her. "You seem rattled, are you okay?"

She rolls her eyes back to him. "It's been a long day at Roboto," she admits to him. "I'm just here to grab some lunch and I have to head back. Robbie, Kim and I have a long day ahead of us."

"Well, this is certainly a change of pace," he chuckles back to her. "You working with Robbie and Kim instead of against them? What has gotten into you?"

"Hey, I learned my lesson after everything that happened at their wedding," Natasha chuckles back to him. "I knew I had to change, I couldn't go on with that anger. And you know what? I feel much better."

"Good, I'm glad to hear that," Cory nods back to her. "Speaking of, have you heard from Sophie? She wasn't pleased that we made the decision to send her to boarding school."

Natasha sighs back to her. "I know she wasn't happy but I do think we made the right decision, don't you?"

"I hate what happened with the gun and the changing of the bullets," Cory admits to her. "So, yes I think we made the right decision. I just hope Sophie sees it that way."

"She will," Natasha tells him. "She will learn and grow so much at school. When she gets home, she will understand our decision."

Before Cory can reply, Natasha's order comes up. She grabs the paper bag and looks back at Cory.

"Thanks for the chat, Cory," Natasha kisses his forehead. "I'm glad that we can still be civil."

Cory laughs back at her. "Of course, we can be," he winks back to her. "Good luck at Roboto."

Robertson Enterprises

"How do you think Paige took your news earlier?" Jeff asks Leah as they slowly walk through the hallway of Robertson Enterprises. They are making their way towards Tyler's office, where he is going to make an announcement to the team. Jeff, however, can't help but think about how Leah told him and Paige earlier about her taking the memory loss drugs from Frederick for many years. He, like Leah and Paige, wonders what Frederick was trying to accomplish but he also hopes that Leah is going to be healthy.

"As well as I thought she would," Leah replies to her ex-husband. "I mean, I'm not sure how anyone will take the news that their mother was being drugged for years."

"Have you come up with any reason that Frederick would want to be giving you these pills for all these years?"

"I have no idea," she admits to him. "I don't know why he would have wanted to me to stay on the medication, especially since I got my memory back during the ice storm. And, because he died, I'm not sure that I will ever get those answers."

Jeff stops walking and looks back at her. "What is it Jeff? What are you thinking?"

"I don't know for sure," Jeff tells her. "But what if now that you're off the medication, you will remember something else? What if these pills were trying to prevent you from remembering some in particular?"

"Like what?"

"I have no idea," Jeff admits to her. "But maybe something happened while you were in Santa Barbara with amnesia? Maybe that is what Frederick was trying to prevent you from remembering?"

The Davenport House; Trenyce & Andrew's Home

"I think I finally solved that leaking sink," Andrew says as he moves into the living room, only wearing some track pants as he was working on the kitchen sink again. "I found a loose bolt on the pipe. I was able to tighten it and I think the leaking will stop now."

"If you did, you are truly a miracle worker," Trenyce replies to him, noticing how muscular Andrew is becoming. She quickly shakes her head at the idea, realizing that her hormones must be kicking in. "I can't thank you enough for helping out around here. That sink had been leaking for almost a year now."

"Hey, of course," Andrew tells her quickly. "I told you that I would help out around here, especially since you can't have increased blood pressure, the least I can do is support you."

Trenyce moves up to him and pulls him into a hug. She gasps a little feeling his strong arms around her. "Thanks Andrew, I really appreciate everything you're doing."

"I know and you're welcome," he smiles to her as they exit their embrace. "You are glowing, by the way."

"Oh man," Trenyce chuckles back to him. "I feel like I'm getting bigger every day."

"You are, but you look beautiful."

"I am not interrupting am I?" a voice calls out at the entry way of the living room.

Trenyce turns and sees Chris standing there. "Sorry, the door was open and I just came in. I wanted to see how you were doing. Am I interrupting something in here?"

"No, of course not," Trenyce replies to him quickly. "Andrew just finished fixing a leaking sink for me."

"Ah, good on you man," Chris nods back to him, still wondering if something else was happening even though he can't imagine what it could be. "Anyways, you look well, so I'll see myself out."

"Chris, you don't have to go," Trenyce tells him. "We could have some iced tea on the deck, if you want?"

"I'll pass but maybe another time? I'll call in advance next time," Chris replies to her, still rattled by what he saw between Andrew and Trenyce. "Have a good day."

"Yea, you too," Trenyce says back to him, feeling her heart sink that he is clearly upset with her over what he walked in on.

Robertson Enterprises

"What is this all about exactly?" Donovan asks Tyler as he stands in the main office at Robertson Enterprises while Jeff and Leah are pouring some cups of water. He knew that there was an important meeting today but Tyler has not revealed what is on the agenda.

Tyler smirks back to him as Jeff and Leah come up to them. "I have an announcement to make and I wanted everyone together."

"Trenyce is already off on an early maternity leave," Jeff tells everyone. "So, this is everyone. What is the announcement, Tyler?"

"Cheresa Lawson," Tyler looks at his team. "She has accepted our contract. She will be coming in tomorrow to discuss her first campaign."

"This is fantastic," Leah replies to her half-brother. "That means that not only do we have the fresh face that we wanted but we beat Roboto!"

"Exactly," Tyler remains thrilled. "This is going to be huge for Robertson Enterprises. Now, we just have to finalize a product that Cheresa will be involved with."

"I'm working on something," Donovan tells him. "I can present to you soon?'

"Perfect," Tyler smiles to his team. "We did it, guys! We are really going to take Robertson into a new era!"


"I want to know how that son of a bitch pulled this off," Robbie fumes as he pours another drink at the bar in the main office of Roboto. He is still furious that Cheresa decided to take the contract with Robertson Enterprises instead of Roboto; now, he, Kim and Natasha will have to come up with a new plan to move Roboto into the future because they had been banking on Cheresa signing with them. "How the hell did Tyler get Cheresa to sign with Robertson Enterprises and not Roboto?"

"To be fair," Kim comes up to her to husband. "We have no idea what was in the Robertson contract. Maybe they offered her more money? It could be many different things."

"I just hate that we basically put all of our eggs in a basket and now those eggs are cracked," Robbie says before he takes another sip of his drink.

Before Kim can respond, Natasha opens the door to the office and moves inside, carrying the take out she got earlier in the day.

"I have lunch," she tells her brother and sister in-law. "I thought we could use the fuel since we have to start thinking again what we are going to do with the company."

"That was nice of you," Kim turns to Natasha. "Robbie, you should likely have something to eat instead of having another drink."

"I am just so damn pissed off," Robbie turns to his family. "All of our plans are down the drain because of Robertson Enterprises! I want to ruin them!"

"Robbie, come on, calm down," Kim tries to get him to ease up.

"No, Kim!" Robbie cuts her off. "This campaign with Cheresa, I want to ruin it! I don't want Robertson to succeed when they stole our model!"

"Where are you going?" Natasha asks Robbie as moves to the door of the office.

"I need some air," Robbie looks back at his sister before he leaves the office.

Kim sighs heavily and looks back at Natasha. "I'm scared," she admits to her. "I haven't seen Robbie this upset in a long time."

Natasha nods back to her. "He is livid but give him time, he'll come around and put the company first. He always does."

Raven's Meadow

"Okay," Victoria takes a deep breath as she stands in the middle of her hospital room in Raven's Meadow. She knows that Bryce is about to come back into her room so he can give her the next dose of medication; Victoria, however, is planning her next move in trying to figure out what is really going. She has stopped taking her medication and she feels better than she has in a very long time so she is questioning whether Brandy was ever back in the first place. However, she has no idea why Bryce would misdiagnose her. "Just stay calm and everything will work out."

She looks at the door when she sees the handle start to turn. "Victoria, hi," Bryce smiles as he enters her room. "It's time for your medication."

"Oh great," Victoria forces a fake smile on her face. "Whatever these pills are, they are great. I haven't felt this good in a long time."

Bryce chuckles back to her as he sets the small paper cup on the table. "That's good, it means that you're getting better. Hopefully that trend continues."

"There are many trends that I'd like to continue," Victoria moves up to him. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about the other day."

Bryce looks back at her in confusion. "What about the other day? What haven't you been able to stop thinking about?"

"This," Victoria licks her lips and then kisses him passionately on the lips. The kiss on lasts for a moment before they part ways. "I'm sorry," she looks into his eyes. "I know that we are crossing a dangerous line, but I am still a woman and I am very attracted to you."

Bryce finds himself leaning into her again, but he catches himself and pulls back. "We can't do this," he runs his hand through his hair. "We can't go down this path! I could get in trouble!"

"I know, I'm sorry," Victoria puts her hand on his muscular arm. "But, if I am getting better, maybe it means that I could leave here, and we could…"

"You're not ready to leave," Bryce warns her. "Now, take your pills. I have to get to other patients."

"Okay," she says trying to hide her excitement. She can tell that her kiss got to Bryce, which means she could be one step closer to achieving her goal of figuring out what is going on.

Bryce turns and faces Victoria when he opens the door to her room. "And Victoria," he says as they lock eyes. "That will be the last time we kiss, okay?"


In the hallway, Bryce sighs heavily as he thinks about the way Victoria's lips tasted against his. He knows that he has been attracted to her since he first laid eyes on her; the fact that she is interested in him is killing him, but he knows that he has to remember why he was hired.

He grabs his phone in his pocket when he feels it start to vibrate. He rolls his eyes when he sees Vinny's name on the screen.

"Hey, I'm busy at work, is this important?" he says when he answers the phone.

"Hello to you too," Vinny replies to him. "I just wanted to see how everything is?"

"Things are fine. Everything is still going accordingly to plan."

"Good," Vinny nods his head back to him. "You need to keep Victoria in check and continue to make her think she split again."

"I am. You don't have to remind me," he whispers to back to Vinny. "And, don't worry, I won't tell anyone about the baby switch. I know what I'm doing."

"I see you're getting testy," Vinny chuckles back to him. "Well, good. I'm glad things are in control there. I wish I could say the same."

"Why? What's happened?"

"Let's just say I might have to remove Meggan Richardson," Vinny tells Bryce. "She's getting too damn nosy for her own good."

"Damn it, Vinny," Bryce sternly replies to him. "This is getting out of control! How many people are going to be hurt in all of this?"

"Don't you worry about that. Anyways, I'm glad things are well. I'll be in touch."

Bryce sighs heavily again when he puts his phone down. He hates how many people are getting involved and hurt by Vinny's schemes, yet he knows that he is at the mercy of him because of the secret that Vinny knows about Bryce.

"This has to end, I just have to figure out a way how to end it," he says as he looks back at Victoria's doorway.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Daisy and Meggan come up with a plan
- Felicia sees a close moment between Abby and Dominick
- Max faces the music

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