Episode 841
Show Up in a Dream
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: July 31, 2022

Episode Theme song: "In a Dream" Troye Sivan

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Victoria continued to try to seduce Bryce in hopes of finding out why he would misdiagnose her
- Felicia lost control at Abby when she saw her with Dominick
- Robbie vowed to ruin Tyler's campaign with Cheresa after she signed with Robertson Enterprises over Roboto
- Max was arrested for habouring Cassie. Simona agreed to drop the charges if he produced Cassie
- Leah had a nightmare but when she awoke, she told Cory that she remembered everything
- Clayton was revealed to be Reese and Madeline's brother
- Madeline told Meggan about her "date" with Jeff

The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Leah's Home

"What do you mean you remember?" Cory sits on the edge of the large king size bed in the master bedroom of the penthouse that he lives in with Leah. He walked into the bedroom after he heard Leah make a noise; when he entered, she admitted that she had suffered from a nightmare, but she thought she remembered everything that happened to her in the past. He wants to know what she remembered because he knows that they discovered that Frederick had been drugging her with memory loss pills for years. If Leah has remembered something else, he would love to know what it is because her memory seemingly all returned during the ice storm a few years earlier. "What was your nightmare about?"

Leah sighs back to him as she crawls out of the bed and grabs her silk robe. She moves to the bar in the bedroom and pours herself a glass of water as she thinks about her dream. She is rattled to her very core and just needs a moment to process everything that has happened.

"I…I was back at the winery in Santa Barbara," she says after she takes a sip of her water. "My God, Cory. I know why I kept hearing a baby cry in my dreams."

"Why? Leah, please tell me what is going on. I am getting worried about you."

Leah turns back to face him as she gets water in her eyes. "The baby crying," she gasps back to him. "It was….it was mine, Cory. I had a baby in Santa Barbara."

Twin Peaks Police Department

Dominick moves through the police station as he gets closer to Simona's office. After he and Felicia learned that she was taking the incorrect medication, he took her home to rest as Madeline told them that with rest and taking the proper medication, she should be fine in a few days. While he was doing that, he got a call from Natasha advising that Max had been arrested.

He opens the door to Simona's office and sees Natasha already standing inside with the detective. "Sorry I am late," he says moving into the office. "I had a busy morning."

"It's fine, I'm just glad that you're here," Natasha looks back at him. "Max has been arrested; turns out, Cassie is alive, and he has known about it the entire time."

"Unbelievable," Dominick shakes his head back to her, stunned by the revelation that Cassie is actually alive and well. Immediately, he realizes what this means. "That means that Cassie Nova still has the money that she stole from Robertson Enterprises and Roboto."

"We don't know that for sure," Simona tells the two of them. "I've told Max that the only way he can prevent himself form going to jail is if he produces Cassie."

"So, if Cassie comes back to town," Dominick looks back at the detective. "We can get our money?"

"If we can prove all of this, yes," Simona tells them.

"And, in the meantime," Natasha looks at Simona and then over at Dominick. "Press as many charges as you can against Max. I want him to squirm, so Cassie is forced to show her disgusting face here again. Then, real justice can be served; we can get our money back and she can pay for trying to kill Jacob and Paige."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"This is some office that you have here," Clayton says as he moves into Madeline's office at the hospital. He had heard that his sister got a new position at General Hospital and wanted to come and see for himself. Plus, he knows that eventually he has to get to know his sister; he is still stunned that he has a sister. "You've really made a name for yourself."

Madeline chuckles back to him. "Well, thanks Clayton," she tells him. "It is nice to see you, by the way. Since we had breakfast together, I've wanted to give you some space. It felt like you still needed to adjust to the news."

"I'm still not sure what to make of all this," he admits to her. "But, it is cool that I have a sister. I never had any siblings before."

"You have one now for sure," Madeline looks back at him. "And, for the record Clayton, I know you're not Reese. You are your own man. You have to believe that, okay? Reese and I, we were so close, maybe one day we can be that way too."

Clayton smiles back to her. "I think it will take time, but I'd like that. As long as you, and Andy, remember that I am not Reese."

"I know that you're not Reese, no one ever will be Reese," Madeline moves closer to him. "But, no matter what, we are family now, and nothing will ever change that."

The Riverside Delicatessen

Jeff moves inside the deli looking to grab himself a sandwich before he heads back to the office. He is surprised that Leah hasn't arrived at the office yet today because Robertson Enterprises is crazy busy with the campaign that they are involved in with Cheresa. He will have to fill in his ex-wife when she finally arrives for the day.

After he places his order, he moves to the side and waits but he happens to notice Meggan sitting by herself at a window that overlooks the river. He quickly recalls how she would have seen him and Madeline on their "date" a few nights earlier, which included a kiss between the two of them. He wonders how she is feeling about seeing him kiss another woman. He finds himself moving towards her.

"Hey Meg," he says as he sits across from her. "I've been meaning to call you."

"You have? Is everything okay?"

"Yea, it's fine," he nods back to her. "I just miss Logan, that's all. I was hoping I could see my son."

"Of course, you can," Meggan replies to him. "Just because you and I aren't together anymore doesn't mean that I want to keep you from Logan. He needs his father."

"Thanks for that," he smiles back to her. "And, I did try with us, but like I told you, I can't wait forever."

"I know. You've made that perfectly clear."

Jeff arches his eyebrow back to her. "What does that mean?"

"I saw you and Madeline at the Pampa Grill the other night," she reveals to him. "It looks like you two had a cozy time."

Jeff chuckles back to her. "We did have a nice time," he tells her, realizing that his plan with Madeline must be working. "It has been nice to reconnect with Madeline."

"That's great, Jeff. It really is."

"You're not jealous, are you?" Jeff asks with a sly grin on his face.

"Not at all," Meggan quickly replies to him. "Not in the slightest."

Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

Tyler watches from the back corner of the studio as a young female photographer takes pictures of Cheresa against a glittery backdrop. He can't help but be impressed with Cheresa's natural talent as a model, considering she has no experience prior this photoshoot.

As he watches the shoot unfold, he can hear the photographer encourage Cheresa to continue to let loose and have fun with the pictures. When Cheresa continues to do new poses, the photographer shouts, "Amazing! Yes!"

Tyler smiles at the sight as he realizes that this new campaign is going to be huge for Robertson Enterprises.

"This will be the final nail in Roboto's coffin," he whispers to himself. "Robertson Enterprises will never fall to them again."

He recalls how Natasha told him that Robbie was furious that Cheresa took the contract at Robertson Enterprises instead of Roboto but he knows that there is nothing Robbie can do to stop the campaign from happening.

"Wait and see," Tyler says to himself. "If Robbie was livid with Cheresa signing with me, his blood will boil when he sees these pictures," he chuckles to himself.

The Warehouse District

Robbie slowly opens the door to his large Lexus SUV and looks around. He isn't overly familiar with the warehouse district because most of the older brick builders are abandoned and empty. He notices a female move into one of the warehouses, so he takes off his sun glasses and moves towards the building that she went into.

When he enters, he looks around for the woman but doesn't see her. "Hello?" he calls out into the, almost empty, warehouse. There are a few boxes and a couple of chairs inside, but otherwise the warehouse has been completely cleared out. "It is Robbie Calimo? You agreed to meet me here?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were alone," a voice calls out from behind him. "Now that I see you're alone, we can talk."

Robbie turns and sees a relatively young woman standing in front of him. She has a baseball cap on, ripped jeans and a black jean jacket on.


"Tara," the woman replies to him. "Don't ask for the last name cause you won't get it."

"Don't worry, I won't. I got your name from…"

"I know where you got my name," she replies to him quickly. "Let's just cut the to the chase. What can I do for you?"

"I need you to do something for me," Robbie replies to her. "I need your help to stop a campaign from happening."

"Sounds easy enough," Tara looks back at him. "I only get paid in cash, understand. Nothing else and I need at least 24 hours to get ready for whatever it is I have to do."

"Sounds like a deal," Robbie extends his hands inside his jacket and pulls out an envelope of cash. "This is the first payment, do we have a deal?"

Tara looks inside and realizes how much money is inside. "Yea, we have a deal. Tell me what you want me to do."

Raven's Meadow

Bryce scurries closer to Victoria's hospital room as he realizes that he is running late to give her the medication that she has to take. As he rushes towards her door, he can't help but think about how she kissed him the other day. He knows that he has an attraction to her but he also knows that he can't get involved with her; if Vinny, or the Chief of Staff, ever found out that he was attracted to her, all hell would break loose. He can't afford to get on their bad sides, so he has to continue to tell Victoria that because he is her doctor, they can't cross that line.

He opens the door and moves inside Victoria's hospital room. "Hi Victoria, sorry I am late," he announces as Victoria stands up from the cot that she is sitting on. "Here are you pills."

"Thank you," Victoria tells him. "And, don't worry about being late. I know that you're busy. How are you today, Bryce."

He turns and looks at her with an annoyed look on his face. "Dr. Barty," he reminds her. "That's what you have to call me."

"Right, Dr. Barty," she uneasily looks back at him, knowing that she has to play it cool or she could risk her entire plan to seduce him to find out what is really going on with her. She still believes that she hasn't split but doesn't know why he would tell her that she has. "May I ask you a question?"

"Of course."

"Well, to be honest, I'm feeling better," Victoria admits to him. "These pills you have been giving me are making me feel completely better. I haven't felt Brandy's presence in a long time."

"That is great to hear," Bryce smiles to her. "It means that we are getting closer to having you completely healthy."

"I was actually thinking that I could leave today," Victoria reveals to him. "It's time for me to go home, be with my brother and mourn my mother's death, Dr. Barty. And, if I get to go home, that means you and I, we could continue to get to know one another?"

Bryce uneasily chuckles back to her. "I know that you want that, but I told you the other day, we can't go down that path, Victoria. I am your doctor, that won't change."

"I can't help that I am attracted to you," Victoria continues to lay on to him because she has to continue with her plan. "And I know you are with me."

"Take your pills," Bryce tells her. "And as for leaving, I am your doctor, I will tell you when you can leave, okay?"

Victoria forces a smile on her face even though she is upset that he is rejecting her. "Yes, of course, thank you Doctor."

Bryce leaves and once he is outside, he takes a deep breath as he is finding it more and more difficult to resist Victoria.

"Get it together," he tells himself. "Your entire future depends on it."

Meanwhile, back in Victoria's room, she dumps the pills under her pillow and then looks up with a sly grin on her face, knowing that she is feeling better because she has stopped taking the medication that Bryce has been giving her. In her mind, this is future proof that she never idd split.

"I am getting to you," she whispers to herself. "And soon, you will be putty in my hands."


Meanwhile, in the laundry room, Abby puts some dirty linens into a washing machine. As she continues on with her community service, she can't help but think about earlier in the morning when she was at the Pampa Grill when Dominick approached her. They ended up having another deep conversation and he put his hand on hers. She loved that moment with Dominick, but it was interrupted by Felicia, who lost it on her.

She has no idea what was happening with Felicia but she has never seen someone lose control that way before. Suddenly, she recalls another conversation that she had with Dominick, a few weeks earlier, when he admitted that Felicia was admitted to Raven's Meadow a few years earlier.

"Maybe I should look into her file," Abby whispers to herself. "I am here, after all. I could see what, exactly, is wrong with Felicia. I could use it to my advantage."


Jacob slowly opens the door to the main office of Roboto and peers inside; he can see Natasha sitting on the sofa typing into her laptop. He knows that she has a million things to do because Cheresa decided to work for Robertson Enterprises instead of Roboto but right now, he needs his mother.

"Mom," Jacob moves inside the office and closes the door behind himself. "Do you have minute to talk?"

"Jacob, of course I do," Natasha puts her laptop down on the table and stands up to greet her son. "What is it? Are you okay?"

"No, I'm not," Jacob shakes his head back to her. "I think I've lost Paige, forever."

"Oh darling," Natasha hugs him. "You did the right thing by going to the police when you found out that Cassie is alive and that Max knew about it. In fact, I was at the police station earlier and told Simona to press as many charges as she could against him."

"That's what I thought," Jacob admits to her as they exit their embrace. "I was worried that Paige was getting sucked back into Max's orbit and I thought this would end that. But, she seemingly understand why Max lied about his mother."

"Are you sure that Paige is the one you want to be with?" Natasha asks him quickly. "Because, you know that there are many other girls out there that would be lucky to have you in their life."

"Thanks," Jacob sighs back to her. "But, I do love Paige. I just don't know what to do to get her back."

"If you want my opinion," Natasha tells him. "Give her the space she wants. If it is meant to be, she will come around. And if not, it is better that you find out now than further down the road."

Twin Peaks Police Department

"I came as soon as I could," Paige tells Max as they sit across from one another in the visitor's room of the police station. She still can't believe that Max was arrested after Jacob revealed that Cassie was alive and he knew about it. While she was shocked at first, Paige can understand why Max lied about his mom because he was protecting Cassie, the same way that Paige would protect Leah. "How are you?"

Max smiles back to her. "I am glad that you are here," he reveals to her. "It's nice to see you, Paige."

"I wish this hadn't happened," Paige tells him. "Jacob shouldn't have gone to the police with this information."

Max shrugs back to her. "My Dad was here," he says back to her. "And, he told me that it makes sense that Jacob would want justice; my Mom did try to kill the two of you. So, I guess it is reasonable."

"That's big of you. I don't think I would be as forgiving."

Max chuckles back to her. "I'm trying, what can I say?"

"Has Simona said what will happen to you?" Paige asks him nervously. "I hope you won't actually go to jail."

"She will drop the charges," Max looks back at her. "On one condition, and that is if I can produce my mother."

"Simona wants Cassie?" Paige gasps back to her.


"Then do it Max," Paige looks back at him with intent. "Get your mother here as soon as possible."

The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Leah's Home

"What did you just say?" a stunned Cory asks Leah as they continue to stand next to one another in the bedroom of the penthouse. "You had a baby in Santa Barbara?"

Leah lets another tear fall down her cheek. "My dream, it was crystal clear. The baby that was crying, it was my baby. My God, I had a child while I was there."

"So, where is this child now? What happened to him or her?" Cory asks her, still trying to figure out what is going on.

"I don't know," a shaky Leah tells him. "But, I think I know how to figure this all out."

"How? What can we do to help you remember all of this?"

"I have to go back to the winery," Leah looks back him. "We have to go to Santa Barbara."

Next on One day at a Time
- Kim tells Robbie her news
- Adam gives Shane a warning
- Chris confides in Cheresa

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