Episode 846
Little Bit of Excess
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: Augsut 23, 2022

Episode Theme song: "XS" Rina Sawayama

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Chris suspected something was going on between Trenyce & Andrew, who shared a kiss
- Victoria realized that she had to escape from Raven's Meadow. Bryce, meanwhile, told the Chief of Staff that Victoria was ready to leave. The Chief of Staff was revealed to be an alive Frederick Richardson!
- Daisy gave Meggan a toothbrush of Vinny's to do a DNA sample to see if Vinny or Brett was alive
- Tyler was pleased with Cheresa's modelling shoot for Robertson Enterprises. Robbie, meanwhile, continued to plot to ruin the campaign
- Just as Max was about to go to his arraignment for habouring a fugitive, Cassie returned to Twin Peaks!
- Cory saw Jeff and Leah share a close moment when she told her ex-husband that they shared another child together

Raven's Meadow

"I'm sorry to tell you that we are not going to release Victoria Franky from the hospital," Frederick Richardson slowly stands up from his chair behind the desk in the chief of staff office at Raven's Meadow. Bryce had just walked into the office and told his boss that he believes that Victoria is healthy enough to leave the hospital and that Vinny's revenge plan has been completed. Frederick, who everyone believes is dead, has quickly shot that down. "Vinny Victors knows that I am alive and well, so we have to play along with his game until I can figure out a way to get him under control. No one else can know that I am actually alive and well."

Bryce sighs back to him. "Vinny has been blackmailing me for months with the fact that you're alive," he tells his boss. "He has made me do things that I regret every single day. We have to figure out how to get him under control."

"Leave that to me Bryce. And, until we do," Frederick looks back at him with intent. "Victoria has to stay in the hospital. We have to keep giving her the medication; it should make her believe that her alter ego is back."

"That's the odd thing," Bryce looks back at him. "She is doing very well. She is acting like a normal woman, not a woman that is being pumped with medication."

"How is that possible?" Frederick asks him quickly, confused by Bryce's remarks. "How can she not be seeing things and having time lapses? We have to figure out what really is going on with that woman because she could be the downfall of our entire plan."

Raven's Meadow

Victoria continues to look at the pills that she has been hiding under her pill in Raven's Meadow. She can't stop thinking about the fact that since she has stopped taking the medication she has never felt better; this has made her believe that she never split, and that Bryce has misdiagnosed her. The fact that Bryce has also told her that it is not up to him to decide if she leaves the hospital or not makes her realize that something bigger is going on here. She knows that she has to figure this out, her entire future is depending on it.

She stands up and runs her hand through her long hair. "I have to get of here," she whispers to herself. "If Bryce won't let me leave, I have to find a way to get out of here on my own."

She pauses when she thinks back to Bryce telling her that chief of staff is very powerful and doesn't want anyone to know who he is.

"If I knew who the chief of staff is, maybe I can convince him that I ready to leave," she tells herself. "And if not, I will find a way to get out of here. I won't stay here if I am healthy. I need to get back to my life, I need to get back to Donovan."

She moves to the door and opens it. She peers into the hallway but doesn't see anyone there. She steps out and quickly closes her door behind her.

"Okay, I will go talk to the chief of staff and plead my case," Victoria tells herself as she scurries down the hallway.

Twin Peaks Police Station

"You wanted me, and here I am," Cassie announces to Simona and Max as she stands in the police station, just as her son was about to start his arraignment. She took the first flight to Twin Peaks once she got the phone call from Max that he had been arrested for habouring a fugitive because he has known that she didn't die in the plane crash in Banff last November. The last thing that Cassie wants is for her son to go to jail for her crimes. "My son will not go jail, do you hear me?"

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Max asks her in shock that she is actually standing in front of him. "You can't be here, you're going to be arrested!"

"That she is," Simona moves up to Cassie and pulls out her handcuffs. "Cassie Nova, you're under arrest for attempted murder of Paige Claus and Jacob Calimo, anything you can and will be used against you in a court of law."

"Fine, but can we please talk in private?" Cassie puts her wrists out for Simona to cuff her. "Please, detective, just hear me out?"

"Fine, let's go in my office," Simona points to her office to Cassie, who walks towards the door.

Cassie stops in front of Max and smiles at him. "It will be okay, don't worry baby."

Simona moves up to the guard that is behind Max. "Take him back to his cell until I'm done with Ms. Nova."

Inside the office, Simona moves around to her desk and looks at Cassie. "You wanted me alone, and here we are. But if you think that this will get the charges against you dropped…"

"I don't expect that," Cassie replies to her quickly. "I came back to protect my son, like any mother would do. But you have to do something for me."

"And that would be?"

"No one, and I mean no one can know that I am back in town. My arrest needs to be kept top secret, do you understand me?"

The Sugarbowl

Cory moves into the coffeehouse looking for a caffeine fix. When he left the penthouse, Leah and Jeff were still talking about the fact that they have another long-lost child out there because she has remembered giving birth to a baby when she was at the winery in Santa Barbara all those years ago after the explosion in Lake Tahoe. Seeing Leah and Jeff embrace was a hard pill for Cory to swallow because they already share Paige and Noah together; the fact that they have a third child together is like rubbing salt in an open wound, since he and Leah have been trying to have a child.

He grabs his coffee and moves to the coffee bar. As he puts his cream and sugar into his drink, he turns his head and sees Meggan sitting alone at the coffee bar. He can't help but think that she looks like she is deep in thought. He puts a lid on his coffee and moves over to the coffee bar.

"Meggan, hey," Cory says coming up to her. "I hope I'm not intruding?"

Meggan stops looking at the toothbrush that is in a ziplock bag and quickly puts it in her purse. She can't stop thinking about how Daisy gave her one of Brett's toothbrushes so they could see if Vinny is alive or not.

"Sorry, I guess I was deep in thought. How are you, Cory?" she turns her attention to him.

"To be honest, I've been better," Cory sits next to her. "It's a long story but it seems like Jeff and Leah are being pulled back together."

Meggan sighs back to him as she thinks about how she recently saw Jeff and Madeline shared a kiss; now to hear that Jeff is also back in Leah's orbit, it makes her realize that she did the right thing by ending things with him when he did.

"Why am I not surprised by that?" Meggan asks him back quickly. "It is a like a merry go round with those two."

"There's more to it," Cory reveals to her. "Turns out, Leah had a child all those years ago at your winery. That's why she heard the baby crying in her head. She gave birth and is just remembering it now."

"And, because of the timing of her arrival in Santa Barbara, Jeff would be the father?" Meggan says as Cory nods his head to her. "Well, I can't say I'm surprised that they are drawn together but between you and I, I'm over this drama Cory. I really am."

The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Leah's Home

"I almost can't believe what I'm hearing," Paige admits to Jeff and Leah as they sit next to one another on the sofa in the living room of the penthouse house that Leah is living in with Cory. Leah and Jeff just told their daughter that she has another brother or sister out there because Leah has remembered that she gave birth in Santa Barbara all those years ago. "You had a child? And the pills that Frederick Richardson gave you made you forget about it until now?"

"I know baby," Leah puts her hand on Paige's shoulder. "I was in shock when I remembered too. I didn't really believe it until I was standing in my old bedroom at the winery and I remembered giving birth there."

"So, I have a brother or sister," Paige tries to understand everything she is hearing. "Where are they then? Where is your child?"

Jeff sighs as he looks back at his daughter. "That's the thing, we have no idea if it was a boy or a girl or what Frederick would have done with the child."

"I don't know that we will ever find those answers because Frederick is dead," Leah admits to them. "I don't know what is worse, finding out that I child all those years ago that I didn't remember or that I will likely never find him or her."

"There must be something we can do?" Paige asks her parents. "How can we find out that we have another member of our family but never get to meet them? That doesn't seem fair!"

"I'm sorry Paige," Leah pulls her daughter into a hug. "This is the reality that we just have to learn to accept, as hard as it will be."

Robertson Enterprises

"Are you really telling me that Cheresa's campaign is live?" Greg smiles to Tyler as he stands in the office with Cheresa, Chris and Trenyce. Cheresa and her parents were all called to Tyler's office for his announcement that Cheresa's campaign for the new skin care line was going to launch. Everyone was rather surprised that it was happening so quickly, but they are thrilled with the results. "I thought it would be a few more days before it was released."

"Yes, it is live," Tyler announces to Cheresa and her family. "Once we saw the pictures with Cheresa, we knew we had to act quickly. So, we rushed the final skin care package called New Era, because this is a new era for Robertson Enterprises."

"I can't believe that this is really happening," Cheresa grabs Trenyce's hand, excited by the fact that she is actually a model for Robertson Enterprises. She never thought that this would happen, yet alone this quickly. "I'm a model for a huge skin care line!"

"We are all so proud of you," Chris smiles to his daughter. "You've really outdone yourself here."

"Chris is right," Greg nods back to her. "After everything we have been through, this is the best news! You're going to be a huge success, Cheresa!"

"Thank you everyone," Cheresa smiles to her family. "And thank you, Tyler, for this opportunity."


A short time later, while the celebration continues in the office, Chris moves up to Trenyce, who is pouring herself some sparkling water.

"I can't believe how far she has come," Chris tells Trenyce as they lock eyes with one another. "For so long we didn't even know we had a daughter and now she is a huge model."

Trenyce takes a sip of her water and chuckles back to him. "I love that we found our daughter, Chris. I can't believe that we have her, but I am so grateful. Ooh," she puts her hand on her stomach. "Sorry, he or she is active today."

Chris looks down at her growing belly and sighs a little as he still can't believe that she is going to have a child with Brad. It was hard enough to get over the fact that she and Brad had an affair when he was in jail but now, he also suspects that something might be going on between her and Andrew.

"You do look like you're glowing, Trey," he tells her. "I have to ask you something and I hope it's not out of turn."

Trenyce uneasily looks back at him. "You ask as me anything, Chris. You know that."

"Okay, I appreciate that," Chris tells her quickly. "I have to know what is going on between you and Andrew?"

Trenyce gulps heavily as she thinks about how Andrew kissed her recently because he wanted to see if Chris' suggestion that something was going between them was true. She hasn't been able to stop thinking about the kiss, but she doesn't want Chris to be upset by what has happened.

"Nothing," she shakes her head back to him. "He is helping me around the house while I'm pregnant. I have to stay calm because of my blood pressure, remember?"

"Yea, I remember," Chris nods back to her. "I just thought something else was going on from when I walked in the other day. I thought I sensed something more."

"No," Trenyce lies to him. "Of course not, Chris. There is nothing going on between Andrew and myself."


"Damn it," Robbie slams his fist down on the desk in the main office of Roboto as he looks at the screen of his laptop. He is just seeing that Robertson Enterprises released New Era, the campaign featuring Cheresa; the fact that they have released the campaign before he had a chance to ruin it, makes him furious. He had been formulating a plan that would ruin the campaign but now that is out the window. He refuses, however, to let this be the last straw. "Robertson just released Cheresa's ad campaign."

"What? Already?" a stunned Natasha asks as she and Kim stand from the sofa and rush behind him to look at his screen. "They wasted no time."

"I can't say that I blame them," Kim notes to her family, trying to find the positives in the situation. She, too, wishes that Cheresa had signed with them, but she knows that they just have to move forward. "These pictures of Cheresa are stunning."

"They should have been our images!" Robbie grits his teeth together, still furious that they lost the bid for the model. "I still can't believe that we didn't sign Cheresa!"

"We can't change that now," Kim puts her hands on his shoulders. "We have to plan ahead for Roboto; we have to make sure we come up with something stellar to compete."

"Kim is right," Natasha tells her brother, trying to calm him down. She hates that he is getting so worked up over something that is beyond their control. "Let's focus on Roboto; we can't control Robertson Enterprises or this campaign."

Robbie uneasily nods his head back to them, even though the wheels in his head are turning about what he can now do to get back at Cheresa and Robertson Enterprises because he knows that he refuses to lose to Tyler.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Meggan finishes dropping off the toothbrush at the nurse's station and gives the nurse directions on what to do. She takes a deep breath when she is done because she knows that she and Daisy are about to get to the truth with whether or not Vinny is alive or not. If he is, she doesn't know what she will do because she knows how dangerous he could be.

She turns to leave but is startled to see Brett approaching her. "Meggan, hey, is everything okay?" Vinny asks her, still posing as Brett. Vinny has been racking his brain trying to figure out how to get rid of Meggan because she is on to him; he believes that if there is some type of medical issue with her, he could use that as a cover up to her untimely death.

"Everything is fine Brett, thanks," she nods back to him. "Is everything okay with you?"

"Yea, fine," he tells her. "I just had a regular old checkup."

"Oh good," Meggan forces a smile on her face. "I was just setting up an appointment for my son. He's due for a checkup."

"I see," he replies to her. "It looked like you gave something to the nurse? What was that?"

Meggan realizes that he might have been spying on her. She realizes that moving forward she will have to be more careful. "Just an updated contact card for me and Logan," she lies to him. "Should I be concerned that you're watching me so closely, Brett?"

Vinny chuckles back to her. "Not at all, just want to make sure you're alright. After all, we did almost die together last year."

"That we did," Meggan smiles back to him. "Thanks for your concern but I am fine and so is my son, whom I need to get back too, if you'll excuse me."

Vinny watches as Meggan leaves, unable to shake the feeling that Meggan is getting closer to exposing him. "I have to figure out what the hell is going on here," he whispers to himself. "My entire future depends on it."

Twin Peaks Police Department

"I can't believe you're here," Max tells his mother as they sit across from one another in a private visiting room at the police station. Max has been released from police custody and Cassie is the one now in handcuffs. Cassie made Simona two demands: one, no one can know that she is back in town and two, Max had to be released immediately. "I told you not to come."

"I know, and I understand why you feel that way," Cassie replies to her son. "But I needed you to be free. There is no way I could let you go to jail for this, Max. You mean way too much for me for me to let you go to jail."

"I appreciate that," Max looks back at her. "But, how are we going to get you out of here? How are we going to ensure you don't go to jail for almost killing Paige and Jacob? I thought I lost you once, Mom, I can't lose you again."

Cassie chuckles back to him. "Leave that to me Max," she smiles to her son. "I have that get out of jail free card, remember?"

"But what is that, Mom? How are you going to get out of here?"

"Don't worry," Cassie continues to grin. "I have an ace that will set me free. Just believe me, okay?"

Raven's Meadow

"So, what is the plan then? What are we going to do with Victoria?" Bryce asks Frederick as they continue to stand in his office at Raven's Meadow. Bryce wants to know what Frederick's plan with Victoria is because he can't help but want to ensure that he is protecting her.

"You're starting to ask too many damn questions," Frederick warns him. "Just do exactly what I say, and everything will be fine, okay?"

Bryce finds himself nodding. "What do you want me to do?"

"We have to find out why the medication isn't working anymore," Frederick tells him. "Something must be going on and at the very least, we might have to increase her dosage."

Before Bryce can say anything, the door to the office opens and Victoria appears. Her mouth immediately opens in shock at the sight of Bryce and Frederick together. "Frederick Richardson?" she gasps. "You're alive? What the hell is going on here?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Victoria tries to get answers
- Vinny grills Daisy
- Jasper comforts Lukas

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