Episode 85 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: April 11 , 2010

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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah collapsed. Family learned that her kidneys were failing and she needed a donor to live.
- Eva returned to town and saw Natasha, her long lost daughter
- Victoria and Chris started their friendship
- Reese learned the truth about Preston & Olivia being bank robbers. Devastated by yet another betrayal, he had unprotected sex with Derek, a guy he met at the bar

Scene One – Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robbie takes a deep breath and a sigh of relief as Shane has just revealed to everyone that a kidney donor has been found for Leah. The past few days have been torture for everyone in the family as they have stayed at Leah’s vigil while she was fighting for her life. The moment that they have all waited for is finally here. Robbie is even able to crack a smile.

“That’s fantastic news!” he reveals as Shane still stands in front of the family. “When can she have the surgery?”

Shane looks around the gathered family and friends; Robbie, Sofia, Bob, Dominick, Natasha, Robin, Cory, Kim and Jeff. He knows these people well. They are his friends. This is the part of the job he has always disliked: giving friends bad news regarding a loved one. “I’m afraid it’s not that easy.”

“Why not?” Dominick asks, knowing that his daughter needs the surgery to survive. “We all know what’ll happen if she doesn’t get the surgery!”

“I know Dominick. Let me explain,” Shane continues trying to stay calm, so the family will do the same. “The donor is a convict. This means that the person that pressed the charges has to give the okay to have them released, even temporary to have the surgery.”

“I can’t imagine that anyone would risk losing another life,” Sofia chimes in regarding the latest twist.

“When will we know?” Robbie asks putting his hand through his hair. It kills him that there is someone there willing to help his wife, but unable too until a third party agrees to it. He hates that someone that doesn’t even know Leah may get to decide her future.

“Soon, I hope,” Shane replies. “I’ll keep you informed when I hear more information.” As the crowd starts to break up, Shane walks over to Jeff. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Sure, what’s up?” Jeff asks. Robbie quickly clues in that Shane is having a private discussion with Jeff and wonders what is going on. He slowly creeps up close enough that he can hear their conversation.

“It’s about Leah’s donor,” Shane begins. “It’s Meggan Richardson. She is a perfect match to save Leah’s life. It’s just up too you if you want to have Meggan released to do the surgery or not.”

Jeff is dumbfounded. He never thought in a million years that the woman that killed his son would be the one that could save Leah’s life. He begins to speak, even though he is in a state of shock.

“Of course he’ll release her!” Robbie interrupts their private conversation, having overheard. “We’re talking about Leah’s life here. Have her released.”

Shane looks over at Robbie, then back at Jeff. Jeff clearly looks confused as though he has no idea what to do. “I’m sorry Robbie, this has to be Jeff’s decision.”

Robbie looks over at Jeff and waits for him to speech. “I … I need some time alone,” Jeff says as he walks off, leaving Robbie shocked that he even needs to think about it. For Robbie, the decision is cut and dry: release Meggan and save Leah’s life. “What’s the problem?,” Robbie asks raising his voice. “This is my wife’s life!”

“We know that Robbie,” Shane intervenes trying to keep Robbie calm. “But they worked hard to put Meggan away for Noah’s death. Just give him some time and he will do what he feels is best.”

Scene Two – The Sugarbowl

Derek brings Reese his large coffee and sits it on the table. Reese looks at Derek as he sits down across from him. Reese can’t help but remember the previous nights events: learning his parents are bank robbers and then going to Derek’s and having hot sex. He knows that the sex was a great escape from the hurt in his life. Still, he longs for the real companionship; someone he can talk to about the many things going on in his life; someone like Andy.

“Thanks for the coffee,” he says quietly as he takes a long drink of the hot liquid.

“Anytime,” Derek smiles back to his new lover. “Last night was great. We should do it again.”

“Yea,” Reese nods in agreement, half listening and half thinking about his life.

“Just so you know though, I’m not looking for a relationship. I hope you’re cool with that.”

Reese looks up and meets Derek’s eyes. He isn’t sure how to take Derek’s revelation. Before last night, he had only been with one guy before and he loved Andy. A part of him just thought that because he and Derek slept together they would become an item, even though the other part of him knows that he is no where near ready to be in another relationship yet.

“Of course that’s cool,” Reese says, trying to convince himself and Derek.

“Nice. I have some friends that you may want to meet too,” Derek winks at him, knowing that Reese was hot in bed and some of his friends would love to have a piece of him too. Derek is still in the promiscuous stage of his life; he and his friends have shared their share of young lovers.

Before Reese can reply, he spots Andy enter the coffee house. Andy immediately spots Reese and Derek together. Reese quickly turns his attention back to Derek trying to pretend he didn’t see Andy enter.

“That’d be awesome,” Reese replies not even cluing into what Derek meant by his friends wanting to meet him. “Excuse me for a second, I need more sugar in my coffee.”

Reese walks over to the bar where Andy is mixing his drink. Reese intervenes in Andy’s space and grabs some sugar.

“Oh Andy, hi. I didn’t see you come in,” Reese says casually to his ex lover.

“It’s good to see you. I didn’t want to interrupt you and your …”

“Boyfriend? It’s okay. Derek is cool like that,” Reese smiles through his teeth.

“Boyfriend?” Andy asks dumbfounded that Reese has moved on from their relationship already.

“Yea. We met and we’ve already had some hot times. It’s good to have someone that knows what they want, you know? Anyways, I don’t want to keep him waiting. Later,” Reese says as he walks away leaving Andy’s heart in a million pieces. Reese returns to his seat and watches Andy slowly leave the coffee house. A small grin comes across Reese’s face. He knows that he got to Andy, and he wanted too. After all the pain Andy caused him, he deserves a little of his own, Reese concludes to himself.

Outside, Andy pushes himself up against the building and takes some quick short breathes as tears swell in his eyes. He can’t believe that Reese has moved on so quickly. He saw Derek; he is an attractive young man. The thought of him touching Reese makes Andy sick. Andy feels his heart break inside his chest. He knows what he has to do: he has to go to Trenyce and get his life back. He has to make Reese understand.

Scene Three – The Legal Firm; Natasha’s Office

Natasha sits at her large desk going over some files. She left the hospital knowing that she wasn’t doing any good just waiting around for word on Leah. She made Sofia promise her to call her the moment they received news about Leah’s condition. Plus, while she would never say it aloud, she hates being around Shane so much and not being with him. It hurts her to be around him in that aspect, she realizes. She knows that she still has a long way to go to get over Shane and the fact that he is got Cassie pregnant. She has decided to focus on her career and herself. She is tired of always living her life through man. First Cory, then Shane. No more, she tells herself.

She smiles at her new found thinking as she reads a file. Her thoughts are interrupted with a knock on her door.

“Yes?” Natasha asks the woman in the doorway, although she looks oddly familiar.

“I need some legal advice. I don’t have an appointment though. Is it okay if I come in?” Eva asks as she removes her sunglasses and enters the office.

As soon as Eva’s sunglasses are off, Natasha recognizes her from the woman on Main Street that was looking at her a few weeks ago. “Um, sure, have a seat,’ Natasha tells her feeling a little uneasy. She quickly closes the files on her desk and smiles as Eva is across from her. “Natasha Calimo,” she says extending her hand.

“So nice to meet you,” Eva replies as she shakes Natasha’s hand. “I’m Eva.”

“Nice to meet you, so what kind of advice do you need?”

Eva gives half a smile. Is she really doing this? Is she really sitting in front of her daughter asking her advice? Eva quickly notices how beautiful Natasha is. Her long blonde hair flows and her brown eyes have a twinkle in them. Eva takes a deep breath, knowing she’s already come this far. No turning back now. “It’s about my daughter,” Eva finally replies slowly.

Scene Four – Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Chapel

Robbie enters the Chapel in the hospital. It’s empty. He slowly walks down the aisle and approaches the candles. He takes a stick and lights a candle. As soon as the candle starts to flicker with it’s own flame, he looks up.

“I know we don’t talk often,” he begins to say aloud in a soft voice. “But I need you know more than ever. Leah … she’s my life. She’s my heart. She’s my soul. I love her more than my life itself,” he says as a tear falls from his eye. “She’s laying in that damn hospital bed and there’s nothing I can do. Nothing! You’ve already given us a miracle of finding her a kidney donor God … but I need something else from you. Maybe I’m selfish for asking, but please, please find a way to make Jeff realize what the right thing to do is.”

Kim comes up behind Robbie and places her hand on his shoulder. He turns around and wipes his wet face when he sees her. “Do you want me to talk to Jeff? Maybe he’ll listen to me?” she says as they hug.

“Thanks Kim. I don’t know why he wouldn’t jump on the chance to save Leah. We’re talking about her life! The life of the mother of his child. I … I don’t understand.”

“Shh, I know. I’ll talk to him. Stay positive, okay?”

Scene Five – Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Balcony

Jeff opens the door to the roof top balcony on the top floor of TPGH. He desperately needed some air to think about the current situation at hand. Of course, he understands Robbie’s rational about releasing Meggan to save Leah’s life, but he also knows how strongly Leah felt about having Meggan locked up for Noah’s death. He isn’t sure that she would want Meggan to be released … even if it meant saving her life. He takes a deep breath of the air outside.

“What should I do? Leah’s life is so precious. It’s just unconceivable that Meggan, of all people, can save her,” he says to himself. “Lord, I need guidance right now.”

Kim opens the door to the balcony and sees Jeff looking out at the view of Twin Peaks. “You okay?” she asks as she comes up beside him.

He turns his head and sees Kim. “I’m surprised your not with Robbie right now,” Jeff manages to say to her.

“I just was. You have to know what this means to him to have this surgery. You’re not only making a decision for Leah’s life, but Robbie’s life, Dominick’s life … the entire Calimo family’s lives Jeff. Why wouldn’t you jump on this chance to save her life?” Kim questions him.

Jeff sighs. “No one has been closer to Leah this past few months than I have. No one not even Robbie,” he says turning away from her. “I know how much seeing Meggan go to jail meant to her. I don’t know if Leah would have wanted her released … for anything. I’m thinking about her, not myself here. No one downstairs will understand that though.”

“Because they want her to live Jeff!” Kim yells at him. “What good is anything if Leah is dead? Will you be happier then?”

“Of course not! I knew you wouldn’t understand Kim. You never understand. Just go. I need to be alone,” he yells back at her.

Kim sighs. “I give up with you,” she says as she turns and walks away from him. She pauses and wishes she could remember a time when she and Jeff connected on some level. She realizes that she can not and continues to her exit.

Scene Six – Capers

Victoria enters the restaurant after a busy morning at the hospital. Ever since her bout with multiple personalities, she has slowly been working more and more in an attempt to get her life back. Soon, she realizes, she’ll able to start seeing her patients again, something she longs for … getting back into the swing of things. Still, while she is still working at getting back she is enjoying some of the time to continue to dig into Dave’s plan and why he shot her years ago at the Calimo cabin.

She spots Chris at a table and smiles as she approaches. “Sorry I’m late,” she says as she sits across from him.

Chris looks up from the menu, happy to see his friend. Over the past few months, he has come to enjoy his budding friendship with Victoria as he has felt like an outcast from the rest of his friends and the city with his pending divorce from Daisy. “As long as you don’t stand up me!” he jokes with her as she sits. “Seriously, it’s good to see you. How’ve you been?”

“Busy with work and things. How are you? Any luck with Daisy trying to get her to work things out?”

“Nope, I think I need to accept that my marriage is over,” he says with a sense of sadness in his voice.

“Chris, I’m so sorry,” Victoria says reaching over and grabbing his hand. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Chris sighs. “You should probably know the truth,” he tells her, moving his eyes away from her.

Victoria arches her eyebrow. “Okay. Tell me the truth.”

Chris takes a deep breath. He hasn’t admitted the truth to many people, mostly because he is ashamed of his actions, but he trusts Victoria with the truth. He trusts her with his secrets knowing that she won’t judge him. “I cheated on Daisy. More than once,” he says putting his head down.

Victoria opens her mouth to say something, but nothing really comes out. She knew that something like that must have happened since Daisy warned her about Chris at Andy’s dinner party. “I’m sure you must have your reasons for doing that,” she replies to him. “If you’re happy at home, you usually don’t go looking for something else.”

Chris looks up at her and gives her half a grin. He didn’t realize that she’d take it that well, since most people give him the riot act. “There’s not excuse,” he begins in his reply. “But you know, I was frustrated. Daisy was always at work. It was months before we’d connect on that level, you know?”

“Of course, and you’re man … you have needs. I understand. I don’t think what you did was the right thing, but I understand why you did it,” Victoria offers back to her friend.

Chris smiles, “You’re amazing, you know that?”

Victoria smiles back to him, “I know. But keep telling me. I like to hear it.”

Chris laughs. “So what’s new with you? I tried calling you last week and your phone was out of service.”

Victoria takes a drink of her water. Chris just confessed one of his deepest secrets to her, maybe it’s time she confess to him, she thinks. “Yea, I was out of town for a while. Madeline and I went away.”

“Wait, hold up … you and Madeline Wilkins? You guys hate each other! Now I know something is going on! Does this have anything to do with your memories?”

Victoria leans in closer, not wanting anyone else to over hear. “This stays between us, right?”

“Of course Vic. What’s up?”

“I remember why Vinny shot me. Although, it’s not Vinny at all,” Victoria begins as Chris’ eyes widen in surprise.

Scene Seven -- Bar Code

The bar is not open at this hour of the day, but Ryan sits at a table with his phone. He thinks back to the other night when he met Reese at the bar for the first time. He enjoyed meeting the young jock and then passing him off to Derek. Ryan isn’t a gay man, he just hangs out at the gay bar and is in the crowd. He knows that is his prime market in a city the size of Twin Peaks. Being involved in some illegal activities, including selling drugs, is how he makes a dollar.

He opens his telephone and sees a picture on his background. Him and his brother when they were younger.

“Oh Jackson,” Ryan says quietly to himself. “I miss you man.”

He shuts his phone. He doesn’t like to think of Jackson too often. The memories are far too painful. Remembering the abusive childhood they endured and how Jackson continued to spiral out of control. So often, he knows that he tried to get Jackson to change his ways to no avail. If only, Ryan tells himself.

He shakes his head. “I have to snap out of it,” he whispers to himself. “I need some help too.”

He opens his phone again and goes through his contacts until he finds the name Will Coutts. “Will, perfect person to help me,” he smiles as he starts writing a text message.

Scene Eight -- The State Penitentiary

Meggan sits on the bed in her cell. She is alone in her cell, something she is grateful for. She knows that she wouldn’t like an annoying roommate … some murderer or psycho or something. She often wonders if the others think of her as a murderer or psycho, and thus she scolds herself for thinking the others in that negative context. Maybe they, too, are like her and had a misguided moment that they are forever paying for.

She sighs. She longs to be outside again, breathing fresh air. She wants to run in a park with Vinny by her side. Or having a picnic. Or swimming in the lake. Anything that would make her feel human again. Make her feel alive again. Slowly, she thinks, she is dying in the cell. There’s no form of real life in her cell, other than her chest going up and down as she inhales and exhales.

“I’m sorry Noah,” she whispers to herself. “Here I am wishing I could be living my life when you’ll never get the chance to live yours.”

Meggan, more than anyone, has been hard on herself for drinking and driving and killing Noah. While she can never take it away, she wishes she could go back and change things. She should have stopped drinking months earlier. She wouldn’t have driven the car that day. If only, if only. Now, she knows that she will never touch alcohol again … if she ever gets the chance to have it again.

Her thought process is interrupted by a guard approaching her cell. “Richardson, we have news for you.”

Meggan turns, not used to someone using her last name in jail. “Yes,” she says softly not moving from her spot on her cot.

“You’re on the national organ donor list, correct?”

Meggan nods, faintly remembering signing up years ago for the donor list.

“Looks like you may get to do your good deed,” he says. “We’ll let you know when you’ll be transferred to the hospital.”

Meggan looks forward once again. She gives herself half a smile. She didn’t think she would ever get a chance to possibly do something good for another person again. Not while she was in jail. Now, maybe, she could give someone a gift of life; a small gesture to make up for a life she took.

Scene Nine -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Chapel

Sofia enters the Chapel and sees Dominick sitting in the front pew, his hands folded in prayer. She walks slowly down the small aisle and approaches his backside. She looks at the man she once loved, the man that part of her still loves although she never admits it to herself or anyone for that matter. She can only imagine the pain he is going through right now. She remembers going through a similar pain when Natasha was in the hospital a few months earlier. While she knows Bob would go crazy if he knew she was there, she had to reach out to Dominick to let him know that she understands what he is going through.

“How are you holding up?” she asks in an unemotional voice. Dominick quickly turns and sees Sofia standing above him. He smiles softly.

“As well as can be imagined,” he says in a whisper. “Thank you for coming.”

“I wouldn’t be any where else. Robbie is my son, Leah is his wife. My family comes first. You know that Dominick,” she says still standing behind him.

He turns to her and grabs her hand. “Still, it means everything to me that you’re here. I can feel your support, even if you claim not to care Sofia.”

Sofia moves around and sits next to him. “I’ve never claimed not to care. We all want the same thing, for Leah to get better.”

Dominick feels his eyes swell with tears. He has been trying so desperately to hold it together for Robbie’s sake, but finally he is able to feel comfortable enough to release his true emotions. He let’s a tear fall down his cheek. “I’m scared Sofia. I’m so scared for my little girl.”

Sofia immediately pulls Dominick into an embrace. He rests his head on her shoulder as he starts to weep. “Sshh, she’ll be fine Dominick. I promise you. It’s okay. Stay strong, stay strong!”

As Dominick weeps into his former lover’s arms, Bob stands in the doorway of the chapel watching his wife comfort Dominick. He sighs heavily and then closes the door. Outside the chapel, Bob fumes. Has Sofia ever gotten over Dominick? He asks himself as he walks away.

Scene Ten -- Derek’s Apartment

Reese sits on the sofa in Derek’s apartment laughing at one of Derek’s jokes. Derek is busy rushing around the apartment gathering his bag for the gym.

“You can hang out here while I’m at the gym if you want,” Derek says coming into the living room with his gym bag.

“it’s okay, I can jet,” Reese says standing up not wanting to intrude.

“I’m not sure you’ll want too,” Derek smiles as he hears the door bell ring. “I invited a friend over. You guys can get to know each other here. It’s cool.”

Derek opens the door and a young dark hair guy comes in. “Derek, hey man,” the guy says as they hug.

“Randy, this is Reese. Reese, this is Randy,” Derek says, with a sly grin on his face, as they shake hands.

“Reese, good to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you,” Randy winks smiling as he sits next to Reese on the sofa.

“Really?” Reese smiles looking at the attractive guy next to him. “All good things, I hope.”

“Of course,” Randy says placing his hand on Reese’s leg.

“Okay boys … the gym is calling. Be good!” Derek says laughing as he exit’s the apartment. As soon as the front door is closed, Randy turns to Reese and kisses him hard. Reese responds and kisses Randy back. He wonders what he is doing as the kiss continues; he recalls seeing Andy earlier and how good it felt to put him down. He steps back and looks at Randy with lust in his eyes.

“Derek told me all good things,” Randy says in between kisses, as it continues to heats up.

Reese looks and Randy and pauses for a moment. For a split second, he sees Andy’s face and smiles. He kisses Randy again as he crawls into his lap. “Good, let me show more good things,” Reese says as he starts kissing Randy’s neck.

Scene Eleven -- The Legal Firm; Natasha’s Office

Natasha recounts the story that Eva just told her; how Eva agreed to give up her daughter for cash years ago to a powerful family. She can’t imagine who would do such a thing to a woman like Eva; she seems so sweet and caring. Why would anyone want to take her baby away from her? Why would anyone want to claim another person’s child as their own?

“This is so shocking,” Natasha notes to Eva. “It’s like something out of a movie or a novel or something.”

“I know. It’s a long story. But suppose I wanted to make contact with my daughter, would I have any legal rights?” Eva asks. Suddenly the urge for a smoke hits her. She digs through her purse. “You don’t mind do you?”

Natasha doesn’t respond as Eva lights up the cigarette. She’s never had a client smoke in her office before, and while she normally wouldn’t allow it, she doesn’t say anything to Eva.

“Honestly, I’m not sure Eva. I can look into for you, if you’d like,” Natasha offers trying not to breathe in too much of the smoke.

“I’d like that a lot,” Eva smiles back to Natasha.

Scene Twelve -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; ICU

Jeff reappears in the ICU. Robbie immediately walks over to him and looks at him.

“Where have you been? Time’s running out,” Robbie declares to him. “Please Jeff, I’m begging you.”

“Where’s Shane?” Jeff asks sombrely. “I’ve made a decision.”

Shane enters the ICU holding Leah’s file in his hands. He looks around the room and sees the Calimo’s all waiting eagerly for some kind of news about Leah.

“Jeff, I’m glad you’re here. We need you’re answer now. Time’s running out for Leah,” Shane says as he walks up to Jeff.

“I’ve made my decision,” Jeff says looking at Shane. Robbie comes up behind him, needing to know the answer. “I’ll agree to let Meggan out to save Leah. We need to do whatever we can to save her life.”

Robbie takes a deep breath and smiles a little. “Thank you Jeff, you’re doing the right thing,” he says as he puts his hand on Jeff’s shoulders.

“Don’t thank me yet. Wait until Leah is awake, and recovering,” Jeff says. “Excuse me, I’m going to say a prayer for Leah.”

Kim watches as Jeff exits. The pain on his face tells her everything she needs to know. She’s known it for awhile, but it’s become more clear: Jeff is still in love with Leah.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Robin and Cory have it out!
- Robbie visits Meggan
- Brett is comforted by Daisy

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