Episode 850
Ghost Haunt Me
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: August 28, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Tipsy" Chloe x Halle

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Just as Frederick was about to perform a lobotomy on Victoria, Bryce knocked him out and vowed to protect Victoria
- Daisy realized that she had to seduce Vinny to prevent him from learning that she and Meggan are on to him
- Abby read Felicia's file from Raven's Meadow, then shared another close moment with Dominick, who kissed her
- Cheresa got an odd fan letter stating they were her biggest fan. Robbie and Tara, meanwhile planned to ruin Cheresa's campaign at Robertson Enterprises
- Max was released from jail when Cassie returned to town
- Leah realized that she may never find her long-lost child

The Victors Mansion; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"This wine is starting to hit me," chuckDaisyles to the man she believes is Brett. She has realized that to keep him from asking too many questions about his missing toothbrush; she recalls that she stole the toothbrush and gave it to Meggan so she could do a DNA test to see if Vinny is alive. If he is, it means that he has been posing as Brett for over a year. To keep him from asking her more questions, she has realized that she must seduce him. She is willing to give herself to him to ensure that he doesn't find out the truth.

"Is it?" Vinny grins back to her. "Is that a good thing?"

"After the last few days, this is what I needed," Daisy looks back at him. "We don't have to end it here, though, Brett."

Vinny looks back at her in surprise. "What are you suggesting?"

Daisy moves up to him and gives him a kiss on the lips. "You mentioned earlier that it had been a while since we were close," she purrs back to him as she looks into his eyes. "Why don't we change that?"

Vinny looks back at her with lust in his eyes. He has waited for her to be ready to make love again since the last time they had sex. He kisses her back before he looks into her eyes. "I thought you'd never ask," he whispers to her. "I want you so badly."

"Then have me Brett," Daisy purrs to him. "Make love to me all night long."

The Pampa Grill

"I am glad that you agreed to meet me for a drink tonight," Paige tells Jacob as they sit across from one another at a table in the restaurant. "I really haven't liked how we have left things between us lately, Jacob."

Jacob picks up his beer and looks back at his former fiancé. He knows that they haven't been seeing eye to eye lately because he went to the police with proof that Max has known that Cassie is alive; Paige has been defending Max, claiming she understands that he would want to do anything he could to support his mother, even though Cassie tried to kill them last November.

"I hate fighting with you too, Paige," Jacob tells her. "For whatever reason, Max always seems to find a way to come between us. He did it when we were engaged and he's doing it again now."

Paige moves a piece of hair behind her ear and takes a sip of her martini. "I don't want this tension to get in the way of our work at Robertson Enterprises," she tells him. "I think we should call a truce and agree to disagree when it comes to Max Black."

Jacob chuckles back to her. "Just like that, huh? A truce?"

"I don't see what alternatives there are," she admits to him. "But we do have to maintain a working relationship, Jacob, so we have to try to get along."

Before Jacob can reply, he happens to turn his head and his mouth opens in shock by what he sees at the bar: Max is ordering a drink.

"What the hell?" Jacob asks as Paige turns to see Max. "How did he get out of jail?"

"I have no idea," Paige replies to him. "I didn't know he was out of jail."

"I have to find out what happened," Jacob says as he stands up and rushes away from the table. Paige quickly follows him just as curious as to know how Max is out of jail.

"When did you get out of jail?" Jacob asks Max as he arrives at the bar, with Paige behind him. "More importantly, how the hell did you get out of jail?"

Max takes a sip of his beer. "I don't think that's any of your business," Max sneers back to him.

"Max," Paige moves closer to him. "You told me that Simona would drop the charges if your mother returned; is Cassie back? Is that how you got out of jail?"

Max sighs back to them as he sets his beer down on the bar. "I guess you'll find out sooner than later," he looks back at Paige and then Jacob. "But yes, my mother is back. Simona arrested my mother and that is how I am free. So, Jacob, it looks like you will get your wish after all: my mother will pay for trying to kill you last November. You're welcome for saying you, by the way."

Jacob and Paige look at one another in shock as they had no idea that Cassie would actually return to help her son. Now that she has been arrested, they both realize that they might finally get closure on their kidnapping from last winter.

The Calimo Mansion

Natasha moves up to the bar in the living room of the mansion that she lives in with Robbie, Kim and Jacob and pours herself a scotch nightcap. She had been with Tyler earlier in the evening, but they were having some awkward moments because Robertson Enterprises won Cheresa's contract bid to model for them which has left Roboto scrambling. Natasha hates that her business life is impacting her personal life, but she can't help how she feels.

She shakes head quickly when she hears her cell phone ring. She moves over and sees Jacob's name on her phone screen.

"Jacob, darling," Natasha says as she picks up her phone. "Is everything okay? It is late for you to be calling?"

"Mom," Jacob says from the corner of the Pampa Grill. "Everything is fine, but I just found out some news that you have to hear from me."

"You have my attention," Natasha replies to her son. "What is it?"

"Cassie Nova is back in town," Jacob reveals to her. "She's been arrested for trying to kill Paige and I last year and Max is out of jail."

"My God," Natasha gasps back to him. "Are you sure about this?"

"I heard it from Max myself," Jacob tells his mother. "Cassie is back, Mom. And, God knows what she is up to this time."

The Park

Even though it is rather late outside, Dominick is slowly walking through the park, trying to enjoy the warm summer air. He knows all too well that soon fall will be here and the weather will turn colder in Twin Peaks.

He pauses when he hears his cell phone start to chime. "Dominick speaking," he says into his phone.

"Granddad, it's me Paige," she says into her phone. "Something has happened."

Dominick arches his eyebrow back to her. "What has happened? Are you okay, Paige?"

"I'm fine," Paige reassures him. "But Cassie Nova is back in town. She's been arrested for trying to kill Jacob and I last November. And, as a result, Max is out of jail."

"I don't believe this," Dominick grits his teeth together. "Are you certain?"

"I just saw Max and he confirmed everything. I thought you should know what's happened."

"I appreciate my beauty," Dominick smiles back to her. "Thank you for the information. You, get some rest now, okay? It's late. I love you."

Dominick hangs up the phone and feels his blood boil at the thought of the woman who stole millions from his company.

"Maybe now, I'll be able to get my money back," he whispers to himself.

The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Leah's Home

"How did you talk go with Jeff?" Cory asks Leah as he moves into the living room of the penthouse that they are living in together. He passes her a glass of red wine before he sits next to her. He recalls how earlier in the evening Leah invited her ex-husband over to tell him that she remembered having a child while she was in Santa Barbara all those years ago. Of course, this means, that she and Jeff share another child together.

"As well as to be expected," Leah replies to him. "We actually called Paige over and told her what is going on too. I thought she should know."

"Paige must be just as confused as you and Jeff are," Cory says before he takes a sip of his wine.

"That's putting it mildly," Leah admits to him. "We are all just sort of shocked by this revelation."

"Have you had any more memories about the delivery? Do you remember if it was a boy or a girl? Or any details?" Cory asks her.

Leah shakes her head back to him. "I wish I did, but I don't remember anything else."

"Well, I think you and Jeff should try to find this child. I mean, you guys have more family out there! This is pretty incredible."

Leah sighs back to him. "That's what Jeff suggested too," she reveals to him. "But the truth is, with Frederick dead, I don't know how we would ever find out what happened to my child, Cory. He or she could be anywhere. I just don't think I will ever know what happened to my baby, and that is heartbreaking for me."

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Abby & Cheresa's Home

"You didn't have to drive me home," Cheresa smiles as she and Dawn open the front door to the Lawson mansion and move inside to the foyer. The two had been having drinks at the Pampa Grill when the realized how late it was, so Dawn agreed to drive her girlfriend home.

"Maybe I wanted to drive you home so I can could tuck you in upstairs," Dawn winks back to her as she leans in and kisses her. "I find you so beautiful, Cheresa. I want to spend as much time with you as I can."

Cheresa chuckles back to her. "You do have clothes upstairs, so you wanna spend the night?"

"Uh, yea, that's what I was getting at," Dawn giggles back to her.

"Okay, let me go into the living room and see if there was any mail for me today, then we can head upstairs?"

"Sure," Dawn says following her girlfriend into the large living room.

Once inside, Cheresa finds a stack of mail and starts going through it. She freezes when she picks up an envelope that looks identical to the one that was delivered to her at the restaurant earlier in the evening.

"This is weird," Cheresa tells Dawn. "This looks like the other fan letter I got."

"It is likely just a coincidence?" Dawn replies to her quickly. "Open it and find out."

Cheresa slowly opens the envelope and gasps when she reads the letter.

"What's wrong, Cheresa?"

A shaky Cheresa passes her the letter. Dawn opens it and reads it. "I told you, I will be watching your career…very, very closely. xx Your biggest fan."

"That is really weird," Dawn looks back at Cheresa, who clearly looks shaken now.

"Maybe this is what he meant?" Cheresa whispers to herself as she recalls a recent conversation.


"Robbie Calimo," Cheresa looks back at her. "He warned me that there was a downside to modeling; maybe this is what it is?"

"Don't let him worry you," Dawn comes up to Cheresa. "This is just one weird fan; not everyone is like this. They are harmless, I'm sure of it."

"I hope you're right," Cheresa forces a smile on her face. "I really hope you're right."

The Calimo Mansion

Robbie peers to the large king size bed that he shares with Kim and can see his pregnant wife fast asleep. Only wearing some grey sweatpants, a shirtless Robbie grabs his cell phone and moves to the door. He quickly opens the bedroom door and moves into the hallway.

He dials a number quickly into his phone. "Tara, it's me," he says in a whisper.

"You hung up on me last time we spoke. I don't handle well with that," Tara says into her phone.

"I know, I'm sorry," Robbie replies to her. "My wife almost caught me. Don't worry, I'll be careful in the future."

"Someone sounds whipped," Tara says with a chuckle.

"Did you do it? Did you send the letters to Cheresa?"

"I did," Tara replies to him. "And, there's another one on its way."

"Perfect," Robbie says with a wicked grin on his face. "This is going exactly how I wanted it too. Keep up the good work, Tara, and I'll keeping make sure it's worth your while."

Dominick's Townhouse

Dominick moves to the front door of his townhouse when he hears a faint knock. He has no idea who it could be at this time of the night, so he is even more surprised to see Abby standing on the other side of the door.

"I hope it's not too late?" Abby asks him.

"Not at all, come in," Dominick tells his friend, as he immediately remembers kissing her the last time, he saw her. "What brings you by?"

Abby shrugs as she moves into the living room. "I guess I couldn't sleep, and I wanted to see you," Abby admits to him as she turns and looks into his eyes. "I couldn't stop thinking about the last time I saw you."

"When I kissed you?" Dominick looks at the younger woman, who nods back to him. "I have to admit, it has been on my mind too."

"You know, anyone on the outside would think that this is crazy," Abby looks into his eyes. "But…"

"But? No one else is here except you and I," Dominick replies to her. "Well, Felicia is upstairs sleeping, but she won't disturb us."

"New rule," Abby moves closer to him. "No more talk of your ex-wife?"

Dominick chuckles back to her. "Deal. What should we talk about next?"

"How about how incredibly attracted I am to you?"

Dominick chuckles again. "I'm old enough to be your grandfather, Abby."

"That didn't stop you from kissing me," Abby purses her lips together. "Unless, you didn't like it?"

"Now, now, you know I did."

"Prove it?"

Dominick leans in and kisses her passionately on the lips again. Abby leads him to the sofa and crawls on to his lap, continuing to kiss him. "I need you, Dominick," she whispers into his ear. "I need you so bad."

Dominick continues to undress Abby as they continue to start to make love to one another. At the base of the stairs, Felicia peers into the living room and gasps at the sight of Abby and Dominick together. She turns around and leans up against the wall, fighting tears in her eyes.

"I will put a stop to this," she whispers to herself, as she covers her ears to stop herself from hearing the moans of delight coming from Abby's mouth.

The Calimo Cabin

A car parks outside the cabin and the lights slowly go off. The door to the vehicle opens and Bryce emerges from the car. He looks at the cabin and rushes up to the door. He soon finds the spare key hidden under the front rug and opens the door to the cabin.

Once he's inside, he quickly lights a fire to start to warm the building up. He then moves to the sofa, arranges a pillow and gets a blanket ready.

He leaves the cabin and moves back to the car. He opens the back door and picks up an unconscious Victoria and carries her into the cabin living room. He lays her down on the sofa and covers her body with the blanket.

He caresses her face as he looks lovingly at her. "I got you away from Frederick," he whispers to her. "Now, I need you to wake up, okay? I will protect you Victoria. I will not let anything bad happen to you. Because, I love you. And, I know that you love me too. So please, wake up? Please come back to me, okay?"

Raven's Meadow

In the operating room of Raven's Meadow, Frederick's eyes slowly open as he lets out a loud groan from the pain from his head. He puts his hand to his throbbing head and wonders what happened.

Slowly, he leans up and looks around. He finds the paper weight that knocked him out that now has some dried blood on it.

"Damn it," he says as he looks over at the operating table and realizes that Victoria is gone. "Bryce must have knocked me out to save that bitch!"

"That was a big mistake Bryce," Frederick grits his teeth together. "You're going to pay."

He moves to the small desk that is in the operating room and picks up the phone. He dials a number and waits for an answer.

Meanwhile, at the Victor mansion, Vinny hears his phone ring. He looks next to him and sees a naked Daisy, who is fast sleep as they are fresh from making love.

"Hello," Vinny says in a whisper.

"It's me," Frederick says into the phone. "You need to get to Raven's Meadow, now. We have a problem with Bryce. He needs to be dealt with and there's no time to waste."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Cheresa grills Andrew
- Cassie gets a visitor
- Adam is floored by Helen's admission

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