Episode 86 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: April 21 , 2010

Episode Theme song: "Why Do I Feel So Sad?" Alicia Keys
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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Reese learned about Preston & Olivia’s criminal past. He began having random, unprotected sex to get over his pain of being hurt by his loved ones
- Jeff learned that Meggan could be a kidney donor for Leah. He struggled with whether he should have her released from jail to have the surgery. To the relief of Leah’s family, he agreed to let Meggan out of prison. Kim, meanwhile, realized that Jeff was still in love with Leah
- Ryan, one of the guys Reese met at the bar, turned out to be Jackson’s brother
- Bob saw Sofia comforting Dominick
- Robin saw Natasha and Cory hugging, and misinterpreted the situation

Scene One – Twin Peaks General Hospital; Meggan’s Room

Meggan lays in her hospital bed. She looks to her left and sees an IV that is slowly administrating drugs into her system and that will knock her out. She remembers getting the news that she would be allowed to get out of jail to donate her kidney to the woman in need. What she wasn’t expecting, however, was to learn that the woman was Leah; the same woman that has been hell bent on throwing her in jail and never looking back. Sweet justice, Meggan thinks to herself.

She hears her door open and her eyes immediately move over to that direction. She sees Robbie enter the hospital room. He stands and looks at her for a moment. She notices that he looks exhausted. He probably hasn’t slept much since Leah was brought in, she thinks to herself.

“Is this a bad time?” he asks softly as he still stands at the door, looking at the woman that has caused his wife a world of pain.

“Of course not,” she replies to him. “Come in, it’s nice to see a familiar face.”

Robbie walks slowly up to her bed and sits next to her. “It’s good to see you too. Although, I wish it was under different circumstances.”

Meggan offers a slight shrug. “I guess this is all apart of God’s master plan,” she offers to
Him in a whisper.

“I don’t know how to thank you for what you’re doing,” he says as a tear forms in the corner of his eye. “Leah means so much to me. Thank you for trying to help save her.”

Meggan grabs his hand and holds it for a moment. She begins to say something, but chooses to not say anything at all. They sit together in silence, holding each other’s hands knowing that something is about to happen that will forever change both of their lives.

Scene Two – Twin Peaks General Hospital; Leah’s Room

Jeff holds Leah’s hand as she continues to remain in a comatose state. Jeff looks at his ex-wife with great fear; fear of whether or not she’ll survive the pending kidney transplant surgery and fear of how she’ll react to learn Meggan was the donor should she survive the surgery. Jeff shuts his hands moves her hand to his forehand.

“Please understand why I did what I did,” he whispers to her. “I’m doing this to save your life. That’s why I made my decision. I don’t know how to go on without you.”

Jeff’s heart aches for Leah to open her eyes and smile again. What he has realized during this entire ordeal is that he knows that he is still in love with her, despite everything that has happened between the two of them. He suddenly thinks of Kim; he has had a good time with Kim, but his heart belongs with Leah. He now knows that she has a good husband in Robbie, but part of him wishes and hopes that this past year of dealing with Noah’s death together has made Leah feel the same way about him.

“You have to wake up Leah. You have to be okay, so we can sort all these feelings out,” he says again in a whisper.

Outside the door, Kim looks into the hospital room and sees Jeff holding Leah’s hand. Water fills her eyes as she knows, just based on Jeff’s reactions since Leah’s health crisis that he is still in love with her. She takes a deep breath as she prepares herself for her next step. She knows what she has to do.

“Are you okay?” Dominick asks Kim as he approaches Leah’s room.

Kim looks over and sees Dominick. She quickly wipes away a tear from her eye and smiles. “I’m fine. Just overwhelming, this situation, you know?”

“I do, but the surgery will happen later. Today is a positive step. I want to see Leah before she goes. Excuse me,”

Dominick says as he walks past Kim and opens the door. Jeff stands up quickly and nods to Dominick indicating that he’ll leave so Dominick can be alone with his daughter, possibly for the last time.

Scene Three – Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia’s Office

Olivia’s morning has been filled with paper work for patients. She has been busy without a break. After two hours solid, she realizes that she needs to take a breather, even just to get a coffee. Her mind wanders as she finds her purse to locate her change. She finds her blackberry buzzing; she picks it up and sees a text message from Cassie, another throne in her side.

“Cramping again, what should I do?” the message reads. Olivia slams her phone down. How stupid can a woman be? She asks herself thinking of how Cassie was taking fertility drugs even though she is a young healthy girl. Before she can reply, her office door opens. Olivia sees her son standing at the door.

She thinks back to Preston telling her that Reese discovered their past as bank robbers and how devastated he seemed to be. She knows that she has to call him, see him, something, anything to make him understand why she and Preston went to those lengths all those years ago.

“Reese,” Olivia says surprised to see him. “I was going to call you. We need to talk.”

Reese shuts the door and slowly walks over to his mother. “So I guess Dad told you about our conversation with Madeline?”

Olivia nods as she feels her face redden with embarrassment. “I’m so sorry you had to find out this way. We should have told you, both you and Madeline, years ago.”

Reese looks away. He woke up this morning thinking that he would try to make his life better. He knows that he has been put through the ringer the last few months; first with Andy admitting he is the father of Trenyce’s baby, making their entire relationship a lie and then with Madeline revealing that Preston and Olivia were bank robbers. He feels like he can trust no one and like he has no where to go too. He has been sleeping with random men to try to take the pain away, but afterwards he still feels empty and alone. He quickly puts his hand over his eyes as he doesn’t want to see his mother to see him cry, because he knows that he has left being the person everyone has come to know.

“I don’t know what to say,” he finally says slowly, taking breaths in between as he fights the tears.

Olivia gets up and tries to put her hands on his shoulders. “No! Don’t touch me Mom! Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Olivia looks at her son, whom is in obvious pain. She feels her eyes swell. She shrugs, knowing that nothing she can say can really justify her actions all those years ago. “I’m sorry Reese. Just hear me out…”

“Forget it, this was obviously a mistake,” he says as he storms by her. Before Olivia can respond, the slamming of her office door ends the conversation before it begins.

Scene Four -- The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory finishes his last cup of coffee and places the cup in the sink. He quickly checks his hair in the mirror before grabbing his car keys. He is headed to the hospital to support Leah’s family before surgery. He stops at the desk beside the door and opens the drawer. Inside he finds a black box; he opens it and reveals a large diamond ring. He smiles to himself.

“As soon as Leah is okay Robin, I’ll ask you,” he says as he places the ring back in the drawer. He opens the front door and finds Robin standing in front of him.

“Hey,” he says as she brushes past him. “I was just headed to the hospital. Do you want to come?”

“Why is Natasha there?” Robin turns and growls at him, remembering that the last time she was at the hospital she saw Cory and Natasha in each other’s arms.

“She could be? I’m not sure where Natasha is. Why does that matter? What’s wrong?” Cory asks slightly confused by Robin’s behaviour.

Robin throws her purse on to the sofa. “Because! It always matters! She’s always going to come first, isn’t she? I was a fool to believe you had changed!”

Cory looks at how upset Robin is and realizes something serious is going on. He hasn’t seen her this upset in a long time. “Hey, what’s going on?” he asks her as he approaches her and places his hands on her shoulders so she has to look at him in the face. “Talk to me Robin.”

Robin starts to lose some of her anger and she looks at Cory. “I saw you and Natasha … together, in each other’s arms at the hospital,” she finally admits to him as she replays the image in her head.

Cory arches his eye brow trying to think quickly of what Robin could have saw. Finally, he remembers the conversation with Natasha where she admitted that she and Shane had broken up because of Cassie’s pregnancy. He smiles a little at her. “I know what you saw, and I don’t blame you for being upset,” he admits to her, still holding on to her. “Sit with me, okay?”

Robin remains a little sceptical, but sits next to Cory. “If you and I are going to work, we have to trust each other. You have to trust me when I tell you that I love you and no one else. You also have to trust me when I tell you that no matter what, Natasha and I will always be in each other’s lives. We cared deeply for another for along time.”

Robin turns her head not wanting Cory to see her cry. She hates hearing that Cory will always have some kind of emotional connection to Natasha. For so long all she has ever wanted was Cory to be hers, and only hers. It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that he’ll never be completely hers, even though she understands why.

“What you saw Robin, was two friends hugging in a time of despair. Shane and Natasha have broken up,” Cory reveals to Robin, who turns to look at Cory now. “I was comforting her because she knows how happy you and I are together. It was innocent, I swear.”

Robin puts her hand over her mouth. “I’m so sorry,” she says as she falls into his arms. “I should have trusted you. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Hey, don’t be too hard on yourself. I’ve made it pretty hard for anyone to trust me with all the back and forth I’ve done. But you have to talk to me about things, okay? Don’t let them boil up inside of you, or you’ll explode.”

Robin smiles knowing that Cory is right. “Okay, it’s a promise.”

Cory stands up and walks over the drawer. “I was going to wait to find out about Leah, but this seems like a really good time to show you how much I love you and am committed to you.”

Robin’s eyes widen as she sees Cory pull out the black jewellery box from the drawer. He walks over and bends down on one knee in front of her. “Robin, I love you so much … will you give me the greatest honour of my life and be my wife?” he asks as he opens the box, displaying the large diamond ring.

Robin’s eyes swell with tears. “It’s so beautiful Cory!”

“Not nearly as beautiful as you!” he says. Her eyes don’t leave the ring. “You haven’t said yes yet!”

Robin continues to weep tears of joy. "I've waited for this moment for so long," she says pausing. "Yes, yes, of course I'll marry you!"

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Meggan’s Room

Brett slowly opens the door to Meggan’s room. She quickly glances over and smiles. He enters the room and walks over to her bedside.

“I didn’t think when I left the prison the other day that I would see you again so quickly,” he smiles at her. Brett has known for some time that Meggan was on the national donor list, but he never imagined that she would be the donor for Leah, the woman that has worked so feverishly to put Meggan behind bars.

“I know, crazy world, huh?” Meggan says poking her “husband.” “I’m so glad you’re here Vinny. I’ve been putting on a brave front, but I’m scared,” she admits to him.

Brett looks at Meggan and grabs her hand. He flashes her a little smile. Secretly, inside, he’s just as scared as she is. He doesn’t want to lose her, not after everything they’ve been through. He also knows that he can not reveal how scared he is to her at this time or she’ll completely lose it.

“You’ll be fine. You’re doing the bravest thing anyone can possibly do for someone else … you’re giving the gift of life. Who knows? Maybe this is the start of a mending process between you and Leah?” Brett offers to her, still holding her hand tight.

“You always know the right thing to say to me, you know that?” Meggan smiles. “Come give me a kiss. I’m getting sleepy,” as the drugs start to kick to her system.

Brett leans in and softly kisses her on the lips. “I’ll be right here for you when you get out of surgery. Show’em whose boss in there,” he winks at her.

He slowly gets as Meggan shuts her eyes. He walks over to the door and turns and looks back at her one final time before leaving her room. Outside the room, Daisy approaches Brett quickly.

“Vinny,” she says immediately hugging him upon arrival. “I came as soon as I heard. How is she?”

Brett looks at Daisy as they exit the embrace. The other woman he has grown so utterly fond of during this masquerade of Vinny is right by his side. How lucky am I? he asks himself.

“She’s brave, but scared. The surgery should be starting soon,” Brett says softly as they walk over to some waiting chairs. They sit side by side.

“And you? How are you holding up?” Daisy asks her friend.

Brett looks at Daisy and tries not to let any tears escape. In his family, growing up, tears were a sign of weakness. Something he knows Dave has learned far too well. “I’m trying to be brave for Meggan, but I’m scared Daisy. What if she something goes wrong? This is all my fault! I’m to blame … this is God’s way of punishing me…”

“Sshh,” Daisy replies pulling him into another hug. “We aren’t talking like that. Everything will be fine. Meggan will be fine. Leah will be fine. You’ll see you. You’ll see,” she says as she comforts him, although she wonders what Vinny could have possibly have done to think God is punishing him.

Scene Six -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Leah’s Room

Leah continues to lay comatose in her hospital bed as she is prepared for surgery. Robbie enters her room and looks on as the nurse finishes getting Leah ready. He looks at his wife and feels his heart break. He hates seeing her in this state. She looks dead, lifeless. A tear comes to his eye and he quickly brushes it away.

“Could I have a moment with her before she goes into surgery?” he asks the nurse. She nods and quickly exits the hospital room. Robbie moves over to Leah’s bedside. He looks at all the machines that are keeping her alive as he sits next to her. “These machine’s … they aren’t you Leah,” he says as he grabs her hand. “After this surgery, you’ll be fine. I know you will be. You … you have to be,” he says as he gets a tear in his eye. He finally releases the tears and lays his head into his wife’s shoulder as he sobs. “You have to be. I’m not ready to live my life without you,” he pleads to her.

He looks over at the door as it opens; Shane stands there in his scrubs. “It’s time,” Shane announces to him.

Scene Seven – The Tower’s, Floor Eleven; Victoria’s Home

Victoria brings Madeline in a glass of orange juice. The two agreed to meet to discuss their next move, or if they have a next move after they road trip the Victors estate that ended in the house servant kicking them out. Madeline thanks her for the juice and takes a sip. She happily accepted Victoria’s invite over knowing that she needed a distraction from her own life. While things with Will are going nicely, she knows that her family life is a mess with Reese learning about their parents past. She knows that he is hurting, just as she was when she found out. The Dave mystery is a welcomed distraction for her.

“So any thoughts on our next move?” she finally asks Victoria who sits across from her at the table.

Victoria looks over at Madeline and arches her eyebrow. “I still think the estate is our key. If only we could go when that old man isn’t there,” she offers.

Madeline laughs, “I don’t think that’ll happen. I mean, he seemed to be living there. I don’t know how we’ll get into that house.”

“I know! I know!” Victoria says frustrated at the situation. She knows that Dave tried to kill her to keep her quiet, but if they knew where the real Vinny was, maybe the situation could reverse itself. Maybe they could get the upper hand.

“What if we threatened to tell the truth?” Madeline suggests to Victoria. “Tell Dave to tell us where Vinny is or we’ll go to the cops?”

Victoria is about to respond, but she is interrupted by a deep laugh. She and Madeline turn around and see Dave laughing at them.

“How did you get in here?” Victoria asks him sternly, knowing that the Towers usually has strong security.

“Don’t underestimate me Vic! I see my favourite two gals are friends now! How great is this!? You two had better watch your backs though. Stop snooping around, or you’ll pay,” he wipes the smile off his face and looks at them with his cold eyes.

“Or what, you’ll try to kill me again?” Victoria snaps back at him, clearly not afraid of him.

“Tried to kill you dear. You should be happy that I didn’t. Stop snooping around, or I won’t try … I will.”

“Ah! I’m so over this! If you two want to throw threats back and forth, do it! I’m DONE! Do you hear me? I’m done! If you call me one more time Dave, I’m going to the police. I’m not doing this anymore!” Madeline yells as she stands up and grabs her purse. Dave and
Victoria hear the front door slam shut.

“She’s always been feisty,” Dave winks at Victoria, amused at Madeline’s antics.

“Threaten me all you want Dave, I will get to the truth one way or another.”

Scene Eight – Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Locker Room

Will enters the locker room of the hospital. The locker room is the place for employees without offices to leave their personal belongings while they are at work. With Will being in his final semester of being an intern, he uses the locker room while he’s at TPGH. He finishes putting on his scrubs and quickly finds his phone in his jacket pocket. He sees a new text message and reads it.

“Oh my god,” he says as he reads the text message from Ryan. “What the hell is Ryan doing contacting me now, after all this time?”

He shuts off his phone, not replying to the text message. As he leaves the locker room, he thinks back to working with Jackson and Ryan years ago. Together the three of them sold drugs to a number of people in Twin Peaks. He shakes his head. He doesn’t want to go back to that lifestyle; he enjoys his life working at the hospital and his relationship with Madeline.

“No, not now Ryan. I’m done with that,” he says to himself.

“Done with what?” Olivia asks approaching him as they walk down the hall together, having overheard.

Will smirks at his former lover. “Just talking to myself. How are you?”

“I’ve … been better,” Olivia admits. “I miss our time together. We were so open. It was nice having someone to talk too.” She surprises herself by being so open with him.

Will thinks back to their time. While he knows that sleeping with Olivia was the wrong thing to do, he did enjoy her company before and after the sex. “It was a good time, but we both know …”

“I know,” she cuts him off grabbing his hand. “Just know I’m here if you need to talk.”

“Thanks. I have to get going,” he says smiling at her as he walks off.

Around the corner, Ryan smiles knowing that he now has a way to ensure Will helps him with his drug selling. He just caught him with his girlfriend’s mother. “This is too easy,” Ryan grins, as he walks away quickly knowing he has Will where he wants him.

Scene Nine – Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Waiting Room

Terrence enters the waiting room and quickly spots Daisy in the corner with ‘Vinny’. He grins as he looks at her. He has become closer to her the last few weeks since he has arrived in town, something he always knew was a part of his plan. What he didn’t think was a part of his plan was actually starting to develop feelings for her. She is so different from Danielle, he realizes to himself. She’s kind, caring and sweet. Danielle was more stubborn and hard headed. Part of him is starting to regret bringing Daisy into his plan, but he knows that he has to do what he came to carry out.

“Hey, I came when I heard you were here. Is everything alright?” he asks Daisy as he approaches them.

“Everything is fine. If you don’t mind though, I should stay here with my friend. I’ll call you later?” Daisy replies, not standing up as she doesn’t want to discuss business at a time like this.

“Yea, sure. Let me know if you need anything,” Terrence offers back. As he turns and leaves, he is glad that Daisy didn’t ask him to stay at the hospital with her; it’ll give him more time to finalize some of his plans. As he exits the main nurses station, he spots in his tracks. Trenyce comes out of her doctor’s office and spots Terrence. She freezes, knowing the man from her past in Detroit.

“Trenyce, I knew I’d run into you sooner or later,” he smiles at the girl that he remembers all too well.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she snaps back at him, clearly not happy to see her mother’s former lover. She was leaving her check up to ensure the baby is okay; the last person Trenyce wanted to see was Terrence.

“I should ask you the same thing. Everything okay?” he asks pointing out her large stomach.

“I’m fine! What are you doing here? I thought after my mother died you were going to leave me alone!”

Terrence laughs. “I came to finish what I started in Detroit!” he replies as a wicked grin comes across his face.

Scene Ten – Dominick’s Condo

Robin walks up to her father’s condo. She wanted to stop by and get him a fresh pair of clothes before she went to the hospital for Leah’s surgery. She has always had a key to the place, mostly for upkeep while Dominick was on one of his many trips out of Twin Peaks.

As she approaches the door, she looks and sees the sparkling diamond on her hand. She smiles to herself quickly. She reaches the front door and notices that it's already unlocked, so she enters.“Hello?” she calls out. “Daddy are you here?”

Robin continues to look around, but sees no sign of Dominick. Suddenly out of the bathroom, Eva steps out in her robe! Robin turns and screams.

“Who are you?” she asks startled by the presence of the woman.

A startled Eva quickly recognizes Robin as Dominick’s daughter from family photos in the condo. “My name is Eva McCloud … it’s nice to meet you. I’m staying with your father for awhile.”

Robin looks at the woman for a moment wondering why the name Eva McCloud sounds so familiar to her.

Scene Eleven – Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Waiting Room

Dominick approaches Jeff as he sits in a corner, his hands covering his face. Dominick sits next to him and puts his hand on Jeff’s back. Jeff looks over and sees Dominick.

“I wanted to come thank you. Regardless of what you believe, you made the right decision,” Dominick says to him. “You’re giving Meggan a chance to save my daughter’s life. And I’ll always be grateful to you for that.”

Jeff puts his hands back over his face. “Thanks Dominick. I appreciate it.”

“Don’t beat yourself up. We’re all here for the same reason,” Dominick says as he gets up and walks away from Jeff. He realizes that Jeff needs to be alone right now. As
Dominick walks over to his chair in the waiting room, Bob approaches him.

“Stay away from my wife Robertson. I’m not telling you again,” Bob advises under his breath, fed up with Dominick and the situation.

“You have a lot of gull. My daughter could die and you’re threatening me?”

“I’m not threatening you. I’m telling you. Stay away from Sofia or else!”
Before Dominick can reply, Shane comes into the waiting room. Friends and family
quickly gather around him.

“I’m about to go into surgery. I’ll let you guys know everything as soon as the surgery is over,” he announces to everyone as his eyes lock with Robbie’s. Shane can see the desperation in his eyes. He walks through the sliding glass doors. Robbie walks up and sees Meggan and Leah being wheeled away into surgery.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Terrence has a surprise for Trenyce
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