Episode 867
Nobody Could Save Me
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: October 23, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Crazy" Kelly Rowland

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Vinny was about to kill Victoria when Bryce attacked him. Victoria woke up and heard two gun shots go off
- Abby told Felicia, Dominick and Leah about how she uncovered that Frederick fathered Leah. Leah fainted at the news
- Andy saw Clayton and Nicholas on a date
- Tara revealed that she had a gun to Cheresa after she saw her trying to escape. Robbie and Greg, meanwhile, headed to the storage locker and told Kim to stay put at Roboto
- Will walked out on Madeline after learning of her and Jeff's plan to make him jealous
- Daisy worried about Vinny and almost fainted a few times

The Calimo Cabin

Victoria's eyes slowly open as she is coming too from her physical fight with Vinny earlier in the evening. As she tries to refocus her eyes, she can't help but remember how Vinny arrived at the cabin and told her that he was the one that blackmailed Bryce into making her believe that she had split again because he wanted revenge on her for exposing him for holding Daisy and Brett hostage last year. Vinny also explained that he was drugging her, which is why Victoria believed, herself, that she had split again.

Then, Vinny announced he was going to kill Victoria and Bryce. Victoria lunged at Vinny and they fought for the gun, but Vinny was able to grab ahold of Victoria and threw her against the wall, which is when she lost consciousness for a short time. Now, she is waking up and she can see Bryce and Vinny fighting, obviously, over the same gun that Vinny had before.

"Stop," she manages to say, as she struggles to regain her composure. "Please, stop, this isn't going to end well."

"I'm going to kill you," Vinny says as he grabs Bryce and looks deep into his eyes. "You're never going to tell anyone my secrets, Bryce! This is going to end right here, and right now," Vinny smirks to him as both men reach for the gun that is laying next to Bryce's body.

She screams, however, when she hears two gun shots leave the barrel of the gun. The smoke from the gun ends and Victoria opens her eyes again and looks in horror as she sees both men laying on the ground, in one large pool of blood.

"Oh my God," Victoria cries at the sight in front of her. "Bryce? Vinny? Oh God, someone help me! Someone help me!"

Dominick's Townhouse

"Leah, darling, can you hear me?" Felicia asks her daughter, who is laying on the sofa in the living room of Dominick's living room. Felicia is worried about Leah, who fainted, after Abby revealed how she uncovered that Frederick, not Dominick, is Leah's father.

Leah moans a little and then slowly opens her eyes. "Thank God, she's coming too," Dominick puts his hand on Felicia's shoulder, which Abby sees.

Abby rolls her eyes and moves to the bar to pour herself a drink. She never imagined the chaos her announcement would make; sure she thought everyone would be surprised, but she never expected Leah to faint.

"Mom, Dad," Leah says as opens her eyes. "What…what happened?"

"You fainted darling," Felicia tells her. "I have some water here, do you want some?"

Leah nods back to her as Felicia passes her the glass of water, which she drinks. As she feels the liquid in her mouth, everything comes flooding back to her: how Abby read Felicia's file, learned that Frederick fathered one of her children and had DNA test done to reveal that Leah is really Frederick's son.

"My God," she gasps back to her family. "I remember. I remember everything."

"It is late Leah," Dominick looks back at her. "Why don't we try to get a good night's rest and we can talk about this more in the morning?"

Leah nods back to him. "I think that's a good idea. I am exhausted."

"We all are," Felicia tells her. "But don't you worry about a thing, everything is going to be fine, just fine, okay?"

Leah looks over at Abby, who is drinking her scotch and feels her blood boil. All of this is happening because of her, Leah thinks to herself. She uneasily looks at her mother and then at Dominick.

"I hope so because right now, nothing feels like it will ever be okay again," Leah admits to them, still struggling to come to terms with what Abby announced.

Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

Madeline steps off the elevator and moves into the hallway of the hotel before she proceeds to walk towards Will's room. She had to come see Will before she turned in for the evening because he stopped by earlier and revealed that he knew about her plan with Jeff to pretend to date to make Meggan jealous. She, however, also admitted that they had hoped it would make Will jealous too. Will, naturally, was upset with her and told her he wouldn't play these games with her and he stormed off.

"I have to make you realize that we are good together," she tells herself before she knocks on his hotel room door.

Will opens the door, only wearing some grey sweat pants. "Maddie," he says in surprise to see her. "I think I said everything that I had to say earlier."

"Good for you," she storms into his hotel room. "I certainly didn't say everything that I want to say."

"Well, make it quick, I was about to go to bed."

She turns to face him. "Did you have a good time with me the other day when we had sex?" she asks him quickly.

"What kind of question is that?" he asks her quickly. "Of course, I did. So did you."

"Right," Madeline nods back to him. "We can be good together, Will. Don't let this silly mistake that I made ruin that. You know that you care about me, and I care about you. Can you please just say that we can put this behind us and move forward? I certainly don't want to have us end of something like this."

"Neither do I," Will admits to her. "Getting over Eva has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do, Madeline. But you've been there for me, every step of the way."

"And, I will continue to be there for you. I made a mistake, I know that. But I won't apologize for having you back in my life, Will. We both need one another."

"If I agree to this," Will looks back at her. "There can be no more games, Madeline. There can be no more drama."

"Pinky swear," she comes up to him and puts her out pinky finger. He wraps his around her finger and they chuckle.

"Okay, we can move forward," he leans in and kisses her.

"You won't regret this, I promise you," she purrs to him, as she leads him towards the large bed in the middle of the room.

The Young Mansion; Nicholas' Home

Andy slowly walks up to the mansion that Nicholas is living in once again. After Nicholas moved out of Andy's home, he returned to his mother's mansion. Being back at the mansion brings up a lot of horrible memories for Andy, including how Melissa tried to gaslight him by making him believe that Reese was alive. Still, he has to deal with the discomfort because he has to talk to Nicholas.

He rings the doorbell and waits for a response. He hopes that Nicholas is still awake because it is rather late.

"Andy? This is a surprise, what brings you by at this hour?" Nicholas asks his ex-boyfriend after he opens the door.

Andy scurries into the foyer before he turns back and looks at his former lover. "I had to see you," he admits to him. "After what I saw earlier tonight, I had to come talk to you, Nicholas."

Nicholas arches his eyebrow back to him. "That's cryptic. What did you see, exactly, Andy?"

"You and Clayton," Andy replies to him quickly. "At the Pampa Grill, huddled at a table together…it looked like a …"

"Date?" Nicholas finishes his sentence. "Well, it was. Clayton came to the One Day House and asked me out; I said yes."

Andy sighs and shakes his head back to him. "So, it's true? You and Clayton are, what, dating now?"

"We went on a date," Nicholas informs him. "We aren't dating but I think we both had a good time together. I don't know why you're getting so upset. You're the one that ended our relationship, Andy. I am a free man to date whomever I choose!"

"You know damn well I am upset!" Andy huffs back to him. "This situation is getting more and more complicated every day, and you're not helping it at all, Nicholas! You know what? This was a mistake! I never should have come here."

Before Nicholas can say anything back to his former lover, the front door slams shut and Andy has left the building. Nicholas sighs to himself wondering what it will take for himself, Andy and Clayton to find resolution with this situation.


Natasha lets out a yawn as Kim paces back and forth in the office while they wait for some news from Robbie and Greg, who left a short time ago to go to the Lawson storage locker on the pier. Kim thought she heard a boat horn while Robbie was on the phone with Tara, the woman who has kidnapped Cheresa, so the men raced there to see if her theory was correct. In reality, Kim wishes she had been there with the two men, but Robbie insisted that she stay put so she wasn't in danger.

"Hey Kim," Natasha stands up from the sofa in the office and moves closer to her sister in law. "It is getting late, I am exhausted."

Kim turns back to her and nods. "Why don't you head back to the mansion? I can wait here until I hear from Robbie or Greg."

"Are you sure?" Natasha asks her. "I don't want to leave you alone if you don't want to be alone?"

"I'll be fine," Kim tells her quickly. "I'll probably lay down and leave my phone on for when they call. You go, you'll be the one here first thing tomorrow morning."

"Okay," Natasha grabs her coat and her purse. "Call me though with any update."

"Of course," Kim smiles back to her. "Drive safe."

Natasha leaves the office. As soon as she's gone, Kim rushes to grab her coat. "I'll give Natasha five minutes," Kim whispers to herself as she wraps her coat around her body. "And then I'm heading to the pier. Robbie and Greg, they might need me. I have to be there, just in case."

The Dockside Storage Units

"I do see a light on in the storage locker," Greg points to Robbie as they creep closer to the Lawson storage locker that is located just off the pier. Greg is just hoping that he is able to find Cheresa because the longer she is kidnapped by Tara, the more he worries something bad will happen to his daughter.

"You're right," Robbie nods back to him. "Either someone is inside, or the police left the lights on when they searched the locker last."

"With Simona Lopez the head of the PD, either is a possibility." Greg tells him. "There's a side door that we could use to see what is going on. At least see if anyone is inside."

"Okay, I'll follow you, you know the way better than I do."

They men rush to the back of the storage locker and then slowly along the side of the Lawson locker until the reach the door, which is slightly ajar.

"It's open," Robbie whispers to Greg, who nods back to him.

Greg moves up to the door and opens it a little bit more and is stunned by what he sees: Tara is holding a gun and is saying something to Cheresa, who is tied to a chair and has a mouth gag wrapped around. He feels his heart start to race at the sight of his child in this situation. He is about to move into the building when Robbie grabs him and pulls him back.

"We have to be smart about this," Robbie tells him. "We can't just go barging in there if Tara has a gun. We have to be smart."

"If she hurts my daughter…"

"She won't," Robbie replies to him. "I know that I got us into this mess but I need you to trust me. I used to be a cop; I know how to handle these situations. Just trust me, okay?"

Dominick's Townhouse

"I still can't believe this," Leah admits to Felicia, as they sit alone together in the living room of Dominick's townhouse. "Dominick isn't my father? How is this even possible?"

"We don't know for sure that this is real," Felicia grabs Leah's' hand. "I wouldn't put anything past that little gold digger!"

"You think that Abby is lying about this?"

"I have no idea what to believe, darling. This has been a very long night."

Leah feels her lower lip quiver before she looks back at her mother. "If this is true," she gasps as tears flow from her eyes. "Then, who am I? My entire life, my entire world, has been … a lie?"

Felicia pulls her daughter into a hug. "You're not a lie, my beautiful baby girl. You're still the same woman you always have been. You have to believe that, you have too."


Upstairs in the master bedroom, Abby emerges from the washroom only wearing a silk nightgown. She looks at Dominick, who is laying on the bed already.

"How are you?" she asks him as she crawls into the bed next to him. "I know that what I revealed tonight must have come as a shock."

"That is an understatement," Dominick looks back at her. "I don't know what to think, to be honest."

Abby grabs his hand and kisses it. "Please, Dominick, you have to know that I didn't say anything downstairs to hurt you, Felicia or Leah. I wasn't even sure that I would ever tell what I learned. I don't know what came over me when I speaking to Felicia."

"Felicia never likes any women that I am involved with. It's par for the course."

"I am sorry," she looks into his eyes. "The very last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you. And, I know that this news would be hurting you. But I think you deserved to know the truth."

"You're a wonderful woman," Dominick comes up to her and hugs her. "It's just…everything has changed if this is all true. I've lost a daughter to that bastard; It will take time for all of us to wrap our heads around this."

"I'm here for you Dominick," Abby whispers back to him. "I'm right here for you and will never leave your side."

The Victors Mansion; Vinny's Home

Daisy paces back and forth in the living room of the mansion that she is living in with Vinny. She keeps checking her watch for an updated time frame. The last few days, since she discovered that Vinny is alive and has been posing as Brett, she has felt a little off, including faint a few times. She was scared to think about what could be happening to her when it dawned on her.

She shuts her eyes for a moment and thinks back to a few weeks earlier when she and Vinny had sex because she was trying to prevent him from learning that she stole his toothbrush to run the DNA sample. Now, she is wondering if she is pregnant.

"This can't be happening," she whispers to herself. "I can't be pregnant with Vinny's baby. I just can't be. Please God, don't let this be happening to me."

She looks at her again and realizes that the time for her test is up. She moves over to the bar and picks up the home pregnancy test and feels her heart sink.

"I'm pregnant," she says as water fills her eyes. "With Vinny's baby."

The Calimo Cabin

Victoria stands up and looks at the two men laying in the blood on the ground.

"My God," she whispers. "Bryce? Vinny? Can you hear me? Vinny? Bryce!"

She moves over to Bryce and feels for a pulse. "Okay, thank God, alive, but he has been shot," she can see the bullet in his chest. "Bryce, hang on! I'm going to get you help!"

She moves over to Vinny and rolls him over and sees blooding leaving the corner of his mouth. "Vinny? Vinny? Can you hear me?" she asks as she puts her fingers to his neck. "Vinny?" she gasps back to him. "There's…no…pulse," she whispers to himself. "Vinny's….dead. Oh my God…he's gone!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Will Bryce survive?
- Felicia has a memory
- Andy confronts Clayton

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