Episode 869
Go Back in Time
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: November 02, 2022

Episode Theme song: "1999" Charli XCX & Troye Sivan

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Chris planned on proposing to Trenyce, while Andrew was able to get her most recent panic attack under control
- Victoria told Daisy & Meggan that Vinny was dead while Bryce went into surgery
- Lukas and Jasper kissed
- Kim arrived at the storage locker to help Greg and Robbie save Cheresa. Tara found them and held them all at gun point
- Andy kissed Clayton
- Leah told Cory about her paternity

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Daisy looks out of the window in the waiting room of the hospital and takes a deep breath. She is struggling to come to terms with everything that has happened tonight; she was at the Victors mansion and was waiting for a home pregnancy test result to come back as she has been feeling faint a lot lately. She knew that if the pregnancy test came back positive, it would mean that Vinny is the father of her baby. She can't help but recall a few weeks earlier when she seduced Vinny in order to prevent him from finding out that she and Meggan were running a DNA test to see if Vinny was alive, or if Brett was alive. Of course, it revealed that Vinny was alive. Daisy puts her hand on her stomach, knowing that she is now carrying Vinny's child.

"And now you're dead," she whispers to herself. "I am not sad that you're gone because you were a monster but now I have this child to think about."

"I hope you rot in hell Vinny," she continues to tell herself before she turns around and sees Victoria and Meggan talking together. She moves up to them. "Any update on Bryce?"

Victoria looks back at Daisy. "He's out of surgery, but he is in critical condition," she reveals to him, having just received an update from the doctor. She can't believe that the man who saved her could now die as a result. "He has to pull through, he just has too."

"We will think positive thoughts," Meggan tells Victoria. "He is a strong young guy, he should be fine."

"I hope so," tears fill Victoria's eyes. "He saved me, more than once recently."

"Saved you? How?" Daisy asks her quickly. "From Vinny?"

"Yes," Victoria nods back to him. "Vinny was going to shoot me and Bryce tackled him. They were fighting for the gun when it fired. There was so much blood…"

"Hey, let's just think about the positives, okay?" Meggan grabs her hand. "You're safe, and Vinny is gone. He will never hurt anyone ever again."

"I wish that was the case," Victoria sighs back to them. "Because, he wasn't working alone. You two need to brace yourself for what I'm about to tell you because it will change everything."

The Dockside Storage Lockers

"Cheresa, are you okay?" Greg asks his daughter as he kneels down to see his daughter, who is still tied up to the chair in the Lawson storage locker. He is grateful that he is with her but he knows that he, along with Robbie and Kim, are also being held at gun point by Tara.

Cheresa nods back to Greg, secretly happy to see him. She knows that they are still in trouble as Tara is waving her gun around.

"Enough chit chat over there!" Tara moves up to them. "Stand up," she orders Greg, who slowly stands back up to him. "Now, you three are going to pay for trying to come in and stop me from getting my money."

"We weren't going to stop you," Robbie pleads with her, still hoping that he is able to talk her town. He knows that this entire situation is his fault because he is the one who hired Tara to scare Cheresa; he never imagined that she would go this far, however. "I can still get you the money, Tara. Remember, I am the one that hired you. This is all for nothing!"

"You were a coward," Tara snaps back to him. "You kept stalling moving the plan into the next phase. I knew what had to be done. You should be thanking me!"

"Thanking you?" Kim shrieks back to her. "You're a psycho!"

"You better tell your pretty wife to keep her mouth shut," Tara warns Robbie, who looks at Kim and uses his eyes to tell her to keep quiet. "I am the one in control here, I have the gun!"

"Not for long!" Robbie says as he dives towards Tara and tackles her to the ground, as they start to fight for the gun. Kim shrieks and jumps back, not wanting to get caught in the cross fire.

The Claus House; Paige's Home

"I know it's late baby but I had to see you," Leah tells Paige as they sit together in the living room of the house that Leah raised her daughter in. She had been living there until she moved in with Cory. After the night that she has had, she really wanted to come and see her daughter because Paige brings her great comfort.

"It's fine," Paige replies to her. "You sounded upset when you called me."

"It's just," Leah fights tears in her eyes. "Everything changed tonight and I don't know what to do."

"Does this have anything to do with the child you had in Santa Barbara?" Paige asks her mother, as she recalls the last stunning piece of information that her parents told her about. She knew that trying to find her long lost sibling was going to be a long shot, but she can't help but wonder if something new has happened.

"No," Leah looks back at her. "This is about me and my paternity."

Paige arches her eyebrow. "Your paternity? You mean something happened with Felicia and Dominick?"

"Dominick and Abby Lawson got engaged," Leah reveals to her, as Paige looks back at her in surprise. "And, tonight, Abby indicated that she learned one of Felicia's secrets."

"What kind of secret would Grandma have?"

"Apparently, Abby read Felicia's file from when she was at Raven's Meadow. Inside, there was a note from Frederick Richardson stating that he fathered one of Felicia's children. Abby did a DNA test and …" she gasps for air, still struggling to understand what she learned tonight. "Dominick…isn't….my father…Frederick…is."

"What?" Paige gasps in horror. "Oh Mom," she pulls Leah into a hug. "Don't worry, okay? We will get to the bottom of all of this. But, you're still my Mom. And, you're still the same woman that we all know and love; this doesn't have to change anything."

Leah looks back at her daughter as a tear falls down her cheek. "But that's just it," she whispers through her tears. "It changes everything, Paige. Nothing will ever be the same again."

The Sugarbowl

Cory grabs his green tea from the barista and takes a sip of it. After learning about Leah's paternity, he was too worked up to sleep so he came to the coffeehouse to get a tea, hoping that it would calm him down. Besides, Leah was desperate to go see Paige, he knew he could come out.

As he turns to leave, he can't help but see Jeff sitting alone at the window seat. He wonders why Jeff is still out and about, considering it is pretty late. He finds himself approaching his girlfriend's ex-husband.

"Evening Jeff," Cory says. "It is a bit late for a coffee, isn't it?"

Jeff looks back at him and nods. "It is a decaf," he admits to him. "I just couldn't sleep; so I thought I'd go for a walk and I ended up here."

"Looks like we are in the same boat," Cory chuckles back to him. "I don't know if you've heard the latest, but I am really worried about Leah."

Jeff looks back at him in surprise. "Leah? What's happened now?"

"Brace yourself," Cory tells him. "Because what I am about to tell you will blow your mind."

The Pampa Grill

"Thanks for meeting me for a drink," Nicholas tells Madeline as they sit across from one another in the restaurant. "I know it's late."

Madeline picks up her red wine and looks at Nicholas. She was leaving Will's hotel room after they made love when she got the message from Nicholas asking to join him at the restaurant; since she was already out, she agreed.

"Don't worry about it," Madeline replies to him. "I wasn't at home, so I didn't mind stopping for a glass of wine. Besides, it sounds important."

"I didn't know who else to turn too," he admits to her. "This entire situation is such a mess."

Madeline arches her eyebrow. "Has something happened with Andy and Clayton?"

"Andy ended things with me," he reveals to her. "He saw Clayton giving me a goodbye kiss when he had decided to leave town. Andy didn't handle that well."

"Yea, he told me about it. He was not in a good head space."

"Well, since Clayton decided to stay in town, he actually asked me out and I said….yes."

"You and my brother went on a date?" Madeline asks him, surprised by his admission. "I guess I am out of the loop."

"We had a good time," Nicholas admits to her. "But, Andy happened to see us out. He confronted me about it and he was livid. I have never seen him so upset before."

Madeline shakes her head back to him. "Oh boy," she replies to him. "You're right, this is a mess. I'm not sure what has to happen for this to settle itself but it seems like all three of you are hurting and need some sort of resolution."

"What do you think I should do?"

"I think you need to figure out who you want to be with," Madeline looks back at him. "Clayton or Andy? And, whoever you want to be with, you have to be clear to everyone so no more feelings are hurt."

The Tower's, Floor Seven; Madeline & Clayton's Condo

Clayton's legs are on Andy's shoulders and he moans out in pleasure as Andy continues to thrust into him. Both men are sweating and enjoying every second of each other.

Andy had arrived at the condo to confront Clayton about his date with Nicholas; however, Andy ended up kissing Clayton. Things quickly escalated and now, they are enjoying the passion between two men.

Andy lets out a loud grunt as he climaxes and then looks down at Clayton's face. Andy smiles and bends down to kiss him.

"That was amazing," Andy says to Clayton, who peels his legs off Andy's shoulders. "I needed that so badly."

"Me too," Clayton replies to him. "I needed that just as much you as you did. But, Andy, man, I don't know if we should have done that."

Andy uneasily chuckles back to him. "Why not? I'm not dating anyone, and you're single. Besides, I think you and I both know that this has been a long time coming."

Clayton nods back to him. "I guess you're right. We have wanted this for a while."

Andy leans up and kisses him. "So, let's just enjoy this moment for what it was: two men having great sex, okay?"

The Richardson Estate; Meggan, Lukas & Donovan's Home

Donovan lays in his large king size bed that he shares with Lukas and looks over next to him. Lukas, normally, would be sleeping next to him, but he is not there currently. Donovan then looks over at the clock on his end table and realizes that it is very late. It is curious that Lukas hasn't joined him for bed yet.

"Where are you Lukas?" he asks himself, still hoping that he will be able to fall asleep soon. He would love nothing more than to wake up in the morning and have the feelings in his legs back. "I would sleep so much better if you were next to me."

"And, I need the rest," he continues to whisper to himself. "The more rest I get, the sooner I should be able to get back on my feet. I need to get back to my normal self so I can be the best husband and father to you and Olly, Lukas."

He looks over again at the empty spot next to him. "Come to bed soon, please babe."


Meanwhile, in the study, Jasper is on top of Lukas, riding him closer to climax. Lukas runs his hands over Jasper's toned chest as he pushes himself deeper inside his nanny. Within a few minutes, they are both reaching their climax, and Jasper collapses on top of Lukas' sweaty, firm chest.

"That was better than I even imagined it would be," Jasper licks his lips as he looks into Lukas' eyes. "You're amazing."

Lukas uneasily chuckles back to him before the reality of what just happened starts to set in. Lukas quickly jumps off the sofa. "Damn, what did we just do?"

"We had really good sex?" Jasper asks him as he sits on the sofa.

"I'm married," Lukas runs his hands through his hair. "I shouldn't have done this."

Jasper comes up behind Lukas and turns him around. Once they are looking into each other's eyes, Jasper kisses him. "Don't beat yourself up, please. I wanted this. I needed this, and so did you."

"If Donovan ever finds out…"

"He will not find out from me," Jasper replies to him quickly. "This can be our secret, okay? Just try to relax. Donovan will never know that we just had sex, I promise."

The Davenport House; Trenyce & Andrew's Home

"I am glad that you came back," Trenyce admits to Chris, who moves into the living room of the house. She and Chris were together earlier because they are still concerned about Cheresa, who is still missing, and they agreed to reunite because they realized that they still loved one another. Chris, then, left just so he could grab an overnight bag because he wants to be with Trenyce. "I just had a panic attack."

"What? Are you okay?" a concerned Chris asks he sits next to her on the sofa. "What triggered this attack?"

Trenyce sighs back to him as she knows that Andrew revealed to her that Cheresa saw her kissing him. The fact that her daughter knows she was sharing kisses with Andrew is what set her off; but, she can't tell Chris this because he would be furious, and she and Andrew have agreed to end whatever was happening between them.

"This entire Cheresa mess has been weighting on me," Trenyce admits to him quickly. "I just…our daughter, she has to be okay."

"She will be," Chris looks into her eyes. "Hey, nothing will happen to Cheresa, okay? We fought too long to get her in our lives, it won't end this way."

"I hope you're right," Trenyce replies to him. "Anyways, Andrew was here and he calmed me down. He has been a life saver."

"Where is Andrew now?" Chris asks her quickly.

"He was exhausted," Trenyce tells him quickly. "I told him to get some rest and I would wake him if I heard anything. Besides, I knew you were coming back and this gives us some alone time."

Chris smiles back to her. "I like the idea of having some alone time with you," he tells her. "We've been apart too long, it's time we reconnect."

"I want that too," Trenyce snuggles into him. "We need this time together; while we wait and pray for Cheresa."

"I'm right here Trey," he whispers back to her. "And, I'm not leaving you again."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"You're scaring me Victoria," Daisy admits to her as she recalls Victoria just saying that they had to brace themselves for the news that she was about to tell them.

"Yea, what's going on Victoria? Why do we have to brace ourselves?" Meggan replies to her, curious about what she is going to tell them.

Victoria sighs back to them before she runs her hand through her long hair. "When I was at Raven's Meadow," she begins to tell them. "I asked Bryce who the Chief of Staff was, but he was always pretty evasive."

"I haven't heard who took over from Greg Lawson," Daisy tells her.

"Well, I ended up going to the office of the chief of staff. And that's when I saw him. He's alive! He's not dead."

"Who?" Meggan ask sher quickly.

Victoria looks back at her with tears in her eyes. "Your father," she whispers to her. "Frederick is alive and well," she tells her as Meggan looks back at her in shock.

The Dockside Storage Lockers

Kim and Greg watch in horror as Robbie and Tara continue to wrestle for control of the gun. While they they battle for control, Greg sees the gun and kicks it away from Tara. He, then, pulls out his cell phone and starts to call the police. Kim, meanwhile, moves further away and stands in front of some large boxes.

Tara, meanwhile, lets out a loud grunt as she realizes that Greg kicked her gun away. She lifts her knee, which lands firm in Robbie's crotch.

"Ahhh!" Robbie cries out in pain as he stands up but bends over in pain. "You bitch!"

Tara stands up and pushes Robbie backwards. He stumbles back and ends up collapsing into some of the large boxes that are piled up. A domino effect occurs, and more of the boxes start slamming into the ground. Outside, police car flashing lights illuminate the windows of the storage locker.

Kim let's out a scream as the boxes that are behind her start to rock and slowly start to fall on her, causing her to drop to the ground and be buried under the heavy boxes tumbling down on her!

Next on One Day at a Time
- Abby gives Dominick an idea
- Felicia and Leah learn more shocking news
- Cheresa is reunited with her family

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