Episode 870
Scars on my Mind
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: November 07, 2022

Episode Theme song: "Replay" Lady Gaga

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Chris and Trenyce waited for news of Cheresa together
- Abby apologized to Dominick for telling the truth about Leah's paternity
- Victoria told Meggan and Daisy that Frederick is alive
- Robbie and Tara fought for her gun; Greg kicked it away and called the police. Tara then kicked Robbie and he stumbled backwards into some boxes, which collapsed on Kim!
- Adam told Helen he was going to tell Robin the truth about her scheming to break them up. Shane and Robin, meanwhile, made love

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robbie paces back and forth in waiting room of the hospital as he waits to hear an update on Kim. Everything has, seemingly, happened so fast he almost can't wrap his head around it. Kim realized that Tara was holding Cheresa hostage at the Lawson storage locker, just off the pier. Kim wanted to join Robbie and Greg when they decided to go to the storage locker, but he insisted that she stay back. Robbie and Greg ended up at the storage unit, and they saw Cheresa inside. That's when Kim arrived, which alerted Tara to the fact that the three of them were outside. She held them at gun point and moved them inside the locker to be with Cheresa.

That's when Robbie lunged at Tara and they wrestled for the gun. Greg ended up kicking the gun away from Tara, who kicked Robbie in the groin. Robbie stumbled back in pain and fell into some boxes, which ended up collapsing on top of Kim!

As soon as the crash ended, Greg rushed over to help Kim, as he is a doctor. In the midst of the chaos, Tara was able to sneak away and the police are now looking for her. Robbie, however, can't stop thinking about Kim and their unborn child. He just hopes that this hasn't hurt his wife or their baby.

"Greg," Robbie turns when he sees the doctor move inside the waiting room. "How is Kim? Is she going to be okay?"

"We are going to keep here overnight," Greg replies to him quickly. "She has a mild concussion, so I want to make sure she is safe."

"But she will be okay?" Robbie asks.

"She should make a full recovery."

"Thank God," Robbie breathes a sigh of relief. "Can I see her?"

"Yes, she is awake and she was asking for you," Greg nods back to him. "Just make sure she gets some rest; she has been through a lot."

"I will, thanks Greg," Robbie starts to leave the waiting room before he turns back. "I almost forgot; the baby? How is my baby?"

Greg looks back at him. "What is it?" Robbie asks him. "What's wrong?"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Meanwhile, in a hospital room, Cheresa is laying down while Dawn is next to her. Dawn looks at her girlfriend and gets tears in her eyes; she was so worried about her girlfriend, she is feeling beyond relieved that Cheresa is safe.

"You have no idea how worried I was," Dawn grabs Cheresa's hand. "I am so glad that you're safe and sound."

"Me too," Cheresa replies to her. "I didn't know if I was ever going to escape that woman's clutches."

"I am glad that Robbie and Kim figured this all out, but I can't believe that Robbie put this all into motion. What was he thinking?"

"I wish I knew," Cheresa sighs back to her. "I am just glad that I am out of the locker unit."

"And your Dad said you would be fine? There's no health issues as a result of the kidnapping?"

"No, I am fine," Cheresa smiles back to her. "Thanks for being here, Dawn. I love you so much."

Dawn lets a tear fall down her cheek as she leans up and kisses Cheresa on the lips. "I love you too."

Before Cheresa can respond, Greg enters the hospital room. "How's my girl doing?"

"Better Dad, thanks to you and Robbie," Cheresa grabs his hand. "Thanks for coming to save me."

"You know that I would do anything for you," Greg replies to her. "And don't you worry about a thing, the police will find Tara and she will be punished. I won't rest until that happens."

"Thanks Dad, I'm lucky to have you in my corner," Cheresa grins back to him.

The Davenport House; Trenyce & Andrew's Home

"Oh thank God," Trenyce says into her phone as she looks at Chris and grins at him. "Yes, please, keep me posted. I will be there first thing in the morning. And, thank you, so much for this update."

"Well?" Chris asks her back, eager to hear what she has to say. "Did they find Cheresa?"

"Yes," Trenyce covers her mouth as she fights tears in her eyes. "She's resting in the hospital, and she should be fine."

"Our prayers were answered," Chris pulls her into a hug and holds her. He knows how worried Trenyce was about their daughter. The fact that she has been found and is healthy, is a blessing to them.

"You were right, Chris," Trenyce tells him as they exit their embrace. "You said Cheresa would be found and she was."

Chris chuckles back to her. "I'm glad I was here with you while we went through this. But, there is something I need to talk to you about."

Trenyce arches her eyebrow and freezes. She quickly wonders if, somehow, Chris has found out that she and Andrew have shared a few kisses recently. She knows that after she and Chris agreed to get back together, she told Andrew that whatever they were doing had to end. She just hopes that Chris doesn't know the truth.

"Uh, okay?" she replies to him.

Before he can respond, all the lights in Trenyce's home go off and the two of them sit in the blackness.

"What the hell is going on now?" Trenyce asks Chris, who reaches for his phone and turns his flashlight on.

He looks at his phone screen. "I got an alert on my phone," he tells her. "Looks like the power is out in the area…"

"Great," Trenyce tries to keep her cool. "I guess we need to have that talk in the dark?"

Chris nods back to her. "Yea, because what I have to say, it can't wait Trenyce. We have to get this all out in the open once and for all," he tells her as she gulps heavily.

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"I haven't seen Dawn that excited in a very long time," Helen tells Adam, who is packing up this belongings. He had stayed at the house that he and Helen raised Dawn in together to help his daughter wait for news on Cheresa. Once Dawn learned that Cheresa was at the hospital, she rushed there to be with her girlfriend, so Adam is heading home, which is excited for because he is exhausted.

"She is certainly in love with Cheresa," Adam nods back to her. "I am just relieved that this all ended well."

"Me too," Helen purses her lips back to him. "Thank you, Adam."

"For what?"

"Staying here tonight with me and Dawn," Helen replies to him. "I don't think I could have handled this on my own."

"You don't give yourself enough credit," Adam quickly tells her. "But you're welcome. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. You know that despite all of our issues right now, I will always be there for Dawn."

"You proved that tonight, Adam," Helen tells him. "And tonight proved something else to me too."

Adam arches his eyebrow back to her. "And what's that?"

"That you and I, despite everything, still make one hell of a team. We will have that connection, and that's something you can't deny, no matter how hard you try," she looks at him with intent.

Tyler's Townhouse

"What is this all about?" a confused Tyler asks Meggan and Daisy as they move into his home, and immediately see Cory, Jeff, Leah and Felicia all waiting for them. "It is incredibly late to be asking for such a huge meeting like this."

"I know, and I'm sorry," Meggan tells him. "But Daisy and I have news and it will impact all of you in this room."

"What kind of news?" Leah asks her back. "What else could have possibly have happened tonight."

"It's about Frederick Richardson," Daisy tells her, as everyone looks around the room in worry.

"Frederick?" Felicia stands up from sitting on the sofa. "What about him? He has been dead for years."

"That's the thing," Meggan replies to everyone. "We found out tonight that Frederick isn't dead at all; my father, our father," she grabs Daisy's hand. "He's alive. He didn't die all those years ago."

Shock waves are felt through out the room as everyone gasps and looks at one another. "How is any of this possible?" Tyler asks them in confusion.

"We don't know all the details, we don't even know where he is," Daisy tells everyone. "All we know that he is alive, so we all need to be on high alert. We have no idea what he is planning, if anything."

Leah looks at Felicia and hugs her. "You know what this means, don't you?" she whispers to her mother. "I could meet my father after all."

"Bite your tongue," Felicia replies to her. "We still don't know if that rubbish Abby was saying is true or not."

"Hey, I know you must be shocked," Meggan comes up to Leah, as Jeff and Cory approach as well. "But I thought this could give you some hope that we could find your child after all. If my father is alive and we can track him down, we could find out where out what happened to your child."

Leah and Jeff lock eyes and can feel the hope between them building. "We want that more than anything in the world," Jeff tells Meggan. "Thanks for telling us this."

"I agree with Daisy," Felicia interjects. "If Frederick is alive, this could be dangerous for all of us. We have no idea what he has planned with any of us. We all need to be careful because we have no idea what Frederick is capable of right now."

Dominick's Townhouse

Abby rolls over in the bed that she is sharing with Dominick until she sits up and grabs her cup of water that is on her end table. She takes a sip of it before she returns the cup to the table. Just as she is about to back down, Dominick turns his side lamp on and looks over at his fiancé.

"Are you having trouble sleeping?" he asks Abby.

"I am sorry that I am keeping you awake," she sighs back to him. "Do you want me to go home?"

"No, don't be silly," Dominick smiles back to her. "I wasn't sleeping either. The news of Leah and Frederick has been replaying on my mind over and over again."

"I am sorry that I had to tell you the truth," Abby tells him. "I feel like this is going to drive a bigger wedge between us now."

"Why would you say that?" Dominick asks her quickly. "I am grateful that you uncovered this truth, Abigail. Leah and I, we deserve to know the truth. Is it painful, yes, of course."

"You feel that way," Abby uneasily looks back at him. "But I don't think that's how your family is going to react. They are going to blame me and think that I am causing trouble."

"I can handle my family, don't you worry about that."

"I was thinking about something that we could do that could help calm everyone's nerves down," she admits as she looks back at him.

"And what would that be?"

"Let's elope," Abby replies to him immediately. "Let's get married in secret so no one has the chance to stop the marriage from taking place, Dominick. What do you say? Run away with me and marry me?"

Dominick looks back at her in surprise. "Are you sure you want to do that? This is your first wedding, Abigail, I would have assumed that you would have wanted your family and friends to see you get married."

"They can see me after the ceremony," she tells him. "I want our wedding to be just you and I; after all, we are the only two people that matter. Please, tell me you like this idea?"

"I love the idea," Dominick grins back to her as he leans up and kisses her. "If you want to elope, then that's what we will do."

"Thank you," she hugs him tightly. "This is exactly what I want, Dominick. I want to be your wife more than anything else in the world."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robbie slowly moves up to the hospital room that Kim is in. He peers through the small window on the door and can see his wife laying in the hospital bed. He takes a deep breath as he prepares to go see his wife. Finally, gets the nerve and opens the door.

"Robbie," a weak sounding Kim says as she ses her husband entering her the room. "I'm so glad that you're here."

"How are you feeling?" Robbie asks her as he moves up to her.

"Like I was hit by a ton of bricks," Kim tries to chuckle back to him. "I wish I hadn't gone to that locker room; you were right, I should have stayed at Roboto and waited for you."

"Don't worry about that now," Robbie replies to her. "What's important is that you are going to make a full recovery. I just saw Greg, he thinks you will be fine."

"That's a relief," Kim looks back at him. "But Robbie, what about the baby? Is the baby okay?"

Robbie puts his head down and become quiet. "Robbie, you're not saying anything. What is it? What's happened to my baby?"

"I'm sorry Kim," Robbie looks into his wife's eyes. "The baby…it didn't make it. We lost the baby."

The words hit Kim like a tidal wave. Without thinking, her eyes fill with water and she gasps for some air. All the memories of losing Blake, suddenly come flooding back to her.

"No," she shakes her head as a tear falls down her cheek. "Not my baby! Please tell me this isn't happening! Please tell me that I didn't lose another child," she cries as Robbie wraps his arms around his wife, who weeps into his arms, devastated that her child is gone.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce loses control again
- Robbie and Kim deal with their loss
- Robin's confession devastates Shane

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