Episode 877
Fighting Some War
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: November 20, 2022

Episode Theme song: "motive" Ariana Grande

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Daisy learned that she was pregnant with Vinny's baby
- Meggan, Lukas and Leah all learned that Frederick is alive
- Lukas and Jasper slept together again while Donovan started rehab on his legs
- Tyler learned that Kim miscarried. Greg, meanwhile, vowed to make an arrested Robbie pay for kidnapping Cheresa
- Cassie told Jacob that she was going to have his son brought to Twin Peaks
- Cory worried about Leah

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I can't get over how adorable my grandson is," Greg tells Trenyce as they sit together in her hospital room. Greg is still having a hard time believing that Brad is a father, only he will never get to meet his son because Brooke stabbed him on New Year's Eve. So much has happened since then, but he can't help but feel like the newest addition to his family is a true blessing."

"He really is," Trenyce looks down at the infant in her arms and smiles at her son. "I am just so glad that he and I will be okay. I was worried when I learned that I fainted during the delivery."

"You gave us all a scare," Greg chuckles back to her. "Thank God Chris was with you."

Trenyce looks back at Greg and nods to him. "I was hoping I could run something by you, Greg."

"Of course," he replies to her. "What are you thinking?"

"Well, I have to give my son a name."

"Have you thought of one?"

Trenyce locks eyes with him for a moment. "How would you feel if I called him Bradley?" she asks him as he looks back at in surprise. "I know that Brad will never get to meet his son, but my naming him Bradley it would always be a reminder of his father."

Greg feels his eyes swell with water. "Bradley Lawson Jr?"

"Bradley Gregory Lawson JR," Trenyce smiles back to him as a tear falls down her cheek. "Do you like it?"

"I love it," Greg nods back to her as he kisses her forehead. "Thank you for this, this is exactly what I needed today."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Outside Trenyce's hospital room, Chris looks at Andrew with intent as he just finished asking him why Trenyce would have been calling out his name while she was in and out of consciousness while she was giving birth. Chris long suspected that something might have been going on between Andrew and Trenyce but he pushed it out of his head when Andrew and Cheresa both told him that it was impossible.

"I'm not sure what you want me to say," Andrew puts his hands in his pocket, terrified that Chris will learn that he and Trenyce have shared a few kisses. Once Trenyce and Chris reunited, they agreed to stop whatever was developing between them.

"Why would Trenyce call for you?" Chris asks him again.

Andrew shrugs back to him. "I have no idea," he admits to him. "You could ask Trenyce, but she might now know either man."

"Well something doesn't add up here."

"Trenyce was in and out of consciousness," Andrew reminds him. "She probably doesn't even know half of the things she was saying. Who know where the mind goes when it's not present."

"I suppose that's true," Chris looks back at him. "I just hope nothing else is going on here."

"Trust me," Andrew replies to him. "Nothing else is going on, Chris. You have my word."

The Sugarbowl

"Wait, so Frederick Richardson is alive and well?" a stunned Jeff asks Cory as they sit across from one another in the back booth of the coffee together. Cory just told Jeff the latest that is going on with Leah; they were all already stunned by the revelation that Leah gave birth to another baby while she was in Santa Barbara all those years ago, now they have discovered that Frederick is alive…and he is Leah's biological father.

Cory nods back to him. "It seems that way," he tells him. "Apparently, while Victoria was at Raven's Meadow, she happened to walk into the Chief of Staff's office and Frederick was there."

"I don't believe this," Jeff admits to him. "But I guess this means Leah and I could actually find our child? I mean, if Frederick is alive, he would know what happened to the baby that Leah had in Santa Barbara."

"That's what she is hoping for," Cory says back to him. "I don't know, she's just been through so much lately, I hope this all isn't too much for her, you know?"

"You're worried about Leah?"

Cory nods back to him. "I am," he reveals to Jeff. "All of these secrets and lies coming to the surface…there's only so much a person can handle you know?"

"Tell you what," Jeff looks back at him. "Together, we will make sure that Leah makes it through this. She's a strong woman."

"She is," Cory agrees with him. "But everyone has their breaking point."

MW Investigations

"So what is the latest? Do we know where our father is?" an anxious Lukas asks Meggan and Leah as they stand together in Meggan's office. They are still reeling from the fact that their father, who they believed was dead, is alive and well. None of them know what Frederick is up too but based on his history, they know that he could be planning anything.

"I do have some news," Meggan looks back at her siblings. "Leah, are you sure that you want to be here for this?"

"I mean yes," Leah nods back to them. "I know it is shocking that Frederick is my father too but until we know otherwise, I don't know why Abby Lawson would lie about it."

"This is all so crazy," Lukas sighs back to them. "First we find out that Dad is alive but also that he and Felicia had a love affair and produced a child, you Leah? I can barely wrap my head around all of this."

"It does explain why Frederick was always so protective of Felicia," Leah replies to him. "I'd still like to have confirmation, though."

"Well, unfortunately, we have to find our father first," Meggan tells them. "I had one of my PI's go to Raven's Meadow, since that's where Victoria saw him."

"And? Was Dad there?" Lukas asks her quickly.

"No," Meggan replies to him. "It looks like he cleared out, likely after he heard of Vinny's death."

"Well great, he could be anywhere then?" Leah says back to her. "How are we going to find him?"

"I think we should reach out to him," Meggan tells them. "Lukas, if you and I make a passionate plead to him to come home and we put it on TV and news app's, he is bound to see it. Maybe seeing us asking for him to come home will trigger something in him?"

"I am not sure that it will work," Lukas replies to her quickly. "But I'm willing to give it a try. Anything is better than nothing."

"Great, I'll make the arrangements and we can get this going," Meggan uneasily smiles back to him.

The Cascade Apartments; Cassie & Max's Home

"Mom are you here?" Max asks as he opens the door to the apartment that he is sharing with his mother. He is on cloud nine right now because the last time he saw Paige, she admitted that she still cares for him. He finally believes that they have a chance at being together again, which is something he never thought could happen again.

Cassie soon emerges from the side room and smiles at the sight of her son. "I'm right here baby."

"I brought you a coffee from the Sugarbowl," Max sets a cup down on the small table in the apartment. "I thought you could use a treat."

"You're so sweet," she comes up to him and hugs him. "I'm glad you're here."

"Really? Why? Has something happened?"

Cassie nods back to him. "My baby has arrived," she tells him as he looks back at her in surprise. "My friend who was watching him brought him here this morning."

"He's here? Where is he?"

"He's in the other room sleeping," Cassie tells him. "Do you want to go see him?"

"Of course I do," Max smiles back to her as they move into the side room. Inside a small crib, there is a baby boy fast asleep. Max smiles at the sight of his baby brother, a vision he never thought he would see.

"Max," Cassie whispers to him. "Meet your brother; this is baby Carter. Carter, this is your brother, Max."

"Hey Carter," Max touches the baby's fingers before he looks back at Cassie. "He's a handsome boy, Mom."

"Yes he is," Cassie beams back to him. "I can't wait for Jacob to meet Carter; Carter needs his father in his life."

Max nods back to him. "Yup, Jacob needs to be in this kids life," he tells his mother. "And that way, he will stay away from Paige."

Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

Jacob moves up to the door of the studio and peers inside. He can see Paige at the large communal table, working away. He can't help but remember when he was there earlier and he over heard Paige admit to Max that she still cares about him; he had hoped that by proving that Max knew about Cassie being alive that it would separate them for good. Instead, it seems like Paige is willing to forgive him and move on. Jacob hates that she can't see Max for what he really is.

"Paige, hey," Jacob says as he opens the door and moves into the studio. "Sorry I am late, I had a rather busy morning."

"It is okay," Paige replies to him quickly. "I am just reviewing these marketing reports, I could use your opinion before we send them to Tyler for final review."

"Sure that sounds good," he tells her as he moves closer to her. "Mmm, I've always loved when you wear that perfume."

Paige grins back to him. "I think you gave it to me for Christmas last year."

"That's right, I did," Jacob nods back to her. "We have so many memories together, don't we Paige?"

"Yea, we definitely do," Paige looks back at him.

"Can I be honest with you?" Jacob asks her as she nods back to him. "I miss you, I miss us, Paige. I still love you, despite everything that has happened between us."

Paige sighs back to him. "I have figured that you still cared," Paige reveals to him. "And, a part of me still cares about you too, Jacob. What we went through together, you will always hold a place in my heart."

"Why do I get the feeling that there is more to your answer to me?"

"Because," Paige tries to smile back to him. "If this situation with Cassie is true, then our relationship will change again. You'll be a father, Jacob. Your son, he needs to be your priority. Certainly not me and certainly not us."

Jacob uneasily nods back to him. "I guess I am just waiting for Cassie to bring my son to town. Because then, I can get a DNA test to see if I am a father."

"I hope it works out for you Jacob. I really do."

The Pampa Grill

Tyler moves into the restaurant looking to grab an early lunch as he is swamped at work for the rest of the afternoon. As he scans the dining room, he can't help but see Kim sitting at a table by herself. Immediately, he recalls how Natasha told him that Kim suffered a miscarriage and that it has brought up a lot of memories of losing Blake. Tyler finds himself moving towards his former lover.

"I hope I'm not interrupting," Tyler announces as he arrives at her table.

Kim looks up and sets her glass of white wine down. "Not at all. I'm literally just drowning my sorrows."

"I hope you don't mind but Natasha told me about what happened at the storage locker," Tyler looks back at her. "I am so sorry Kim."

Kim shakes her head as she tries to prevent tears from forming in her eyes. "Thanks Tyler," she bites her lip back to him. "I…I don't know how I am going to deal with this."

"I can only imagine that this is bringing up memories of Blake and that ice storm, huh?"

"You have no idea."

Tyler reaches across the table and grabs her hand. "You and I are the only ones that really know what it was like after Blake died," he whispers to her. "If you need me now Kim, I am here, okay? You don't have to go through this alone."

A tear falls down Kim's cheek. "Thanks Tyler," she replies to him. "I needed to hear that. More than you'll ever know."

The Calimo Mansion

"Thanks for bailing me out of jail," Robbie tells Natasha as they move into the living room of their childhood home. He moves immediately to the bar and pours himself a scotch. He spent the last few hours in jail because Simona arrested him for Cheresa's kidnapping; being in jail caused Robbie to miss picking Kim up from the hospital, but he knows that might have been a blessing because she is not happy with him as she blames him for the miscarriage.

"Of course," Natasha replies to her brother. "I wouldn't let you sit in jail over this. This is all such a nightmare."

"I can't believe that they are trying to make me believe that I am responsible for kidnapping Cheresa," Robbie takes a sip of his drink. "It was all Tara's idea."

"We better damn well hope that Simona Lopez finds Tara so she can set the record straight," Natasha tells him. "That way, you will not be blamed for anything."

"I just hope Kim sees it that way. She is still blaming me for the miscarriage."

"I actually spoke to her," Natasha reveals to her brother. "This entire thing is bringing up memories of Blake. I can't say that I blame her for being devastated."

"That's the thing," Robbie looks back at her. "I'm in pain too. I also just lost a child."

"I know," Natasha moves up to him and hugs him. "You are allowed to grieve, Robbie."

"I have to make this right Nat," he whispers as they continue to hug each other. "I have to figure out a way to make this all right, for everyone involved."

The Richardson Estate; Meggan, Lukas & Donovan's Home

"If you're looking for Olly, he just went to a play date," Jasper tells Lukas, who moves into the living room of the lavish estate he lives in with his sister and husband.

Lukas looks back at the nanny, who he has slept with twice now. He knows that he has to ensure the doesn't make that mistake again because if Donovan ever found out, he would be devastated. Lukas has too much else on his plate right now: helping Donovan regain the feelings in his legs, and finding Frederick.

"Thanks for the update," Lukas replies to him. "I am just here to grab a few things and I have to head out again."

"Anything major going on?"

"Yea, I have to help my sister with something," Lukas tells him. "But I am glad that we have a moment alone, Jasper."

"You are?" Jasper licks his lips as he moves up to Lukas. He secretly hopes that Lukas wants to have sex with him again. "What's on your mind?"

"Nothing like that," Lukas informs him quickly. "What we have done, twice now…"

"You have engaging in hot, passionate sex?"

"It can't happen again," Lukas ignores his advances. "I have to focus on my marriage, my husband and my family."

Jasper chuckles back to him, having heard this from Lukas before. "Okay, that's cool," Jasper winks back to him. "And, like I told you before," he tells Lukas. "It's our secret. I will never tell anyone how hot we were together."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"What happened to Bryce?" a worried Victoria asks Madeline as they stand outside of Bryce's hospital room. Just a short time earlier, Victoria was visiting Bryce when something went off with him as his monitor starting beeping rapidly. She just hopes that he is okay because she doesn't know what she will do if he doesn't survive.

"He had a minor stroke," Madeline reveals to her. "It's a set back for sure, but I was able to get him stable again."

"Thank God," Victoria replies to her. "What's the next step?"

"Honestly?" Madeline looks back at her. "I would brace yourself for the worst, Victoria. We will continue to try our best, but it's not looking good."

Victoria uneasily nods back to her. "Thanks Madeline. Can I see him?"

"Not now," Madeline tells her. "Give him some time to rest. Maybe you could grab a coffee and then visit him?"

"Okay, I will. Thanks for everything."

"Of course."

Victoria watches as Madeline walks away from the hospital room. She runs her hands through her hair and sighs. "Please don't leave me," she whispers as she looks at Bryce through the small window on the hospital door. "Please get better, Bryce."


Meanwhile, Daisy opens the door to Trenyce's hospital room and moves inside. "I heard that you and your baby were in here," Daisy moves up to her niece, who is her hospital bed resting.

"Daisy, hi," Trenyce smiles back to her. "They just took Bradley back to the nursey so he can sleep."

"Bradley?" Daisy sits next to her. "I'm sure Greg will be thrilled to hear that you named your son after Brad."

"I told him earlier," Trenyce nods back to her. "He was over the moon with my decision. It just felt right, since Bradley will never meet his father."

Daisy pauses for a moment as she thinks about her current situation: pregnant with Vinny's child, who was killed in his struggled with his gun at the Calimo cabin.

"Daisy? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Daisy gets tears in her eyes. "I am just glad you and your baby are okay."

"We will be fine, there's no need to worry," Trenyce grabs her hand and squeezes as Daisy lets a tear fall down her cheek. "Hey, are you sure you're okay?"

Daisy nods back to her, knowing that she can't tell anyone about this baby; not until she knows what she is going to do. "I'm just relieved that everything is working out the way it should, that's all. I promise."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Bryce wakes up!
- Nicholas and Clayton wake up after their love making
- Chris confronts Trenyce

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