Episode 89 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: May 16, 2010

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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Meggan donated her kidney to Leah. They both survived surgery
- Robin overheard Bob and Sofia admit that Eva is Natasha’s real mother. She realized that Eva was staying with Dominick.
- Terrence proposed a new ski resort North of Twin Peaks. As the mayor, Daisy agreed
- Cassie turned up pregnant with Shane’s baby. Natasha dumped him and urged him to do the right thing
- Ryan, Jackson’s brother, blackmailed Will into helping him sell drugs again

Scene One -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Leah’s Room

The sunlight beams brightly into Leah’s hospital room. She lays in her bed looking out the window. She’s on a top floor in the hospital, so she can’t really see much other than the blue sky from her bed. Still, she smiles knowing that she is on the way to being 100% again. When she thinks of how close she was to dying, she shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath. A tear forms in her eye; she still has so much to live for, so much left to do with her life. She is so grateful to be back and to be alive.

The door to her room opens and she sees her husband, Robbie, enter. He looks at her and flashes a large smile. He is smiling because he knows that his wife is going to recover from her kidney transplant. He has never been so scared in all of his life than the time that she was sick. He knows that they have a long way to go to get their relationship back on track since she pushed him away so much during Noah’s death, but he knows that he is in love with her more than he ever has been.

“You’re awake,” he says softly as he comes closer to her bedside.

“And it’s a beautiful day. Everything is right with the world again,” she smiles to him as he sits next to her. “Hug me?” As he goes to embrace her, Leah feels safe in his arms. The feeling of them together makes her even more grateful to be alive and with the man she loves so much.

Robbie smiles at her again as he takes her into his arms. “You don’t know how scared I was,” he says as they are embracing.

Leah lets a few tears escape her eyes as her husband holds her. “I was scared too. I’m so sorry I scared you like that.”

They exit the embrace, but his hand quickly finds hers. “All that matters is that you’re okay now,” he replies to her. “We can move forward now.”

Leah looks at him and she wipes a few tears away. She knows that she has a question for him, but she has been holding off on asking him. She has to know though. She has to know who saved her.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, anything,” he replies.

“Who saved me? I want to thank them for giving me their kidney.”

Robbie looks at his wife unsure of what to say. He knows that Jeff gave the okay for Meggan to be released from jail to save Leah, but everyone knows that Leah may not have agreed to do the same thing. She worked so hard to put the woman that killed her son behind bars that she may not have agreed to have her released, even to save her own life.

“It wasn’t my decision,” Robbie says turning his head away. “I … I begged them to save you. That’s all I cared about.”

Leah gets a little aggravated. “I know you wanted me saved. But who saved me? Why wasn’t it your choice?”

Robbie sighs and looks at Leah again, his eyes have water in them. “It was Meggan. She gave you her kidney.”

Leah swallows hard, not sure she heard right. Surely, he couldn’t mean Meggan Richardson; the woman that took her little boy from her.

“Meggan Richardson?” Leah asks getting more upset as she tries to understand the logic behind Meggan saving her life.

Robbie nods. “Please don’t get worked up. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“Worked up?” Leah laughs. “Why the hell would I get worked up? The woman that killed my son saved my life!” she says as tears stroll down her face. “Why would I get worked up over that?”

Inside Leah is screaming. How can this happen? For the past year, all she has felt for the person that killed her son was contempt. Then when she learned last fall that it was Meggan, Leah went over the deep end. Now, she has learned that the same woman saved her life. Part of her is actually feeling … grateful, thankful.

“You have to know that Jeff didn’t know what to do. He struggled, but in the end he chose to save your life. I’m so grateful to him,” Robbie says knowing that he has to say something as Leah takes everything in.

“I need to see her,” Leah says wiping her face again. “I need to see Meggan.”

Scene Two -- Will’s Apartment

“Fuck,” Will says as he slams his text book down on the table. While he has another final the next day, the last thing on his mind was studying. Instead, he is thinking back to his visit with Ryan the previous day; Ryan tried to blackmail him into selling drugs again, something that Will used to do back in the day. Will is frustrated because he has worked so hard to rebuild his life after being in the drug industry, and he has: he has a girlfriend and a great job. The last thing he needed was Ryan to come back into his life. And to top it off, Ryan knows that he and Olivia slept together. Will can not allow Madeline to find this out because he knows it would be an end to their relationship.

“Why now?” he asks himself as he wonders why Ryan would show up back in his life now. To Will, it doesn’t seem fair.

He hears a knock on his door and he walks over slowly to open it. When he opens it, he finds Ryan standing there smiling back at him. “You’re not going to invite me in?” Ryan replies as he enters the apartment.

“No, because I have nothing to say. Obviously that doesn’t matter,” Will says shutting the door hard. “I know why you’re here, but I’m not going back Ryan. I’m not selling drugs for you. End of discussion.”

Ryan chuckles at Will’s persistence. While he would never say aloud, he enjoys how much Will defends himself. “Good for you man. Sticking to your guns. If you don’t want too, you don’t have too. But just know that I’ll go to Madeline, that’s your girlfriends name, right? I guess I’ll tell her that you’ve been banging her mother.”

Ryan looks at Will again, but Will doesn’t budge. Ryan walks towards the door. “It’s your call man,” Ryan says before he leaves.

As the door closes, Will takes a deep breath. He’s not sure if he should have called Ryan’s bluff, but he has no choice, does he? He does not want to go back to selling drugs to people. He doesn’t want to be responsible for ruining people’s lives and relationships. He is about to go back to his text book, when the door knocks again. Thinking it’s Ryan coming back, he angrily storms over to the front door and opens it.

“What?” he yells as he opens the door, only to see Madeline standing there.

“Whoa, sorry … bad time?” she asks taken aback by his behaviour at the door.

Will shakes his head. “Sorry, I thought you were someone else,” he says extending his arm for her to enter the apartment.

Madeline arches her eyebrow, wondering what could have possibly made Will so upset to answer the door in that manner. Before she can question him though, he turns her around and kisses her passionately.

“I’ve missed you,” he says moving his lips down to her neck. She sighs and puts her hand in his hair. He continues to kiss her, wanting her badly. Needing her to relieve some of his built up frustrations.

“I’ve … missed you too,” she says as she leads him into the bedroom.

Scene Three -- Dominick’s Townhouse

Dominick breathes a sigh of relief as he finishes his cup of coffee. His daughter Leah survived the surgery for her kidney replacement. He has never been more scared for one of his girls. He is thankful to Meggan for her donation, even though he knows that Leah may not take the news so well that she was the one that donated the kidney. Still, he has been able to sleep and come home and shower since he knows that Leah is alright.

He looks at Eva’s room for a moment; the door is closed as it usually is. He does know, however, that she has been getting out more and more. Part of him is glad that she is getting out as he was worried that perhaps she was getting depressed just sitting in her room; another part of him is worried that she’ll run into a member of the Calimo family and thus creating a stir. He goes up to knock on her door when he hears the doorbell ring. His conversation with Eva will have to wait, he realizes.

He goes downstairs and finds Robin at the front door. She smiles and enters the house after hugging her father.

“I was headed back to the hospital but I wanted to come see you,” Robin says as she takes off her jacket.

Dominick looks at his youngest daughter and he is so proud of the woman she has become. He notices a new, certain glow about her. He can’t place it yet, but knows something has changed with her.

“You look beautiful today,” he replies to her. “I’m so glad you came to see me. We can use this time to catch up.”

Robin blushes for a moment. “Thank you Daddy. I have some news for you.” Robin is nervous inside because although she knows the Dominick has been supportive of her and Cory, becoming engaged to him is certainly a new level for them. And, she can admit, that it did happen rather quickly.

Dominick arches his eyebrow; he knew something was going on. “I’m listening.”

Robin extends her hand out to Dominick, revealing the large diamond ring on her left ring finger. Dominick looks and is not overly surprised, but overjoyed for his daughter. “Cory?” he asks holding her hand.

“He asked me to marry him! I love him so much Daddy. I really think this is right this time,” she says not trying to hide her excitement.

He embraces Robin quickly again. “I know it is right. He came to me and professed his love. He knows that he wants to be with you Robin. He loves you. He always has.”

Robin gets a tear in her eye. “So you approve? You’re okay that we are back together?”

Dominick sighs, “Of course my dear. As long as you’re happy, I am happy.”

“I am happy Daddy,” Robin says wiping her eye. “Okay, enough of that. I have more news for you.”

“Oh?” Dominick says as he pours her a cup of the coffee he is drinking. He passes her a cup.

“Thank you,” she says taking a small drink. “it’s about the woman you have living with you.”

Dominick turns again to face Robin. “You met Eva?” he asks surprised. He had not realized that they had connected before.

“Mmhmm, the other day. I stopped by while I was headed to the hospital. But, I think I know what you’re up too,” she replies to him.

“I’m not up to anything,” he says sheepishly.

“Daddy! You told me you were going to fight for the woman you love. Be honest with me, is that woman Sofia Calimo? Are you in love with her?”

Dominick turns away from his daughter, somewhat embarrassed that after all these years he still has feelings for Sofia. He doesn’t reply to Robin, but his red cheeks gives it away to her.

“It’s okay Daddy. I guess I understand being in love with a taken person,” she continues drawing her on experience with Cory and Natasha. “I know the truth though. I know what could help you.”

Dominick turns back and arches his eyebrow. “What do you know?”

“The truth about Eva,” Robin admits. “I overheard Bob and Sofia talking on New Year’s Eve at Adam and Helen’s wedding. I know their connection to Eva.”

“Tell me!” Dominick eagerly replies back to her. For so long, Dominick has been trying to get the truth out of Eva to no avail. To have Robin come to him and tell him that she knows the truth is music to his ears. Maybe he can finally move forward with trying to get Sofia back.

Robin chuckles. “So I was right, this is about Sofia!”

“Yes, it is,” he finally admits his love. “I brought Eva back, but she hasn’t said much of anything.”

“Well just to let you know, Sofia denied what I’m about to tell you, but it makes sense to me now. Sofia isn’t Natasha’s real mother, Eva is!”

Dominick’s mouth opens, floored by Robin’s announcement. Is that even possible? How did this happen? What would make Eva give up her child? All these questions race through Dominick’s mind.

“I … I don’t believe it,” he replies stuttering as he is surprised. “If this is true, this changes everything, for everyone.”

Scene Four -- Twin Peaks Executive Hotel

Daisy enters the busy hotel lobby and walks over to the elevator and pushes the 11 button. She is headed up to see Terrence as she just got confirmation that the ski resort has started to be built. Plus, she has had a fantastic idea of holding a gala for the opening night of the ski resort. A fundraiser of some kind, she thinks. She is excited to share the news with Terrence. She gets off on the 11th floor and walks over to his room, she knocks and waits. A housekeeper opens the door.

“Oh, is Mr. Caldwell in?” Daisy asks as the housekeeper exits with her cart of cleaning supplies. The woman shakes her head indicating no. “Do you mind if I just leave him this file? I’m mayor Davenport, I’ll only be a moment.”

The housekeeper smiles at the mayor and allows her to enter the hotel room. Daisy shuts the door behind her and walks into the large room, thinking that sometimes the title of ’mayor’ has its perks. She quickly spots the desk. She walks over and drops the file on the desk. She starts to search for a piece of paper and a pen to leave Terrence a quick note. While she searches, she thinks back to having dinner with him the other night at Capers. She smiles that another man other than Chris is seemingly taking an interest in her. She realizes that she is not ready to date again, but it’s nice to know that a man can be interested in her, none the less.

She walks over to another table that is in the hotel room and she opens a drawer still looking for a pen and a piece of paper. What she finds, instead, startles her to the core: she sees a picture of Danielle and Trenyce from Christmas a few years ago.

“What on earth is this?” Daisy asks as she picks up the picture. “My God, does Terrence know Danielle and Trenyce? Why wouldn’t Trenyce say anything? Why wouldn‘t Terrence say anything? What‘s going on?”

Daisy places the picture back in the drawer when she hears her telephone ringing. With her head buzzing full of questions she answers her phone. “Hello,” she says as her hand rubs her forehand. “What? When? … Okay, I’m on my way!”

She hangs up the phone and puts it in her bag and she prepares to leave. She has to leave; she just got word that Trenyce went into labour!

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Shane grabs the photo of him and Natasha from his desk and looks at it. He takes a deep breathe then opens a drawer and places the picture in it and closes it. He shuts his eyes for a moment unsure of what is he feeling. Natasha moved out weeks ago, and he let a pregnant Cassie move back in. He is sleeping in the guest room at home, so he doesn’t give Cassie the wrong impression. His heart longs to go back and be with Natasha the way they were before Cassie announced her pregnancy. Everything was so … perfect. He understands Natasha’s hesitation through and he wants to be respectful of her decision to leave him and he does want to be a father to his baby. He turns and sees Cassie standing in the door way.

“Hey, I didn’t hear you come in,” he says softly.

“I didn’t want to disturb you. You looked a million miles away,” she says coming up to him rubbing her growing stomach. “Are you stressed?”

“Work has been crazy. Sorry I haven’t seen you lately. How are things? With you? With the baby?”

Cassie smiles at Shane’s attentiveness. She has never been happier than she is right now: she’s pregnant with the man of her dreams baby, and she has got rid of Natasha from his life. She knows that she can never reveal that she was on fertility drugs to get pregnant.

“Everything’s going as planned,” she lies not telling him about her cramping that she has been going through. She doesn’t want to alarm him with the cramping, she just wants to have a healthy baby for him. She thinks the camps will just pass. “I am worried about something, though.”

“What’s going on?” Shane asks as they sit next to each other. He surprises himself, and her, by grabbing her hand.

“I’m getting closer to the due date, and with all the hours you do at the hospital, I’m just thinking maybe we should get married soon. I know that Andy Spinnes and Trenyce Davenport just got married. I would love to have our baby come into the world with parents that are married,” Cassie says batting her large eyes at Shane.

Shane turns away knowing that he wants to marry Natasha, the woman in his heart. He thinks to himself what he should do. He remembers Natasha telling him to marry Cassie to be there for his child. He knows that she wants him to do the right thing where his baby is concerned. Still, he longs to marry the woman he truly loves. He turns his eyes back to Cassie.

“I agree. We should be married before the baby comes. I’ll tell you what, you make the plans. Anything you want, just tell me where and when, and I’ll be there,” he says looking into her eyes, hoping that somehow he’ll get a sigh that he’s doing the right thing.

“Oh Shane!” she excitingly replies as she hugs him. “You’ve made me so happy! I … I love you,” she whispers into his ear.

Shane hugs her back, but all he can think about is Natasha.

Scene Six -- The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Cory emerges from the shower ready to start his day. He wraps a towel around his waist as his body still glistens from the water. He looks in the mirror and can’t help but smile. For the first time in a long time, he’s happy. Truly happy. Now that he and Robin have reunited and are engaged, he feels like all is right in the world. There isn’t anything, or anyone, that could possibly come between them now. He hears the door bell go and wonders if, maybe Robin forgot her key. He strolls down the stairs, still only cad in his towel, and opens the door with a sly grin on his face. He finds Natasha at the door.

She gulps as she can’t help but notice his muscular, wet chest. “I should have called…”

Cory laughs, “No, its okay, come in. I’ll just run upstairs and put some clothes on,” he says as she walks in. Natasha can’t help but look at the sexy man rush up the stairs. A part of her misses Cory in that way. They never ended their relationship because they were not attracted to each other anymore. She looks upstairs and sees Cory emerge wearing jeans a tight white t shirt.

“Sorry about that,” he says as he reaches the platform of the stairs. “Do you want coffee or anything?”

Natasha sits on the sofa. “No I’m fine. I really shouldn’t have come over unannounced. I’m so sorry.”

He sits next to her and realizes that something is up with his ex-wife. “You look flushed. What’s wrong?”

Natasha knows the real reason that she came over: she’s been feeling down about the entire ordeal with Shane. She wasn’t expecting to come over and reunite with Cory or anything, she just misses his companionship and their talks. The last thing she expected was to fine him practically naked with her mind wandering.

“Honestly Cory, I just…missed you. I guess with Shane and Cassie together, I just missed … I don’t know, this is silly,” she says trying to stand up, indicating her nervousness.

“No, Nat. It’s not silly. I understand. We have been through so much together Natasha. I’ll always be here for you, you know that,” Cory says taking her hand. “You’re a great woman. You’re a strong woman. You’re a beautiful woman. You’ll land on your feet.”

Natasha feels her eyes swell with water. “Oh Cory,” she says as they hug. “I’ve been trying to be so strong, you know? I’ve been working a lot and spending a lot of time with friends and family, but really it hurts. It really hurts that he got another girl pregnant. I don‘t feel strong.”

“I know Natasha. Stay positive, you’ll be okay. You’re doing the right thing. And you have to remember that it’s okay to cry and let that out of your system too. Believe me when I tell you that you’ll find the right one. It may just take a little longer than what you thought,” he says to her trying to be a source of comfort for her.

“Thank you,” Natasha says wiping her eyes. “So, tell me … what’s new with you?”

Cory sits back and looks over at her. He isn’t sure if he should reveal that he and Robin are engaged right now to Natasha; he hasn’t seen her this low in a long time, if ever. She knows that he and Robin are back together, but this engagement maybe too much for her to handle. Still, he realizes that he would rather have Natasha hear it from him as opposed to someone else.

“Tell me what you’re thinking!” Natasha replies to him, poking him in the side.

He looks over at her. “Robin and I are engaged. I know it’s bad timing to tell you, but we are really happy Nat!”

Natasha smiles and looks at Cory. She hugs him immediately. “Never ever think that my problems should stand in the way of your happiness. If you’re happy, they I am happy for you.”

They exit their embrace as Robin enters the front door. Robin looks over and sees Cory with Natasha and feels jealous immediately. “Am I interrupting something?”

“Not at all, I hear congratulations are in order,” Natasha says standing up crossing her arms.

“Yes, they are. Thank you,” Robin replies as she shows Natasha the ring, extending her hand to show the diamond.

“It’s beautiful. I was just leaving,” Natasha says as she turns to Cory. “We’ll be in touch?”

“Sure,” Cory says. “Take care of yourself.”

Robin watches as Natasha leaves. She takes a deep breath to calm herself before turning to face Cory.

“She just needed a friend,” he says to her as he kisses her passionately.

“I don’t care. I know you guys will always talk,” Robin says trying to make herself believe what she is saying. “Anyways, I have news for you.”

“Oh?” Cory says pulling his lips away from her neck.

“Bob has an idea for me at work. I’m really excited about it!”

“What is it?” Cory asks her, getting excited with her. “A new perfume?”

“He wants me to model in my next cologne ad!”

Cory gulps. Millions of people, millions of men, will see his finance in a sexy pose? He can see it all over Robin’s face that she is excited for it, but the thought of her exposed for everyone to see doesn’t sit well with him.

“Isn’t that great news?” Robin asks hugging him excited.

“It sure it,” he says through a fake smile, unsure of what to make of her news.

Scene Seven -- Wild Night

Kim walks into the bar after a long morning at the Sun. She decided to come on her lunch break for a caesar, just to calm her nerves after a touch morning. Her mind is really on Jeff and how she recently dumped him. A part of her is still very sad because she cared very deeply for him at one point. She knows that it is for the best though because is obvious that he still loves Leah. Whether or not he realizes that, is not her problem.

She sits at the end of the bar and takes a drink. The vodka hits her hard as it was a double. She shakes her head a little. Ryan, who is sitting a few seats over, notices and smiles.

“Rough morning?” he asks her as he slides over to be closer to her.

“You could say that. How about you?” she asks pointing to his gin and tonic.

Ryan looks at his drink, swirls it and then takes a drink of it. He can’t help but think of Will calling his bluff earlier. He wonders if he really should play his card over Will already. He realizes that he can only blackmail someone for so long before he has to reveal the truth, but if he does that, he is left with nothing.

“Just unsure of my next move,” he says cryptically.

“That sounds interesting,” she replies. “I’m Kim by the way. Kim Reeves.”

“Ryan McQuillian,” he replies as they shake hands.

Kim eyes light up. She knows that last name far too well. Her mind quickly goes back to seeing Jackson in the morgue months ago, after she found him strangled on the docks. She shuts her eyes. “McQuillian? Did you know Jackson?” she questions to him.

Ryan hears the name Jackson and looks at Kim with intensity in his brown eyes. “You knew Jackson?” Not many people knew his troubled brother, and the ones that did know him usually didn’t speak very highly of him.

“I did,” she says back to him. “We had … an interesting relationship.”

Ryan smiles. “Not many people knew him. He was my brother.”

“Really? I had no idea that he had siblings.”

Ryan smiles back at her, suddenly a lot more intrigued by Kim. “Maybe there’s a lot you didn’t know.”

Scene Eight -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Meggan’s Room

Robbie opens the door to Meggan’s room. She’s sleeping in her bed, but when she hears the door open, she opens her eyes and looks at the door. She smiles when she sees Robbie. She hasn’t had any visitors since Vinny left her earlier that day.

“Are you up for a visitor?” he asks her standing in the door way. Meggan doesn’t respond with words, she just nods her head. She always enjoys seeing Robbie as he has learned to understand her a little bit better. Her eyes widen as Robbie turns and pushes Leah, who is in a wheel chair, into the room. He pushes her up to Meggan’s beside.

“Leah wanted to see you,” Robbie says to Meggan. “I’ll give you guys some time alone.”

Leah turns her head and watches her husband exit the hospital room. She turns back and looks at Meggan. She sees a woman that is looking pretty good considering she just lost a kidney. She is still having a hard time believing that it’s the same woman that took the life of her little boy.

“You’re looking … well,” Meggan says, finally breaking the silence. “How are you feeling from the surgery?”

“I’m okay. I’m okay,” Leah says not able to look at Meggan in the eye. “Look, I came in here to thank you. I know you were the one that donated your kidney to me. You … you saved my life.”

Meggan grabs Leah’s hand, which forces Leah to look at Meggan. “I would do it again Leah, in a heart beat. I want all this pain to put in the past. I…”

“I will never forgive you, you know,” Leah says as she starts to cry. “You took something from me that can never be replaced.”

Meggan turns her head away from Leah. She knows that she is unable to compete with that. She knows that nothing she does will ever bring back Noah to Leah and Jeff. She has no words to even begin to undo the damage she has done.

“I just came to thank you Meggan.”

Meggan turns her head back to Leah. “That means a lot to me. I did what anyone would do. I know nothing I say can really every undo what has happened, but maybe …”

Leah places her hands on the wheels of her wheel chair and starts to back off, not wanting to listen to Meggan try to justify her killing Noah. “That’s all I wanted to say,” Leah interrupts her. “Take care of yourself.”

Meggan watches as Leah exits her hospital room. She wonders if anything will ever be enough to undo the damage that has been done. To both women.

Next on One Day at a Time
-Trenyce gives birth
-Dominick confronts Sofia
-Leah is released

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