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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce gave birth to a baby boy. Andy told her he will be there for the baby, not her.
- Daisy interrupted a sensual moment between Chris & Victoria to give him news of Trenyce’s labour. Later, Daisy told Chris she wished their marriage had produced a child
- Reese felt ill and went to the hospital; he saw Andy holding the baby
- Brett learned that Meggan had a set back from the surgery. Leah, meanwhile, was released from the hospital and Robbie asked her to drop the charges against Meggan

Scene One -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Trenyce’s Room

Trenyce is still in her hospital bed recovering from giving birth, but she manages to keep her eyes fixed on the small infant laying in his crib next to her bed. She has not stopped looking at him since they were able to return to her room. The doctors were slightly concerned with her giving birth a few weeks early, but the baby is doing well and Trenyce has never felt more complete inside than she does right now.

While she is overjoyed to have her baby with her, a part of her is sad inside. The way Andy spoke to her after the baby was born is something she can not shake. He was not his supportive-self. Instead, he coldly told her he was only there because of the baby. Has she lost her best friend, her only friend, by lying all this time? Will he reveal the truth to Chris? She is still scared to death that he would try to take the baby away from her. Now that she has her baby, the last thing she wants to have happen is to lose him. She fights a tear in the corner of her eye and refuses to think such thoughts. Still, she has no right how to make this right.

She turns her head to the door way when she hears the door slowly open. Andy emerges at the door frame and pauses. He looks at Trenyce waiting for some indication that he is allowed to enter. The past twenty four hours have been a complete whirlwind for him as he married Trenyce, learned that Trenyce knows he is gay and kept him from Reese and Trenyce gave birth. His head is swimming and he knows that people are going to start asking questions. Andy knew a long time ago he wouldn’t be able to handle seeing a baby being born, or seeing a woman in that state so he passed on going into the room when Trenyce was in labour. At the time, Daisy did not say anything, but he knows that will raise eyebrows since he is supposedly the baby’s father and Trenyce’s husband. What could he say that would make sense of him not wanting to be there for his new wife and supposed baby?

“Are you just going to stand in the doorway? Or are you going to come in?” Trenyce finally asks him, causing him to snap out of his thoughts.

“Sorry,” he says entering and closing the door behind him. “I guess I’m just wrapped up in my thoughts.”

Trenyce looks at her best friend and wishes so badly that she could erase so many things that she has done to him. “What are you thinking?”

Andy sighs. “Where do I begin T? I can’t believe that you lied to me for months. I can’t believe that you let me marry you when you know that I’m in love with Reese. I can’t believe that you’ve had your baby! I can’t believe that I’m supposed to be a father, when I haven’t got the first clue about babies,” Andy says calmly, walking to the window and looking outside at the dusk skyline.

“I’m sorry Andy,” Trenyce says quickly back to him. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Yes you do. You were thinking of yourself, like you always do. You’re selfish Trenyce! Everything is always about you and what you need. Fuck the rest of the world and how they are effected,” he snaps back at her glaring at her.

Trenyce is shocked that Andy cursed and she quickly glances over at her sleeping baby. While the baby is too young to understand, she doesn’t want him to grow up with cursing. She wants him to remain perfect forever.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” he says catching on that she became uncomfortable. “I just … I will never forgive you for lying to me Trenyce. Never. I was trying to be a good friend to you, and you took advantage of that.”

Trenyce feels her eyes swell. She’s never cared if people have been mad at her before, but the words from Andy’s mouth sting hard. She swallows hard. “Is there anything I can say to make this okay? You’re my best friend Andy. I can’t lose you.”

Andy shakes his head and runs his hand through his hair. He can’t tell Trenyce that he will forgive her. He can’t tell Trenyce that he’ll be there for her anymore. He can’t lie to anyone anymore. He has to tell the truth, something he realizes that he should have done from the start.

“I’m telling Reese the truth. That I love him. That I’m gay and that this has all been sham. I’m telling everyone that I’m gay. I’m not lying anymore Trenyce. I’m not hiding who I am for you. Not anymore. If people ask if I’m the father, I won’t deny it, but you should tell the truth. If you really want to make things alright, you should come clean about everything,” Andy says as he walks over to the door ready to leave.

“Andy, please…” Trenyce says as he opens the door. A tear falls down her cheek.

“By the way, have you named him yet?”

Trenyce wipes her face from the tears. “I was thinking Andrew, if you were okay with that.”

Andy manages to smile a little. The baby named after him, go figure. He opens his mouth to say something, but is unable to say anything at all. He walks out and shuts the door behind him. Trenyce watches the door shut and she puts her hands over her face and weeps for a moment. She quickly regains herself and wipes her face. Andy can tell the truth, she tells herself. But Chris can never know the truth, never, she concludes as she looks over at baby Andrew sleeping.

Scene Two -- Roboto; Chris’ Office

Chris looks at his computer screen trying to finish a report, but he’s unable to type the necessary words to complete it. His head is still at TPGH where he just came from as Trenyce had her baby. He remembers his tender moment with Daisy where she admitted she wished that they had created a child together in their marriage. He can’t deny that he feels the same. He would love to have had a baby with her. A part of him still loves her, and always will. Every step of their separation, Daisy has been very firm and strong never letting him see her vulnerable side, until today. She opened up to him, the way she used too. He wonders what it means for his future.

His mind then takes him to seeing the baby in the hospital. He, of course, went in when Trenyce was getting checked up by her doctor. He only saw the baby boy for a moment, as he didn’t want to get caught by Trenyce as he knew she wouldn‘t approve. The precious little baby that Trenyce had given birth too. Chris couldn’t place his finger on it, but he feels a connection to the child even though the child is not his. Still, he felt something when he was next to the baby.

His thoughts are interrupted by Victoria entering his office. He turns and sees her and smiles at her. She smiles back and says hi. She wasn’t sure if she was going to come over, since he left her in the midst of a passionate kiss to rush to the hospital when he learned of Trenyce‘s labour, but she understands, at least she thinks she does.

“How’s the baby?” she asks him as he moves away from his desk and sits next to her on the sofa in his office.

“He’s amazing Vic,” Chris says, full of pride even though he doesn’t know why.

“He? Trenyce had a boy. Good for her.”

“You know what’s weird?” Chris replies sitting next to her. Victoria doesn’t respond verbally, she just shrugs her shoulders. “I felt a connection to the baby. I can’t describe it,” he continues to explain. “But when I saw him, I saw apart of myself in him. Weird, huh?”

Victoria grabs his hand, suddenly feeling silly for questioning his motives for going to the hospital. Of course he went, Trenyce and Daisy are still his family regardless of the status of his marriage. “Chris, the baby is your family. You felt a connection because you’re related to him. He’s the next generation of your family. It’s perfectly natural,” she offers him.

Chris hugs her. “Thank you. You always know the right thing to say,” he says as he believes that she has solved his connection to Trenyce’s child.

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Dr. Craig Benton’s Office

Reese arrives at Craig Benton’s office as he got an appointment with the doctor since he has been feeling ill. He owes his mother for getting him the appointment on such short notice. Having a mom as a doctor has it’s perks sometimes, Reese concludes. He hopes that Craig can give him some indication of how long his flu bug will last, as he has been suffering with it for a few weeks now. He has been tired, weak and has a sore throat.

As Reese waits for the doctor, he remembers seeing Andy and Trenyce with their new baby. He shuts his eyes, and the images continue to haunt him. The three of them, a perfect family picture. He fights a tear in his eyes. He was supposed to be Andy’s love; he was supposed to be Andy’s future. He scolds himself for continuing to have these feelings for the man that betrayed him so badly. While Reese has tried to move on, mostly in the form of sex with various partners, he has not once stopped loving Andy, and he hates himself for still having those feelings.

“Reese, Dr. Benton will see you now,” the young nurse tells Reese as he stands up and enters the office. He sits on the doctor’s table and waits for Dr. Benton to enter. Dr. Benton quickly enters reviewing Reese’s file.

“Reese, hi, I’m Dr. Benton. Your mother said you have been feeling ill. What exactly are your symptoms?” Dr. Benton asks Reese as he puts the file down and turns his attention to the young man.

“I just feel tired, weak. My throat has been swollen for about a week now too,” Reese admits as he puts his hand to his throat.

“Let me take a look, open up,” Dr. Benton says as Reese opens his mouth. “Yup, your glands are definitely swollen.”

Dr. Benton returns to Reese’s file and opens it again. He arches his eyebrow quickly and looks over at Reese again. “Can I ask you some personal questions?”

Reese gulps. “Uh, sure.”

“Your file says that you’re a homosexual,” Dr. Benton reports back to him.

“Yea. I’ve been out for a long time.”

“Have you been having unprotected sex with other men?”

Reese shuts his eyes. Why would Dr. Benton be asking him questions about his sex life? He suddenly gets a disgusting, uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He thinks back to the various men that he has actually slept with in the last few months, and it was unprotected. Derek, Derek’s friend, the guy at the bar, the memories and faces come flooding back to Reese. He opens his eyes. With a scared tone in his voice, “I have been lately, I guess, yea.”

Dr. Benton looks back at the file and makes some notes. Reese wonders what he could possibly be writing. He hopes that Dr. Benton won’t reveal anything to Olivia. He doesn’t want his mother to know of his behaviour lately.

“You’re not going to tell my mom, are you?” Reese asks quickly.

Dr. Benton looks up from his notes. “Of course not. I’m just concerned that maybe you have contracted an STD. Some of the symptoms have you have described are common with those of people that have HIV. I don’t want to scare you, but we should run some tests, okay?”

Reese feels the blood drain from his face. He suddenly feels hot and faint. He lays down on the hospital bed, tears fill his eyes. How is this happening to him? HIV? Him? No, this can not be happening. He shuts his eyes again as some tears roll down his damp cheek.

Scene Four -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Meggan’s Room

Brett sits next to Meggan as she sleeps. He caresses her hand, hoping that she’ll wake up soon. He quickly remembers how he was with Daisy when he got word that Meggan began showing signs of a high fever; a side effect of donating her kidney to Meggan. How ironic, he thinks, that Leah is already out of the hospital and Meggan is the one suffering now. She stirs a little in her sleep, causing Brett to look at her face however she remains asleep however.

He turns to the doorway and his mouth drops open as he sees Dave enter the hospital room. Brett quickly stands up, shocked that his brother would think of showing his face in public when he knows Brett is supposed to be Vinny right now. They had always agreed that only one of them was to be in the public at once, more so Brett as it has been his task to impersonate Vinny more of the time. Plus, the last time they saw each other they were at each other’s throats because Brett feels like the time is now to end the charade of masquerading as Vinny.

“What the fuck are you thinking?” Brett asks approaching his brother, still stunned that Dave of all people would risk being seen out in public.

Dave gives a flash of his devilish grin. “I was in the neighbourhood?”

“Cut the crap Dave, this isn’t a time for your games.”

“Oh, now you don’t want the truth to come? That’s a refreshing change of tune from the other day,” Dave bites back at his brother. “Relax, I came to see how Meggan is. I was…”

“Worried? That’s a first. You care about someone other than yourself.” Brett angrily snaps to his twin.

As the two continue to spare verbally, Meggan stirs again in her sleep. She slowly opens her eyes and in a daze sees two men that appear to look like her husband, Vinny. Groggy, she blinks hard and continues to see the two men as they talk. She shuts her eyes again and moans a little.

Brett immediately turns to Meggan and sees her stirring in the bed. He glares back at Dave. “She’s fine. Get the hell out of her before she comes too and figures out what we have been up too,” he orders his partner in crime.

“I’m gone. But we need to make more plans,” Dave replies as he walks to the door. He opens the door slightly and ensures that no one is coming before he quickly exit’s the room.

Brett returns his focus to Meggan as she continues to stir. She opens her eyes again and looks over and sees Brett sitting next to her. She suddenly feels confused. She could have swore that a few moments earlier she saw a third person in her room. Before she can speak, Shane enters the hospital room.

“She’s awake, that’s a good sign right?” Brett asks Shane as he comes over to check Meggan’s vitals.

“It’s a very good sign Vinny,” Shane says as he checks her heart monitor and reads the numbers from it. “It looks her like fever pitched. She’ll be fine,” he says looking at his notes.

“That’s great news!” Brett replies to Shane and then looking at Meggan. “You’ll be just fine my love, you’ll see.”

Shane shuts his file and looks at Meggan, then to “Vinny”. “She’ll be fine, but that means that she’ll be ready to go back to prison. I have no choice but to tell the warden that Meggan is on the mend.”

Meggan’s eyes widen and she looks at Brett, who takes her hand. With a soothing voice, he reassures her, “Everything will be fine. As long as you’re healthy, everything will be fine,” even though he hates the idea of her going back to jail.

Scene Five -- City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Daisy paces around her office with stoic look on her face. While she should be in a state of bliss right now, as her niece Trenyce just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, instead she has a mixed of emotions ragging inside of her.

First, she feels completely conflicted with Trenyce. How could the sweet girl that she saw in the delivery room be the same girl that seduced her husband just a few short months ago? How could Andy miss the chance to see his baby being born? What if there is more to their story than meets the eye? She shuts her eyes and remembers the night of Andy’s dinner party, where Trenyce revealed that she was pregnant. She looked at Chris, wondering if he was the father. She did ask him, and he denied it. Surely, Andy wouldn’t lie about being the father if he wasn’t, would he?

Daisy walks over to the sofa and she sits down. Deep down, she is sad too. Sad that her marriage fell apart before she and Chris could have had a baby. She knows that it would have made their separation much more complicated, but she was looking forward to being a mother one day; she still is. And she thought that she was in a good enough place with her marriage that they could have started a family, if Chris had agreed. That seems so far away now. Her and Chris barely speak, mostly because she still has a hard time seeing him after all of his lies and deceit. Still, she can’t help but think about the what if’s.

She leans forward and picks up the photo of Danielle and Trenyce at Christmas time a few years ago; the photo she found in Terrence’s hotel room. She wonders what Terrence is doing with a photograph of her dead twin sister and daughter. If Terrence knew Danielle and Trenyce, why haven’t Terrence and Trenyce said something about knowing each other? This is all worrisome to Daisy, as she has entered a partnership with Terrence with ski resort that is being built. She knows she has to get to the bottom of it, which is why she has invited Terrence over.

She stands up quickly and fixes her jacket and skirt when she hears a faint knock on the door. She turns and smiles, “Come in.”

Terrence opens the door and immediately smiles when he sees Daisy. While it was never apart of his plan, he has come to enjoy his time with Daisy. She is completely different from Danielle, as she gives off a confidence that he finds wildly attractive in a woman.

“It’s good to see you,” he says coming up to her. “How are Trenyce and the baby?”

“They are fine, thank you,” she says as she walks over to her desk. She takes a drink of her water knowing that she needs to have a wet mouth for what she is about to do. “I’m surprised that you haven’t gone to see her yourself.”

“Why would I? I barely know her,” Terrence lies as he acts surprised by Daisy’s comment.

“Really? This photo would prove otherwise,” Daisy replies as she holds up the picture of her sister and Trenyce.

“Where did you get that?” Terrence says snatching the photo out of Daisy’s hands and turning his back to her. He studies the photo carefully and realizes that it is the same one from his hotel room. He tries not to panic.

“I got it from your hotel room. I was there the other day. I went to leave you some papers regarding the resort. Imagine my surprise when I opened a drawer looking for a pen and I saw a photo of my family. What’s with the games Terrence?”

Terrence laughs and turns back around to Daisy. “Games? There are no games her mayor Davenport.”

“Really? Then explain to me how you know Danielle and Trenyce, and why you are here asking me for help with your business proposition.”

“You have this all wrong,” Terrence claims, trying to back peddle.

“I’m listening,” Daisy says as she sits down in her chair, keeping her voice firm and strong.

“Okay,” Terrence says sitting across from her. “I came to Twin Peaks to get my ski resort up and running. You know that. Since then, we’ve had some close meetings. I’ve … I like you,” Terrence admits, putting his head down. Daisy continues to study his every move. “So I did some research. I typed your name into Google, and the story of Danielle’s death came up and that you adopted her daughter. I printed a copy of the picture … I’m not sure why. I should have told you, I’m sorry.”

Terrence looks at Daisy, waiting for some kind of reaction. He is surprised though, even he didn’t think he could come with a lie like that. But now that he has said the words, he thinks he is genius. It makes perfect sense.

Daisy watches Terrence and wonders if she should trust him. She has to admit that she has enjoyed his company lately. But she scolds herself again quickly; just because her ex -husband lied to her, doesn’t mean every man is lying to her. “Okay. Promise me that’s the truth?”

“I promise,” Terrence smiles back to her, hoping that she has bought his story.

“I’m sorry I was snooping. It just threw me for a loop,” Daisy admits as she feels her cheeks blush.

“Don’t be. I should have come to you,” he says walking over to her. He kneels down next to her. “I was telling the truth too, even about the part about liking you.”

Daisy knows she blushes this time. “Well thank you Terrence. I enjoy your company as well.”

He leans in and kisses her softly on the lips, which takes Daisy by surprise. But she finds herself enjoying his kiss. “No hard feelings?” he asks as their lips barely separate.

“None at all,” she smiles back to him.

Scene Six -- The Graveyard; Noah’s Grave

Leah slowly walks closer to the grave of her son, Noah. The last time she was at the grave, she collapsed in pain and was rushed to the hospital and had her kidney transplant. She didn’t get a proper chance to talk to her son, on the anniversary of his death. The sun is close to setting, creating a wonderful set of colours in the sky and shadows in the graveyard. She approaches the grave and kneels down. She places some white roses next to his tombstone and runs her hand long the face of the rock.

She lets a tear escape her eye and run down her cheek. She needed to escape Robbie for awhile. The fact that he asked her to drop the charges against Meggan has been bugging her. How can she possibly drop them when she can never have her baby again. She will never get to hold him or see him graduate high school. No, the idea is ridiculous. Even though Meggan saved her life with the kidney donation, that doesn’t make up for the fact that Noah is dead. Still, she wouldn’t even be here, with Noah, if Meggan had not donated her kidney to save her life.

Leah turns her head as she hears someone walking in the grass behind her. She sees Jeff approaching the tombstone. He kneels down next to her and grabs her hand immediately.

“I thought I might find you here,” he whispers to her. He turns his attention to Noah’s grave. He gets a slight smile on his face. A part of him feels whole and complete when he is at his son’s grave. “Both your mommy and Daddy are here with you right now buddy. The way it should be.”

Leah stands up and wipes her eyes from the tears. She knows she should tell Jeff about Robbie’s idea, but she doesn’t know what she should say. She doesn’t think that Jeff will take the news overly well.

“What’s wrong?” he asks standing next to her, noting that she seems distant.

“I have to thank you,” she says softly, not ready to tell Jeff the news.

“For what?”

“Agreeing to let Meggan out of jail so she could donate her kidney to me. I know it wasn’t easy for you. I understand why you hesitated,” Leah informs him. While some people believed Leah would have been upset with Jeff for his decision, Leah is grateful to him for allowing her to go on living.

“The bottom line was your health Leah. Robbie really made me see that. Nothing else would matter if you weren’t here. And now you are,” he smiles to her as he takes her hand. They soon find themselves in a hug. “I was so scared.”

“I know. I was too,” Leah says letting another tear fall down her cheek. They exit the embrace and she wipes her eyes again from the water. “There’s more.”

“More what?” Jeff questions her, confused by her statement.

“Robbie thinks it would be a good idea of me…or us…to drop the charges against Meggan.”

Jeff looks at Leah, not sure that he heard her correctly. The woman that killed Noah, his son, should be released form jail? Because of one good deed?

“What did you just say?”

“I know. I thought the same thing. I still do…I think,” Leah says turning her back to him. She doesn’t know if she can face him right now.

“What do you mean you think? The woman killed our son! He’s lying right there Leah! Forever! Forever!” Jeff says raising his voice, floored that Robbie is suggesting such a thing.

“I know okay! I know,” Leah says as more tears stroll down her face. “But I wouldn’t be here without her. Maybe…I don’t know. Maybe this would allow everyone to move on. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.”

Jeff grabs her and hugs her again. He lets some tears escape his eyes too. Together they cry as they hold each other standing in front of Noah’s grave. The sun sets and it gets a little darker in the evening dust.

“Noah will never come back to us,” Leah says finally in a whisper. “Whether Meggan is in jail or she’s free, he’ll never come back to us. But I do owe her my life.”

“I am grateful to her for that,” Jeff says as he rubs his hand through his hair. “This is some sick twisted eye for eye thing, huh?”

Leah sighs. “I don’t know what it is. It never crossed my mind until Robbie brought it up the other day when I got released. I knew I would have to see Noah before I knew what was right. And I knew that I would have to talk to you before I knew what was right.”

“And what do you think is right?”

Leah looks at Jeff and doesn’t have an answer. “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

They both walk over to Noah’s grave again and kneel down. They grab each other’s hands.

“Can we sit together, as a family for awhile?” Leah asks him as she looks at Jeff.

“I’d like that,” he smiles back to her. “Maybe Noah will tell us what the right thing to do is.”

Leah smiles and places her hand again on the tombstone. She hopes that Jeff is right, that Noah will give her some sign of what to do. Right now, both of them are conflicted about what the right thing to do is, but they know they have a decision to make. Maybe the toughest decision of their lives.

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