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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah and Jeff agreed to drop the charges against Meggan.
- A drugged Meggan saw Brett and Dave together
- Cassie began to cramp and bleed at Olivia’s office
- Sofia told Bob that Dominick knows the truth about Eva McCloud being Natasha’s real mother
- Daisy agreed to Terrence’s idea of opening a ski resort

Scene One -- The Glubbs House; Shane and Cassie’s Home

The rain slams down on the roof of the Glubbs house. There is a early summer rain storm, not uncommon for Twin Peaks this time of the year. The thunder booms loudly as Cassie sits in the white rocking chair in the nursery of her baby, which is due in the upcoming months. The lights are off and she is holding a white blanket with grey elephants on it slowly rocking back and forth. She has a few tears in her eyes as she holds the blanket tightly. Her mind is distant and far from the physical space in which she enables.

She doesn’t shutter as a large lightening bolt crashes and illuminates the nursery. The crib in the corner lights up the and the yellow paint on the wall is visible. Cassie allows another tear to stroll down her cheek, the only movement from her other. She stops rocking the chair as she hears footsteps coming up the stairs. Suddenly, the hallway light comes on.

“Cassie?” Shane’s voice is heard calling out. He slowly walks down to the nursery, and stops when he sees Cassie sitting silently in the rocking chair. “Hey, there you are. Why are you in here sitting in the dark?”

Cassie doesn’t respond to Shane’s question. She continues to sit in the chair and looks forward, not even acknowledging his presence. Shane walks up to her and kneels down beside her. He’s never seen this side of Cassie before; depressed, crying and unresponsive.

“What’s going on? Are you okay? I’m worried about you,” Shane says as he grabs her hand. “Talk to me Cassie.”

Cassie finally turns her head as two more tears escape her eyes. Seeing her new husband, the father of her child is almost too much for her to bear. She feels some what empty inside. She tells herself to stay composed.

“I’m…I’m just thinking,” she says in a whisper before turning back to face the wall. “I think the best when I’m in the nursery. It makes me feel close to my…our baby.”

Shane isn’t sure of what to make of her words. “You’re always close to the baby. You’re carrying it,” he says with half a smile on his face. He goes to move his hand to her belly, but she intercepts. “What’s wrong?” he asks as she pushes his hand away from her belly.

“I’m just feeling sensitive, I don’t want to be touched right now.”

Shane’s worry grows as usually Cassie loves sharing moments with the baby with him. He knows something more is going on with her now. “Please tell me what’s wrong. I am worried about you,” he repeats to her.

Cassie feels her eyes swell with water. “It’s my Mom. She’s ill. She called me earlier tonight and told me. I’m thinking maybe I should go visit her.”

Shane sighs. “I’m sorry Cassie. I guess that’s why you’re in the nursery. As someone that’s about to be a mother, you wanted to be close to the baby. Do you want me to pack your bag for you? You should go visit her if you’re this worried.”

Cassie turns to Shane and smiles. This is why she loves him so much. She knows that he is always going to look out for her best interest. “Thank you, but I’ll be okay. Plus, I thought you had a late shift at the hospital tonight?”

“I do. I actually should get going. I’ll see you later, though, right?”

Cassie nods at him. “Okay. Call me if you need anything, okay?” he says as he leans in and kisses her forehead. He gets up and leaves the room. Soon, Cassie hears the front door close. She is alone…again. She hears her blackberry go off indicating a new text message. Slowly she gets up out of the rocking chair and as another lightening bolt flashes across the sky, she reads her new message. She looks up knowing what she has to do next. She walks slowly into the master bedroom, grabs her duffle bag and places it on the bed.

Scene Two -- Caper’s

The restaurant is filled to the capacity on this storming evening as many citizens of Twin Peaks didn’t want to cook dinner for themselves at home. In one corner, Natasha sits with Eva; across the way Daisy and Terrence are dinning and near the front window Robbie and Leah are enjoying a romantic dinner out together.

At Natasha and Eva’s table, Eva looks fondly at her daughter thankful that they have been able to grow closer in the last few weeks. Eva still recalls finding Natasha after Natasha saw Shane and Cassie get married and how distraught she was. She was so grateful to be the one to find Natasha and comfort her. The closer she gets to Natasha, the more she feels the urge to tell her the truth: she is her mother, not Sofia. Eva knows that this would probably send shock waves through out the entire city, and she doesn’t want to hurt Natasha. Still, the truth haunts her.

“Are you okay? You seem millions of miles away,” Natasha tells her new found friend from across the table.

A loud crackle of thunder makes Eva shiver before she responds. “I was just thinking, sorry.”

“No it’s okay. I understand. Were you thinking of your daughter?”

“I can’t help it. I think of her everyday,” Eva smiles back to Natasha, hoping that maybe somehow Natasha will read her mind and realize that Eva is her mother.

“Have you ever tried to find her? I mean, maybe you could meet her and tell her the truth?” Natasha replies to Eva as she takes a drink of her red wine that she is drinking.

Eva shakes her head. “No, that’s impossible Natasha. My daughter has made her own life. She has a family. She has…parents,” Eva says putting her head down. “I don’t want to interfere.”

Natasha nods and notices Eva’s unhappiness regarding the situation. She can’t imagine how difficult it must be for Eva to have given up her daughter to a wealthy couple only to always wish she was in her daughter’s life.

“Anyways, enough of that. How are you coping with Shane’s marriage to Cassie? The last time I saw you…” Eva begins, remembering Natasha crying in her arms in her car.

“I’m okay. Really. It hurt at the time, but I have to move on from that part of my life,” Natasha replies remaining strong. “I never got the chance to thank you though.”

“Thank me?”

“For letting me cry in your car. I needed a friend and you were there for me. I’ll never forget that Eva. Thank you,” Natasha says as she reaches across the table and grabs Eva’s hand.

Eva’s heart melts at Natasha’s touch. She gets a smile on her face. “Any time,” Eva replies.

At the front door, Sofia rushes into the restaurant and closes her umbrella. She walks up to the bar and informs the lady that she is there for her take out. She and Bob decided to have a romantic dinner in tonight and placed their order from Capers about thirty minutes ago. She scans the restaurant as she waits for her order and spots Natasha. She can’t make out the other blonde haired woman that Natasha is sitting with. Sofia smiles though, thinking that she’ll go over and say hello to her daughter. She walks over and soon becomes horrified at the sight: Natasha is dinning with Eva McCloud! Sofia knew she was in town, but becoming this chummy with her daughter is unacceptable. She shutters when she thinks of Bob’s reaction to this.

As Sofia approaches the table, another flash of lightening strikes the sky, and the restaurant gets a bit brighter.

“Natasha, darling,” Sofia announces herself arriving at the table. Eva looks up and sees Sofia for the first time since that day at the hospital when she gave up Natasha. She feels herself shake a little, unsure of what Sofia’s intentions are.

“Oh mother! I didn’t realize you and Dad were here,” Natasha explains as she stands and she and Sofia kiss on each cheek. “It’s lovely to see you though.”

“Your father is at home. I’m just waiting for our take out. We are having a night in. Who is your new friend?” Sofia asks turning her face to Eva. Once Natasha is not looking at Sofia, she glares at Eva.

“Oh this is Eva McCloud. Eva, this is my mother Sofia Calimo,” Natasha says to them.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Sofia says extending her hand to Eva. Eva carefully takes her hand and the two women shake hands.

“Like wise,” Eva says back to Sofia.

“I won’t keep you dear. But we should do lunch, soon,” Sofia tells her daughter.

“Absolutely. I would love that. Give Dad my love,” Natasha replies.

“I shall my love. Eva, take care. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other,” Sofia tells Eva looking at her in the eye. For some reason, the look in Sofia’s eyes scares Eva to the core. What is Sofia going to do now that she knows she is in town? Eva wonders. Not only in town, but befriending her daughter? Eva subtly shakes her head. She refuses to worry about Sofia and Bob right now, not while she’s enjoying her dinner with her daughter.


Robbie and Leah sit near the window, often getting a front view of the lightening flashes in the sky. The two are out for the first time since she has been released from the hospital with her kidney transplant. Still being forced to take it easy, Leah sits and takes a slow sip of her club sofa. Robbie is drinking a beer, but Leah isn’t able to drink alcohol yet. Plus, she has decided that tonight she’ll tell Robbie about her decision to drop the charges against Meggan.

A thunder bolt is heard loudly through out the restaurant as Robbie looks lovingly at his wife. He wishes nothing more to get back to the place they were before Noah died: a tight, close couple that shared every thing with each other. Since Noah’s death, Leah has pushed him away more and more and leaned on Jeff. He has been understanding, as he knows that Jeff is Noah’s father and together they needed to heal. However, now that Meggan has been put away and Leah’s health crisis has passed them, he hopes they can move forward together.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?” Robbie smiles over at his wife. Leah looks at him in the eyes and smiles.

“Thank you. You look pretty handsome yourself Mr. Calimo,” she replies pursing her lips a little. She moves up to grab his hand but she feels a pain in her side. She grimaces a little.

“Are you okay?” he asks concerned.

“Yea, just moved to suddenly. It’s still sensitive.”

“Can I get you anything? We have to remember to take it easy,” he says to her grabbing her hand.

“I know. This is was a nice idea though. It’s nice to be out of the house and with real people again,” she says noting of the busy restaurant.

“It’s nice to be able to take you out again. You have no idea how worried I was,” he tells her, remembering how worried he was when she was in the hospital fighting for her life. “Have you given any more thought to my suggestion?”

Leah arches her eyebrow. She takes a long drink of her club soda before looking at him again. “What suggestion would that be?”

Robbie sighs. He knows that him bringing up the idea of Leah and Jeff dropping the charges against Meggan probably wouldn’t sit too well with her, or Jeff, but he thought that it would be the best way for everyone to be able to start to move on and make a fresh start from everything.

“The charges with Meggan, and the idea of maybe dropping them so we can all have a clean, fresh start,” he says slowly, then looks away not sure of how Leah will handle him bringing it up again, because the first time he mentioned it, it wasn’t very well received.

Leah gives half a smile. “I’ve actually been meaning to talk to you about that,” she begins. Robbie turns to her and arches his eye brow. She notices that he has a glimmer in his eye. Another flash of lightening brightens the sky as she continues. “Jeff and I went to the hospital a couple days ago and dropped the charges. Meggan should be at home already.”

“You did what?” Robbie asks, shocked that Leah did this gesture.

“I listened to what you said. I talked to Jeff and visited Noah’s grave. Together, we agreed that it would be the best way for everyone to make a new beginning. I will never forgive her for taking my son away from me, but she did save my life.”

Robbie takes another drink of his beer as he has conflicting emotions inside of him right now. On one hand, he is thrilled that Leah and Jeff have decided to try to make a clean, fresh start and move on from Noah’s death. But on the other hand, this is yet another situation in which Leah has shut him out and gone on her own with the decision.

“You’re not saying anything,” Leah says to her husband as he finishes drinking some of his beer.

“I don’t know what to say,” Robbie honestly replies to her.

“I’d thought you’d be happy Robbie. This is what you wanted. This was your idea.”

“That’s not the point. I’m glad you decided to try to put the past behind you. I’m glad that you want to move forward with your life … with out life, but …”

“But what Robbie? Tell me what you’re thinking,” Leah says to him, not sure why he isn’t thrilled with her decision.

“Why couldn’t you include me in your decision? The thing that I’ve hated the most about this last year is how you’ve shut me out. I thought we were going to try to get back to being us again? And you’re first opportunity and you shut me out and go back to Jeff,” Robbie says in frustration.

Another cracking of thunder is heard as Leah looks at Robbie, stunned that he is even upset with her. “I don’t know what to do anymore. Nothing I do seems to please you Robbie. You asked me to drop the charges. This was a decision for Jeff and I to make. We were Noah’s parents, we are Noah’s parents,” she says back to him defending herself.

“I know! I know okay, you’ve told me that so many times already! I wasn’t Noah’s father. I’m sorry that I’ll never be Noah’s father!” he says as his voice increases in volume.

“Robbie, calm down!” Leah says looking around as some other people in the restaurant looked over at their table.

“I’m sorry, I’m just tired of this crap,” he says to her looking at her in the eye with a sadness that she’s never seen before.

“I’m sorry Robbie. I want us to get back to how we were. Going forward, it’ll be that way, okay? I promise,” Leah says to him, even though nothing she says seem to calm him back down. Robbie looks at his wife and wonders what it’ll take for them to get back to how they used to be, or if he needs to do what he has been telling Leah to do for some time now: put the past behind him.


Daisy and Terrence sit near the fireplace. The warmth keeps the two of them warn as the dampness in the air makes it a chilly night. Daisy was more than welcoming of Terrence’s invite to dinner since she has been busy helping Trenyce with baby Andrew since he was born. Plus the fact that she has been secretly lingering that she wishes she had just had a baby, not her daughter was more cause for her to get out and enjoy herself. Plus, her and Terrence could continue to discuss the ski resort that is being built.

Terrence looks at Daisy, and loves the way she looks by the fire. Another flash of lightening causes to notice that he’s starring at her. She blushes and takes another glass of her wine. Every chance he gets to spend with Daisy, the more he realizes that she is a better woman than Danielle ever way. A part of him feels guilty for agreeing to help Danielle all those years ago kidnap Daisy and let Danielle take over her life. Only, he did that to ensure his company would continue to grow and expand. After Danielle’s death, he knew that befriending Daisy would accomplish that. Now, he just had to ensure that no one ever learned his connection to Danielle.

“You look amazing by the fire,” he finally says to her as he takes a drink of his wine as well. “Absolutely beautiful.”

Daisy blushes again. “Thank you Terrence. It was so nice of you to invite me out this evening. I needed to get out and live my life again,” she says as she takes some of her wine. Another crashing piece of thunder is heard in the background. “That’s some storm, huh?”

“Yea. Is it common this time of the year in Twin Peaks?”

“Very. June tends to be our wettest month. Hopefully the night of the opening of the ski resort will be dry,” she replies to him. “Speaking of, have you come up with an official name yet? We keep calling it the ski resort,” she giggles.

He sighs. The thought has crossed his mind so many times. What could he name the ski resort that would give it class, yet honour Twin Peaks and his company Caldwell Enterprises?

“I have, but nothing seems to jive. Do you have any ideas?” he asks her, looking into her brown eyes.

“I have a few. Might cost you though,” she winks back at him.

“Name it and it’s yours,” he quickly responds leaning in closer to her.

Daisy again giggles like a school girl. She hasn’t felt like this in a long time. A man is really showing interest in her. This hasn’t happened since before she discovered Chris’ affairs with Danielle and Trenyce. She quickly shuts her eyes and remembers how Terrence kissed her the last time they were together. Her mind quickly jolts back to the hospital where she and Chris shared what seemed to be a tender moment after Andrew was born.

“How about Caldwell’s Mountain Lodge? It works for so many different reasons. Your company is represented. The mountains are represented and it’s a more than a place to ski. You can stay, dine and enjoy yourself. Even how about Caldwell’s Mountain Resort?” Daisy replies, as she thinks on the spot.

“I like that,” he replies. “I like that a lot. You have a good head Ms. Davenport.”

“Thank you,” she replies as her cell phone starts to ring. “Oh excuse me. I’m sorry, I thought I shut this off,” she says as she reaches in her purse. “It might be Trenyce, hold on. Hello,” she says as she answers her call. “Oh really? … How long will that take? … Okay, yes please keep me informed.”

Terrence arches his eye brow as he knows that wasn’t a call from Trenyce or about the new baby. He concludes that it must have been something regarding Daisy’s position as the mayor of Twin Peaks.

“Duty calls?” he asks her as she places her phone back into her purse.

“I’m afraid not. There seems to be a delay with the ski resort,” she says as another loud crackle of thunder is heard in the restaurant.

Terrence feels his face immediately turn red. The last thing he wants his is ski resorts delayed again. First it was because Danielle failed to live up to her end of the deal when they took Daisy hostage, and now another delay. “What?” he asks unable to control his anger. “What is the delay? This can’t be happening right now!”

Daisy feels herself unnerved by how Terrence’s mood quickly changed. “It’s nothing major Terrence. With the rain they weren’t able to lay cement, but they should be able too tomorrow or the day after. It may just set the resort back a week or so.”

Terrence feels the blood in his veins start to cool. He quickly tries to regain his composure, knowing that he let it slip with Daisy. “That makes sense. One week won’t hurt us any,” he says acting nonchalant, as he takes another sip of his wine.

“No, it won’t,” Daisy replies arching her eyebrow subtly at Terrence as she takes another drink of her wine. Daisy doesn’t know why but Terrence’s reaction has left a very unsettling feeling in her stomach. She wonders what else would cause Terrence to lose his temper so quickly. She tries to shake it off and enjoy the rest of her evening out with Terrence.

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Dr. Craig Benton’s Office

Adam and Helen arrive at Dr. Benton’s office for their check up. Adam walks up to the secretary as Helen takes a seat in the waiting room. Adam sits next to her and tries to hide his frustration that once again Helen seemingly forgot her doctor’s appointments. At first, Adam thought that Helen’s memory lapses were normal and perhaps a part of her pregnancy, now he is sure something is wrong as she normally wouldn’t want to put the baby at risk, but always forgetting her doctor’s appointments have become a habit. He sits next to her, and doesn’t say anything. Helen can feel the tension with her husband, and she can understand why. While she has tried to put off her increasing memory loss by claiming it’s the pregnancy, she too has become more alarmed that something is seriously wrong with her.

“Mr. and Mrs. Black? The doctor is ready for you,” the nurse tells them. They quickly stand up and walk into Dr. Benton’s office. Helen sits on the medical bed as Adam sits in the chair and they wait for Dr. Benton. They hear a loud thunder bolt crack in the sky.

“Are you okay?” he asks his wife as he noticed her shake at the sound of the thunder.

“Yea, you know I hate storms,” she replies quietly back to him.

Craig Benton enters the office and smiles to them both. “Adam, Helen, how are you two this evening?”

“Just fine,” Adam replies. “Thanks for seeing us this late.”

“No worries. Let’s have a look to see how the baby is, shall we?” he says as he quickly finishes reading the file and then looks over at Helen. “Lay back, Helen,” he instructs her.

Helen lays back into the chair and lifts her shirt to reveal her large belly. Craig puts on his stethoscope and places the end on her belly. He hears the a fast paced heart beat. He watches his watch as he does this to ensure that the baby’s heart rate is normal. He goes over to the chart and documents what he hears.

“Everything sounds good Doc?” Adam asks with interest from the chair.

“Oh yes. The heart rate sounds very good. And the babies positioning is great too,” he says as he feels her stomach.

“Shouldn’t do we an ultrasound? I’d love to see the baby,” Helen says as Craig pulls Helen’s shirt back down over her stomach.

“Yes, we can arrange that. You’d have to schedule that with your regular OBGYN. I understand that you missed your last appointment though, which is why I agreed to fit you guys in on an exceptional basis. The OBGYN would have the equipment for a sonogram and ultrasound.”

Adam looks at Helen and tries not to have a look of contempt in his face. He hates that she forgot her last appointment, and the appointment before that. The only thing that matters, though, is that the baby is healthy. “If everything is good, then I guess that’s all that matters.”

“You guys will have a perfectly healthy baby. I’m sure of it,” Dr. Benton tells them.

“Thank you doctor,” Helen replies, looking at Adam. Dr. Benton excuses himself and exit’s the office. Helen looks at Adam. “I’m sorry I missed my last appointment. The baby is fine though, that is what counts, right?”

“Yea, it is,” Adam says as he hugs her. Deep down though, Adam knows he isn’t sure how much more of Helen’s memory lapses he can handle.

Scene Four -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

Candles surround the entire bedroom of the Victors home, creating a beautiful dimly lit bedroom for Brett and Meggan. The two have been in bed making love for most of the day. Celebrating Meggan’s release from prison. Brett hadn’t realized how much he had missed being the husband of an attractive wife, while Meggan had missed her husband Vinny, unaware that Brett is posing as his twin brother.

Meggan looks over at her “husband” and smiles. She has enjoyed getting caught up with him sexually today, although she can’t place her finger on it but something seems off with him. Maybe it’s that she was away for so long, but something seems very different about Vinny this evening.

A loud booming bolt of thunder is heard before she speaks. “Are you cold? I felt you shiver,” she says into his ear.

“Must have been the storm,” Brett says to her, turning his head to face her. His lips touch hers again and his tongue enters his mouth. He soon finds himself aroused again. He moves towards her.

“You‘re frisky tonight!” Meggan giggles as his lips move down to her neck.

“What can I say? I missed my wife,” he says back to her as his lips continue to caress her naked body.

A flash of lightening makes the room brighter for a second, and Meggan shuts her eyes. She quickly has a flash of being in the hospital right before she was released; she was groggy from the drugs and she saw two men standing in her hospital room; two men that looked like her husband Vinny.

She opens her eyes and jolts up into bed as another loud thunder bolt crashes into the sky.

“What’s wrong babe?” Brett asks looking up and her and trying to pull her back into the bed.

“Nothing,” Meggan says trying to shake off her memory flash, wondering what it means and why she is just remembering it now. “Nothing at all.”

Scene Five -- Dominick’s Condo

Dominick walks down the stairs of his condo carrying a candle in his hand. The rain storm took out the power in his condo and he was going to sit by the fireplace and read until Eva came home. He is rather happy that Eva is out with a friend, and while she didn’t say who the friend was, he is just happy that she is out of her bedroom and making some kind of life for herself in Twin Peaks. Plus, the time without Eva will give him more of an opportunity to think about what he wants to do with the information that Robin told him: that Eva is Natasha’s mother, not Sofia.

He wonders if he should go to Eva and confess the truth. He isn’t sure how Eva will take the news, since Sofia didn’t exactly take it well. He knows that Sofia is feisty and has a bit of a temper, so her reaction isn’t exactly surprising. And while Eva has been staying with him since New Years, he doesn’t feel like he knows her well enough to know what kind of reaction she’ll have to him knowing the truth.

He enters the living room and to his surprise he sees the fireplace roaring already with a large fire. A flash of lightening brightens up the living room and he sees a dark figure standing in the corner.

“Jesus Christ, you scared me half to death,” Dominick calls out to who he thinks is Eva. “Why didn’t you tell me you were home?”

“I’m not who you think,” the voice announces as the figure slowly comes out of the dark and into the fire light. Bob gives a devilish grin to Dominick. “Surprise!”

“What the hell? How did you get in here?” Dominick asks trying to hide how startled he is.

“I have my ways. And I’m not going to stay long. I just came to tell you that you won’t get away with this game you’re playing. You tried to ruin my family once, and you failed. You can try to ruin my family again, but you will fail because I will crush you like the bug you are,” Bob says sternly but in a quiet, voice.

Dominick laughs in Bob’s face. “Get out of my house before I call the police and have you thrown out.”

Bob turns and leaves as another loud thunder bolt cracks in the sky. Before he exits he turns to Dominick and glares at him. “You’ve been warned.”

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