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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andy vowed to tell Reese the truth about his sham of a marriage to Trenyce
- Reese learned that he may have HIV
- Robin told Cory that she was going to model for Roboto
- Daisy and Terrence planned to open a new ski resort
- Meggan had a flash of seeing Brett & Dave together
- Madeline worried that Will was keeping things from her
- Adam grew frustrated with Helen’s continual memory loss

Scene One -- The Michael’s House; Chris & Trenyce’s Home

The lungs of a new born child fill the living room of the Michael’s home. Trenyce, who looks like she hasn’t had sleep in weeks, which is some what accurate as the joys of having a new baby in her life hasn’t been easy to adjust too, walks over to Andrew, who is laying in his crib and she picks him up and starts to pat his back, “sshing” him all the while.

“Are you hungry? You just ate a about twenty minutes ago,” the new mother tells her infant as she bounces him in her arms, trying to calm the crying infant down. She walks over to the sofa and begins to breast feed him. The baby takes to the breast and rapidly suckles like it’s never seen food before in it’s life. Trenyce has a heavy sigh and then gets a slight smile on her face as she watches her baby eat. While it has been a difficult adjustment for her, she does enjoy being a mother. She likes that someone loves her unconditionally, no matter what.

She looks around the room and notices how much of a disaster zone it is in right now. She doesn’t have time though to clean up as she will have to change Andrew after feeding and then she’ll lay down when he goes to sleep. Since being released from the hospital, Trenyce has found it a struggle to maintain every day activities as before. She knew it would be a challenge, she just had no idea that Andrew would be this much work. Not work mind you, just love and attention. She is glad though that she will be going to the fundraiser next week. It’ll be nice for her to get away from the craziness that surrounds her for a bit. She is still scared to death of Chris learning the truth: that he is Andrew’s father, not Andy. She so desperately wants to find an escape out of his home so he will not be around Andrew as much. Thankfully, he has been busy with work to really be home too much. She hears a knock on the front door and she yells for them to enter, as she can not move from the sofa.

Andy enters the room and quickly notes at how out of sorts it has become. He gets a small grin on his face when he sees Andrew breast feeding though. A sight as beautiful as that can only be described as a miracle he tells himself. He finds it impossible to stay seemingly mad at Trenyce when he sees her with Andrew. He understands why she lied to everyone, including him, for the sake of her baby. If it was his child, he probably would have done the same. Still, he refuses to give in to her anymore. He is going to live his life for him from now on, not Trenyce.

“I’m surprised to see you here,” Trenyce finally says looking up from Andrew to meet Andy’s eyes.

“I haven’t been over since you got home from the hospital. I wanted to come by and see how you are doing. Plus, I am still being named as his father,” Andy reminds her of the last lie she is keeping from everyone. “I should be here.”

“I know. I can’t tell Chris. I just can’t,” she says with another heavy sigh, the fear evident in her voice.

“I’m not going to tell you what to do anymore Trenyce. You have to decide for yourself, but the truth always has a way of coming out. Remember that,” Andy tells her as he sits next to her. “He’s gotten so big.”

Trenyce smiles as the conversation turns to Andrew. “I know. He seems to change or get bigger each and every day.”

“Do you need anything? I could help you clean up or something. Or I could watch him for awhile if you want to get some sleep,” Andy offers her as the baby finally finishes eating.

“Thanks Andy. You’re such an amazing friend, despite everything I‘ve done,” she says getting a little misty. “He’s going to sleep now, so I can try to tidy up. Could you go to the hospital for me though. You still have to sign Andrew’s birth certificate. The nurse called me again this morning.”

Andy looks over at Trenyce. He knows if he is goes over to sign the certificate it would make everything official and Chris would not have any legal rights should Trenyce decide to tell the truth.

“Are you sure about this?” Andy asks her, giving her another final chance a redemption.

“Yes,” Trenyce replies without hesitation.

“Okay, I’ll go to the hospital,” Andy confirms with her. “I’ll call you after, okay?”

Scene Two -- The Sugarbowl

Cory takes a sip of his coffee as he reads the newspaper. He tries to read the headline, but his mind is not truly focused on the news in front of him. Instead his mind is on his finance, Robin. She is doing another modelling shoot today; more test shots for the new ad campaign at Roboto. He remembers how excited she was when Bob asked her to be the new cover model for her new men’s cologne. Not only is she the mind behind the scent, she’ll be the face of the new scents. He is trying to be happy for her, but he is secretly bothered by the idea of his soon-to-be wife being admired by millions around the globe. Not just millions of people, millions of men.

Robbie enters the coffeehouse and orders his large coffee while he is on his way to the police station. His mind races back to the night before at Capers, where he and Leah had an argument about her continuing to shut him out of her life and decision making. While he hates having fights with his wife, he just is unable to take much more of it. He turns around from the bar and spots Cory sitting next to the window.

“Hey Cory,” Robbie says sitting across from him. “Long time no see.”

Cory shakes Robbie’s hand as he puts the newspaper down. “Yea, it has been. How’s Leah feeling? Better?” Cory asks, regarding to the kidney transplant that Leah recently went through.

“She’s almost back to 100%,” Robbie smile back knowing that he is thrilled that his wife is seemingly going to make a recovery from her health crisis. “Did you hear? She and Jeff agreed to drop the charges against Meggan too. They all want a clean break from that mess.”

Cory looks in surprise. He never thought he hear the day that Leah and Jeff would drop the charges against the woman that killed Noah. “Whoa. I didn’t see that coming. Good for them though. Meg did save Leah’s life. Eye for an eye type of thing. Is everything okay? You don’t look so great,” Cory observes to his friend and former brother in law.

Robbie sighs. “Just between the two of us?” Cory nods in agreement. “It’s been frustrating this past year. Leah has really shut me out on…well everything. And it’s always the same excuse, ‘Jeff is Noah’s father’. I just don’t know how much more I can take of it, you know?”

Cory pauses for a moment before replying to Robbie. He doesn’t want to give his friend the wrong type of advice, and he himself hasn’t always been the best person to go to for relationship advice. “You love Leah; Everyone can see that Robbie. I know it’s been a difficult year for you guys. Just remember that at the end of the day, if love is still there, then the relationship is worth fighting for. You love Leah; Leah loves you. It’ll all work out in the end.”

Robbie smiles at Cory’s words. He does love Leah, he knows that. He just has to remind her of how much they love each other, he thinks. “Thanks Cory. That’s what I needed to hear. What’s up with you and Robin?”

It’s Cory’s turn to take a moment before he answers. He takes a drink of his coffee. “You see this?” he asks pointing to the newspaper ad for ‘Introspect’.

“The ad? What about it?”

“Robin’s going to be in featured in the next set of ads from Roboto. It was your Dad’s idea,” Cory continues to explain.

“Seriously? That’s cool. Robin will look amazing in the ads, I have no doubt,” Robbie says with a grin, thinking that Cory would be happy about the idea of Robin being a top model. He immediately senses something off though. “You don’t seem as excited by this as maybe you should be?”

“I don’t know what to think. I’m thrilled for Robin, she’s really excited by this. But at the same time, millions of men will be looking at her. Ah, I just feel …”

“I get it,” Robbie admits to Cory. “No one wants to see their woman viewed as a sex object by other men, but it happens all the time Cory. Robin walks down the street and I’m sure guys check her out. Just be proud that she’s coming home to you every night. She’s picked you.”

“Yea, you’re right. I’ll try to remember that,” Cory offers to his friend.

“I should head into the station. It was good catching up with you,” Robbie says as he stands up.

“Yea, we should do it more often,” Cory says waving as Robbie heads to the door. Cory looks back at the existing ad for Roboto. Robin modelling maybe isn’t such a bad idea after all, he thinks to himself.


Across the coffeehouse, Kim and Madeline sit in a booth, each having a large mocha to satisfy their caffeine, but sweet craving. The two have become closer in recent weeks as they had a double date with Ryan and Will, respectively, at Wild Night. Plus, Madeline knows that Will and Kim are close friends, and she would like to get to know more of Will’s friends as he has been pretty secluded in that area of their relationship.

“How are things with Ryan?” Madeline asks her new found girlfriend, something she hasn’t been able to say in sometime. She hasn’t had a real female companion since before she ran away all those years ago. Since then, she has been rather isolated from the surroundings, other than Brett, Dave and Reese.

Kim takes a drink of her hot mocha and then thinks back to the other night at her apartment; inviting Ryan over and they ended up having hot, passionate sex. While she was telling herself that she would go slowly with Ryan, there is something about him that she finds simply irresistible. Still, she wishes she could control herself as she really does not want to rush into anything after her failed relationship with Jeff.

“Well, since you asked…” Kim smiles slyly to her friend. “We … you know.”

Madeline’s eyes light up with excitement. “You didn’t! I thought you were just friends? Or at least taking it slowly!?”

“We were…but then he was at my house and one thing lead to another,” Kim replies feeling slightly warm even just thinking about it again. “I don’t know what to do now though.”


“I wanted it to go slowly Maddie! Now that we’ve had sex, I hope he doesn’t except some big relationship, because I’m not ready for that,” Kim tells her friend.

Madeline laughs. “A guy getting sex without a relationship? I can’t imagine that he would complain about that,” she winks to Kim.

“Good point! How are you and Will? I’m so happy he has you. He’s a really good guy, you know?”

Madeline smiles, thinking about Kim’s statement. At first, she did think Will was a good guy, but the more time passes, the more she suspects that Will is keeping something from her. She first got the feeling at Wild Night, and then the last time they were together at Will’s apartment the way he opened the door, it’s like he was expecting someone else.

“Honestly Kim, I think he’s keeping something from me. I can’t place it, but it’s just a feeling I have,” Madeline admits, taking another drink of her mocha.

Kim arches her eyebrow. “Really? He’s a pretty open guy. Just ask him about him it. I’m sure he’ll tell you the truth.”

“I will,” Madeline agree nodding her head. The last thing she wants is to have a relationship like her parents where they have been keeping secrets. “I’ll let you know what he says.”


Meggan finishes placing her order and waits at the bar for her drink. She takes a moment and looks around: she’s free, something she hasn’t been able to say in about 10 months. It fees so good to be able to walk around and be out and about again, with real people. She still catches the odd person giving her a dirty look, as they recognize her as the woman that was drunk driving and killed a child, but she feels like she has paid her dues. She’s spending the day just relaxing. Coffee, shopping, hair cut, making herself a member of society again. She wants to enjoy it all and not worry about anything. Although, she is worrying about something: her memory of seeing two men that looked like Vinny in her hospital room when she was drugged up after donating her kidney to Leah. She knows that it must have been mistake, but she can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with the picture. Was she hallucinating? Was it the drugs she was on? She can not be sure, but she wants to uncover the truth. She grabs her latte and turns around and almost runs into Victoria!

“You clumsy bit…” Victoria begins, stunned that someone almost spilled their latte on her. She quickly realizes that it’s Meggan. “Oh Meggan! How lovely, you’re free! I had heard rumours, but I guess it’s true.”

Meggan offers half a smile, knowing that she and Victoria have never truly gotten along. While she wonders how much of that is because Victoria was suffering from D.I.D, Meggan still has her doubts that she’ll ever truly like the woman.

“It is true. Here I am. Sorry about the almost-spill. I didn’t see you behind me,” Meggan replies as she walks over the side counter to put a lid on her hot drink.

“It’s fine. No damage was done, I suppose. So, how’s it like being at home with the hubby? He must be thrilled,” Victoria offers, knowing very well that it’s not Vinny at home. Still, she wants to fish around to see how much Meggan knows. Victoria needs someone else to help her uncover the truth, since Madeline bailed on her,…someone on the inside that can help her get information if she needs it.

“He is happy. We are all happy,” Meggan says with some distance in her voice.

Victoria looks at Meggan and arches her eyebrow. Meggan looks back at Victoria and something about the way Victoria looks at her makes her realize that Victoria knows something is going on.

“What do you know?” Meggan asks her, not even realizing what is coming out of her mouth.

“What do you know?” Victoria counters her, not wanting to give too much information away before she knows if she can trust Meggan.

“I don’t know. I’m running late for an appointment. Are you going to Daisy’s fundraiser?” Meggan questions Victoria, who nods to her question. “Let’s meet there. We’ll discuss… everything…and go from there.”

“Sounds good Meggan. It’s good to have you back,” Victoria smiles as Meggan rushes out the door, wondering what she just did. Is she really going to go behind Vinny’s back to see if something more is going on with him? She just got him back and now she feels like she may lose him again.

Scene Three -- The Black House; Adam & Helen’s Home

“How many times do I have to say sorry?” Helen asks her husband as Adam folds some laundry in the bedroom and she lies on the bed resting, her large belly prevents her from seeing her toes.

Adam sighs as he places a folded towel on the bed. He knows that Helen is sorry for forgetting her most recent doctor appointment, but he still hates that her memory loss is becoming more of a habit than it should. At first, he thought it was just apart of the pregnancy, but now he thinks there is more too it.

“You don’t have too say it anymore,” he finally offers back to his wife. “I’m just concerned more than anything Helen. These memory lapses are becoming more frequent and they are becoming more alarming to me.”

Helen sighs and shuts her eyes for a moment. While she hates to admit it, he is right. The memory lapses are happening more frequently, and now she is even forgetting things regarding her unborn child, which she hates because she loves her child more than anything in the world.

“I know. I guess I’m worried too. I’ve just been so pre-occupied with the baby that I didn’t want to admit that maybe something is wrong. I should ask Olivia about it,” she offers back to him, still keeping her eyes shut as she is resting.

Adam rolls his eyes. Another topic he and Helen disagree on: Olivia Wilkins. He knows that she is up to no good, he just has to prove it. Since Olivia seemingly had a story for the reason that she was not in Helen’s year book, Adam wonders how he can prove it to Helen now.

“I’d rather we went to Shane to look into it. He’s our regular doctor. I’m not sure Olivia would help anyways,” Adam coldly replies to Helen.

“I think she would specialize in stuff like this, she’s a psychologist! Oh, I meant to tell you. She invited me to the Calimo cabin next weekend. I thought I would go. It would be nice to get away for a weekend.”

Adam looks dumbfounded at Helen. He knows she can not be serious. He wouldn’t actually mind if she was going away for a weekend, it might actually do her some good, but she knows what next weekend is.

“Next weekend Helen, really?” Adam asks her, still stunned.

“Yea, why?” Helen replies opening her eyes and looking at her hubby. She can tell that he isn’t too happy with her right now.

“Next weekend is the fundraiser! You’ve said how much you wanted to go!”

Helen sighs; she had completely forgot about the fundraiser being the same weekend as Olivia’s idea to get away. While she has been looking forward to going to the fundraiser, she really likes the idea of some time away at the cabin more. It’ll give her time to refresh and reenergize from these memory lapses.

“I know,” she lies, not wanting him to realize that she has forgotten something else. “I changed my mind about going. I think going to the cabin will be good for me.”

Adam hates the idea of her going to the cabin alone with Olivia, but he doesn’t want to argue with her. “Fine, go. I guess I’ll go the fundraiser alone.” Helen looks over at Adam and wishes that she could make the tension between them go away, but she thinks that maybe spending some time away from each other will help them in the long run.

Scene Four -- City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Daisy sits at her desk typing fast and furiously as she finishes putting together the finishing touches on the fundraiser that will open the Caldwell’s Mountain Resort next weekend. Together with Terrence, she has been working on the upscale gala that will go hand in hand with the grand opening.

Terrence knocks ever so lightly at the door and enters, not really wanting to interrupt Daisy as he knows she has been busy finishing the touches on the fundraiser. He watches her type for a moment and then thinks back to kissing her a few weeks earlier. Falling for Daisy was never part of his plan, but he slowly has started to develop feelings for her, even though he knows that it could be dangerous. If he or Trenyce ever slipped up about him being in love with Danielle, it could spoil everything. Once he gets confirmation that the resort is complete though, everything will be settled. Nothing will matter, as he will get what he wants: Caldwell Enterprises first ski resort, and surely it will not be the last.

“I hate to interrupt you, but have you heard anything on the ski resort?” Terrence asks as he walks closer to the desk as he breaks her concentration.

“Oh Terrence, you startled me. I didn’t hear you come in, I was so focused,” Daisy admits, stopping her work and looking over at him.

“I know. I didn’t want to interrupt your work flow,” he smiles back at her.

“Good news though. The resort is done! I’ve just finished putting the last touches on the fundraiser! We are good to go for next weekend!” Daisy tells him very excitedly.

Terrence beams his smile. His goal is completed! His part of the plan that he had with Danielle has finally been complete. His company will move into the ski resort industry, and he couldn’t be more thrilled.

“Fantastic!” he says walking over and grabbing Daisy’s hand out of the chair. “I’m so happy. I couldn’t have done this without you,” he says to her looking into her eyes.

“I’m pleased as well,” Daisy smiles back at him. Soon, his lips are on hers. She doesn’t pull back as her hand slips back his head and she pulls him into a deeper kiss. His tongue rolls into her mouth and she sighs a little. She pulls back and smiles at him. “We shouldn’t do this.”

He sighs and leans back, her red lip stick visible on his lips. “You’re right, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s me. I’m just … I’m not ready for this kind of relationship yet. It‘s still too soon after Chris,” she admits to him. “Let’s go to the fundraiser together though Terrence. We’ve earned this!”

“Indeed we have,” he replies to her, knowing what lengths he has gone too to push his business to the next level, even though he wonders why both Danielle and Daisy seemingly have such a strong connection to Chris Michaels.

Scene Five -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

Brett sits in his office in the large two story home. His mind is going a million miles a second as he is growing increasingly frustrated with his situation posing as Vinny. He knows far too well though what telling the truth would mean: going against Dave, his other brother, and probably jail time since he has been masquerading as Vinny for years now. Plus, the fact that he has made real relationships, or at least as real as they can be given the fact that he’s not really Vinny, with Meggan and Daisy.

He looks at a photo of Daisy which he has on his desk. The two have grown so close in recent months as she has asked him to investigate Danielle’s death. Since Meggan is out of jail, he has been looking into Danielle’s death and who exactly was poisoning her. His family has connections through out North America, so finding out who was doing Danielle wrong shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out, it’s more about a matter of time.

Suddenly his phone rings. Being that it’s his cell phone, he knows only a few people have that number so he knows that it must be important. He looks at the screen before he picks up and sees a number coming from the Detroit area. He answers quickly because he realizes that this could be the information regarding Danielle’s death that he has been waiting for.

“Hello,” he says picking up the phone. “Tell me what you learned.” Brett’s mouth opens slightly as the his contact tells him who killed Danielle.

Scene Six -- Twin Peaks General Hospital

Andy holds the pen in his right hand and holds Andrew’s birth certificate in his other hand. He is about to sign under the “Father’s Signature” line when he looks up for a moment. He pauses, not sure of what he is doing. He can not sign the card. He doesn’t know why he get sucked into Trenyce’s games all the time. He knows that he will claim to be the father, but he doesn’t want that right legally; Andrew is not his child. He smiles to the nurse who is waiting for him to sign the card. He passes it back to her and apologizes to her instead. She looks at him oddly for a moment before he walks away.

“I have to tell Trenyce the truth. I’m not going to lie anymore. Not to anyone,” he says to himself as he walks away from the nurses station, somewhat proud of himself for not signing the certificate.

As he walks, he notices Reese sitting in a chair in the waiting room of Dr. Craig Benton’s office. He stops and looks at Reese for a moment. Reese looks pale and tired, and like he is scared. Is Reese ill? Andy wonders to himself.

“Hey, can I sit with you for a moment?” he asks Reese as he approaches him.

Reese looks up and sees his ex-lover, the man that still holds his heart. Reese is back at the doctor’s office to get his test results. In a few moments, he will learn if he has HIV or not. He hopes to God that his foolish ways will not cost him his future, and he can not hide the fact that he is scared to death right now.

“If you’d like too,” Reese offers back to him, speaking slowly and softly, extending an olive branch to his former lover as things have been rather tense between the two of them lately.

“Are you okay? You don’t look so great,” Andy replies to him. Andy reaches over and touches Reese’s hand for moment. Reese quickly pulls it away, not wanting Andy to touch him right now.

“I’m fine. What’s going on with you? I heard Trenyce had your baby. Congratulations.”

Andy’s heart breaks as he can hear the pain in Reese’s voice as he says his congrats to him. He realizes that now is as of time as any to tell Reese the entire truth about what has really been going on.

“It’s not what you think Reese. There’s so much more to the story,” Andy replies to him ready to tell him the entire truth. “If you have a moment to listen, I’d like you hear the truth, from me.”

Reese is about to respond to Andy when a young nurse comes up to the two men. “Sorry to interrupt, but the doctor will see you now Mr. Wilkins.”

Reese looks over at Andy and gives half a smile. “It’ll have to wait Andy, I’m sorry.”

Andy watches as Reese walks away from him and into the Dr. Benton’s office. He sighs, knowing that he has to tell Reese the truth. He tries to look at the positives as Reese didn’t reject him right away as he had been the past few months. Still, he wonders if something more is going on with Reese, as he has never seen Reese in that type of physical state before.


Inside Dr. Benton’s office, Reese sits across from Dr. Benton. He opens Reese’s file and reads the results before he places the file down and looks across from Reese.

“How are you today Reese?” Dr. Benton asks him, even though he can tell that Reese clearly isn’t doing so well.

“I’m scared. I’ve never been so scared in all my life,” Reese admits to the doctor, feeling his eyes swell with water.

“I can tell Reese. I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that you do not have HIV,” Dr. Benton tells him as a wave of relief comes over Reese. He feels his entire body become lighter as the potential of becoming HIV positive was weighing him down heavily. “You do have another STD, but it’s treatable. I just hope that you have learned a lot from this experience. You have to be very careful about your sexual partners and how you handle yourself in these moments.”

Reese allows some tears to escape from his eyes. “I know Dr. Benton. I was stupid, and I feel so lucky right now.”

“Here’s your prescription. And come back to me in six months, just for a follow up HIV test. Sometimes it takes up to 6 months for the virus to show in your blood stream. But for right now, you’re good to go.”

Reese doesn’t care about the follow up right now, all he cares about is that he was cleared of the HIV for the time being. He continues to cry in the chair as he realizes how blessed he truly is in his life right now. He realizes that he dodged a bullet and he will not take it for granted. This is, hopefully, the first step in Reese trying to reclaim himself and his life. He so desperately wants to get back to himself, truly himself, again.

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