Episode 95 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: July 11, 2010


Episode Theme song: "Judas" Kelly Clarkson

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Daisy asked Vinny (who is really Brett) to look into Danielle’s death.
- Terrence Caldwell came to Twin Peaks with a past connection to Danielle and Trenyce. It was revealed he was Danielle’s boyfriend at the time when Danielle took over Daisy’s life. He, with Daisy’s help, planned to open a ski resort in Twin Peaks
- Chris and Victoria grew closer. Victoria and Meggan realized that they both knew something more was going on with “Vinny”
- Andy vowed to tell Reese the truth about his marriage to Trenyce
- Leah and Robbie continued to remain at odds

Scene One -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort; The Terrace

The terrace of the beautiful new ski resort over looks some of the Aspen Mountains and a view of Pitt Meadows lake. This time of the year, the lake is a aqua green. The trees are tall and the flowers are in full bloom. There are small white lights to give the terrace a romantic feel to it. The terrace is located in the largest of five dinning rooms, where hot food and every kind of beverage are being served. The resort has 200 rooms, ranging in all sizes. The best part of for the citizens of Twin Peaks, is that it’s only about a 20 minute drive to get to the resort.

Daisy and Terrence walk out onto the terrace, each holding a glass of champagne. Terrence looks at Daisy, who is wearing a beautiful navy blue beaded dress and smiles. While he wanted this moment to have happened a few years earlier, while Danielle was posing as Daisy, the mayor of Twin Peaks, he is thrilled with how things have turned out. If things had progressed sooner, he would not have met Daisy, someone he has turned out to care for a great deal. He wonders if this is how it was meant to turn out; not with Danielle, but with Daisy. As long as he keeps his secret, he could have the future he has always wanted. His business booming, and a beautiful woman on his side.

“We did it,” he smiles as he cheers to her. They each take a drink of the bubbly and look out at the majestic scenery that beholds them. Storm clouds above, however, quickly put a damper on their mood.

“It’s beautiful. We picked the perfect spot to build,” Daisy says to him as they look out. “Those clouds don’t look so inviting though. I hope the rain holds off, or the party will have to stay inside.”

“Regardless, tonight will be a success,” he replies not wanting threatening clouds to put a damper on his mood or the evening.

“I agree. Oh, I see Andy and Trenyce. Excuse me, I want to go say hello,” Daisy says as she waves her fingers at him and quickly rushes off into the crowded dining room.

Terrence turns around and once again looks at the beautiful wilderness. This is only the start of my ski resorts, he thinks to himself. Once this one becomes a huge success, he could have the next line of ski resorts, like Hilton has hotels.

“You must be very proud of yourself,” Brett announces to Terrence as he approaches him from behind.

“Oh, Mr. Victors, I’m sorry. You startled me,” Terrence says turning to face “Vinny”. “I don’t believe we’ve officially met. Terrence Caldwell.”

“Vinny Victors,” Brett lies shaking his hand. “I know exactly who you are.”

Terrence doesn’t like the tone in which Brett said those words. He knows exactly who I am. Terrence knows that it wouldn’t be impossible for people to realize that he and Danielle knew each other in Detroit. They were living together as a common law couple. Still, he can’t imagine why anyone would look into that time of his life, but the thought of someone doing such a thing scares him to his core.

Brett glares at Terrence, quickly thinking back to getting the phone call from his contact in Detroit. He knows that Terrence is the one that killed Danielle; and now he is there to tell Terrence that he has to stay away from Daisy. In his time masquerading as Vinny, Brett has become very close to Daisy and he will not let her get hurt by Terrence. He realizes that they have been working on the resort together, but he has also sensed that they were growing closer, in a romantic sense, as well.

“I know everything Terrence. Don’t say anything,” Brett warns him in a low, stern whisper as he doesn’t want to put any one off. “I don’t want to hear it. I’m here to tell you that you need to stay away from Daisy. You hurt her, and you will answer to me, and believe me, you do not want to get on my bad side.”

Terrence looks at Brett, and puts his hands up giving into defeat. Secretly, he knows that this is far from over, but he does know of the Vinny’s history and mobster connections. The last thing Terrence wants to do is create a scene at the opening of his ski resort.

“Fine. I’ll be out of town by morning. Let me enjoy this night?” Terrence offers a compromise, although secretly the wheels in his head are already turning. He knows he has come too far to let Vinny Victors spoil everything for him.

“I’m going to Daisy. I’m not lying to her, not about her sister. You do what you have too Terrence, but Daisy will learn the truth tonight,” Brett warns before turning and walking away, he immediately scans the dinning room for Daisy.

Terrence feels his head start to bead with sweat. He has to come up with a plan. He has to ensure that his secret remains safe. He looks back into the dinning room and sees Daisy and Trenyce looking a new photos of Andrew. He looks closer at Trenyce smiling at the photo. Suddenly he gets an idea and a smile comes across his face. He has come too far to let everything blow up for him now.

Scene Two -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort; Suite 84

Victoria finishes zipping up her candy apple red dress and that shows off her figure nicely. She looks at the room that she rented because she had a late shift at the hospital and she wouldn’t have had time to go home, change and be ready for the fundraiser in time. She thought it would be easier to just do it all at the ski resort, plus as a ski-lover she wanted to check out the rooms to see if they are worth it during ski season. She looks out the window and loves the view she has.

She turns around when she hears a knock on her door. Not expecting anyone, she walks over to the door and opens it slowly. She smiles when she sees Chris standing on the other side of the door, looking dashing in his tuxedo.

“Chris! How’d you know I was in this room?” she asks as she lets him into the suite.

“I have a way with front desk clerks,” he laughs at her. “Whoa, you look fine tonight!” he says noticing her enticing red dress.

“You like?” she smiles doing a little twirl.

“Oh yea! Suddenly, red is my favourite colour!” he replies pulling her closer. “It’s so good to see you,” he says as his lips touch hers.

Victoria allows Chris to kiss her. She has missed being in the company of a man, and she is wildly attracted to Chris. She knows that she is supposed to meet Meggan downstairs at the party so they can discuss the Vinny situation, but right now all she cares about is being with Chris.

“We have some time before we really have to be downstairs,” he whispers in her ear as his lips move back down to her neck.

“No we don’t. I think we should…” she begins as she pulls away from his kisses. He looks lovingly into her eyes for a minute and smiles back at her. “…test out this bed,” she purrs at him as he kisses her passionately again. She falls down onto the bed and he crawls on top of her kissing her even more intensely than before.

Scene Three -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

Daisy laughs at another politician’s jokes as she mingles with the crowd at the party. As part of her job as mayor, she has to mingle at the party. She quickly glances at the clock though and realizes that it’s time. She slowly excuses herself and makes her way up to the front of the dining room. Just as she approaches, a loud crackle of thunder is heard. She goes into the microphone.

“I hope that’s not a sign of me being up here,” she announces to everyone as another thunder bolt crashes in the dark sky. A few laughs are heard in the crowd. “Everyone, it’s my pleasure to have you all here this evening. This new ski resort will do so much for Twin Peaks and it’s economy. We except that tourism will expand by 75% this winter during ski season. It also offers shopping, spas and great hiking trails in and around the mountains. Take a moment to enjoy this evening. All the proceeds will go the Tourism Twin Peaks! Should the rain come soon, the terrace will close, but the party will continue in the dining room!” Daisy reveals to the large audience in the dining room. “Before I let you all go for the evening, I would like to introduce you to the man behind the resort. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Terrence Caldwell!”

The crowd cheers as Terrence is supposed to make his way to the podium. However, as Daisy scans the crowd, she can’t seem to find Terrance any where.

“Well, I guess he’s having fun some where else right now. I’ll make sure he has a few words later on in the evening,” Daisy says covering for the absent Terrence. Inside, she wonders where he could be as they planned their speeches for months in advance. Why would he suddenly bolt? She wonders to herself.

As she steps off the stage, Brett approaches her, ready to reveal his news to her. Daisy smiles over at him, and then hugs him as they reach each other.

“Is Meggan here? I’d love to say hello,” Daisy says as they exit the embrace.

“Um, yea, she’s here some where. Look I have to talk to you. It’s important,” Brett tells his friend, even though he is slightly dreading telling Daisy the news he has uncovered.

“Can it wait Vinny? I have to mingle.”

“No, it can’t wait. It’s about Danielle. I learned who killed her,” he replies as Daisy quickly turns and their eyes meet.

“What? I can’t believe that after all this time you finally were able to uncover who poisoned her! Tell me! Who is it?” Daisy grills him, a certain hint of desperation in her voice. She has longed to find out who killed her sister. While, she and Danielle were never close, Danielle was family and no one messes with her family.

“Are you ready for this?” he questions her as Daisy nods in agreement. “It was Terrence Caldwell. Your business partner killed your sister!”

Daisy gasps and puts her hand over her mouth. Suddenly she recalls entering his hotel room a few weeks earlier and finding the picture of Danielle and Trenyce within Terrence’s belongings. All of the little signs rush back to her head. She feels her eyes swell with water. “Where’s Trenyce? We have to make sure she’s okay.” Her first instinct is to ensure her family is protected. She’s stunned that Terrence, the man she has grown so close to in the last few months could be the one that killed her sister, but if it’s true she has to ensure he doesn’t hurt anyone else she loves.

“I confronted Terrence. I told him to stay away from you. He didn’t show up for his speech. I’m worried about what he’ll do,” Brett warns her, now realizing that Terrence is a loosen cannon.

“We have to find Chris and Trenyce. And then go to the police. Come on,” Daisy says leading the way through the crowd to find her niece.


Across the dining room, Robbie and Leah stop at the buffet table and grab some hot food. Robbie looks at his wife and thinks how awesome she looks in her purple dress, her long flowing brown hair slightly curled.

“You look amazing tonight,” he smiles at her as she takes a bit of the crab cake. Leah smiles back at her husband, even though she can feel the tension between them. While she has tried to put things back to the way they were before Noah died, she has realized that it’s not possible to go back to how things were. She is a different person. She lost her child; no one ever truly recovers from that type of pain and loss.

“Thank you. So do you,” she replies to him. “Are you alright? You seemed quiet on the drive up here.”

Robbie sighs a little and doesn’t know how to respond to her. He doesn’t really want to get into another argument with Leah at the fundraiser, but he really is at the end of his rope with Leah shutting him out. He can only hear so many times that he isn’t Noah’s father before he is going to snap.

“Things have been tense between us lately,” he says quietly. “I don’t know how to make that go away.”

Leah looks away and tries to fight any sign of tears. She doesn’t know how to make things better with her husband either, but not due to lack of trying. “It just seems like everything I do, you are against it lately. You ask me to drop the charges against Meggan; I do, and you’re mad at me that it was a decision for Jeff and I to make. I just…I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“Let me in! Why is it so hard for you to just let me in? I’m not asking you to let me decide for you. I’m asking you to talk to me. Tell me what you’re thinking. What you’re feeling. Instead, you shut me out completely and tell Jeff everything. I find out after the fact that you dropped the charges,” he says back to her, continuing to be fed up.

“Why is it so hard for you to understand that it was a decision for Jeff and I to make?”

“Don’t you dare say what you’re about to say Leah,” Robbie angrily replies to his wife.

“What? You know that it’s the truth. We are Noah’s parents!”

“I get it! I get it. I’m done. I’m not talking about this here. Not tonight,” he says turning his back to her.

Leah wipes a tear from her eye. “I’m going to look around. I’ll see you later,” she says walking off quickly. Robbie watches her rush off, and throws his plate into the trash can. He knows that he blew it, but he just doesn’t know what else to do with the situation.


Leah arrives on the second floor, tears streaming down her face. She walks down a long hallway quickly, just trying to find any escape that she can see. She needs time away from Robbie. How could he not understand where she is coming from? Has he really not been around this past year? Has he not seen how much Noah’s death has taken out of her? All these questions race through her mind as she walks down the hallway.

Suddenly Jeff opens the door from a suite and sees Leah down the hall. He had rented a suite at the resort as he didn’t want to drive home after having numerous drinks at the fundraiser.

“Leah? Are you okay? What’s going on?” he asks as Leah approaches him. Once she gets up to him, she collapses in tears in his arms. He cradles her and moves her into his room.

“Robbie. He just doesn’t understand what Noah’s death has done to me this past year. It’s like…it’s like he hasn’t been there.”

Jeff sits next to Leah on the bed and puts his hand on her leg. “It is different for him than for us. We are Noah’s parents.”

“I know. That’s what I keep telling him! You understand though. You always have,” she says wiping her face from the tears. She quickly recalls all the times that she and Jeff have bonded in the last year during Noah’s death.

He moves his hand up to her face and wipes a tear away for her. “Of course I understand. He was ours. He always will be.”

“Oh Jeff,” she says pulling him into another hug. As they exit the hug, Jeff looks her in the eyes. He leans in and kisses her softly. The kiss escalates into a more passionately kiss. She pulls away for a moment.

“Are you sure?” he asks her as she falls back on to the bed. She pulls him on top of her.

“Yes, I’m very sure,” she says as their lips meet again.

Scene Four -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

Meggan circles the dinning room, desperately looking for her husband Vinny. She looks around the dinning room and feels some what blessed to even be at the fundraiser. Not too long ago, she was growing deeper into a depression sitting in jail. Now, she’s out and she’s enjoying a fine party to help raise money for a great cause.

She does have her own concerns, however, as she continues to be plagued by visions from her hospital room of seeing two men that look like her husband. She glances at her watch as she is scheduled to meet Victoria at the party to discuss … something, whatever is going on. At least, Meggan thinks that Victoria knows about something that is going on with Vinny. Meggan sighs, not sure of what could possibly be going on. She hates that something could be going on with her husband. After spending months in jail, the only thing she really wants is some quiet time to regain herself and have quality time with her husband.

She exit’s the dinning room and walks down a long corridor, which seems mostly for the staff members of the resort as most of the doors say “Staff Only”. She turns a corner, but quickly turns back as two men are in a conversation. She turns and is stunned to see both Brett and Dave together! She gasps as she can finally see two men that look like her husband! Suddenly, a loud bomb of thunder goes off and the rain begins to come down. It can be heard on the roof of the building. Inside the dinning room, Meggan can hear the terrace doors being closed.

“What the fuck are you even doing here?” Brett asks Dave fed up with Dave risking everything by showing up in public.

“Relax. I just came to see how things were going. I suspect Victoria is up to no good,” Dave counters.

“I can’t deal with that tonight. I have to help Daisy deal with something,” Brett says knowing that he has to help his friend.

“Of course you do. You deal with that. I’ll deal with Victoria,” Dave spits back at his brother. “But you better get your priorities straight, or this entire thing will blow up in our faces!”

Around the corner, Meggan drops her purse, causing Dave and Brett to stop talking. Dave motions to Brett that someone is around the corner. Another flash of lightening brightens the entire room.


Victoria and Chris walk down the stairs together in a state of bliss after making love for the first time. As they reach the bottom, Victoria knows that she has to find Meggan to figure out this Vinny situation. Chris looks at her and kisses her again passionately.

“That was amazing. Upstairs, I mean,” he grins at her as their lips just barely part.

“I know. You’re amazing,” she whispers back to him. “We probably shouldn’t enter the dinning room together. I don’t want Daisy to think anything is going on. You go first. I’ll wait out here for a few minutes.”

“Are you sure? I don’t care what she thinks,” he says to her, even though a part of him still cares very much what Daisy would think.

“I’m sure. I have to make a phone call anyways,” Victoria replies to him, knowing that she has to find Meggan.

“Okay. You win. But I’ll find you later for a dance,” he winks to her as he enters the dinning room.

Victoria watches him go, then hears a noise in the far back corner. She walks down the same corridor that Meggan was just standing in. It’s now empty. She spots a pair of keys on the ground. She walks over and picks them up. Suddenly, an out of breathe Dave comes up to her as he rushes in from the back door.

“Those are mine. I dropped them,” he says grabbing them out of her hands.

“What the hell are you doing here? You gave your brother the night off?” she says, shaken but holding her own against the man that shot her.

“I’m just leaving. Oh, I see you and Mr. Michael’s are pretty chummy these days. Bet he hasn’t told you the entire truth about his marriage,” Dave winks at her as he turns and walks towards the exit at the other end of the corner hall. He turns around one more time and says, “And keep your mouth shut. Or else.”

Victoria turns around and doesn’t know what to think anymore. She knows she has to go find Meggan, so they can discuss what they both know. She knows she has been down this road with Madeline, but Madeline has seemingly walked away from the situation. Plus, Meggan would never walk away from this kind of situation, not when it has to do with her husband.

Victoria enters the dinning room and looks for the red-punch bowl. That’s where she and Meggan agreed to meet. Meggan said she would be drinking punch all night since she is a recovering alcoholic. Victoria pulls out her cell phone and checks the time.

“Meggan should be here anytime,” Victoria tells herself, as she lets her mind wander to why Dave was in such a hurry. What caused him to drop his keys in the first place? What was he doing out and about when Brett was here? Victoria didn’t know the answers, but she felt herself shiver as she got the worst feeling possible, as lightening flashes across the sky again.

Scene Five -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

Reese finishes his glass of champagne and quickly grabs another one from a waiter that passes by. While Reese is here for the fundraiser, he is also feeling a reason to celebrate; he got his test results back from Craig Benton and he doesn’t have HIV. Reese has never felt so relieved in his life. He plans, now, to get back into volleyball as he has pushed that aside in the recent months as he went on a downward spiral. Almost getting one of the most infectious diseases though, has made him realize that he can not throw his life away. He has so much to live for. He plans on quitting his pathetic job as a go-go dancer at Bar-Code and enrol in school in the fall, maybe even get a volleyball scholarship. Everything is seemingly looking up for him, and he wants to celebrate that.

He spots Andy from across the dinning room and wonders if he should go say hello. For months, Andy has been trying to talk to him but Reese knows that he has pushed him away as it has been far too hard for him to talk to Andy after knowing that Andy slept with Trenyce, got her pregnant, married her and now they have a child together. Reese remembers that Andy wanted to tell him something right before he went into Craig Benton’s office. Reese decides this is nor the time or place to have the conversation with Andy.

Andy, however, spots Reese and realizes that now he could have the time to tell Reese the truth: that he was only helping Trenyce because of her sob stories. He is gay and he is still in love with Reese. He walks over to Reese and smiles.

“Reese, hey. You’re looking good. How are you?” Andy asks as he drinks some of his bubbly.

“I’m really awesome Andy! How are you? How is your new baby?” Reese says trying to stay civil, even though he could even hear the sarcasm in his voice when he asked about Andrew.

“Andrew’s good. That’s kind of what I’d like to talk to you about,” Andy tells Reese as a loud crackle of thunder is heard in the sky outside. “Do you think we could talk for a moment? Maybe in the hallway where it’s quieter?”

Andy looks at Reese with his big brown eyes. Reese feels his heart melt as Andy’s eyes were always a weakness him. Feeling the effects of the champagne, and knowing that he still loves Andy, Reese agrees. He puts his hand out to jester that Andy can go first.

In the hall way, Andy turns and faces Reese. He smiles as he has missed just being in the same company as Reese. “I’ve missed you,” Andy admits to him. “There’s so much you have to know. That I want to tell you. That you have to know.”

“I’m all ears Andy,” Reese replies as he takes another drink from his glass, ready to listen to Andy.

Before Andy can say anything else, Chris comes into the hall way and interrupts them. “Andy! Thank God I found you! We are looking for Trenyce. Have you seen her?” he asks frantically. After Chris went into the dinning room, Daisy found him and filled him in on Terrence killing Danielle and how Trenyce can not be found any where.

“No, I haven’t seen her for awhile. Why, what’s going on?” Andy asks concerned, although he looks over at Reese, who seems slightly annoyed that Chris has interrupted them.

“She’s missing. It’s a long story, but we have to find her,” Chris explains to them.

“Well let’s help find her! She has to be here some where, right?” Reese explains. Andy sighs as they all exit joining in the search to find Trenyce. Telling Reese the truth will have to wait, again, Andy realizes to himself.

Scene Six -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

Trenyce slowly walks around in the basement of the ski resort. She looks around and sees a lot of different supplies. There are bed posts, extra mattresses, other housekeeping supplies, large round cylinders, and a lot of ski equipment that guests can rent if they do not own their own.

She quickly recalls getting a note from Andy telling her to meet her in the basement as he has a surprise for her. She wonders why Andy would have a surprise in the basement for her. The idea is odd to her, but she loves surprises so much that she couldn’t resist the temptation to go into the basement to see what it is.

“Andy?” she calls out as she can’t see any form of life in the basement. She hears a rattle as a bolt of lightening crashes loudly. When she looks up, she sees even more ski supplies bolted to the ceiling. She gets a little creped out and thinks of Andrew at home. She hopes that he is okay with the babysitter in the storm. Despite having to leave Andrew, she is so happy she decided to come to the fundraiser as it has been a nice distraction for her. She feels so grown up now and that she has changed so much since having her baby.

Suddenly a light beams in front of her from a flashlight. The light almost blinds her. “Andy, is that you? The light is so bright?” she says putting her hand over her eyes.

“No, it’s me” Terrence’s voice calls her from afar.

“Terrence?” Trenyce calls back as she continues to approach him. “What on earth are you doing down here? I thought there was a surprise for me! Where’s Andy?”

“I’m the surprise! I knew you wouldn’t come down here if you knew I had asked you too,” he admits to her as another loud thunder bolt is heard.

“This isn’t funny. I’m leaving,” Trenyce says turning around to leave.

“Not so fast, you’re not going any where!” he says grabbing her arm and throwing her up against the wall. Trenyce feels the wind get knocked out of her as she hit’s the cement wall.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asks trying to catch her breath.

“I told you, you’re not going any where. You have to help me. Everyone is about to learn my secret. You’re my only hope now,” he says to her as another flash of lightening lights up part of the basement. That’s when Trenyce sees it: Terrence is holding a loaded revolver.

“What do you want from me?” she asks as she gets some tears in her eyes, not knowing what Terrence will do to her.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Dominick confronts Bob & Sofia
- Shane tells Natasha that Cassie has left town
- Daisy learns the entire truth

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