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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The fundraiser at Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort began. Brett learned that Terrence killed Danielle and told Daisy the truth! Desperate, Terrence cornered Trenyce in the basement, with a gun
- After a fight with Robbie, Leah found Jeff at the resort and they began to make love
- Dominick learned that Eva is really Natasha’s mother. He told Sofia he would let them know what he is going to do with the information
- Shane found a depressed Cassie at home, who claimed her mother was ill

Scene One -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

Natasha circles the large dinning room as the fundraiser continues in full swing. The weather outside is still a summer storm, as lightening and thunder continues to cause havoc outside. Inside, things continue to get heated as well.

Natasha sips on some champagne as she leaves a group of lawyers that she knows. She walks over to the buffet table just to get a moment for herself. She has been in a whirlwind lately, trying to stay strong as she deals with leaving Shane, even though she knows it was the right thing to do; He is having a baby with another woman. Still that truth has shaken her to the core, and she remains upset by it. Add in the fact that she had to see Shane marry Cassie due to a mysterious phone call sending her to the church, her heart has needed time and space to heal.

As she takes a bit of a cracker with some caviar on it, she feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns and sees Shane standing behind her. He smiles at her, and she feels her heart melt a little. She smiles back.

“Shane, hi,” she says turning around to fully face him. “Enjoying the party? Where’s Cassie?”

Shane looks at Natasha and can’t help but notice how beautiful she looks. He is about to comment on it, but he catches himself and knows that he shouldn’t as he is now married to Cassie. He realizes that it was Natasha that pushed him to marry Cassie as she wants Shane to do the right thing by his baby, but he still loves Natasha. He just has to watch his tongue and actions. He doesn’t want to cause either Cassie or Natasha anymore pain. He quickly thinks back to seeing Cassie the other night at home; how she was so stoic in the baby’s nursery and then he got home and found the note that she left Twin Peaks to visit her ill mother. He hasn’t heard from her since, which he thinks is odd, but he has decided to give her space.

“Cassie?” he asks getting back to the conversation with Natasha. “She had to leave town. Her mother is ill.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. How is she?” Natasha asks, genuinely concerned for Cassie’s mother. She would never wish anyone any harm.

The room is brightened by another streaking lightening flash in the sky outside. “I’m sure she’ll be fine. I haven’t heard much actually. Are you okay?” Shane asks he as he notes that Natasha shivered after the lightening.

“Yea, just got a chill,” she says turning away from him. While she may try to hide it, she still loves Shane and wishes nothing more to express it to him.

“We’re both here alone … do you want to dance?”

Natasha turns to him and smiles. Would one dance really hurt anyone? “Sure, I’d love to dance with you.”

Shane smiles as he takes Natasha’s hand and leads her to the dance floor. He puts his arm around her and they begin to slow dance. Natasha soon finds herself laying her head on Shane’s shoulder. He squeezes her closer to him than before. For a brief moment, they both forget that they are separated because of Cassie and her baby. For this moment, they are the two people more in love than ever. She lifts her head and looks into his eyes. He smiles back at her and goes in to kiss her. She pulls back.

“We can’t do that,” she says in a whisper. “I’m sorry, this was a mistake!”

Before Shane can reply, Natasha is rushing out of the dinning room and into the hallway. Shane watches her go. He knows that he should follow her, but he decides not too. He doesn’t want to cause her more pain for her, or him. Being that close to Natasha and not being able to kiss her; to touch her; to tell her that he loves her is too hard for him.

Scene Two -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort; Suite 103

The rain hit’s the window in Jeff’s suite causing a loud rattling noise in the room. Another bolt of thunder is heard in the sky, indicating the storm is still a long way from over. Inside the room, the sheets on the bed are tangled as Leah and Jeff lay naked on top of the bed, panting as they try to catch their breath from the intense love making that they just enacted.

Jeff looks over at Leah and thinks about how beautiful she is. He has always loved her, even during his relationship with Kim. He knows that much, it just took losing their son for him to really admit it to himself. After he tried to get back together with Leah when he first came back to town, things got rocky with them as they were fighting over custody of Noah, but now he knows that Leah is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He has never felt this way about any other woman in the world. He reaches over and touches her hand. She looks over at him and gives half a smile. She, on the other hand, is numb from what just happened. One moment, she was downstairs at the party with her husband Robbie, the next they were having another argument and from there she went off and found Jeff, and they ended up having sex. She turns back away from Jeff, as water fills her eyes. At the time, Jeff felt right. He felt good. He was the release she had been craving so desperately. Now that it’s over, she realizes that it was a mistake. She has just cheated on Robbie, the man that she loves more than anything in the world. While she and Jeff have grown closer since Noah’s death, she still loves her husband.

“That was great,” he finally says breaking the silence in the bedroom. “Are you okay? You’re so quiet.”

Leah rolls away from him and covers herself with a sheet. “I’m not okay Jeff. I’m …” she begins to say.

“Don’t say it Leah. This has been coming for a long time. It was really only a matter of time,” he says standing up and putting his boxers on, realizing that she is having conflicting emotions.

“What? Me cheating on my husband? I feel … I feel so cheap,” Leah replies as a tear falls down her cheek. “This was a mistake Jeff. This can never happen again.”

Jeff feels his heart break inside his chest. He finally thought that maybe this would allow Leah to see that they are meant to be together. Robbie has never understood what they have gone through this past year, and he never will. He watches as Leah quickly gets dressed back into her party clothes.

“Please don’t go,” he manages to say to her. “Let’s talk about this. We just made love for crying out loud!” he says trying to get to slow down and realize what is happening.

“I can’t! I have to get back to Robbie before he suspects something is going on. You … you promise me you won’t say anything to him!” she says loudly to him.

He puts his hand over his face. “I won’t say anything.”

“Thanks. I’ll … see you later,” she replies as she checks her hair in the large mirror before leaving his suite. She shuts the door and falls back on it. She takes a deep breath of the air and proceeds to walk down the hallway. She tries to compose herself so no one will ever know what she did with Jeff.

Scene Three -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

The dinning room continues to be filled to near capacity as the party goes on. The party goers are grateful that the party has swung inside as the rain continues to come down hard outside. Thunder and lightening can still be heard and seen on occasion as the party carries on.

Robbie looks at his watch and wonders where Leah has gotten too. It wasn’t too long ago that they stood at the buffet table and had another argument about her lack of communication with him. He is at the end of his rope with her shutting him out, still he hates having fights with her. Especially since her recent near death experience; he just wants to enjoy life with her and move on. He feels stuck with the relationship right now though, but the love is there. It always will be.

Sofia approaches her son with a glass of champagne in her hand. She can tell by the look on her son’s face that something is troubling him. She always could tell when something was troubling Robbie, as he does the same thing Bob

“Anything I can help with?” she says as she approaches him and places her hand on his shoulder.

“Mom, hey! Enjoying the evening so far?” Robbie asks, clearly avoiding the question his mother posed to him.

“I am. The fundraiser is lovely. You don’t look so great. Tell me, what’s going on?” Sofia offers her son a shoulder. “Is it Leah? I haven’t seen her all evening.”

“We had another fight,” Robbie says with a heavy sigh. “I just don’t know what to do anymore Mom. I hate that we are fighting, but nothing seems to get better.”

>Sofia looks at her son and feels his pain. She hates that he is going through this marital difficulty, but she is all to familiar with having problems in a relationship. She quickly thinks back to her affair with Dominick in Europe years ago when she and Bob were first married.

“Do you love Leah?”

“Of course I do!”

“Then fight for your relationship. I know just by how she looks at you that she is crazy about you,” Sofia tells him. “Things may be tough now, but there’s always a solution. Maybe a weekend get away? Maybe seeing Olivia Wilkins in counselling? Just keep the lines of communication open Robbie, and tell Leah you’re not going anywhere. She’ll appreciate that. And then you’ll see, everything will be okay.”

Robbie hugs his mother. If there’s one thing that Robbie can always count on, it’s his mother’s love and approval. She is a constant in his life and he is so grateful for her.

“Thank you Mom. I will tell Leah those things, as soon as I find her. I love you,” he smiles back to as they exit from their hug.

“I love you too. You go find Leah, I’ll find your father,” she smiles to him as he walks off in search of Leah.


A loud thunder bolt cracks in the sky, as Adam looks at his cell phone. While the storm is ragging, he can’t help but think of Helen. He remembers that she decided to go to the Calimo cabin alone with Olivia instead of coming to the fundraiser. While the decision was a last minute one, Helen was insistent that she go to the cabin, as she continued to feel the tension between her and Adam. Adam sighs as he hasn’t received any word from Helen. He knows that the tension between him and his wife is mostly his fault. He can’t shake the feeling that Olivia is up to no good with his wife, and he knows this upsets Helen as Olivia has become a good friend of hers. Add in the fact that Adam has grown increasingly impatient with Helen’s increasing memory lapses, the couple has been feeling the strain and trying to deal with the joy Helen’s pregnancy.

Cory approaches Adam as Robin goes to the buffet table. He notices that Adam is watching his cell phone a lot and sense his friend is stressed about something.

“Adam, everything okay?” Cory asks approaching him from behind.

“Hey Cory,” Adam replies as they shake hands for a moment. “I’m fine, just worried about Helen.”

“Why? I haven’t seen here tonight,” Cory comments on his observation.

“She’s not here. She decided to go to the Calimo cabin with Olivia,” Adam continues to tell Cory. “I’m just worried that she’s alone with Olivia at the cabin in this storm, especially since it’s so close to the due date.”

Cory grins a little. “That’s understand. But she’ll be fine. Olivia is a doctor. What could possibly go wrong?”

“I don’t know. I just have a bad feeling,” Adam says as he looks outside as another flash of lightening graces the sky and brightens it dramatically.


Sofia finds Bob mingling with some business associates. Bob is seemingly working the connections of Roboto at large get gatherings. In his mind, there is always business to be done; he can always try to get the new, best deal out there. Once he saw Sofia reach his side, however, he knew that the business part of the evening would have to be done as she did not like him working so much. Still, he feels like he has a lot of more years to put into Roboto and he isn’t ready to slow down.

He turns to his wife and kisses her on the cheek. “Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight,” he says as he takes a drink of his champagne.

“Thank you my love,” she smiles back to him. “I just saw Robbie. I fear that there is problems between him and Leah.”

Bob gets a look of concern on his face. Like Sofia, he doesn’t like when his children are suffering. After everything Leah and Robbie have been through recently with her kidney transplant, he was under the assumption things would go back to normal for the two of them.

“That is troubling to hear. Did you get details?”

“I gave him advice. I didn’t think this public forum was the time nor place to get into the minor details,” she offers back to him as she takes some of her drink.

“Good point. Any word from Robertson?” he asks changing the subject to Dominick, who some how has found out that Eva McCloud is really Natasha’s mother. The thought still makes Bob’s blood boil. How that man ever learned the truth is still baffling to him, but he knows that he has to do something quickly before it gets out of control.

“Nothing, although … look,” Sofia says nodding her head in the direction of Dominick, who stands across the dinning room. “He made an appearance after all.”

“Interesting,” Bob replies. “He’s coming this way. Let’s keep our composure.”

Dominick approaches the couple and smiles to them. He loves knowing that he has the upper hand, for the first time since he has started his quest to try to get Sofia back. Learning that Eva is really Natasha’s mother is his gold mine, he realizes. He just needs to know how to play it. After weeks of thinking about it, he finally has realized what he has to do.

“It’s the couple I’ve been looking for,” he says as he lifts his champagne glass to them. “Shall we toast?”

“And to what, exactly, would we be toasting with you?” Sofia replies in a standoffish tone.

“We are busy people Dominick. We won’t have time, not tonight,” Bob replies as he prepares to walk away.

“You better make time,” Dominick fires back. Bob turns around and glares at Dominick. The nerve of this man, Bob thinks to himself as Dominick continues to have a grin on his face. “In case you’ve forgotten, I’m holding all the cards here. Not you. So you can cut your tough act, because it’s not going to work. Not if you want your secret to stay a secret,” Dominick continues as he takes the smile off his face and turns it into a glare back at Bob.

“What do you want?” Bob asks sternly, but keeping his voice down.

“What I’ve wanted all along … Sofia. Given the chance, I would have made Sofia so much happier than you ever could have,” Dominick says looking over at Sofia. She looks away and looks up to Bob.

“You want my wife?” Bob asks stunned. He starts to laugh in Dominick’s face, the thought of giving up Sofia is absolutely crazy. “You’re insane.”

“Maybe. But either Sofia leaves you, or I’ll go to Natasha. She’s here tonight, isn’t she?” Dominick says triumphantly, looking around for Natasha. “Tick tock, don’t make me wait long.”

Bob and Sofia watch as Dominick walks away from them and into the large crowd. She turns to him and tries to hold back the tears. While she’s always been attractive to Dominick, something she will never admit to anyone, she does not want to leave Bob for him. She has loved Bob for the better part of her life, and him with her. She falls into his arms.

“What are we going to do?” she says as a tear falls out of her cheek. “I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t,” Bob replies as they exit their embrace. “I already have a plan though.”


Chris scans the dinning room rapidly, searching for Trenyce. Ever since he got word from Daisy and Brett that Terrence is the one that killed Danielle, everyone has been searching high and low for Trenyce, who has seemingly disappeared. When he doesn’t see her, he continues to panic. Where could she be? Is she trapped in the storm? Is she with Terrence? The possibilities are endless, and he is scared for her. Despite the fact that they haven’t gotten along since Trenyce seduced Chris last year, he does care for her.

He sees Brett in the corner and rushes over to him. Brett, like Chris, has been searching for Trenyce. He was with Daisy, however, she now has seemingly vanished too.

“Any word?” Chris asks as he approaches Brett.

“No, and I can’t find Daisy either now,” Brett replies to Chris, slightly worried.

“What? How did that happen Vinny?” Chris asks angrily. He can’t believe that he lost Daisy too. Now, both could be in danger.

“She got a text message and said she would be right back. That was about thirty minutes ago. I just texted her asking her where she is. No response yet,” Brett offers, trying to keep his composure. He is desperate to ensure nothing happens to Daisy.

Chris is about to say something else when Robbie walks by them. “Robbie, wait,” Chris says as he passes. If nothing else, having a cop help them search for Trenyce and Daisy would be a positive thing, Chris realizes. “We need your help.”

Robbie arches his eyebrow. “Okay? What’s going on guys?”

Scene Four -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

Daisy enters the basement as another lightening flash strikes the sky brightening her walk way. She remembers getting a text message from Trenyce telling her she was in the basement and to come meet her alone. She wonders why Trenyce would be alone in the basement, but then again her niece has done more questionable things in her past. Daisy looks around and can’t see anyone in the basement. She feels her heart race as she realizes that maybe she should have told Brett where she was going. Something doesn’t feel right.

She continues to walk on the cement floor, her high heels clicking as she walks. “Trenyce?” she calls out. “Where are you?”

She soon sees Trenyce, tied up and with a gag in her mouth! “Oh my god! Trenyce,” Daisy says as rushes over to Trenyce and starts to untie her.

“Leave her,” Terrence announces as he approaches Daisy. Another loud thunder bolt is heard in the sky.

“Terrence?” Daisy gasps in horror. “What have you done to Trenyce? Why are you doing this?”

“You can cut the act now Mayor Davenport. You know my secret. No one was ever supposed to know,” he says pulling out the revolver that he has.

Daisy looks back at Trenyce when she spots the gun. Daisy gives her a reassuring nod that everything will be okay, but she can tell by the look in Trenyce’s eyes that Trenyce is scared to death of what will happen. Trenyce shuts her eyes for a moment and prays to God that she’ll get to see her beautiful baby once more. She just got him, she can’t lose him, not yet.

“She has nothing to do with this Terrence. Let her go. Keep me,” Daisy says standing up and approaching him, wanting Trenyce’s safety.

Not sure of what Daisy is doing, Terrence points the gun at her. “Stay where you are. Don’t move!” he yells. Daisy puts her hands up indicating that she’s not going to do anything that he doesn’t want too.

“Why’d you kill her Terrence? You seem are a well-adjusted guy. Why did you kill my sister?” Daisy asks as she tries not to get any tears in her eyes, as she usually does when she thinks about Danielle and how her life was tragically taken.

“I was never meant to turn out this way,” Terrence replies, still holding the gun at her. Another lightening flash brightens the room for a moment. “You see, this was my goal all along. This ski resort; moving my families company, my father’s enterprise into the next phase of it’s glorious expansion. It wasn’t supposed to get this … ugly,” he says. Another loud thunder bolt crashes in the sky.

“Tell me about it, please?” Daisy pleads with him. “If you’re going to kill Trenyce and me to keep your secret, I want to know why first. Don’t just kill us. Don’t be a coward.”

The words from her mouth sting Terrence. He was, he is falling for Daisy. To hear her speak with such contempt now hurts him. “I was starting to love you Daisy,” he says wiping his eye. “I never wanted it to come to this. Please now that.”

“If you want me to now anything, you have to tell me the truth,” Daisy replies to him again, still keeping her cool. Secretly, she’s hoping that he’ll tell her the story and in that time someone will find out that she and Trenyce are in the basement.

“You want the truth? Fine!” he yells. “Sit next to her. You don’t have to stand. No sudden movements, understand?”

Daisy nods and sits next to Trenyce. She removes Trenyce’s mouth gag, but instructs her to stay quiet. Terrence doesn’t say anything about Daisy removing the mouth gag, as he is seemingly in a daze. Trenyce starts to cry as Daisy holds her.

“Danielle came to me and told me about her plan to hold you hostage Daisy,” Terrence begins to tell his story. “At first, I was against it. Any sane person would be. But Danielle, she has a way of convincing people. She told me that as mayor of Twin Peaks, she would agree to help me launch this ski resort and thus help move my families company into the next phase. At the time, my father was risking bankruptcy. We needed someone to help us financially.”

“That’s where Danielle would have come in,” Daisy says realizing that this plan goes back many, many years.

“So with my help, Danielle kidnapped you and posed as you. Only, she liked too much of your life. She and Chris couldn’t keep their hands off each other, even after you escaped and Danielle was forced to leave town. Do you have any idea how much that hurt? She said she loved me! She said we would be together forever!”

Daisy looks at Trenyce, never realizing how close to the edge Terrence actually has been. Really, at the end of the day, he is a mad in love with a woman who cheated on him. It makes sense to her. Chris and Danielle’s affair hurt a lot of people; her, Trenyce, Danielle, Chris and even Terrence.

“Not only did she break my heart, but she failed to help me with my business venture. It started out at a one time thing. I put a pill in her drink and thought she would just have a bad hang over the next day. Before I knew it, I was giving her 6 or 7 pills a day. And then, she died. I had no idea she was going to die. You have to believe me!,” he says looking at Daisy with intent in his eyes, stating how he poisoned Danielle.

Daisy feels herself shake a little, scared of what Terrence is going to do next as he is still holding his revolver. “I do believe you Terrence. But if you didn’t mean to do it, why did you continue to poison her? Or why didn’t you come forward after she died? You had to know that the police or someone would learn the truth eventually.”

“No I didn’t. The police found the bottle of pills in her medicine cabinet after I placed them there. They ruled her death an accident. I could have gotten away with it,” he says full of pride. He thought everything had been taken care of. He never imagined things would go this way.

“But you came to Twin Peaks. Why did you do that?” Trenyce finally speaks up. “You and I never got along in Detroit. Did you think I would let you get close to my aunt?”

“I am close to Daisy. You’ve been so busy with your baby and husband, you never told Daisy anything,” Terrence snaps at her. “I came to Twin Peaks because enough time had passed since Danielle’s death, I thought no one would look into her death anymore. I could come here, get into Daisy’s good books and get my family’s company moving forward again. I could do what I set out to do all those years ago with Danielle,” he says in a daze, almost like he is reliving a moment with Danielle. “My family has always come first. You of all people should understand that Daisy.”

Daisy stands up and walks towards Terrence. She stops when she’s in front of him and puts her hand out to touch his face. She does understand him, but she knows that he’s close to losing it again. She knows that she has to do something, anything to try to save her and Trenyce. “I’m sorry she hurt you Terrence. I’m not Danielle. I won’t hurt you that way. I. .. I understand.”

Terrence looks at Daisy and smiles. “What are you saying?”

“I can make this all go away if you want me too,” Daisy says smiling, playing on his emotions.

“Do you mean it?” he asks as he pulls Daisy in closer. “I thought I would have to … kill you, or anyone that learned the truth,” he says in a dark whisper. Daisy wraps her arms around Terrence and is about to lean in and kiss him. Instead her knee finds his groin. “AHHH!” he screams in pain as he lurches over.

“Get up Trenyce!” Daisy yells as she grabs the gun from Terrence’s hands. “We’re getting out of here!” she turns around and rushes over Trenyce to help her untie the rope around her feet. Suddenly Terrence grabs Daisy and puts the gun to her head.

“That was a huge mistake,” he growls at her.

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