Episode 97 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: August 01, 2010


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Brett learned Terrence killed Danielle! He cornered Trenyce and Daisy in the basement of the ski resort with a gun. Meanwhile Chris, Andy, Brett and Robbie searched for Daisy and Trenyce
- Leah and Jeff made love at the ski resort
- Meggan saw Brett and Dave together! Later, she never showed up when she was scheduled to meet Victoria
- Helen went to the Calimo cabin with Olivia instead of attending the fundraiser

Scene One -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

Daisy wraps her arms around Terrence and is about to lean in and kiss him. She knows that she has to play Terrence just perfectly if she wants to have any hope of saving her and Trenyce from him, as no one knows where they are. Instead of kissing him, her knee finds his groin. “AHHH!” he screams in pain as he lurches over from the jolt to the crotch.

“Get up Trenyce!” Daisy yells as she grabs the gun from Terrence’s hands. “We’re getting out of here!” she turns around and rushes over Trenyce to help her untie the rope around her feet, in doing so, she has to put the gun down on the ground. Suddenly Terrence grabs Daisy and puts the gun to her head as he pulls her up.

“That was a huge mistake,” he growls at her. “You’re no better than your sister, and look how she turned out!”

Daisy grasps for air as Terrence’s arm is wrapped around her neck. She can slowly feel herself losing consciousness. She shuts her eyes and her body goes limp. Trenyce notices that Daisy has fainted and screams, realizing what has happened to her aunt.

“You killed her!” she screams as she rushes over to the two of them.

“Sit the fuck down!” Terrence yells at Trenyce as he points the gun at her! Trenyce slowly moves back towards the wall.

“I’m so sorry,” she says as another loud thunder bolt is heard in the sky. “I just … I want to see my little boy again Terrence. Please, just go. You can get away, no one will ever know what happened here,” Trenyce begs him through her tears.

Terrence tosses Daisy’s limp body next to Trenyce. Trenyce quickly checks her pulse and breathes a sigh of relief to realize that Daisy is alive.

“I have to think for a moment!” he says turning his back from Trenyce as Daisy. Daisy opens her eyes and tells Trenyce that she is okay; she faked the fainting spell to get away from Terrence. Daisy grabs Trenyce’s cell phone from her purse and hides it as she pretends to be out cold again.

“Take all the time you need Terrence,” Trenyce says, calming herself down. “There has to be a back exit though. You can leave. I promise I won’t say anything. We owe each other nothing.”

Terrence turns around and looks at her. “Maybe you’re right! I could just leave!”

Trenyce smiles. “Yea, you can. Just go. When someone finds us, I’ll tell them you knocked me out and when I woke up you were gone. I promise Terrence. I promise.”

Terrence looks at Trenyce, wondering if he could trust her. After all this time, he has been able to trust no one as everyone has seemingly turned their back on him. He never meant to kill Danielle; he was just hurt that she cheated on him with Chris. And now Daisy, the woman he was falling for, is still in love with Chris, or at least that’s the reason she pulled away from his advances. Now, he could just leave and not have to worry about anything anymore. Although, he suddenly realizes that if he leaves he wouldn’t be able to continue his expansion of the ski resorts. His family would deem him a let down!

“You think it would be so easy, don’t you!” he yells back at her, realizing that he does have to kill everyone that knows his secret so he can continue to expand his empire. “I can’t just leave!”

Trenyce gets scared again. She looks over at Daisy, who is slyly able to send a text message with Trenyce’s phone. Terrence notices that she’s looking at Daisy and realizes what’s going on!

“What the fuck is this?” he asks, he aims the gun and it fires off! Daisy’s leg is hit with a bullet! She screams in pain.

Scene Two -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

Robbie, Chris and Brett meet in the hallway outside of the dinning room. More and more guests have started to realize that Daisy is missing, since she is the host of the event. Robbie looks over at Chris and wonders where they can look next for Daisy and Trenyce; they have seemingly covered the entire ski resort and have turned up with nothing.

“I don’t know where to turn next,” Chris says breaking the silence between them. While he doesn’t want to admit out loud, he has never been so scared in all of his life. He realizes that he and Daisy, and Trenyce for that matter, have not been on great terms lately, but this is family and he is scared of losing them.

“I know. We’ve covered this entire resort,” Brett chimes in, also scared as he is the one that lost Daisy.

“Obviously not. Terrence has to be here some where with the girls. We can’t lose track of that now,” Robbie jumps in, using her cop skills to try to think of where they could be. “What’s that noise?”

Chris pulls out his cell phone from his pocket as it beeps. He opens it and reads the text message that Daisy sent him from the basement. “They’re in the basement!”

“Let’s go,” Brett says as they hurry towards the basement stairwell.


“Oh my god! Daisy!” Trenyce screams as she rushes over to her aunt, who was just shot in the leg by Terrence. Thankfully, the bullet just grazes Daisy’s leg. That doesn’t stop the blood from pouring out. She quickly starts to tear her dress and wrap it around the wound. “Look what you’ve done! You’re a monster!”

“That’s only the start!” he grins. “Anyone that has learned my secret has died.”

Trenyce looks up at Terrence and shakes her head. She doesn’t want to die. She doesn’t want to leave her precious baby boy at home without a mother. “Please!” she begs repeatedly.

“You two have got in my way for the last time!”


Across the room, Chris, Brett and Robbie begin to search the basement. Chris recalls getting the text message from Daisy telling him where they were. He searches for a master light switch to give the entire basement some lights.

“Over there,” Robbie notes to the two men as they can see Trenyce and Daisy laying on the ground.

“Don’t make a sound yet though,” Brett says to them. “We can surprise Terrence maybe.”

They continue to proceed, however Chris still searches for another light switch. Another flash of lightening strikes, brightening the wall. Suddenly he sees a switch. He arches his eyebrow. “Look at this guys. I’m going to turn the lights on!”

Robbie looks back and is about to say no, when Chris flicks the switch. Suddenly, the storage rack on top of the ceiling begins to rattle. The ski polls and skis begin to shake. Terrence looks up at the noise.

“What the …” he asks as he looks up, and notices the ski polls starting to rattle.

“Don’t move!” Robbie yells out loud, drawing his gun. “Twin Peaks police department! You’re under arrest Terrence Caldwell.”

Before Terrence can reply, the storage rack falls from the ceiling. The large metal rack pins him down. “Ahh!” he yells. Ski polls begin falling from the ceiling. Trenyce cradles Daisy into a corner to prevent them from being injury. Robbie, Chris and Brett stagger back quickly so they are out of the way as the polls fall fast and furious.

Before to long, the polls stop falling. “Can anyone hear me?” Robbie asks calling out to everyone. Chris and Brett quickly approach him, so they know they are okay.

“I’m in the corner,” Trenyce says softly through the rumble, through some tears. “Daisy’s been shot in the leg. She needs a doctor!”

“I’m okay,” Daisy replies. “Can anyone hear us?”

Chris and Brett rush to the corner to the two women. They nod heads and agree to help Daisy back up to the main floor. “Where’s Terrence?” Trenyce asks the two men as they look back at Robbie, still worried about their safety.

Robbie stands over Terrence’s dead body. 5 ski polls are sticking out of his chest, as they fell they stabbed into him and killed him. Robbie looks over at the corner of people, “He’s dead.”

Scene Three -- Will’s Apartment

Madeline takes a bite of the cheesecake that she brought over to Will’s apartment. The two decided against going to the fundraiser in hopes of spending some quiet time together, as they have found that they haven’t had much time alone together lately. She looks over at Will and smiles as she thinks about how much they’ve grown as a couple. She is really started to care for him, although she does suspect that he is hiding something from her, although she doesn’t know what it would possibly be at this point.

Will takes a drink of the tea he made to go with the cheese cake and notices Madeline smiling at him. He smiles back and grabs her hand and gives it a quick squeeze. While he has been enjoying his quiet date night with Madeline, his mind is racing with something else: how he can get Ryan off his back. Ever since Ryan has come back into his life and trying to get him to sell drugs again, Will has been worried that his past life would come back to haunt him. And it’s not like he can just say no to Ryan, as Ryan has learned that Will and Olivia slept together and he is threatening to tell Madeline the entire truth, which Will knows would devastate her and probably end their relationship.

“You’re quiet tonight,” Madeline says as she drinks some of her tea, trying to ignore the pounding rain outside. Another loud crackle of thunder can be heard.. “Do you regret not going to the fundraiser?”

“Nah,” Will replies quickly. “I’d rather have this evening with you.”

“Thanks. You could … tell me about yourself, like I mean before you were a nursing student. I still feel like I don’t know much about you,” she says finishing her cheese cake.

Will gulps as he knows he can’t get into his past life with Madeline as he everything would be exposed. His past criminal life and his dealings with Ryan would be far too much for her to handle.

“Can I tell you something?” he says looking at her, and trying to change the subject in the process.

“Of course.”

He grabs her hand and moves closer to her. “I’ve fallen in love with you,” he says as he shuts his eyes and leans in closer to her. His lips touch hers and soon they are in a passionate kiss. “I want you,” he says as his lips leave hers for a moment, as lightening flashes in the storming sky.

Madeline opens her eyes as Will continues to kiss her, getting the feeling that Will is trying to prevent her from learning about his previous life. She can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right with his past. He stops and looks at her.

“Are you okay?”

“Yea,” she smiles back to him trying to erase her thoughts. “I’m just … not in the mood.”

“Okay, we don’t have too,” he says, reassuring her that he isn’t too disappointed that he isn’t going to get laid. “Why don’t you tell me about your time in New York. You know, after you ran away.”

Madeline clams up and freezes. She thinks back to running away to the big apple; getting involved in prostitution to ensure she had money to survive. Her darkest days were there after she learned of her parents criminal past. The sex was a way of making money, but also a source of letting go and forgetting the pain of her parents lies. Just as she is about to speak, another thunder bolt makes it’s mark in the sky.

“I don’t like to talk about that time,” she says getting tears in her eyes. “It was a long time ago and …”

Will senses that she is getting upset, even though he would like to know why. He wonders what could have happened in New York that makes Madeline so upset. “It’s okay, let’s not talk about it.”

She grabs his hand and squeezes it and manages to fake a smile. Lightening flashes across the sky as she kisses him hard. “Maybe going to the bedroom isn’t such a bad idea after all.”

Scene Four -- Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort

There’s a collective sigh; some of relief, some of disappointment and some of despair as Terrence has been killed. Daisy looks up at Chris with tears in her eyes, as a mix of emotion swells in her. While learning Terrence killed her sister made her change her opinion of him drastically, she had grown closer to him in the past few months.

“It’s okay,” he says as he grabs her hand. “It’s over now.“ Trenyce notices the two sharing a close moment.

“Is everyone okay?” Victoria announces as she arrives in the basement. “We got word about the hostage situation down here.”

“Daisy’s been shot,” Brett explains to her. “She needs to have her leg looked at.”

“Let’s get her upstairs. I’ll be able to see better up there,” Victoria replies, although she quickly notes how close Chris and Daisy are. He’s holding her hand and stroking her hair back. Victoria gulps knowing that she and Chris just made love, but seeing him in this state she wonders if Chris has truly gotten over his soon to be ex-wife.

“I’ll have to mark this area as a crime scene,” Robbie interrupts everyone. “And I’ll have to collect your statements, although Terrence’s death was an accident.”

“I just want to call home and see if Andrew is okay,” Trenyce replies. Through out the ordeal, all Trenyce could think about was Andrew and keeping him safe.

“Oh Robbie!” Leah says rushing towards her husband from the stairs that lead into the basement. “I was so worried about you.”

“I’m fine. I’m okay,” he says smiling at her. He pulls her aside for a moment and kisses her on the lips.

“What was that for?” she asks him, still keeping her hand on his face.

“For earlier. I’m sorry that we fought. I hate when we fight.”

“Me too. That’s what, I’ve been thinking,” she says as she purses her lips, trying not to remember her sexual experience with Jeff earlier in the night.

“Really? About what?”

“Let’s start planning a family. I want to have a baby with you,” she says looking into his eyes as they widen with joy.


Upstairs, Victoria finishes applying Daisy’s bandage. “Thankfully the bullet just grazed your leg. No real damage was done,” she tells her as she notices Chris watching the two of them.

Daisy smiles and nods back at her. “Thanks Victoria.”

“Sure,” Victoria replies. “If you’ll excuse me, I want to make sure everyone else is okay.” Victoria says as she walks away from Daisy, who is laying on a sofa in the lobby. She walks over and grabs her purse. She looks at her phone; still no messages from Meggan. She quickly remembers her and Meggan setting up a time to meet and discuss the situation with Vinny, Dave & Brett at the fundraiser. She wonders why Meggan never showed. She suddenly shivers as she gets a bad feeling.

“Everything alright?” Chris asks as he approaches Victoria. “You look a million miles away.”

“I’m okay, just a weird way to end the fundraiser.”

“You’re telling me,” he replies looking over his shoulder at Daisy. “I’m going to go see if she’s okay.”

Victoria gives a half a smile as she watches him go back over to Daisy, who smiles when he arrives. Trenyce notices the closeness between them, and then looks over at Victoria.

Scene Five -- The Calimo Cabin

The rain pours down as Helen and Olivia sit by the roaring fire in the cabin. The two women decided to get away to the cabin instead of going to the fundraiser, however for different reasons. Olivia saw it as a perfect time to continue to grow closer to Helen to ensure that she is not remembering any more of her connection to her and Preston’s bank robbing days; Helen wanted to come to the cabin as she and Adam have been feeling tension lately with her increasing memory lapses.

Another loud thunder bolt is heard in the sky as Olivia looks over at Helen, “This is some storm, huh?”

Helen picks up her cup of tea and takes a sip. She feels a little bit of a chill and gets an uneasy feeling inside of her stomach, though she doesn’t know why. “Yea, it’s been coming down hard. I hope Adam is okay at the fundraiser.”

“I’m sure he’s fine,” Olivia replies to her friend. “There’s a lot of people there. Did you try to call him?”

“I did, but I don’t get cell phone reception up here.”

Olivia looks into the flames of the fire as she knows that she gets cell phone reception at the cabin. She doesn’t want Helen to call Adam though, it isn’t a part of her plan. Asking Helen to come to the cabin wasn’t just to ensure that she and Helen had some alone time. Olivia takes her eyes away from the fire and looks at the large grandfather clock behind Helen: it’s time, she thinks to herself.

“I’m going to go to the ladies room,” Helen announces standing up and placing her tea cup down. “I’ll be right back.”

“Sure. I’ll get more tea,” Olivia says standing up and grabbing Helen’s mug. Olivia watches as Helen walks up the stairs. Olivia quickly walks over to her purse and pulls out a bottle of medication. She opens the bottle and takes out two small white tablets. She places them in Helen’s tea cup. Soon, she adds more tea and then stirs it around quickly.

Olivia places the tea cup back down on the coffee table as Helen returns from the washroom. “There’s your tea. Drink up, it’ll keep you warm and calm.”

Helen smiles as she sits down and picks up her cup. “Thank you Olivia,” she says as she takes a drink of the hot liquid. Olivia watches her carefully, knowing that it won’t take long before the drugs start to work.

“Have you had any more memories?” Olivia quizzes her. She knows that while she waits for the drugs to do their work, she can enquire about the status of Helen’s memory loss.

“No, not at all. Actually, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Oh?” Olivia replies arching her eyebrow.

“It actually seems that my memory is getting worse. I keep forgetting so many little things. It has become worrisome.”

Olivia takes a drink of her tea as lightening streaks across the sky. She knows far too well that Helen’s memory loss is because of her drugging her. “That sounds alarming. How often have these lapses been happening?”

“Very often, so often it’s causing problems with Adam and I,” Helen admits to her ‘friend’. Suddenly, Helen feels a sharp pain in her side. “Ah!”

“Helen? What is it?” Olivia asks, leaning forward in her chair.

“My stomach. I’m … I think I’m cramping,” Helen says as she sets up tea cup down as her side is in pain. “Ahh! It’s happening again.”

Olivia rushes over to her side and feels Helen’s stomach. Helen goes through another intense set of pains on the sofa. Olivia looks at Helen as her water breaks!

“Oh my god! I’m in labour!” Helen says looking frantically at Olivia. “What are we going to do? I can’t have my baby here!”

Olivia looks at Helen, “Lay back. We don’t have cell phone reception here, remember?” Olivia lies to her. “I’m a doctor, I’ll be able to help you with this. You’ll be fine. I promise.”

Helen lays back as another contraction hits her hard. The pain is like nothing she has ever felt in her life. She feels her stomach turn hard as a rock and her legs tense up. Her instinct is to push. She feels some sweat start to form on her forehead. “Ahhh! It hurts so much Olivia!”

Olivia looks at Helen. She hadn’t expected the inducing pills to work so quickly. Still, she knows what she has to do. This is all going so well so far, she thinks to herself. She looks at Helen. “I have some pain killers in my bag. I’ll give you some, okay?”

“Are you sure they won’t hurt the baby?” Helen asks concerned that something will harm her unborn child.

“I’m positive!” Olivia says as she grabs another bottle of medication from her purse. She rushes back over to Helen and gives her a couple of pills. Helen quickly swallows the medication with some water.

“How are you feeling? The contractions are still pretty far apart,” Olivia notes looking at her watch.

“I’m okay right now. I’m actually feeling sleepy,” Helen says taking a yawn. Suddenly another strong contraction hits and she screams in pain. It passes, and Helen falls back on the sofa. “What’s happening to me?” Helen asks before she feels her eyes get heavy again. Soon, she shuts her eyes and passes out. Olivia slaps Helen’s cheek to see if she really is out cold. Helen doesn’t wake up so Olivia smiles as she looks at the medication, which is a pill that can knock people out cold. She places it back in her purse as Helen sleeps on the sofa. Another loud thunder bolt crackles in the sky as Olivia picks up her phone. She dials a number and waits for the person to pick up.

“It’s happening now,” she says into the phone as her eyes meet Helen, who is still on the sofa, who is still out cold.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Ryan learns Will didn’t do his job
- Olivia has some explaining to do
- Preston is pleased with the outcome

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