Episode 98 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: August 11, 2010


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At the fundraiser, Terrence was accidentally killed after he terrorized Daisy and Trenyce.
- At the Calimo cabin, Olivia drugged Helen to induce her labour, then she drugged her again to knock her out cold.
- Ryan blackmailed Will into helping him sell drugs

Scene One -- Twin Peaks General Hospital

Adam races into the hospital and looks around as he wipes the water off of his jacket, as the rain continues to pour outside. He rushes over to the nurses station and looks for someone, anyone to help find Helen. He recalls leaving the fundraiser early and have a nice relaxing evening at home, only to end up getting a telephone call from Olivia telling him that during the storm at the Calimo cabin, Helen went into labour. She also mentioned that Helen started to bleed a lot and she passed out due to the blood loss. He is frantic in finding his wife, and his baby. Finally, a nurse appears at the station.

“Excuse me!” he says with an urgency in his voice. “I’m Adam Black, my wife Helen Black was brought in earlier this evening. Where is she now?”

The nurse quickly checks her files and looks back at Adam. She points him in the right direction. Adam scurries down the hallway and arrives at her hospital room. He slowly opens the door and sees Helen sleeping in a hospital bed. She has some equipment hooked up to her, and he immediately notices that her large pregnant belly is gone. He gets water in his eyes as his mind races: is Helen going to be okay?; where is his baby?

He walks over to Helen’s bedside and sits next to her. He grabs her hand. “Helen, can you hear me?” he whispers to her. Helen doesn’t move. Adam looks back at the door as Dr. Craig Benton enters the room.

“Doctor, what’s going on? What happened?” Adam quizzes him, needing answers.

Craig looks at Adam and then looks at his file. “She went into labour at the cabin. Olivia was there, and neither one had cell phone reception. Helen started to lose a lot of blood,” Craig explains to Adam, who gets more tears in his eyes.

“Is she going to be okay? Where’s the baby?”

“Helen should recover. She should be waking up anytime, but I’m sorry Adam, the baby … the baby died.”

The words hit Adam hard. He suddenly feels the world is coming out from under him. He falls back and leans up against the wall, unable to stand up straight. His stomach feels like someone just punched him and the wind has been knocked out of him. His forehead gets beads of sweat on it and he feels tears escape his eyes.

“Do you need some water? Or a chair Adam?” Craig asks realizing that Adam is losing it.

“No, just some time alone,” he manages to say, wiping his eyes. He looks over at Helen, who stirs in the bed. She opens her eyes and immediately looks around and notes that she’s in the hospital. She looks over and sees a distraught Adam.

“Adam? Am I in the hospital? What happened?” she asks, still slightly groggy, confused by her surroundings.

“I’ll give you guys some time alone,” Craig says as he turns and exit’s the room.

“Did I have the baby?” Helen asks as she notes that her stomach is no longer large and in the way of seeing her feet.

Adam nods and gets more tears in his eyes. “I’m so sorry Helen. The baby didn’t make it.”

Helen’s eyes immediately swell and get red and watery. She shuts her eyes as a tear falls down her cheek. She tries to remember what happen at the cabin, but she’s not able too. “How did this happen? I couldn’t have lost the baby! This isn’t happening!”

Adam walks over to Helen and embraces her. They hold each other while they both let the tears out, comforting each other as they grieve their loss.

Scene Two -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia’s Office

Olivia paces around her office wondering where Preston is. She’s desperate for a hug; she can’t believe the night she has had. The rain outside is seemingly stopping, finally after hours. Olivia remembers being at the cabin with Helen; drugging her to induce her labour and then knocking her out cold as a part of her plan. She only hopes she has done the right thing, although right now she feels like her mind is going in a million directions. Where the fuck is Preston? She asks herself, getting frustrated that she is alone. The baby is dead, she tells herself. The baby is dead. She has to keep repeating it to believe it herself.

Preston opens the door to her office and sees Olivia; she has bags under eyes and they are damp from crying. He can tell that she is worried about everything. “Did it go according to plan?”

Olivia can’t speak, she only nods to him. He rushes over to her and hugs her. “We did the right thing. Believe me, I know it was hard, but we did the right thing. Our secret will forever be protected now,” he tells her as he holds her. Olivia, being in the arms of Preston, finally breaks down into tears.

“Did we? I don’t know anymore. I don’t know,” she sobs into his arms, not sure if can carry out their plan.

“We have to keep it together Liv. Now’s not the time to be going back. What’s done is done,” he attempts to reassure her. “Especially because Adam and Helen are going to have questions. Can you handle it? This is what we've been working towards! Everything is perfect so far.”

Olivia wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She knows that she has to keep her composure. No one can ever really know what happened at the cabin. No one. She has to do this to protect herself, and her family. She looks over her shoulder at her husband. “I can handle this.”

Before Preston can say anything else, Craig Benton opens the door to Olivia’s office. “Sorry to interrupt Dr. Wilkins, but Adam and Helen Black are asking to see you.”

Preston looks at Olivia, who gulps. She knows that she has to go to Adam and Helen and tell them what happened at the cabin. “You can do this,” he reassures her as she prepares to go tell Adam and Helen what happened to their child.

Scene Three -- The Michael’s House; Chris & Trenyce’s Home

Daisy sits in the black arm chair, with her leg in a cast resting on the ottoman. She has to wear her cast for a few days after Terrence shot her in the leg in the basement of the ski resort. She looks across the room and sees Brett, he smiles over to her as he brought over to her old home. They were all summoned by Robbie, regarding Terrence’s death. Everyone knows that it was an accident, but for some reason Robbie needed to see everyone.

Across from Daisy, Trenyce sits with baby Andrew on her lap. Since returning home, Trenyce hasn’t been able to put Andrew down, even when he sleeps. She can’t bare to be away from her baby again, especially after coming so close to being killed. She looks over at Chris and wonders if she should tell him the truth now: that he is Andrew’s baby. She turns away and knows that she can never do that. While Chris was key in saving her life at the resort, she still thinks he would take the baby away from her as she tricked him into sleeping with her months ago. She looks at Andrew and realizes that no one can ever try to separate her from her baby again.

Chris can’t help but feel tension in the room as he sits and awaits Robbie’s arrival. While he has been growing closer to Victoria, he felt a new connection with Daisy after she was saved from Terrence at the ski resort. A part of him still loves Daisy very much, but he knows that she doesn’t have any trust in him at all after he slept with her sister and her niece. He understands that, but he wonders if his marriage could be saved. At the same time, he scolds himself as he has grown fond of Victoria, and they just made love for the first time at the ski resort. Add in that he’s living with Trenyce and her new son, and they haven’t seen eye to eye since they made love in Milwaukee about a year ago now, and the room is filled with tension. He looks at Andrew, and still feels an odd connection to the child, something he has never truly been able to explain.

“I’ll get the door,” Chris announces as everyone hears the doorbell go. “It must be Robbie.” Chris opens the door and spots Robbie standing there. He welcomes Robbie into the house and he enters the living room.

“Hi everyone,” Robbie announces to everyone. “I’m sure you’re all wondering why I called you here. I thought it was best to announce this in a neutral place.”

“Is it about Terrence?” Brett asks what everyone is thinking.

“Yes,” Robbie begins. “I told the commissioner what happened at the resort, and he is ruling Terrence’s death an accident. No one will be charged for his death. Everyone is clear. The nightmare is over.”

“Thank God,” Trenyce says standing up and walking over to Daisy. The two hug and embrace. Trenyce feels herself get a little water in her eyes. “We can finally put this mess behind us.”

“And move on with our lives,” Daisy says looking at Trenyce. Although, everyone in the room wonders how to move on with their lives as they all seem to be just as complicated as they were when Terrence was alive.

Scene Four -- The Towers, Floor One; Kim’s Condo

Kim and Ryan sit on the sofa sharing a bowl of popcorn and watching a movie on her flat screen TV. They both reach in grab some popcorn at the same time, allowing their hands to touch. They look at each other and smile. Kim looks into Ryan’s eyes and realizes that she finally feels happy with a man again. After the bizarre relationship she had with Jackson, and the failed attempt with Jeff she had almost given up on a romance, but Ryan has swept her off her feet. She wasn’t even looking for a new romance, but now that she has one with Ryan, she isn’t about to turn it away.

Ryan looks at Kim and realizes that he is lucky to have her. He surely doesn’t deserve a woman like Kim as he is still involved with drug dealing and blackmailing Will into helping him. He knows that he and Jackson got a lot of their income this way, and he has never tried to change his ways.

“Sorry about that,” Kim smiles as she moves her hand to give him some popcorn.

“Don’t be sorry,” he says leaning to kiss her. “This is way better than the movie anyways.” Their lips touch and the kiss quickly becomes more heated and passionately. The sound of his blackberry buzzing stops them for a second.

“Do you have to answer that?” she asks, pouting her lips. “We could just ignore it and go to the bedroom.”

He grins liking her idea of going to the bedroom. “It maybe important. Why don’t you go ahead and I’ll meet you in there?”

“Okay, but hurry up,” she smiles as she rushes off to the bedroom. As soon as Kim is out of his sight, Ryan grabs his phone as he sees that it’s Will calling.

“You better have good news for me. How’d the deal go?” Ryan asks into the phone, knowing that tonight was supposed to be the first night that Will sold drugs again. Ryan, secretly, was hoping that it would go well as it has been a few years since Will sold and it takes practice before you get really good at selling the drugs, especially at a public place like Bar-Code. “What do you mean you couldn’t sell? What kind of game are you …. Cops? Who ratted us out? … Yea, I understand. I’ll be in touch okay?”

Ryan hangs up the phone, pissed that Will was unable to sell drugs because cops were outside the bar. Ryan checks his phone again, another one of his contacts has sent him a text message confirming that there were cops at the bar, so Will was not lying. He wonders why cops were at the bar to prevent the selling. He throws the phone down, some what pleased that Will would have sold if the police hadn’t been there. He wonders if someone has ratted him out.

“Where are you?” Kim’s voice calls out from the bedroom. “I’m getting lonely.”

“I’m coming baby,” Ryan says dropping his phone and racing into the bedroom. He can’t control that the police prevented Will from selling, but he can control that Will get another opportunity to prove himself, and he can control how he goes and takes care of Kim in the bedroom.

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Helen’s Room

Olivia slowly opens the door to Helen’s hospital room and she quickly sees Adam and Helen sitting next to each other, both sets of eyes wet and damp from the tears of learning that their baby died. Olivia enters and shuts the door behind her.

“I heard you wanted to see me,” she explains her presence to them, as she can tell Adam is annoyed to see her.

“We need to know what happened,” Helen says as she wipes her face. “Our baby, how did it die? The doctors told us everything was going perfectly normal with the baby and pregnancy.”

Adam squeezes her hand indicating that he is supporting her. He knows if he speaks, he would rail Olivia much harder. He agreed to let Helen do the talking for that reason. If Olivia is claiming to be such a good friend, she’ll them the truth about what happened to their child, he concludes.

“Do you remember anything?” Olivia questions her, wanting to know what Helen remembers and what she does not remember.

Helen shakes her head, embarrassed that there is now something else she has no memory of. She wishes she could explain these memory losses, but she has no idea what is going on with her. “Very little. I remember drinking tea and sitting by the fire, that’s about all.”

Olivia nods, “That’s when it started. We were drinking tea and you suddenly got a contraction,” she continues to explain. “You’re water broke, I told you everything would be okay. Only, you started to bleed heavily. I didn’t know how to stop it without medical supplies. You soon passed out due because you lost so much blood, I’m assuming. I was worried at this point. I … I grabbed my phone and I ran out side trying to get a signal on my cell phone.”

“You left Helen alone?” Adam gasps in shock. “She was in labour and she had passed you, and you decided to leave her?”

Olivia lets a tear fall from her eye, “I had no choice. I had to get help. I couldn’t risk letting Helen and the baby die.”

“Too late for that,” Adam spits back at her.

“Adam! Please, let her finish,” Helen snaps at her husband, wanting to know what happened.

“I finally got a signal on my cell phone and I called for help. By the time I got back to the cabin, Helen was virtually laying in a pool of blood. The baby was still coming, she was almost fully dilated. The baby never took a breath though,” she says as she puts her head down. “She was still born.”

“She?” Helen says as more tears escape her eyes. “We had a baby girl?” Olivia doesn’t say anything, she just nods.

“That’s what happened. I’m so sorry for your loss,” she says turning her back and preparing to leave.

“Olivia,” Helen calls out. Olivia turns back and looks at Helen and Adam; both of them are white as ghosts as they just heard the story of how their child died. “Thank you for telling me what happened.” Olivia gives another quick nod and exit’s the room. “Oh Adam!” Helen cries as soon as the door is closed. Adam holds Helen tightly again as they both continue to grieve the loss of their child. Outside the hospital door, Olivia wipes her eyes. She did what she had to do. She walks away confidently that her story will be enough to keep Adam and Helen at arms length.

Scene Six -- The Michael’s House; Chris and Trenyce’s Home

Daisy uses her crutches to walk herself over to the front door as she and Brett are leaving. Daisy wants nothing more than to go home and have a relaxing evening. Trenyce greets her at the doorway and they embrace.

“Thanks for everything,” Trenyce smiles at her aunt. “And for what it’s worth, I’m really sorry for … well everything.” Apologizing to Daisy has been something that Trenyce has wanted to do since the Terrence ordeal. If she’s learned anything, it’s that she needs to be a better person and start appreciating her family. She grabs Daisy’s hand and looks into her eyes telling Daisy, without words, that she is genuine.

Daisy hugs Trenyce again as she really believes that Trenyce has finally learned what it’s like to be in a family. Trenyce holds her aunt and hopes that going forward she can start to make up to Daisy for some of the hurt and pain she has caused her.

“It’s okay,” Daisy says into her ear. “We’re family, we always will be, okay?”

Trenyce wipes her eye and then hears Andrew fuss. “I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure. Go see your little boy,” Daisy replies to her as Trenyce walks off. Daisy watches her pick up the baby and take him into the other room. She feels such pride for her niece as she has grown up so much in the short little while.

Chris comes over to Daisy and hugs her. “She’ll be okay, don’t worry.”

Daisy looks at Chris as the exit their embrace. A few weeks ago, she wouldn’t have believed Chris’ word for anything, but since he was seemingly the one that caused the ski polls to crash down at the ski resort, thus saving them from Terrence she feels like she can trust him again. “I know. And it’s my turn to apologize.”

Chris arches his eyebrow. “Apologize? For what?”

“I’m sorry I was accusing you of killing Danielle. I was way out of line,” Daisy begins to tell him, knowing very well that she accused him more than once of being Danielle’s killer.

“Hey, don’t worry about that now. The only thing that matters is that everyone is safe and we know what happened to Danielle. I gave you all the reason in the world not to trust me Daisy. For that, I’m sorry.”

As the two hug again, Trenyce comes around the corner and sees them embracing. For the second time in recent memory, Trenyce has spotted them in a close embrace. She wonders if they still have feelings for each other. She shakes her head and goes back into the kitchen to finish feeding Andrew. As she looks at Andrew, she realizes that she has to make things right between her and Andy. She has to tell him that she is sorry and get him back together with Reese. She picks up her phone and begins to send a text message.


Chris shuts the front door as Daisy and Brett have departed. He looks around the living room and realizes that he is lucky to have the family that he has. Even though he and Trenyce haven’t seen eye to eye in months, he’s hoping this ordeal at the ski resort will start to mend their fences. He leans down and picks up one of Andrew’s stuff animals and puts it away. Still, he can’t shake the feeling that with Andrew. There is a bond there, although he wishes he could place it. Before he can think of anything further, he hears another knock on the front door.

“Did you forget something?” he asks as he opens the door, only to reveal Victoria standing there. “Oh Vic, sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

“I got that much,” she says as she comes in. “Is this a bad time?”

“Not at all, it’s good to see you,” he says as he leans in and gives her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Mmm, I’ve missed that. Those lips I mean,” she purrs at him.

He grins back at her, “We’re not alone. Trenyce is in the kitchen with the baby.”

“Ah, another time then?” she says as she enters the living room. “There’s another reason why I stopped by anyways.”

“Oh, what’s going on?”

“Remember when I told you the truth about Dave and Vinny?” she asks, keeping her voice down so Trenyce doesn’t hear in the room next to them.

“How could I forget? What’s going on? Vinny just left here…” Chris replies to her.

“Well, there’s more to the story,“ she begins as Chris arches his eyebrow. “That wasn’t Vinny that just left. That was Brett. They are triplets. Brett has been posing as Vinny for years, with Dave’s help. I found this out and that’s why Dave shot me. I asked Meggan what she knew before the fundraiser. She clearly knows something, and we agreed to meet at the fundraiser … only she didn’t show up. She’s missing. I’m worried about her. She hasn’t called or texted or anything,” Victoria informs him, the face filled with worry and guilt.

“This is absolutely crazy,” Chris says flabbergasted. “This doesn’t make any sense at all!”

“I know it’s a lot to take in Chris, but it’s the truth. We need to find Meggan. I’m worried about her.”

“Maybe she got caught up in the craziness of the fundraiser? You know with Terrence and all that drama?” Chris says, trying to justify Meggan’s disappearance. “Plus, you know the truth, why haven’t they come after you?”

Victoria sighs and looks at Chris. “Because…Dave has something on me.”

“What? He‘s blackmailing you?” Chris asks, stunned again. “This just keeps getting better!”

“I know, I‘m sorry to put you in the middle of this, but I … I need you,” she says grabbing his hand.

“What does he have on you?”

“Do you remember when Vinny was stabbed?” she asks as Chris nods, recalling he was a prime suspect. “Well, I stabbed him. I mean, it was me under the influence of my personalities. I‘m scared that I will still prosecuted because I got off on everything else.”

Chris takes a deep breathe. The story just keeps getting more and more intense, he realizes. Still, he realizes that they have to find Meggan. “So Megan is missing. You don‘t think she didn‘t get caught up in the fundraiser?”

“I don’t think so. We were supposed to meet hours before anyone knew that Daisy and Trenyce were being held hostage. I’m scared something has happened to her.” Chris leans and hugs Victoria. “If anything has happened to her, it’s all my fault,” she says into his ear.

“We’ll find her and we will get to the bottom of this once and for all. I promise, okay?” he whispers back to her, although he wonders if he should be making promises he doesn’t know that he can keep.

Scene Seven -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Helen’s Room

Helen lays in the bed as Dr. Craig Benton finishes doing another check up. He shuts his clip board and smiles down to her.

“Everything is looking good, you’ll make a full recovery. If you’d like, I can recommend that you speak to someone, if you want help dealing with the loss of your baby,” he says, his voice filled with sympathy.

“Thanks Dr. Benton. I’ll let you know. Right now, I just feel like I need some rest,” she replies not looking up at him.

“I can give you something to help you sleep if you’d like,” he notes, thinking that it may be hard for her to fall asleep after the day she’s had. She nods in agreement. He exits and Adam comes back into the room.

“How are you?” he asks her softly.

“Physically, I’ll be fine. I should get to go home tomorrow,” she says back to him. “I just wish I could remember what happened. I know we have Olivia’s story, but why can’t I remember?”

“Because you passed out Helen. Although, come to think of it, you have been having a lot of memory lapses lately. Maybe this is just another one of them,” he says, although he doesn’t mean to come across as cold as he did.

“I can’t believe you just said that to me! I’m grieving here, please don’t make me feel worse than I already do.”

“You’re grieving? I’m grieving too! I have to go home and face that nursery, you at least get to stay here,” he says getting tears in his eyes again. He can see her struggling to understand his anger. “I don’t know what to do right now Helen! Tell me what to do right now.”

“Just go,” she whispers back to him, as she watches him quickly exit the hospital room. Helen shuts her eyes and looks away from him. She lets more tears fall out of her eyes. In a time when the couple should be coming together and supporting each other, they seem further apart than ever before.

Scene Eight -- An Undisclosed Location

The cement walls are cold and slightly damp from the recent precipitation. There are no windows, which makes the space very dark. There are some cob wells hanging in the tall corners. Dust fills the air and the air is dry.

Meggan slowly opens her eyes; her body lays on the cold floor. She sits up, still slightly groggy from her sleep. She doesn’t remember going home from the fundraiser, however. She remembers being at the fundraiser and going to meet Victoria when … she puts her hand on her head and feels the bump. It hurts. She puts her hand to her eyes, to her relief there is no blood. She realizes that she must have been knocked out. Her head pounds in pain. She looks around, but she is unable to see much of anything.

She opens her mouth to speak, but the dry air has parched her and she has seemingly lost her voice. No words are able to come out. She tries to stand up, but she has to do this slowly and carefully as she feels weak from the head injury. She finally uses the wall as a brace and stands up.

“Hello?” she calls out looking around her, though her voice is scratchy. No one responds and she is still unable to see very far. I must be alone, she realizes. She looks behind and sees a wall. To her left she sees another wall. Where am I? she asks herself as she realizes that she’s in an enclosed basement of some kind.

She takes a few steps and her vision becomes clear. In front of her is another cement wall. She looks to her left and sees another wall, with a door in it. She’s in a cell of some kind! “Am I back in jail?” she says out loud. “Am I dreaming?”

She walks over to the door and tries to open it, but it’s locked. There’s a small window in the door, she looks out the window but sees nothing but blackness.

“Where am I? Why am I alone?” she wonders as she looks back. Suddenly in the far back corner of the cell, she sees something move! There’s another person in the cell with her!

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