Episode 99 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: August 22, 2010


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Olivia told Adam and Helen that their baby died at the Calimo cabin. They were devastated
- Trying to change after the Terrence ordeal, Trenyce made plans to get Andy and Reese together
- Cassie left town to visit her sick mother
- Madeline got the feeling Will was keeping something from her, unaware Ryan was blackmailing him

Scene One -- The Michael’s House; Chris, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

Trenyce finishes placing the tea pot on the coffee table in the living. There are three cups next to the tea pot as she looks up and sees Andy sitting on the sofa. She called Andy over to the house today so she could try to set things right, something she has been longing to do for sometime. She passes him a cup of hot tea and looks up at him. Their eyes meet, and he can see a certain sparkle in them. He isn’t sure what is going on, but he agreed to come over when she said it was urgent.

“Thank you,” he says as he accepts the tea. “Where’s Andrew?” he asks noting that the baby isn’t in the room, and he hasn’t heard him cry all day.

“Daisy is babysitting for the afternoon. I really wanted to have this afternoon with you, to set things right,” she says to him, although she can’t look at him in the eyes right now because she is scared. She is about to be as honest as she has ever been in her life; she knows it is the right thing to do,but she is still scared to death of what will happen, or the reaction from Andy.

“There’s another cup there. Is someone else joining us?” Andy asks her another question, but before Trenyce can answer, the doorbell goes. “I guess so.”

Trenyce gets up and walks to the front door; Reese is standing on the other side. “Hey. I’m so glad you came,” she says greeting him as he enters the den.

“What’s this about Trenyce? I have a lot to do today,” Reese says uneasily as he comes into the living room. He hasn’t been friendly with Trenyce since she announced that she was pregnant with Andy’s baby. He immediately sees Andy and turns to leave. “What’s going on?”

“Just hear me out, okay?” Trenyce says putting her hands up to prevent Reese from leaving. “I have to tell you something. It involves everyone in this room.”

Reese sighs heavily and looks over at Andy then back at Trenyce. “Fine, I’ll listen to what you have to say.” He walks over to a chair and sits down. “But make it quick.”

Trenyce looks at Andy and takes a deep breath. “This isn’t easy for me,” she begins to say, “because I don’t really do this very well. I usually just think about me and how things effect me, but since I’ve had Andrew … I guess I see a bigger picture.”

She gulps as she sees Reese and Andy exchange glances. “You guys were happy and in love. I knew that, and I never said anything. I knew that you are both gay. I was scared to lose Andy and his support, his friendship. He‘s the best friend I‘ve ever had,” she says as she gets some tears in her eyes. “And I knew that he would go along with saying he was the father of Andrew, even though he isn’t. Reese, Andy never slept with me. He never did, not once, because … he’s gay, and he loves you. He went along with it to help me. I was … I am scared to death of Andrew’s father learning the truth, so Andy agreed to help me keep my secret. I’m so sorry that my selfishness hurt you … both of you.”

Andy stands up and hugs Trenyce, who is crying. He holds her for a minute, then looks at her. “Thank you,” he says getting some tears in his eyes as well. “I had no idea you were going to come clean with Reese for me. It means a lot that you did.”

“It’s the least I could do Andy. You’ve done so much for me, more than any friend ever should, this is the least that I could do.”

They hug again, and then turn and look at Reese. “I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner. I’ve been trying to tell you for a few weeks, but we keep getting interrupted,” Andy explains to Reese. “Once Trenyce told me the entire truth, I knew I had to tell you the truth. I love you Reese, more than anything in the world,” he says, finally being able to express the words that he has always felt. He feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders as he can finally tell Reese the truth.

Reese stands up and looks at Andy and then Trenyce. “I can’t believe this!” he yells at them. “All these months, you’ve both been lying to me? You’re a selfish bitch Trenyce! I only hope to God that you raise Andrew to be different than you are!” he spits at her. Trenyce turns away in tears, not wanting to hear Reese’s vial words. She knew they would string, and they do. “And you?” he says pointing his anger at Andy. “You claim to love me? Yet you put everyone else’s needs in front of mine? In front of ours? You have no fucking clue what love is Andy! This all could have been avoided!” he yells as he lets some tears escape him. “I loved you! I trusted you! And this is how you repay me? You two deserve each other!”

Andy watches dumbfounded as Reese storms out of the living. He shudders when he hears the front door slam shut. Trenyce turns to him and looks at his face which is filled with pain and anguish. “I’m so sorry Andy. I was just trying to help,” she says softly.

“I know. This is my fault,” Andy says turning away from Trenyce because he knows it would be so easy for him to put the blame on her, but in reality he is the one that went along with her schemes knowing full well it would hurt himself and Reese in the process. “I just don’t know what to do.”

Scene Two -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Helen’s Room

Helen finishes putting some of her personal belongings into her duffle bag. She has mixed emotions as she is packing up her room though, on one hand she is glad to have been released from the hospital, but on the other hand she can’t help but think of her fight with Adam the previous night. Part of her is dreading going home and being alone with him, which hurts her because they should be leaning on each other right now as they grieve the death of their child. If only I could remember more, she tells herself. Maybe then, Adam could come around more. She shakes her head and zips up the duffle bag as the door to her room opens. She sees Adam enter the room. Their eyes lock and immediately both feel the tension.

“I’m all packed,” Helen says returning his focus to the bag in front of her. “We can leave whenever you’re ready. I’ve signed all the paper work already.”

Adam walks up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders. He kisses the back of her head. “I’m sorry,” he whispers. “I was a jerk last night. I … we shouldn’t be so far apart right now. I need you.”

Helen turns and faces her husband and hugs him as she cries into his shoulder. “I need you too. I… I feel so alone right now,” she says as they exit their embrace.

“I asked the nurse before I came in if we could see her. Our baby, I mean. I think seeing her would help us get closure.”

Helen stops and looks at Adam; she had never thought of seeing their dead daughter until now. Can she handle it? Would it be too much to handle? Would it be too depressing?

“Is that a good idea?” she asks him, still feeling confused about the situation.

“I have to see her Helen. I want to know what she looked like. I want to know. I can’t go on the rest of my life wondering what our little girl could have been, or would have been like.”

Helen sighs and then nods her head. “Okay, we can see her. Stay by me, okay?”

“Of course, he whispers to her. He knows seeing their child will be hard for both of them.

“Sorry to interrupt,” the nurse says as she comes into Helen’s room. “Mr. Black, about your request to see your infant daughter. I’m afraid it’s not possible.”

Helen arches her eyebrow and looks over at Adam before looking back at the nurse. “Why not? We would both like to see our daughter.”

“You don’t remember Mrs. Black?” the nurse asks confused. “You signed the consent form to have her cremated. Here’s the document here,” the nurse explains as she hands over the file to Helen. Helen takes the file and looks at it. Sure enough, she spots her signature on the document. She covers her mouth with her hand and gets tears in her eyes.

“Why would you do this?” Adam asks her, trying not to get too upset, even though he is livid.

“I…I don’t know,” Helen says through her tears. “I don’t remember signing this at all.”

“Is that your signature?” the nurse asks her. Helen just nods, still confused about the latest turn of events. “Excuse me, I’ll leave you too alone.”

Adam sighs heavily as the nurse leaves. He looks at Helen and can’t comprend what is going on with his wife. For months her memory has been rocky, but he never imagined that her memory would end up costing them their child’s life, and now even physical proof of their daughter.

“I’m sorry Adam,” she says trying to composure herself. “I…I don’t know what I did.”

“Obviously,” he spits at her. The tension that filled the room when he arrived is back and more present than ever. “Let’s go home. There’s nothing more for us here.”

Helen grabs her duffle bag and follows Adam to the door, feeling his chill all the way. She knows it will be a long day, one of Adam shutting her out as she tries to put the pieces of the night of the storm together in her boggled mind.

Scene Three -- Bar Code

Will opens the front door of Bar Code, even though there is a closed sign on the front door. He knows that the door is open as he got the text message from Ryan informing him to meet him at the bar. Will knows what Ryan wants too; he wants confirmation as to why Will wasn’t able to sell drugs the other night at the bar. Will knows all too well that he anonymously called the police to inform them of the drug deal. He was sure to stay out the way as the cops raided the busy bar that night. The perfect delay until he finds out the perfect way to get rid of Ryan. The idea of cops has been coming to Will more and more, although he knows that if he is the one that exposes Ryan for the drug dealing blackmailer that he is, but he knows that if he does Ryan will retaliate and reveal his affair with Olivia to Madeline, which he is determined to keep under wraps.

Ryan spots Will enter the bar and orders his table of posse away. He looks at Will, who looks determined. Ryan gets a kick out of how Will wants nothing to do with selling drugs, but knows he has no choice in the matter. Ryan enjoys holding all the cards.

“You asked me to come, so what’s going on?” Will asks coldly as he arrives at Ryan’s table.

“What happened to you selling the other night?” Ryan asks, cutting right to the chase. “We were supposed to make a fortune that night.”

“The cops showed up. You haven’t heard yet? I wasn’t about to risk my profession to get arrested because you wanted to make a dollar or too.”

Ryan laughs at Will’s coldness. “I know the cops were here.”

“Then what the fuck gives man? Why did you drag me here? What kind of game are you playing?”

Ryan looks at Will and wipes the grin off his face. “I need to trust you. I needed to make sure you’re not fucking things up for me. Just remember who is holding the cards here Will. You don’t do what I say, your precious Madeline learns about you banging her mother.”

“Fuck you! I know what I have to do,” Will says turning his back on Ryan. “Was there anything else that you needed?”

“This Friday, you’re here and you’re selling. There’s a big party. Don’t let me down again, or else,” Ryan spits at him. “Now get out of here, before someone sees you.”

Will walks towards the door and doesn’t look back. He hates this situation, but what choice does he possibly have? He has to ensure Madeline is safe from the secret, he doesn’t want to hurt her in that way. He sighs as he opens the door to the bar. He leaves to the left, unaware the to the right, Madeline is walking down the street. She looks at Will, and is about to call out his name when she realizes that he came out of the gay bar. She wonders why he was in the gay bar, as she approaches the door. She peers through the window and spots Ryan sitting in the back corner. She arches his eyebrow.

“Why would Ryan and Will meet at the bar at this hour?” she asks herself out loud. She tries to shake it off, but the more she has thought about it in recent weeks the more she has thought that Will has been keeping something from her. Why would he keep that he knows Ryan from her and everyone else? What are they hiding. She isn’t sure right now, but she knows that she has to get to the bottom of it.

Scene Four -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Shane sits at his desk typing away, even though his mind is not on his patient’s file. He thinks back to seeing Natasha a few weeks ago at the Sugarbowl and how upset she was that he was moving on with his life. He can’t really help it now though … he has married Cassie and they are expecting a baby, and he married Cassie at Natasha’s will. Still, he wonders how she is really coping with things.

He sighs and picks up his I-phone. He is about to send her a text message, when he stops and puts it down. “I can’t do that. I need to give her space,” he instructs himself as he puts his phone away. He looks over and sees his recent wedding photo of him and Cassie. He picks it up and looks at Cassie. He wonders how she is doing, since he hasn’t heard from her since he went home and found the letter from her telling him that she had to go out of town to visit her sick mother. He wishes he could feel the same for her that he does Natasha, but he knows that Natasha holds his heart and probably forever will.

His thoughts are interrupted by a knock on his door. The door opens and a beaming Cassie enters the office. “Honey, I’m home!” she smiles at him as she enters his office.

Shane stands up shocked to see Cassie back in town. “Hey you! Oh wow, how are you? How’s your mom?”

“I’m good! I’m good! My mom is better. Something has happened though Shane!”

“What? Are you okay?” he asks concerned about her health.

“I’m fine, but … while I was away, I had the baby!” Cassie beams to him. Shane’s mouth opens as he know sees Cassie back to her regular small figure. He was so stunned to see her standing in front of him that he hadn’t even realized that she had lost her baby weight.

Cassie opens the door and pushes in a baby carriage. “Shane, meet our daughter. I had a beautiful baby girl!”

Shane gets the biggest grin on his face as he sees the beautiful baby girl laying in the stroller. He picks her up and holds her. “She’s so beautiful Cassie! How did this happen?”

Cassie smiles as the sight of Shane holding their child together. “Well, when I got to Boston, my mother had come out of surgery. There was a minor complication, and the stress caused me to go into an early labour. There was just no time to call you. I had the baby; she’s fine, a little under weight but she’s perfect Shane.”

Shane smiles at the baby in his arms, “Hey beautiful girl. You’re so pretty. Have you been a good girl for Mommy? Huh? You came as a surprise to us all,” he says to the baby as she falls asleep in her arms.

“Here, put her in the stroller. She can sleep, she just ate before I got here, so she’s ready for her nap,” Cassie says taking the baby back and putting her in the stroller. Once the baby is fast asleep, Shane hugs her.

“I’m so sorry I missed her being born. I really wanted to be there for her, for you,” he says as he hugs her, still stunned that he is father. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine,” Cassie smiles, loving the attention that Shane is giving her and their daughter. “We are both fine. I had to come home as soon as I could though. I couldn’t stand to be away from you anymore.”

Shane takes her hand and they sit together on the sofa. “What did you name her? Or have you given her a name?”

“I did name her, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. You couldn’t go around calling her baby,” Shane grins, still in some what of disbelief that he is father.

“Dawn Marie Glubbs. Dawn after…” Cassie begins to say, full of pride.

“My mother, and Marie after yours. It’s perfect.”

“You really like it?”

“Of course,” he says holding her hand and hugging her again. “She’s so perfect.”

They are interrupted by the baby starting to make a little fuss. They quickly stand up and go over to her.

“Hey there little Dawn, don’t cry,” he says as he leans down and gives the baby her pacifier.

Unbeknownst to them, Natasha is outside the door and watching the new found family. She had been at the hospital to discuss a case with the chief of staff, and she was walking by Shane’s office when she heard the baby cry. Her eyes swell with water as she sees the new family together. The family she thought she and Shane may have been starting pretty soon together. She slowly moves away from the door and walks away, leaving unseen.

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia’s Office

Olivia emerges from her washroom in her office and sees Will sitting on her sofa waiting for her. His presence surprises her, but in a good way.

“Oh gosh! Will, you surprised me,” she says putting her hand on her chest. She can’t help but notice how good Will looks in his jeans and tight t-shirt. His jacket is swung over the back of the sofa.

“Sorry, the door was unlocked. I just … I had to see you,” he says standing up and walking over the to window.

Olivia shuts her eyes for a moment and goes back to Will and her having hot, passionate sex in this very office a few months earlier. With things tense with Preston and with her having to cover up her role in their latest plan, a good hot sex session with Will could do the trick, to ease her tension.

“What’s going on?” she says coming up behind him and standing closely to him.

He turns and faces her. “I just feel stressed. You know, you seem to come to me when you’re down and … I was hoping I could come to you.”

“Of course,” she says putting her hands on his shoulders.

They soon fall into an embrace. “I’m just so confused about what I should do,” he says into her ear.

“You should do whatever feels right to you, right now,” she says back as her hand finds the back of his head. They exit from the hug and are about to kiss when his cell phone goes off. He quickly exits from her touch and grabs his jacket. He looks at the number and sees that it’s Madeline. He looks over at Olivia and gulps.

“Hey Madeline,” he says answering the phone, he looks at Olivia, who turns away completely ashamed that she was coming on to her daughter’s boyfriend again. “Yea I can meet you. Ten minutes? … Cool, see you then.”

“You have to go?” she asks looking at him, knowing that its’ for the best that he leave since they were about to do something that would have been very wrong.

“Yea, sorry,” he says putting his coat on. “Thanks for sort of listening,” he grins at her. “Take care Liv.”

“You too,” she says as she goes back to her desk. She waits until the door is closed before she collapses into her hands. “What’s wrong with me? He’s dating my daughter!” she asks herself. She knows that deep down she shouldn’t be having this flirtation with Will, but she can’t help it. With things so rocky with Preston, she feels the need to reach out to someone, and Will has always been there for her.

There’s a knock on her door and she’s about to order them to go away, when the door opens. Cassie slowly comes in having left Shane’s office. She wheels the stroller in. She shuts the door and locks it.

Olivia looks up and is shocked to see Cassie in front of her. Cassie turns from locking the door and looks at Olivia. They both stare at each other for a moment before Cassie finally says, “We need to talk.”

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