Albertinah Michaels

Representation: Keyna Moore
On Series Since: 2020 - 2022
Died: 2022
Full Name: Albertinah Michaels
Profession: Professor at Twin Peaks Unversity
Martial Status: Dating,
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Brother,
Chris Michaels



Albertinah is a professor at the University in Twin Peaks. Her brother is Chris. Albertinah came to town to teacher a class at Twin Peaks University. She got caught up with Chris, her brother, and Trenyce and supported them when they decided to stop searching for their biological child and then when they learned that Cheresa was their daughter. At TPU, Albertinah taught world history to Andrew and Abby. She had an instant attraction to Andrew, who kissed after class. Albertinah warned him that they couldn't do that again. Abby was miffed when she didn't get a good grade on the paper but Andrew did. Soon after, Albertinah and Andrew had sex. Albertinah told him that she could lose her job so their affair was over. Andrew was crushed and they both struggled to get over their feelings. Abby then stunned Albertinah by revealing that Andrew had confided in her about the affair and warned her teacher to stay away from Andrew or she would go to the school board. Albertinah panicked and lashed out at Andrew for spilling their secret. Albertinah told Chris that she would have to leave town.

Albertinah maintained to Andrew that they could only be friends; he agreed. Chris convinced his sister to stay in town until after the graduation. Albertinah agreed after she learned that she was getting a teaching award of excellence. At the graduation, Albertinah got her award but Abby revealed her affair with Andrew! Andrew lost his diploma and Albertinah was fired. Upset bu what happened, Albertinah said goodbye to Andrew, Chris and Trenyce and left town. Albertinah returned to town and immediately learned of Trenyceís affair with Brad from Chris. Albertinah supported her brother while telling him that he needs to follow his heart. Albertinah, however, did confront Trenyce over her lies. Shortly after, Albertinah and Andrew reconnected and hit the sheets since they didnít have the school drama anymore. They continued their romance. Albertinah then supported Chris after his drunk driving car accident. She was proud of Chris for pleading guilty, even though he had to go to jail for 18 months. Albertinah then supported Andrew after his child with Abby died, unaware Vinny arranged a baby switch with Donovan and Lukasí adopted child.


Albertinah continued to support Andrew, who was still grieving the loss of baby Sonny. She told her lover that he was allowed to be upset over the child's death. Albertinah, however, was unnerved by Andrew's idea that Trenyce move in with them after Brad was killed on New Year's Eve, but she agreed. Andrew and Albertinah continued to grow closer. She was at the hospital when Trenyce fainted and they learned that she was pregnant. Albertinah, needing some air, went for a walk on the pier and encounted the Rose Peddle killer. Shortly after, Abby and Andrew found Albertinah's bloody body, having been stabbed to death by the killer.

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