Representation: Rome Flynn
On Series Since: 2017 - Present
Full Name: Andrew Pherson
Profession: Student
Martial Status: Dating, Paige Claus
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Mother, Savannah Pherson [deceased]; Guardian, Frederick Richardon



Andrew is Savannah's son with Dave Victors. When he was first born, Andrew was believed to be Trenyce and Chris' son, but Dave planned a baby switch. Following Savannah's death, Frederick gained custody of the boy and sent him to boarding school. He returned in Santa Barbara as an young man. He lashed out at Chris and Trenyce and accused them of killing Savannah. He then returned to Twin Peaks, telling Trenyce that he arrived because he wanted to be close to Frederick. Andrew then overheard Frederick admit to Chris that Savannah's death was an accident; Andrew was gutted that Frederick lied to him. Andrew also overheard Chris threaten Frederick. Andrew confronted Frederick on the night Frederick was shot and was later questioned by the police. Andrew visited Savannah's grave on Christmas and seemingly shared a close moment with Trenyce.

Andrew was upset when Frederick was killed on New Year's Eve. He was then questioned by Simona Lopez, as he was a suspect. He managed to derail himself from being a suspect when he told the detective that he heard Chris threaten Frederick last November before Frederick was shot. It worked: Chris was arrested for killing Frederick. Trenyce was shocked when Andrew confessed what he had done; Andrew maintained that he just wanted justice for Frederick. Andrew, meanwhile, had a few awkward run-in's with Paige; she thought he was arrogant and he thought she was stuck up. Paige, later, changed her mind about him when she found out that Andrew was with Leah in Santa Barbara. Andrew was slightly miffed when Chris was able to prove his innocence and was released. The ice storm hit, and Andrew was at the hospital during the storm. He supported Paige, who was there supporting Tyler with the crisis with Blake. Paige encouraged Andrew to reach out to his family. She was touched when he did; he visited Jemma, who fell into a coma following the accident. Andrew pleaded with Jemma to wake up. Andrew, however, still didn't want to support Chris. Following the storm, Andrew showed up at Blake's memorial service to support Paige. She was touched. He asked her out on a date, which didn't go as planned. However, they continued to grow closer. Andrew, then, learned that Chris and Trenyce were looking for their biological child and was upset. After the way Chris treated Savannah and Frederick, he didn't believe that Chris deserved to find happiness. While he was upset that he would have to hurt Trenyce, Andrew set out to ruin their plan. He broke into Meggan's office but realized that they didn't have a good lead. Paige was upset when Andrew was late for their date and called him out on it. They soon made up, but Andrew then learned that Chris was going to break up with Helen to be with Trenyce. On the night of the break up, Andrew broke into Chris' house and drugged his wine. As soon as Chris and Helen were passed out, he took their clothes off and put them in bed together. In the morning, Trenyce arrived and assumed that they had made love. Trenyce was devastated and slapped Chris. Andrew, meanwhile, was on cloud nine that his plan worked. Paige wondered why he was in such a good mood, and Andrew told her that life was good. Later, though, Andrew felt guilt pains when Trenyce told him how hurt she was.

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