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Representation: Judi Dench

On Series Since: 2015 - Present
Full Name: Barbara Mills
Profession: Retired
Martial Status: Widow, Reg Mills
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Daughter, Helen Mills



Barbara is the long-lost mother of Helen, who seeks out to find her family. Barbara was thrilled to be reunited with Helen and her family. Barbara, however, noticed that Reg didn't like Adam, which caused problems between Adam and Helen. When Helen visited alone, Reg suffered a stroke. Barbara was worried about her husband but he was transferred to Twin Peaks and she moved into the Black house.

Barbara was worried when Reg suffered another stroke in the early new year. She was even more surprised when Reg lashed out at her. Shortly after, Barbara was crushed when Reg passed away. She took Helen's side and blamed Adam for the death of her husband. Later, she was surprised to learn that Reg had secret debts; Helen agreed to pay them off. Later, Barbara overheard Natasha and Adam talking and then tried to convince Helen to leave her husband. Barbara visited Shane and told him not give up on the truth where Natasha and Adam are concerned. On the night of the storm, Barbara overhead Adam and Helen talking and she couldn't bite her tongue any longer: she revealed that she overheard Natasha and Adam talking about their affair! Adam admitted it and Helen slapped him. In the aftermath, Barbara supported Helen. She was upset when Dawn ran away from home but was relieved when she turned up okay.

Barbara started to plan seeds in Helen's mind to file for divorce from Adam, since she didn't want her daughter to be married to a cheater. Barbara even tried to convince Dawn, who wanted her parents to stay together, that the divorce was for the best. Babrara was pleased when Helen did file for divorce and she defended herself to Adam when he lashed out at her for being a busy body. Barbara noticed Helen and Chris growing closer and cautioned her daughter about Chris. Barbara tried to convince Dawn to move home as well, to no avail as Dawn was against her mother's new relationship with Chris.Barbara was thrilled when Dawn started therapy and the judge ordered her to move back home. She wasn't thrilled, however, by the reveal that Max is Adam's son, or Helen's new found romance with Chris. Barbara was crushed when Dawn ran away again, and told Adam to go easy on Helen, when he blamed her. Barbara prayed for Dawn's safe return.

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