Barbara Mills

Representation: Judi Dench
On Series Since: 2015 - 2019
Deceased: Died, 2019
Full Name: Barbara Mills
Profession: Retired
Martial Status: Widow, Reg Mills
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Daughter, Helen Mills; Granddaughter, Dawn Marie Black



Barbara is the long-lost mother of Helen, who seeks out to find her family. Barbara was thrilled to be reunited with Helen and her family. Barbara, however, noticed that Reg didn't like Adam, which caused problems between Adam and Helen. When Helen visited alone, Reg suffered a stroke. Barbara was worried about her husband but he was transferred to Twin Peaks and she moved into the Black house.

Barbara was worried when Reg suffered another stroke in the early new year. She was even more surprised when Reg lashed out at her. Shortly after, Barbara was crushed when Reg passed away. She took Helen's side and blamed Adam for the death of her husband. Later, she was surprised to learn that Reg had secret debts; Helen agreed to pay them off. Later, Barbara overheard Natasha and Adam talking and then tried to convince Helen to leave her husband. Barbara visited Shane and told him not give up on the truth where Natasha and Adam are concerned. On the night of the storm, Barbara overhead Adam and Helen talking and she couldn't bite her tongue any longer: she revealed that she overheard Natasha and Adam talking about their affair! Adam admitted it and Helen slapped him. In the aftermath, Barbara supported Helen. She was upset when Dawn ran away from home but was relieved when she turned up okay.

Barbara started to plan seeds in Helen's mind to file for divorce from Adam, since she didn't want her daughter to be married to a cheater. Barbara even tried to convince Dawn, who wanted her parents to stay together, that the divorce was for the best. Babrara was pleased when Helen did file for divorce and she defended herself to Adam when he lashed out at her for being a busy body. Barbara noticed Helen and Chris growing closer and cautioned her daughter about Chris. Barbara tried to convince Dawn to move home as well, to no avail as Dawn was against her mother's new relationship with Chris.Barbara was thrilled when Dawn started therapy and the judge ordered her to move back home. She wasn't thrilled, however, by the reveal that Max is Adam's son, or Helen's new found romance with Chris. Barbara was crushed when Dawn ran away again, and told Adam to go easy on Helen, when he blamed her. Barbara prayed for Dawn's safe return.

Barbara continued to tell Helen that getting involved with Chris was a mistake. After he was arrested for killing Frederick, she told her daughter to dump the killer. She continued to be against their relationship once Chris proved his innocence. Barbara, then, saw Dawn with Shelley during the ice storm and wondered what was going on between her granddaughter and the older woman. After the storm passed, Dawn held a family meeting in which she announced that she was a lesbian. Barbara refused to accept it, and started doing some research. Shortly after, she told Adam and Helen that they should send Dawn to a bible camp to reform her. Barbara was happy with Adam and Helen when they agreed to send Dawn away to the bible camp, as she thought that the time away would make her realize that she is straight and not a lesbian. Andy warned Barbara that Dawn would still be gay when she got back, but Barbara refused to believe it. She then started having dreams that Dawn was in danger; when Dawn came home early, Barbara wondered what was up, but Dawn was quiet with her. Helen then told Barbara that Dawn was raped and Barbara was rocked to her core as she blamed herself. Soon after, she tried to get Dawn to forgive her, but Dawn refused. Jonah then showed up on Barbara's door step and she realized who the young man was. She pulled a gun on him until Dawn arrived and convinced her that violence wasn't the answer. When Jonah went to grab Dawn, however, Barbara shot and killed him! She was arrested and Helen tried to get her off on self-defense, but Barbara insisted that she is to blame for the rape and killing Jonah. She spent the holidays in jail.

Barbara was released from jail after Simona could prove that Dawn had been raped by Jonah because of Dawn's medical file, so it was proved to be self-defense. Barbara, however, had nightmares about shooting Jonah over and over again. Shortly after, Barbara felt guilty when Dawn announced that she was pregnant as a result of the rape. Dawn told her grandmother that she wasn't to blame, but the idea haunted Barbara. She was taken aback when Natasha was revealed to be the prospected adoptive parent; Barbara refused to let the woman whom had an affair with Adam raise her grandchild. When Dawn was seemingly coming around to the idea, Barbara snapped and pulled a gun on her and Natasha, shooting them both! Barbara was arrested. Helen visited her mother and she had a complete mental breakdown. Simona suggested that Barbara go to Raven's Meadow. Barbara remained catatonic after she shot Dawn and Natasha. Helen agreed to send her mother to Raven's Meadow to get treatment. Barbara arrived and was welcomed by Brandy, Victoria's alter ego, who realized that she was the woman who sent Dawn to the bible camp the previous year, which resulted in her rape. Wanting to avenge Dawn's attack, Brandy suggested to Greg that she perform electroshock therapy to help get Barbara get out of the catatonic state. Greg agreed which thrilled Brandy. Felicia, meanwhile, befriended Barbara and overheard Brandy vow to make Barbara pay. Felicia tried to warn Greg and Dominick that Barbara was in danger, but Brandy continued give the treatment to Barbara. Dawn and Adam then arrived at Raven's Meadow and told Barbara about Helen's death. Brandy increased the dose of therapy and Barbara flat lined; Barbara died.

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