Reg Mills

Representation: Jim Carter
On Series Since: 2015 - 2016
Died: 2016
Full Name: Reg Mills
Profession: Retired
Martial Status: Married, Barbara Mills
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Daughter, Helen Mills



Reg is the long-lost father of Helen, who seeks out to find her family. When Helen first visited her parents, she noticed that Reg was verbally abusive to Barb. Soon after, Helen visited again, this time with Adam and Dawn. Reg made it clear that he didn't like Adam at all. Adam left early. The next time Helen visited her parents, Reg suffered a stroke. Helen had him moved to Twin Peaks. He seemingly started to recover.

Reg suffered another stroke in the new year. He lashed out at Adam, Helen and Barbara in the wake of it. Soon after, Adam was with him and Reg lashed out at him again. Reg called his son-in-law worthless and then died, leaving Barbara and Helen devastated.

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