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Representation: Colin Egglesfield

Full Name: Brett Victors
On Series Since: 2002 - 2011; 2015
Profession: Unknown
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Sex, Meggan Richardson; Feelings for, Daisy Davenport
Family Ties: Triplet brothers, Vinny Victors & Dave Victors [Deceased]



Another member involving Dave's master plan that will affect Vinny and Meggan.

Patricia found a photo of three young boys that are identical. On the back of the photo it read "Dave, Vinny & Brett".

Dave revealed himself to Patricia. He and Brett are Vinny’s triplet brothers! They took over Vinny’s life shortly after their parents died. Brett poses as Vinny and Dave does the master work. Brett realized that while he has been posing as Vinny, he grew fond of Meggan and especially missed her sexually while she was in jail. He told Daisy that Chris was the man sleeping with Danielle at the time of her death, and found himself starting to have feelings for Daisy. Brett told Daisy that Terrence killed Danielle and was there for Meggan during her kidney transplant with Leah. He started to regret taking over Vinny's life and made it clear to Dave that he was tired of the games. After Meggan was released from jail, Brett and her got sexual. Meggan sensed something was off. Meanwhile, Victoria rememebred Dave shooting her. She went to Meggan and together they agreed to discuss what was going on. At the same time, Meggan saw both Dave and Brett together and put two and two together. Dave snatched her and locked her in a secret room at the Victors Estate -- in the same location where the real Vinny was being held hostage! Brett opposed Dave's decision to hold Meg captive as well, but his pleads fell on deaf ears. Daisy convinced Brett to hold a New Years Eve party at the estate. At the estate, Robbie and Victoria found Meggan and Vinny while Daisy came face to face with Brett and Dave. The jig was up and the truth came out. Dave shot Robbie; Victoria shot and killed Dave.

Daisy slapped Brett for lying to her. Brett was arrested and went to jail.

Brett reappeared in 2014 as people began to visit him in jail. Daisy, Vinny and Trenyce all paid visits to Brett as they were trying to uncover the truth about Savannah's claimed pregnancy with Dave's baby.

2015 In the new year, Trenyce visited the con and verbally attacked him for his role in the baby switch with Andrew.

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