Representation: Colin Egglesfield
On Series Since: 2009-2011; 2014
Full Name: Brett Victors
Profession: In Jail
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Sex, Meggan Richardson
Family Ties: Triplet brothers, Dave Victors & Vinny Victors



Patricia uncovered the truth regarding Dave's master plan: Dave and Brett are Vinny's triplets! Turns out Brett masquerades as Vinny and Dave is creating a plan for the two of them to take over Vinny's life. They were jolted by Vinny's parents leaving him all the money in the will. Patricia was horrified and wanted out; Brett blackmailed her with her secret that she is really Madeline Wilkins (Olivia and Preston's daughter) and that after she ran away from home, she was a prostitute.

Brett continued to pose as Vinny with Daveís help. Madeline refused to help anymore leaving Dave threatening her past as a hooker. She called his bluff. Victoria continued to try to learn the truth as well as she began to remember that Dave shot her, but didnít know why. She finally got her memory back and decided to find the real Vinny. Meggan and Brett meanwhile grew closer after she was released from jail. She ended up seeing Brett and Dave together and then disappeared. Victoria, who was working with Meggan, realized Meg was missing and went to Robbie. On New Yearís Eve, Robbie and Victoria found the secret room where Dave was holding the real Vinny and Meggan hostage (not before Dave got Meggan back on the bottle). Daisy saw Brett and Dave together and the truth came out. Dave shot Robbie, and Victoria shot Dave!


After Dave shot Robbie on New Yearís Eve, Victoria shot him. Dave died on the scene and Brett was arrested. Daisy visited Brett and wished him an happy life behind bars.

Still in jail, Brett was visited by Meggan, Trenyce and Daisy as they questioned him about Savannah's claim that she had Dave's child, which was switched with Trenyce's baby. Brett claimed to have no information on the matter.

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