Dave Victors

Representation: Colin Egglesfield
On Series Since: 2002 - 2010
Full Name: Dave Victors
Died: 2010
Profession: Unknown
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Triplet brothers, Vinny Victors & Brett Victors


The mysterious man that is working on a master plan that involves Meggan and Vinny. He blackmailed Patricia into helping him with his plan, and only communicated with her via telephone. He often refers to another man named Brett as well. Patricia found a photograph with three identical looking boys. On the back of the photo it read "Dave, Brett & Vinny". Dave then revealed himself to Patricia. He and Brett are Vinny’s triplet brothers! They took over Vinny’s life shortly after their parents died. Brett poses as Vinny and Dave does the master work. He continued to blackmail Patricia into silence and revealed her real identity: Madeline Wilkins! She continued to try to find a way out. Dave continued to press Brett into keeping up the plan, but Brett slowly started to want out.

Madeline finally defended herself to Dave and walked away from the plan, while Victoria slowly starting putting all the pieces back together. After Meggan was released from jail, she saw Dave and Brett together. Worried that she would blow their cover, Meggan disappeared, only to awake in a cell ... with the real Vinny! Victoria, meanwhile, continued to investigate her memories of Dave shooting her. She went to Robbie and together they began putting the pieces together. Dave felt the walls closing in. He continued to threaten Madeline with her past, but she refused to help. Dave stopped an escape attempt from Vinny and Meggan. In return, he shackled Vinny to the wall and left Meggan with a bottle of vodka. At the New Years Eve party, Daisy came face to face with Dave and Brett as Victoria and Robbie found the secret room! The truth came spilling out as Meggan and Vinny were saved. In a last stand, Dave shot Robbie and in return Victoria shot and killed him.

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