Brooke Lawson

Representation: Eileen Davidson
On Series Since: 2019 - 2022
Deceased: 2022
Full Name: Brooke Lawson
Profession: Campaign Manager
Martial Status: Divorced, Greg Lawson
Previous Relationships: Affair, Robbie Calimo
Family Ties: Son, Brad Lawson; Daughter, Chersea Lawson; Daughter, Abby Lawson



Brooke is married to Greg and his the father of Brad, Abby and adoptive mother to Cheresa. Greg revealed that Brooke cheated on him years ago and he has never fully gotten over that. Brooke helped Abby put together portfolio to get accepted to the Gen Next House. Brooke then, randomly, met Robbie and he asked her if she would be his campaign manager during the election; she agreed and they seemingly grew closer as a result. Brooke & Greg were surprised to learn that Brad got Meggan pregnant and they took an active role in ensuring Meggan's pregnancy was going okay. Brooke continued to help Robbie with the election and they seemingly grew closer. On the day of the election, a picture of Tyler and Daisy kissing was leaked in the newspaper, which allowed Robbie to win. He was thrilled, and he kissed Brooke. They ended up having sex, which Cory saw. Brooke told him it was a mistake, but they ended up in bed again after her and Greg had another fight. Robbie told Brooke they could have more than just sex, but Brooke was hesitant. Brooke and Greg supported Cheresa and Abby after the fallout of the Gen Next House, and Brad after Meggan gave birth. Brad, then, questioned Brooke about Cheresa's adoption, which made Brooke clam up, which Brad thought was odd. Once Helen "died", Brooke realized that her family had to come first and she reached out to Greg to tell him that. He agreed that they should put their marriage back together. Brooke supported Robbie, though, after Bob was in a car accident.

Brooke and Greg continued to tell one another that they were focused on putting their family back together as they were reeling from Helen's "death". Brooke ended her affair with Robbie, but supported him while Bob was in the hospital. Cory witnessed a close moment between them. Brad, meanwhile, confronted Brooke and Greg about how they adopted Cheresa. After Brad agreed to keep mum, Brooke revealed how she and Greg tried to adopt but after three failed attempts, Brooke bought Cheresa from the black market. They agreed to never reveal this to anyone. Brooke and Greg were alarmed, then, when Cheresa admitted to them that she wanted to find her biological parents. They lied to her and said the adoption was closed so they had no details for her. Brooke, then, comforted Robbie after Bob died. One thing led to another and they had sex. Cory still suspected that something was going on between Robbie and Brooke and confronted her; she revealed that they did sleep together but the affair was over. Cory told her to end it as the Calimo's did not need another scandal in their lives. Brooke ended things with Robbie, who was upset. Brooke then saw Kim and Greg in each other's arms and wondered what was going on. Brooke and Greg started to grow closer as they agreed to put their marriage back together. During Robbie's trial, however, Brooke ended up in his bed. In the morning, she told him that they were over as she had to focus on her marriage. Robbie was upset but agreed. Brooke went to Greg and they made love for the first time in years. All was seemingly well with the couple and their children. Robbie paid Brooke a secret visit and revealed to her that Kim announced that they were having an affair in court! Brooke worried that because the court documents were public record that Greg was going to find out about the affair. Robbie encouraged her to tell Greg the truth before someone else did. Brooke went to Greg and stunned him with the news of her affair. He lashed out at her for her betrayal and ended up telling their children, who were all devastated by Brooke's affair. Brooke tried to get her children to understand but they didn't. Brooke felt alone. Soon after, she got a call that Cheresa's body was found in the river. At the hospital, the family tension ran high as Brooke's affair was still fresh on everyone's mind. Greg blamed Brooke for Cheresa's accident and had divorce papers sent to her. Brooke asked how he could file for divorce while their daughter was fighting for her life. Soon, Brad was telling them that Meggan knew the truth about Cheresa's paternity and that Trenyce and Chris were her biological parents! They vowed to make sure that they didn't lose their daughter. Chris and Trenyce arrived to visit Cheresa and a fight broke out; Cheresa flatlined but was saved. Chris then had Simona arrest Brooke for fraud for buying Cheresa from the black market. Brooke called Robbie to bail her out, which further annoyed Greg. Greg did offer to help Brooke with her charges. By Christmas time, Cheresa was better and went to spend to the holiday with Greg, Brooke and her siblings.

Brooke continued to prepare for her trial for buying Cheresa from the black market. While preparing, she realized that she still had feelings for Greg. Robbie and her remained close but she kept him at arms length. She was concerned when Abby was ill and supported Cheresa through learning Chris and Trenyce were her biological parents. After Dawn was served with a restraining order, Cheresa asked Brooke and Greg if they were responsible; they said no but Greg told Brooke he got Chris to file it to keep Cheresa at odds with them. Brooke thought it was brilliant. At her trial. Brooke admitted to still loving Greg on the stand. She was sentenced to community service. She and Robbie officially ended things and she asked Greg for another chance, but he refused as he said he couldn't trust her. Soon after, she was served with divorce papers. Brooke was livid and Greg admitted he had been sleeping with Kim. Brooke warned Kim about sleeping with her husband and told Greg she wouldn't sign the papers since he was leaving her with next to nothing. Greg, wanting a divorce from Brooke, agreed to give her more money after she refused to sign the divorce papers. Shortly after, Brooke and Greg learned that they were officially divorced. Brooke went to Robbie and tried to see if he would rekindle their romance but he refused. Upset, Brooke left town. She returned, however, when Abby fell down the stairs and was put in the hospital. She convinced Greg to let her stay in the mansion again for the children and she supported her children while Brad had relationship issues with Trenyce, Cheresa found Shelley dead and Abby’s child died.


Brooke was devastated when Brad was found stabbed to death at Trenyce's on New Year's Eve. Together with Greg, she demanded that Simona find the killer. She supported Abby, who was still grieving the loss of Sonny. Abby admitted that not only did she lose her child, but she lost Andrew to Albertinah and she felt like she was on the verge of losing Olly, when her parents agreed with Lukas that she was getting too close to the child. Shortly after, Abby and Andrew found a dead Albertinah! Alone in the Lawson storage locker, the serial killer was revealed to be Brooke! Turns out, she had a mental snap after her trial the previous year. When she left town, she realized that the way to get her family back was through blood. She came back to town and realized that Cheresa and Dawn were having issues because of Shelley, so she killed her. On New Year's Eve, she meant to kill Trenyce because she was flip flopping in and out of Brad's life, but Brad got in the way. And, then she killed Albertinah in hopes of reuniting Andrew and Abby. Shortly after, Greg saw a pink rose peddle on the floor of the Lawson estate; he immediately thought that the killer was there, but Brooke covered with him. Brooke went back to the storage locker and realized that she had to stop killing people. She started to prepare to destroy all the evidence that proved she was the killer when she realized that Greg saw her! She returned home to confront her ex-husband, who was going to call the police. Brooke recounted why she killed everyone and then vowed to kill him too. They fought and Brooke smashed his head with a paper weight. She was going to stab him with an ice pick, when Abby came home. Abby realized her mother was the killer and stabbed her with the ice pick in self-defense! Brooke died from her injuries.

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