Representation: SZA
On Series Since: 2018
Full Name: Cheresa Miller
Profession: Nurses Aid
Martial Status: Attraction, Dawn Black
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties:Father, Greg Lawson Mother, Brooke Lawson; Brother, Brad Lawson; Sister, Abby Lawson; Biological Mother, Trenyce Davenport; Biological Father, Chris Michaels


Cheresa meets Dawn at the Monument Bible summer camp.

2019 Cheresa supported Dawn as she went for an abortion, but then learned that she was too far along to have the procedure. Cheresa then suggested to her friend that she give the baby up for adoption, like she was. Dawn agreed. Cheresa then met with Brad and revealed that they are adoptive siblings. Brad revealed to her that he got Meggan pregnant and she went with him to tell their parents, Brooke and Greg, and their sister Abby. Greg, meanwhile, continued to try to make up to Cheresa for sending her to the bible camp, even though she told her Dad it was all forgiven. Cheresa also supported Andrew during his crisis with Paige and suggested that they join the Gen Next House with Abby & Paige; they got in. Cheresa was devastated when Dawn was shot; she supported her friend when she lost her baby and suggested to her that she come the house as well, but Dawn said no. Cheresa was put off by Shelley asking her what her feelings for Dawn are. Cheresa entered the Gen Next House with Andrew, Abby, Max and Paige. She tried to keep the peace between Andrew and Paige and realized that Abby and Max wanted the other two, respectively. At the Summer Send-Off Dance, the kids got drunk and passed out. Andrew fell into the pool and almost drown, but she saved his life. In the wake, the Gen Next House was over and Andrew reunited with Paige. Cheresa went to Dawn and they shared a kiss. Cheresa then supported her friend when Helen died. Brad, meanwhile, warned his sisters to stay away from Max. While doing so, Cheresa accidentally dropped a tissue in Brad's bag. He had it ran for DNA sample, thinking it was Trenyce's, and he realized that Cheresa and Trenyce's DNA matched!

Cheresa supported Dawn while she was grieving the loss of Barbara and Helen. She also thought Dawn started acting slightly odd, unknowing that Dawn was popping anti-depressants. During a family dinner, Cheresa told Abby, Brad, Brooke and Greg that she was curious about her biological parents. Alone, Brooke and Greg told their daughter that her adoption was closed so they had no information about her parents. Cheresa wondered if she should forget about finding them. Shelley suggested that she reach out to a private investigator to help her search, so Cheresa asked Meggan for help. Cheresa continued to wonder about who her biological parents are. Shelley & Dawn suggested that she hire a PI to look for her parents, so Cheresa went to see Meggan, who agreed to look for her parents. Cheresa and Shelley grew concerned about Dawn, who continued to exhibit signs of exhaustion. Greg, then, stunned Cheresa, Abby & Brad with the news of Brooke's affair with Robbie. Cheresa was devastated. Dawn took her for a walk, but fell asleep on a bench on the pier. Cheresa got caught on the pier; she slipped and hit her head which knocked her unconscious and she fell into the river! Max saw her and saved her life, but she was put on a ventilator at the hospital. While she was in her coma, Chris and Trenyce learned the truth that she was their daughter. Cheresa flatlined while Chris, Trenyce, Brooke and Greg were all fighting with one another but she survived and eventually came out of her coma. Once awake, Chris and Trenyce told her the truth. On Christmas Day, however, Cheresa choose to spend the day with Brooke and Greg.

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