Dean Krazt

Representation: Sean William Scott
On Series Since: 2011 - 2014
Full Name: Dean Kratz
Profession: Photographer
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: None



Dean is a photographer that is working with Robin in her modelling career.

Dean was brought in as a photographer for Dominick's new perfume line, The Blooming Rose. He and Reese began flirting as Reese was a model for the line. Soon, they started to date. Dean quickly suggested to Reese that he could model outside of Robertson Enterprises once this campaign was done if he wanted too.

Dean suggested to Reese that he branch out of modelling from Robertson Enterprises. Reese agreed and the two soon become lovers on a trip to LA. Dean took Reese to a modelling contact; Reese was horrified to see a nude modelling shoot. Reese refused to go down that path; Dean insisted that Reese would be a natural and a huge hit. Dean also suggested that Reese do gay porn! Reese refused but Dean saw a star in Reese and slipped in a drink. While drugged, Reese was filmed in a solo video. He was horrified. Dean tried to convince Reese to do another video, maybe with another guy, but Reese refused. Dean even showed Reese how much money they were making off the video. Reese was stunned and for a moment considered another video. The trouble was that Reese couldn't remember making the first video. Dean tried to play dumb, but eventually admitted to a horrified Reese that he drugged him to make the movie.

Dean tried to reconnect with Reese to no avail. Dean was shocked when Reese showed up with legal documents; Reese was going to sue Dean! Dean admitted to his ex-lover that he didn't have the money to pay for the legal fees. Reese gave him another way out of the mess: give Reese all of the money made from the porn video, remove the video from the internet and give Reese all the copies of the video. Dean agreed and soon left town afterwards realizing that there was nothing left for him in Twin Peaks.

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