Robin Navy

Representation: Leona Lewis
On Series Since: 2002 - Present
Full Name: Robin Navy
Profession: Head Model/Photographer, Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: In Love With; Cory Calvin
Previous Relationships: Ex-Boyfriend, Dr. Liam Fitzpatrick; Illegally Married, Cory Calvin; Attraction, Will Coutts; Affair, Robbie Calimo; Divorced; Cory Calvin; Divorced, Shane Glubbs; Broken Engagement, Adam Black
Family Ties: Half-sister, Leah Robertson; Half-Sister, Rebecca DeWitt; Father, Dominick Robertson; Mother, Melissa Young; Step-father, Phil Young



Robin was having an affair with Robbie, despite knowing that he was married to Leah. Leah discovered she was pregnant, just as Robin confessed the affair to Leah. The shocked caused Leah to miscarry. Robin then faked a pregnancy to hold on to Robbie. Sofia busted her. Robbie and Leah reunited.

Shortly after, Leah and Robin discovered that they were half sisters, sharing the same father. Robin and Leah started to bond after the revelation and Robin bonded with Dominick. She briefly visited her mother, Melissa as well. Leah discovered another secret: Rebecca was also Robin's half sister! Robin and Rebecca were reunited. She became close to Cory when he was mourning the death of Natasha. Soon, they were in love. Robin overheard Natasha on the telephone and feared that she was alive after all. She pressured Cory into marriage, which he accepted. They were married. Natasha found her way back to Twin Peaks.

Natasha and Robin came face to face. Cory was torn. Eventually, he decided to go back to Natasha. A distract Robin turned to pills and became hooked. After a car crash, she agreed to get help.

She went back to work and after a minor explosion in the lab, she was left blind. Cory, once again, jumped to her rescue. Natasha hired Will to look after Robin while she was blind. They became closer, causing Cory to be jealous. Robin finally realized that she had lost Cory to Natasha and moved out of the penthouse after she regained her sight. On the day of Cory and Natasha's wedding, she shared a moment with Cory but went to the wedding with Will. After the wedding, she made it clear to Will that they would just be friends as she was in no place to be in a relationship. Will understood. Robin helped Cory after Natasha fell into a coma. She realized she still loved him. Bob suggested that Robin shoot the new ad campaign for Introspect (Robinís hit cologne for Roboto) at Wild Night. Cory loved the idea. On the day of the photo shoot, Robin and Cory made love. Robin felt awkward at Christmas being around Cory and Natasha. On New Yearís Eve, she decided to head to the Calimo cabin to clear her head; on her way out she overheard Bob and Sofiaís secret: Eva McCloud is Natashaís real mother!

In the New Year, Robin tried to blackmail Sofia with the news that Eva was Natasha's mother. Sofia called her bluff. Crushed, Robin decided to wash her hands of Cory altogether. Meanwhile, Cory and Natasha decided to end their marriage. Cory went after Robin in hopes of getting together with her, but she refused his advances. Finally, after a talk with Dominick, she and Cory reunited and got engaged! They started to plan a wedding. Robin, meanwhile, revealed the truth about Eva to Dominick. Robin, also, started to model for Roboto, much to Cory's dismay. While planning their wedding, Robin's mother Melissa returned to town. She made it clear that she didn't approve of Robin's relationship with Cory. She tried to break up them up, but was unsuccessful; the couple married.

Afterwards, Melissa realized that Cory didn't like Robin modelling and planned to use it to her advantage. Meanwhile, Cory finally admitted to Robin he didn't like her modelling. He agreed to support her, however. At a premier Cory saw how great Robin was in the role of a model and he told her he had a change of heart and that he was proud of her. She was touched. Meanwhile, Melissa used the premier as the backdrop for her plan. She hired Karl to scar Robin and make it look like it was Cory. The plan went wrong when Karl threw acid towards Robin and it hit her face! She was left with a scar. Melissa still planted seeds of doubt in Robin's head that Cory was behind the attack. Robin believed her mother and had Cory arrested. He got out on bail and vowed to prove his innocence to Robin and everyone else. Robin moved out of the penthouse and in with Melissa, who continued to feed her lies. Robin confessed to Leah that she wasn't sure if Cory really was guilty. Leah urgerd her sister to follow her heart. After Cory saved Madeline from Karl, Robin learned the truth: Cory had nothing to do with the attack! She was devastated. Melissa, meanwhile, encouraged her daughter to start dating again. She went on a few casual dates with Liam. Robin finally learned her mother's role in the attack and confronted her.

Robin finally got the truth out of Melissa and blasted her mother for her role in her attack. After verbal assaults from Dominick and Cory, Melissa left town. Robin tried to reach out to Cory, but he was upset that she didn't have more belief in him during Melissa's accusations. Robin was stunned to see Cory and Madeline in bed together. Robin had her final surgery to remove the scars, which was successful. Leah tried to tell her sister to give Cory another chance, but Robin decided to have another date with Liam. Meanwhile, Robin also quit working for Roboto and went to work for Dominick's new company Robertson Enterprises. Robin and Liam had sex, but she soon dumped him because she realized that she loved Cory. Cory and Robin made love, but Madeline stunned her by revealing that she knows Leah's secret regarding Paige's paternity. Robin confronted her sister, who tearfully admitted the truth to Robin. Robin was desperate to keep Leah's secret safe, so she filed for divorce from Cory. Cory was stunned by the divorce papers as he thought they were getting back together. On New Year's Eve, Robin wore the same mask to the masked ball as Madeline and she kissed Cory, leaving Madeline fuming.

After kissing Cory on New Year's Eve, Robin was confronted by Madeline, who reminded Robin that she knows Leah's dark secret. Robin called Madeline's bluff claiming that she didn't believe Madeline would reveal the truth. Cory and Robin reunited and planned to re-married. On the day of the wedding, Madeline sent Jeff a note indicating that Paige was his daughter. The truth came out and the wedding was ruined! Robin slapped Madeline, knowing she was behind it. After the drama cooled down, Cory and Robin remarried in a private ceremony. After the ceremony, Robin confronted Madeline and slapped her for ruining her wedding and Leah's life. Robin and Dominick then told Cory the truth about Madeline's blackmail. He was shocked. Soon, Robin went back to modelling at Robertson Enterprises. She also discovered that she was pregnant; she and Cory were thrilled that they were going to have a baby. At the same time, Robin started to get creepy fan mail that made her uneasy. Cory and Dominick tried to calm her nerves by telling her that everyone gets odd fan mail, but Robin wasn't sure.

Cory and Robin continued to plan for their child that was due in July of this year. The couple rejoyced to learn that they were going to have a baby girl. Dominick, meanwhile, successfully launched "Petals" from Robertson Enterprises. Robin and Savannah agreed to do a meet and greet for the fans because Petals was such a huge hit. Robin, however, continued to get odd fan mail from her "biggest fan". Cory protested about the meet and greet claiming that he didn't trust this fan. Robin insisted that she would be alright. On the day of the meet and greet, a smoke bomb went off ... when the smoke cleared, Robin was missing! Robin awoke tied to a bed at the Calimo cabin. She was shocked to see her kidnapper as Liam Fitzpatrick! He was livid that she dumped him and wanted revenge. A rain storm hit and the power went out as Robin went into labour. She gave birth to a stillborn baby; she was devastated. Cory saved Robin and she ended up pushing Liam out of the window, causing him to fall to his death. At the hospital, Robin admitted to Cory that their child died. He tried to comfort her. Slowly, Robin started to lose grasp of reality as she held a blanket and thought that it was her baby. Cory feared for his wife's sanity.

Robin's mental state continued to get worse in the new year. She moved into Dominick's penthouse after Cory continued to press her to get therapy. Soon, however, Dominick revealed to Cory that Robin had come into contact with a virus that was slowly taking over her body! Cory was devastated. Eva, meanwhile, had overheard Dominick admit that he was scared Robin was going down the same path as Felicia. Realizing what Dominick was up too, Eva and Cory raced to stop him! They interrupted Will about to give Robin an injection that would have faked her death. Cory was livid and banned Dominick from seeing his daughter. Robin's sister, Rebecca, meanwhile returned to Twin Peaks and offered Cory support when he decided to send his wife away to a mental instituion.

Robin spent most of the early new year in the mental hospital. Cory eventually came to visit her and he was impressed with her improvement, until, that is, Robin got her medication. Then she became distant. Cory wondered what was going on and began to research the drugs that Robin was on. Cory was shocked to learn that the medication was actually making Robin worse. He then realized that Robin's doctor was Caroline Fitzpatrick, Liam's sister! Cory broke into the hospital and he and Robin planned an escape. They reunited in a heating vent until it was safe to leave the hospital. Once they did, Caroline shot Cory! Robin was relieved that her husband wasn't seriously hurt and they made love. Robin, then, lashed out at Melissa for keeping her in the hospital. On New Year's Eve, Melissa announced to Robin and Cory that Rebecca was pregnant ... with Cory's baby!

Robin was devastated by Melissa's claim that Cory got Rebecca pregnant. Cory admitted that he slept with Rebecca; Robin slapped him. She was further upset when a pregnancy test came back and revealed that Rebecca was in fact pregnant. She had no idea that Melissa was masterminding a plot to keep her and Cory apart because Rebecca wasn't pregnant; Caroline was. Robin moved out of the penthouse, which upset Cory. Robin told him that even without a baby she couldn't get over the fact that he slept with her sister. Robin confronted Rebecca and Melissa, however, and almost uncovered the truth about Caroline. They covered, however. Robin started growing closer to Adam, as they were both going through relationship problems. Robin maintained to Cory that she and Adam were just friends, not that it was any of his business. While growing closer to Adam, Robin supported her friend after Max was revealed to be his son. Shortly after, Robin met Max and she was unaware of the crush he had on her. Robin agreed to give him an interview when he said he was interested in photography at Robertson Enterprises. Robin, meanwhile, learned that Cory had filed a restraining order against Melissa to keep her away from his and Rebecca's baby. Robin told him that it wasn't fair. Cory admitted to her that he thought something was odd with the pregnancy. Soon, Cory called Robin when Rebecca was in labor. Robin went to the hospital and learned that Rebecca had a baby girl. Robin left and rushed to Adam's arms, upset because she and Cory shared a daughter as well. Max spotted Adam and Robin together and was upset. Robin returned to the hospital, just as Cory was learning the truth about the baby, who had fallen ill: Caroline is really the baby's mother, and Rebecca and Melissa had compiled the scheme to keep Cory and Robin apart. Robin slapped her mother and sister and yelled at them for their betrayal. Melissa and Rebecca skipped town. Cory asked Robin to get back together, but she refused, telling Cory that no matter what, he still slept with her sister. Cory was crushed when Robin told him she wanted a divorce. Robin, then, hired Max at Robertson Enterprises and he started to flirt with her. After trying to kiss her, Robin told Max that they could just be friends. Max didn't like how close Adam was becoming to Robin. On New Year's Eve, Max kissed Robin.

Robin started the year questioning the kiss that Max gave her on New Year's Eve. She told him that it couldn't happen again as she felt he was too young for her, and she continued to grow closer to Adam. Dominick, meanwhile, ordered another shipment of the Robertson Enterprises facial cream and requested that Robin and Max work together on a re-launch of the product. After a photo shoot, Max locked him and Robin inside the dark room while developing the pictures in hopes that they would grow closer. It worked; they did. Max was peeved when Adam saved them, however. Shortly after, the re-launch was a huge success and Max and Robin celebrated. Robin then went out with Adam, causing Max more grief. The ice storm hit. Just as Adam and Robin were about to make love for the first time, Robin learned about the accident involving Kim and Blake. They rushed to the hospital so Robin could support Tyler. While there, Max and Robin seemingly grew closer. In the wake of the tragedy, Robin supported Adam after Dawn came out of the closet to him. She found herself, however, unable to not think about Max. Robin and Adam continued to grow closer much to Max's dismay. Max, at every chance, tried to get closer to Robin, which worked, but she only felt of him as a friend. Dominick then asked Robin and Max to come up with an ad-campaign for the facial cream for the holidays. Max had hoped that working closely together would push them together. Max, however, overheard Adam planning a proposal. He vowed to stop it. Adam, meanwhile, told Robin that he had a romantic dinner planned for her after the photoshoot. After the shoot, Robin went to the Pampa Grill and waited for Adam. Max soon showed up and she asked him about Adam's whereabouts. He claimed he didn't know, but Robin then got a call telling her that Adam had been involved in an accident. At the hospital, Robin learned about Adam's condition and was worried for him. She was jealous when Helen and Dawn arrived. She was relieved when Adam survived surgery and seemingly made a quick recovery. She was shocked, however, when Adam then dumped her and told her that they couldn't be together because he had to focus on Dawn. Max told her that maybe it was for the best and he kissed her. Robin, however, told Max that they could only be friends, which crushed him.

Robin continued to wonder why Adam was pushing her away, but she also wondered if Max knew more than he was saying about the night of the accident at the boutique. Max, meanwhile, continued to pursue Robin until she told him flat out that they would never be together. Max was crushed but Robin knew that she had to tell him that because he wouldn't let it go. To find out the truth about the accident, Robin hired Brad to investigate. Brad befriended Max and wore a wire, which Robin was listening to from his office. Max finally confessed to Brad that he arranged for the scaffolding to fall onto Adam because he was in love with Robin. Shocked, Robin knew that she had to tell Adam the truth, but Dawn was shot. Robin supported Adam at the hospital and once they learned that Dawn was going to be okay, she confessed everything to a rocked Adam. Robin and Adam confronted Max, who admitted it but said he was trying to change. Robin fired him from Robertson Enterprises and Adam disowned his son. Adam and Robin grew closer in the aftermath, she was unaware that he had sex with Helen only a few months earlier. In the wake of learning the truth about Max, Robin and Adam slowly reunited. She was put off by the closeness of Adam and Helen, however, unaware that they had slept together, which cured Adam of his impotence. Helen, meanwhile, was faced with the decision to send Barbara to Raven's Meadow or not, and Robin gave her insight to the hospital. Adam then surprised Robin by proposing to her; she happily accepted and they had an engagement party, where Helen left early because she was upset at seeing Robin and Adam together. Helen was in a car accident, which "killed" her; Robin supported Adam and Dawn during the grief.

Robin pressed Adam to get married sooner rather than later. At first, Adam was skeptical because he and Dawn had just lost both Helen and Barbara, but Robin insisted to him that some happiness is exactly what the family needed at the time, so he agreed. Dawn learned and secretly started taking anti-depressants. Robin then asked Dawn to stand up for her at the wedding; Dawn agreed. Shane interrupted the wedding with the theory that he believed Brandy, Victoria's alter ego, had buried Helen alive! Adam left the church and with the help from Shane and Max dug up Helen's grave, where they found her barely alive but alive. Robin felt insecure about her fiancť's closeness to his ex-wife. Adam reassured her that he was still in love with her and they made love. While Adam was dealing with Helen, Robin happened to see Max kiss Paige. Unnerved, she told Leah and Jeff that they shouldn't trust Max. They wondered why and eventually Robin revealed Max's role in Adam's accident a few years ago as Robin didn't want Max to hurt her niece. Robin was put off at how close Max and Paige were seemingly growing. She expressed her concerns to Jeff and Leah but kept mum about why she had her reservations. She told Adam that she didn't like that Max was dating Paige; he pleaded with her to not say anything about the accident at the boutique, but Robin told him that she had to keep Paige safe. She then told Leah and Jeff about Adam's accident. Robin continued to support a depressed Nicholas following the scandal after the gala at St. Joseph's. She encouraged her brother to pick up the pieces of his life. He also advised his sister to not let her insecurities about Helen and Adam's relationship ruin her relationship. Despite this, Robin continued to feel worried about Helen and Adam's relationship. Robin supported Adam when he, Helen and Shelley realized that Dawn was over medicating on her anti-depressants. At the same time, Dawn was found asleep on a bench on the pier while Cheresa fell into the river. Robin was by Adam's side while he dealt with Dawn, who agreed to get help with her addiction. Robin then suggested to Adam that they get married to bring some happiness to the family; he refused saying that Dawn had to be his priority. She was upset but they made up. Dawn told Helen to go after Adam; on New Year's Eve, Helen told Robin that she cured Adam of his impotence.

After Helen told her that she cured Adam of his impotence, Robin confronted her fiance about the claim. He admitted it was true but told her it never happened again. Robin was crushed and admitted to him that she needed time to get over it. Adam agreed. Robin, meanwhile, suggested to Dominick that he hire Shane as Robertson Enterprises' medical consultant; Dominick agreed and Shane and Robin grew closer. Soon after, Robin agreed to give Adam another chance if he agreed to stay out Helen's life! Adam agreed but neither Helen or Dawn were happy with his decision. Both women confronted Robin over her claims and lashed out at her. Shane supported Robin and they grew closer. Adam, meanwhile, told Robin that he couldn't stay out of Helen's life because they share a child. Robin learned that she and Shane were travelling to Paris for work and suggested Adam come along so they could have romantic time away from everyone. Adam agreed. Helen overheard and secretly planned to go to Paris as well. In Paris, Adam and Robin agreed to meet at the Eiffel Towel at 4 pm so they could spend a romantic night together. Robin showed up, but Adam was late because Helen professed her love to him. Robin left thinking Adam stood her up; she went back to the hotel and ended up in bed with Shane! In the wake, she and Adam realized they just missed each other and agreed to move forward. Robin pleaded with Shane not to tell Adam about their fling; he agreed but was upset. Adam, meanwhile, told Robin the reason he was late and Robin was upset, again, by Helen's presence in their relationship. Jeff, then, stunned Robin by revealing Leah and Cory's affair! She confronted her sister and ex-husband and said it felt too close to home. Robin was furious with Helen after learning that she showed up in Paris. She confronted her rival and they ended up having a catfight, where Robin ended up falling down the stairs! Helen was mortified and rushed her to the hospital, where Shane and Adam were furious with the women for their physical altercation. Alone, Shane told Robin that she is pregnant Ė and he must be the father since they had sex in Paris! Robin was stunned and pleaded with Shane to keep mum. Adam and Robin reunited but she knew she had to tell him about the baby. Shane gave Robin 48 hours to tell Adam the truth or he would. Robin went to talk to Adam, who assumed she wanted him to cut ties with Helen again, which he did. Robin then told him about the baby and that Shane was the father. Adam was furious and walked out on her. Adam was in a car accident with Chris which left him with short term memory loss. Adam woke up not remembering the last 5 years of his life; Shane advised everyone to play along or they would risk damaging Adamís recovery. Robin was insecure about Adam moving back in with Helen, as he assumed that they were still married. Robin started to suffer from cramps, which concerned Shane but she vowed that she was okay. Robin continued to show up to see how Adam was, which off put him because he didnít remember that were that close. Helen threw it in Robinís face that she and Adam had sex, which caused Robin to slap her. They fought again, which Adam broke up and was livid that a pregnant woman was fighting with Helen. The fight caused Adamís memory to come back and caused Robin to go into premature labour! Robin gave birth to a girl, who she named Dominique after her father, but she remained in ICU due to being so premature. Robin and Shane prayed for their daughter, while Adam struggled with learning about Robinís affair and his sleeping with Helen.


Robin and Shane remained at the hospital while baby Dominique remained in the ICU. They were relieved, however, when she started to show of improvement and they got word that she could be discharged from the hospital. Robin, however, wasn't sure of where she should live. She and Adam discussed it and, despite Robin being upset with him for sleeping with Helen, agreed to live together once again. Robin warned Adam that she didn't trust Helen, however. Shane was miffed that his daughter was living with Adam, and witnessed many close moments between Adam and Robin. Robin was overjoyed when Adam re-proposed to her. She accepted and they asked Max and Dawn to stand up for them, who agreed. Shortly after, Shane told Robin that he was going to sue her for custody of Dominique, and mention her inability to remain calm during the pregnancy, unless she left Adam and moved in with him. He also told her that he wanted to marry her! Robin was torn but realized that she had to do what was best for Dominique, and a custody hearing wasn't best for her. She broke Adam's heart by announcing she was moving out and in with Shane. Once living with Shane, she told the doctor that she didn't want to marry him but he insisted. She had no idea that Helen came up with the idea to split up her and Adam. Shane convinced Robin to marry him for the sake of baby Dominique. She told him that she would have to tell Adam the truth first, which she did and he was gutted. On the day of the wedding, Adam visited Robin and they shared a kiss. Adam told her he would always love her. At the end of the day, Robin married Shane in a simple ceremony. They grew closer and ended up making love. In the aftermath, Robin admitted to her husband that while she wanted and needed the sex, her heart still belonged to Adam. Shane was crushed and decided to tell her the truth about his scheming with Helen to break up her and Adam, but Adam arrived and demanded that the truth come out. Robin was confused by this and demanded to know the truth. Shane finally told her everything! Robin was devastated and slapped her husband and demanded an annulment. In the wake, Robin and Adam reunited and made love. She also warned Helen to stay away from her and Adam. Adam was further shocked by Shane's announcement that he and Robin had sex while married. Adam told her he needed time to adjust to this news. Robin, however, began feeling faint and on New Years Eve, she realized she was pregnant but had no idea if Shane, or Adam, was the father.

Robin was rattled by the fact that she was pregnant again because she knew that either Adam or Shane could be the father. She told Shane about the baby and he was thrilled. She reminded him that Adam could also be the father. He told her to tell Adam the truth. Robin told Adam, who was also gutted that Shane could be the father. Adam, having been through this with baby Dominique, told Robin that if Shane was the father, they would be over because he couldn't go through that again. Robin had a paternity test completed and got the results back which confirmed that Shane was the father! Devastated, Adam dumped Robin. Shane told Robin that they could be together now. Robin and Cory reconnected and he told her that it was up to her if she wanted to be with Shane or not. Robin met with Shane and told him that while they have children together, she's never been in love with him so they couldn't be together. Shane accepted it and agreed to move on. Cory told Robin that he was proud of her and they grew closer, despite her being with child. Antonio, soon, too interest in Robin as well and asked her to dinner. She accepted, which made Cory feel jealous. Robin admitted to Leah that she was not used to getting this attention from men while pregnant. Cory, then, told Robin that he was starting to have feelings for her again and her date with Antonio made him jealous.

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