Felicia Robertson

Representation: Suzanne Rogers
On Series Since: 2014- Present
Full Name: Felicia Robertson
Profession: None
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Divorced, Dominick Robertson
Family Ties: Daughter, Leah Robertson Son, Tyler Robertson



Felicia is the presumed dead wife of Dominick and the mother to Leah and Tyler, who is not on the series. Bob brought her back to Twin Peaks after learning she was alive. Her revelation interrupted Leah and Jeff's wedding. After getting settled in at Leah & Jeff's, Felicia met Paige for the first time. She ended up making her grand daughter cry, which troubled Jeff. Later, it was revealed that Felicia was being paid by Bob to help him carry out a plan of his.

In the early new year, Felicia continued to struggle to maintain her sanity. Her doctor from Switerland, Dr. Frederick Richardson came to town and immediately butted heads with Dominick, but Felicia was happy to see him. She continued to take her medication and try to tell Bob she needed more time to carry out their plan. Frustrated, Bob replaced Felicia's medication with fake pills. Felicia slowly started to lose her mind and she lashed out at Jeff. Leah and Jeff decided to get married in Lake Tahoe and Felicia overheard their plans. Wanting her daughter to stay away from Jeff, Felicia followed them to Lake Tahoe. Felicia arrived at Leah's hotel suite and was horrified to learn that she married Jeff behind her back. An unstrung Felicia knocked Leah out and kidnapped her. Felicia took her to an abandoned farm house and tied Leah up. Leah begged her mother to let her go and smelled gas in the farm house, as Felicia stated that she was cold. Worried that her mother may kill them by lighting a fire, Leah begged her to let them go. Robbie tracked them down but Felicia had started a fire in the farm house. Leah told him about the leaking gas and she begged him to get Felicia out of the house. Robbie did so and went back to get Leah but the farm house exploded! Felicia fell into a coma as she suffered a head injury. When she awoke, she learned about Leah's death and crashed her funeral. Felicia yelled at Bob for his role in Leah's death. Dominick vowed revenged. Frederick, meanwhile, got Felicia back on her regular medications and she returned to her normal self. Felicia was reunited with Paige and Tyler as she struggled to get over Leah's death. Frederick tried to get Felicia to see how much he loved her but she was still in love with Dominick.

Frustrated that she couldn't remember the events leading up to Leah's death, Felicia agreed to undergo hyponsis at Dominick's suggestion. Frederick soon put her under and she revealed that she was still in love with Dominick. Frederick, however, didn't reveal this information to Felicia, Dominick or Eva. Soon, however, Felicia did remember the events of Leah's death and she confronted Bob at his birthday party. She slapped him and Dominick comforted her, unnerving Eva. Felicia was troubled on the anniversary of Leah's death, but her family pulled her through. She encouraged Tyler with his relationship with Kim, telling him to try to make a family with her and Blake. Frederick, then, suggested to Felicia that she go back under hypnosis to see if she has any other memories that she isn't remembering. While Dominick and Eva were against the idea, Felicia agreed. While under, Frederick started telling her that she doesn't love Dominick any longer. To her surprise, Felicia soon revealed this to Dominick, who was also taken aback. When Eva learned this, she was also surprised. Dominick, however, decided to file for divorce since Felicia claimed she didn't love him anymore.

Felicia's year started with her having mixed emotions over the divorce papers that she received from Dominick. She couldn't understand why she still felt a connection to Dominick but continued to announce that she didn't love him anymore. Tyler supported his mother and urged her to move on from Dominick, and divorcing him would be the first start in that. Felicia signed the divorce papers and she shared a close moment with Dominick when their divorce was finalized. Felicia was unnerved when Dominick proposed to Eva. Frederick comforted her and kissed her a couple of times. He made her a play list on her IPod, sending her more subliminal messages that she doesn't love Dominick. Felicia continued to listen to it on a regular basis. Felicia, meanwhile, supported Paige during her crisis with Shane. Once it was over, Felicia encouraged Paige to find peace because Leah was gone. Felicia and Dominick, meanwhile, shared another close moment on the day of his wedding to Eva. Frederick then kissed her passionately. At the wedding reception, Tyler revealed that Frederick had been brainwashing Felicia into believing she didn't love Dominick anymore. Felicia was crushed by Frederick's betrayal and slapped him. She vowed never to be hurt by him again. Dominick also vowed to keep her safe. Felicia was then shocked when Eva suggested that she forgive Frederick.

Felicia was questioned by Simona Lopez regarding the murder of Frederick. Felicia admitted that she hated the man for what he did to her family but maintained her innocence. She was soon removed from the suspect list, which was a relief. Soon, however, Felicia began missing taking her medication. Leah remembered a phone call between Frederick and Eva, and told Dominick what she remembered. Dominick soon revealed to Felicia that Eva knew about Frederick brainwashing her, but she kept it to herself. Felicia was horrified that Eva would keep that from her. She slapped her rival the next time she saw Eva. Then, the ice storm hit Twin Peaks. Felicia was beyond devastated by the car accident that left Blake braindead. She supported Tyler to the best of her ability. She was further crushed when Tyler and Kim agreed to donate Blake's lungs to a dying Jacob. In the aftermath, Felicia tried to comfort Tyler. She hosted a memorial service for her grandson, and was thanked by Kim for putting it together. Felicia started skipping her medication while mourning Blake. Then, she was horrified to learn of Dominick's role in Blake's death. Eva witnessed her having a breakdown and worried that she was off her meds, but Felicia maintained that she was. Needing release, Felicia went to the boutique and started smashing jars of the facial cream, upset that Dominick had ordered a holiday ad-campaign of the product. Felicia was then hit on the head by a piece debris that was in Adam's accident and it knocked her out. While she was out cold, Kim set the boutique on fire! Thankfully, Felicia was saved but Simona Lopez believed she could have started the fire. Dominick maintained that Felicia was innocent, but Eva wasn't sure after the family learned that Felicia had been off her medication. When Felicia awoke, she couldn't remember the details of the evening. Soon, however, she remembered seeing someone outside the boutique when the fire started. Unbeknownst to Felicia, Bob and Kim decided to brainwash her into thinking she started the fire.

In the hospital because of the fire, Felicia started having dreams of seeing someone outside the boutique. Bob, however, planted a device in her hospital room that told her that she started the fire. When Felicia awoke, she confessed to starting the fire, which shocked Eva and Dominick. Simona Lopez then revealed that she would drop all charges if Felicia went to Raven's Meadow. After consulting with the family, Dominick agreed and Felicia went to the hospital. There, Greg put her under new drugs, but her dreams of seeing someone outside the boutique the night of the fire continued. When Dominick visited his ex-wife, she claimed that she didn't start the fire - which made Dominick wonder how unbalanced she really was. Felicia continued to have dreams that someone was outside the boutique before the fire started. Dominick worried that she was retracting her confession, and then agreed to Greg's suggestion of electroshock therapy to help Felicia with her mental state, unaware it was Kim's idea. Barbara was then sent to Raven's Meadow, and Felicia bonded with her. Her friendship helped Felicia, and when Dominick visited her later, he realized she was getting better, so he called off the electroshock therapy. Brandy, meanwhile, vowed to make Barbara pay for sending Dawn to the summer bible camp where she was raped; Felicia overheard her tell Barbara she would pay and she realized she had to help her friend. No one would listen to Felicia's claims that Barbara was in danger, however, and Brandy started to give her electroshock therapy. Tyler discovered the truth that Bob had brainwashed Felicia into believing she was the one who started the fire; Simona Lopez agreed to drop the charges against Felicia, and she was allowed to leave the hospital, however she was still worried about Barbara. After Felicia was released from the hospital, Dominick learned that Barbara had died in Raven's Meadow and wondered if her claims about Victoria being dangerous were true.

Felicia was upset to learn that Barbara died while in Raven's Meadow. She continued to believe that Victoria was the one who harmed her friend. Felicia was then rattled when Bob died, but she learned that he had confessed to starting the fire at the boutique. Felicia told Dominick that she was happy he was dead as she felt like Bob was the reason she lost a year of her life in Raven's Meadow. At Bob's funeral, Felicia showed up and announced that he got exactly what he deserved. Paige was there and told her grandma that she was upset that she disrespecting the man she thought as her grandfather. Felicia, meanwhile, noticed that Leah seemed distant often and questioned her daughter, unaware Leah was hiding the fact that she knew Logan was really Jeff's child. Leah told her mother to drop it, but Felicia couldn't help but wonder what was up with Leah. Felicia continued to suspect that Leah was keeping a secret and urged her daughter to come clean. That moved to the back burner, however, when Paige moved out of Jeff & Leah's when they wanted her to end her new found relationship with Max. Felicia worried that Paige's relationship would cause a huge rift with the family. Shortly after she moved out, Dominick offered Paige money to help her get by. Felicia agreed with Dominick that Paige needed money to survive but Leah and Jeff were livid. Felicia confided in Tyler that she hated that the family was fighting. Shortly after, Max saved Cheresa from drowning, Jeff and Leah warmed up to the idea of Max and Paige. Felicia was happy that her family was back on track, however, she realized that Leah was still keeping her secret. She urged her daughter to come clean after Leah finally admitted that she was keeping a secret. Jeff interrupted their conversation & Felicia was horrified to learn that Leah had been lying about Logan being Jeff's son. Felicia then supported Tyler when they believed Daisy was dead.

Felicia continued to support Tyler, who was grieving the loss of Daisy. She suggested to her son that they throw a memorial service for Daisy to help him start to move on from her death. He loved the idea and they held the memorial. Felicia also continued to be close with her ex-husband Dominick. She saw Cassie leave his office one day and thought it was odd. Dominick was able to cover with her but she still thought it was odd. She confronted Cassie and warned her not to hurt Dominick. Felicia, also, didn't like how Eva was treating her ex-husband. She warned Eva about hurting Dominick, unaware that she was creating chaos in Eva and Dominick's marriage. Felicia continued to support Dominick while being worried about his connection to Cassie. He calmed her down but Felicia was still worried. She offered more support when Dominick found out that millions of dollars were missing from Robertson Enterprises. Once Eva and Willís affair was exposed, Felicia supported Dominick and she lashed out at Eva. The women sparred even more when Felicia and Dominick shared a kiss.


Eva witnessed a close moment between Dominick and Felicia, which made her realize she wasn't going to sign the divorce papers. Felicia, meanwhile, comforted Tyler over his break up with Daisy, but he ensured her that he was going to be fine. Tyler then saw "Brett" leaving Victoria's condo and confronted him; Vinny realized he needed to get Tyler off his trail, so he changed Felicia's medication. Felicia, however, had gone off her medication in hopes of helping the family out. She almost instantly started to shake so she realized that she had to go back on her medication, not realizing that Vinny changed her medication. Eva saw Felicia shaking and wondered if she was the serial killer. Dominick warned her to stay away from Felicia, who continued to fall off the deep end. Felicia, then, caught Vinny in her room when he was replacing her pills again; she was so far removed from reality that Vinny made her believe she was dreaming. She confessed to Tyler, who continued to think that something was going on. Dominick vowed to protect Felicia when Simona wanted to question her for possibly being the killer. Shortly after, Eva turned up dead, having been stabbed by the Rose Peddle killer. Felicia went to comfort Dominick, but he pushed her away. Felicia wondered what was happening to her when she thought she saw Eva standing outside next to her, unaware Vinny's medication caused hallucinations. Felicia was unnerved by how close Dominick started to become to Abby. She warned Dominick that Abby was nothing more than a gold digger. Felicia looped Leah and Tyler into Dominick's newfound romance with Abby and they all expressed concern, but he told them that he wanted to be happy again after Eva's death. Felicia also supported Leah in her quest to find her long lost child and was unnerved to learn that Frederick was alive! Felicia then encountered Abby alone in Dominick's townhouse and confronted her about her intentions. Abby sneered that she had uncovered Felicia's deepest secret; Dominick entered and demanded to know what Abby meant. Abby revealed that she read Felicia's file from her time at Raven's Meadow and learned that Frederick, not Dominick, fathered Leah! Felicia was gutted and refused to believe it, but she ended up having a memory with her and Frederick. Felicia was further horrified when Dominick married Abby and then changed his will to give her more money. Felicia worried that Abby was using Dominick for his mother.

Felicia was concerned that Dominick updated his will to leave more of his estate to Abby. She voiced her concerns to her family but they realized that they could only tell Dominick so many times. Later, at the Roboto gala, Felicia received an odd text asking her to meet in the stairwell. Once there, Felicia was stunned to see Barbara Mills standing in front of her! Barbara told Felicia that Frederick saved her and brought her back to life. Rattled, Felicia left and quickly told Dominick, Abby and Helen that Barbara is alive. They were all concerned with Felicia as they knew that Barbara couldn't be alive. Felicia, however, continued to get visits from her friend, who encouraged her to go and visit Frederick to thank him for saving her life. Felicia finally agreed and went to see Frederick. They shared a kiss and Barbara suggested to Felicia that she marry Frederick! Felicia accepted his proposal and they planned a wedding. Dominick, however, showed up and stopped the ceremony by revealing that Barbara wasn't alive; in fact, it was an alive Eva who was wearing a mask to make her look like Barbara as a way to get Felicia back in his life! Felicia was stunned and rushed off. She continued to claim that Eva was alive, which made Tyler and Dominick worry about her as Frederick had brainwashed Dominick into forgetting what happened and Abby was drugging him but Felicia insisted it was true. Felicia continued to tell Dominick and Tyler that she was seeing Barbara, which concerned them. Dominick and Tyler agreed that she needed to go back to Raven's Meadow. Once they got a restraining order against Frederick, they took Felicia to the hospital, where Bryce started to treat her. Tyler visited her and she wanted to see Dominick after he had a stroke. Once Abby took over as head of the Robertson's, Frederick made her drop the restraining order, so he and Felicia were "reunited", even though she was uneasy about being with him. Shortly after, Tyler was gutted to see the hospital in flames as a fire broke out! Tyler and Leah were devastated when Frederick and Felicia were pronounced dead.

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