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Representation: Suzanne Rogers

On Series Since: 2014- Present
Full Name: Felicia Robertson
Profession: None
Martial Status: Married, Dominick Robertson
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Daughter, Leah Robertson Son, Tyler Robertson



Felicia is the presumed dead wife of Dominick and the mother to Leah and Tyler, who is not on the series. Bob brought her back to Twin Peaks after learning she was alive. Her revelation interrupted Leah and Jeff's wedding. After getting settled in at Leah & Jeff's, Felicia met Paige for the first time. She ended up making her grand daughter cry, which troubled Jeff. Later, it was revealed that Felicia was being paid by Bob to help him carry out a plan of his.

In the early new year, Felicia continued to struggle to maintain her sanity. Her doctor from Switerland, Dr. Frederick Richardson came to town and immediately butted heads with Dominick, but Felicia was happy to see him. She continued to take her medication and try to tell Bob she needed more time to carry out their plan. Frustrated, Bob replaced Felicia's medication with fake pills. Felicia slowly started to lose her mind and she lashed out at Jeff. Leah and Jeff decided to get married in Lake Tahoe and Felicia overheard their plans. Wanting her daughter to stay away from Jeff, Felicia followed them to Lake Tahoe. Felicia arrived at Leah's hotel suite and was horrified to learn that she married Jeff behind her back. An unstrung Felicia knocked Leah out and kidnapped her. Felicia took her to an abandoned farm house and tied Leah up. Leah begged her mother to let her go and smelled gas in the farm house, as Felicia stated that she was cold. Worried that her mother may kill them by lighting a fire, Leah begged her to let them go. Robbie tracked them down but Felicia had started a fire in the farm house. Leah told him about the leaking gas and she begged him to get Felicia out of the house. Robbie did so and went back to get Leah but the farm house exploded! Felicia fell into a coma as she suffered a head injury. When she awoke, she learned about Leah's death and crashed her funeral. Felicia yelled at Bob for his role in Leah's death. Dominick vowed revenged. Frederick, meanwhile, got Felicia back on her regular medications and she returned to her normal self. Felicia was reunited with Paige and Tyler as she struggled to get over Leah's death. Frederick tried to get Felicia to see how much he loved her but she was still in love with Dominick.

Frustrated that she couldn't remember the events leading up to Leah's death, Felicia agreed to undergo hyponsis at Dominick's suggestion. Frederick soon put her under and she revealed that she was still in love with Dominick. Frederick, however, didn't reveal this information to Felicia, Dominick or Eva. Soon, however, Felicia did remember the events of Leah's death and she confronted Bob at his birthday party. She slapped him and Dominick comforted her, unnerving Eva. Felicia was troubled on the anniversary of Leah's death, but her family pulled her through. She encouraged Tyler with his relationship with Kim, telling him to try to make a family with her and Blake. Frederick, then, suggested to Felicia that she go back under hypnosis to see if she has any other memories that she isn't remembering. While Dominick and Eva were against the idea, Felicia agreed. While under, Frederick started telling her that she doesn't love Dominick any longer. To her surprise, Felicia soon revealed this to Dominick, who was also taken aback. When Eva learned this, she was also surprised. Dominick, however, decided to file for divorce since Felicia claimed she didn't love him anymore.

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