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Representation: Chris Carmack

On Series Since: 2004 - 2011; 2012 - Present
Full Name: Jeffrey 'Jeff' Claus
Profession: Web-Designer
Martial Status: Engaged, Meggan Richardson; Widower, Leah Robertson
Previous Relationships: Broken Engagement, Veronica Lane; Divorced, Leah Calimo; Ex-Girlfriend, Kim Reeves, Ex-Girlfriend, Madeline Wilkins
Family Ties: Son, Noah Claus [Deceased]; Daughter; Paige Calimo



Jeff came to town with a surprise for Leah: he revealed that they were high school lovers; they were married and had a baby boy! His parents did not approve of Leah so they lied to her and told her that their son, Noah, had died. In fact, Noah was 10 years old and very much alive! Leah was stunned and a DNA test proved Jeff was telling the truth. He failed to break up Robbie and Leah's union, and they re-married after this marriage to Leah was annulled. He soon started dating Kim, and they moved in together. He and Leah started to find conflict in sharing custody of Noah. Tensions reached high when Leah threatened to sue for custody. A drunk Meggan ended up hitting Noah with her car, which resulted in Noah's death.

Jeff was devastated and ended up growing closer to Leah while they mourned his death. He started shutting out Kim and leaning on Leah more and more. The continued to grow closer and even shared a few secret kisses. Jeff was horrified when Kim suggested the two of them get away while Meggan’s trial took place. He continued to fail to understand her relationship and mourning for Jackson. He and Leah were busy with other ideas: they were planning to rally in support of Meggan receiving the death penalty. On Christmas however, Jeff reached out to Kim.

In the New Year, Jeff and Leah rallied to have Meggan receive the death sentence after her trial. At the trial, Jeff took the stand; Meggan was found guilty and got 20 years in jail. At the same time, Leah became ill. She passed out and was rushed to the hospital. It turns out that her kidney was failing and her donor was Meggan! Jeff had to decide whether or not to let Meggan be released from jail to save Leah. After some thought, he agreed. Leah and Meggan went into surgery; Leah was saved. Kim, meanwhile, realized that Jeff was still in love with Leah and dumped him. At the fundraiser, Jeff and Leah made love. Afterwards, she regretted it and told them it was a mistake. Jeff was crushed.

He started hanging out with Madeline to take his mind off of Leah and they soon started sleeping with each other. Leah ended up being pregnant and she believed Robbie was the father. After Robbie was shot, Dominick revealed the truth to her: Jeff was the father of her baby! Leah and Dominick kept it mum after Robbie survived. Leah vowed to never tell anyone the truth about her baby. Jeff and Madeline, meanwhile, started to be friends with benefits. She became increasingly worried about his relationship with Leah. On the anniversary of Noah's death, Jeff and Leah shared a kiss at his grave site. This caused Leah to go into labour. At the hospital, Madeline urged Jeff to leave so Robbie and Leah could be alone. He did and Leah gave birth to a baby girl named Paige. Afterwards, Madeline realized that Jeff was still in love with Leah and dupmped him. Jeff, meanwhile, realized that Leah would never leave Robbie so he left town after saying goodbye to her.

On a trip to Boston for business, Leah ran into Jeff unexpectedly. They caught up and had a nice lunch together. Soon after, Bob called Jeff and offered him a job at Roboto working on a new website for the new line he was working on. Jeff jumped at the chance to be back in Twin Peaks. Leah was surprised to see Jeff in her office as they would be working together. Jeff then revealed to Leah that he is dating the new chemist that she hired in Boston, Veronica Lane. Leah became more and more jealous of his relatinship with Veronica. On New Year's Eve, Jeff and Veronica became engaged.

After getting engaged on New Year's Eve, Jeff and Veronica planned their wedding while Jeff continued to grow closer to Leah while working together at Roboto. Madeline, meanwhile, grew fed up with Cory and wondered if she should reveal that she knows that Jeff is really Paige's biological father, not Robbie. She got her confirmation on the anniversary of Noah's death, when she spotted Jeff and Leah in a lip lock. On the day of Robin and Cory's wedding, she sent Jeff a note revealing the truth. Jeff stopped the wedding and confronted Leah. Robbie rushed to his wife's defense but after Jeff demanded a paternity test, Leah confessed the truth! Robbie was stunned and walked out on his wife, leaving Jeff stunned that he now has a child. Jeff and Leah agreed to let him see Paige as often as possible, despite Paige being confused and asking for Robbie often. Jeff, meanwhile, told Veronica that they should marry as soon as possible. Leah learned that the wedding was going to happen and she felt odd about it. Realizing that she and Jeff had always been drawn together, Leah stopped the wedding and asked Jeff to talk. Veronica grew fed up with Jeff and Leah and bolted. She broke the engagement and left town after quitting Roboto. Jeff went to Leah to confront her and the two ended up having sex. Leah told him that she felt like their family could be the way it was always meant to be now.

Jeff proposed to Leah; she accepted. Kim spotted them and revealed the news to Robbie. Robbie was livid that Leah was moving on so quickly. He sued Leah for custody of Paige! Jeff supported Leah through this and in the end, Leah was awarded custody of Paige. She and Jeff rejoyced. He proposed to her again and she accepted. They planned their wedding. As the wedding approached, Leah revealed to Jeff her past with her mother, Felicia, who passed away when Leah was younger. He comforted her; on the day of the wedding, the ceremony was stopped by Bob, who came in with an alive Felicia! Turns out, Dominick faked her death because Felicia is mentally ill and he didn't want his family to see her condition get worse. Leah slapped her father for his betrayal and went home to reunite with Felicia. Jeff felt like the odd man out as Leah turned her attention to her mother, not him or getting married.

Jeff continued to press Leah to get Felicia to move out of the house as he wanted to focus on his wedding to Leah. Leah insisted that her mother stay and Felicia played it so it seemed liked Jeff didn't like her. Jeff encouraged Leah to send Paige away to Europe until Felicia was in a more stable condition; they bid farewell to Paige. Soon after, Jeff convinced Leah to get married in Lake Tahoe. They went to Lake Tahoe and spotted Robbie and Victoria there. Jeff, however, didn't realize that Felicia had followed them to Lake Tahoe. Jeff and Leah got married by the lake. Afterwards, Jeff went to get some champagne ... when he got back, Leah was missing. He called Dominick and they realized that Felicia must have kidnapped Leah. They called Robbie, who tracked Leah and Felicia down. The farm house that they were in exploded with Leah inside! Jeff was crushed that his new bride was dead. Paige came home from boarding school in the wake of her mother's death. Shortly after, Leah's will was read ... turns out, she didn't change her will since her divorce from Robbie - she left everything to her ex-husband! Robbie kicked Jeff out of the house and he moved into to Meggan's after she offered. Paige, meanwhile, was shocked that Jeff would live with the woman that killed Noah. Jeff tried to make it up to Paige to no avail. Jeff and Meggan, meanwhile, grew closer, and ended up making love on New Years Eve.

In the aftermath of sleeping with Meggan, Jeff became conflicted. He enjoyed spending time with Meggan, but once Robbie and Paige learned that he slept with her, they called him disgusting. He tried to end it with Meggan but ended up in bed with her again. They agreed to go slow. Paige, meanwhile, moved in with Bob. Jeff visited her and encouraged her to get past Leah's death. Victoria, meanwhile, continued to hate how Robbie was treating Jeff. She suggested to Jeff that he sue Robbie for what is rightfully is in Leah's estate. Going against Meggan's advice, Jeff sued Robbie. In court, Paige was forced to take the stand, which upset her dearly. In the end, Jeff was awarded half of Leah's estate - including her house. Jeff was overjoyed while Robbie fumed. In the aftermath, Paige lashed out at Jeff and Robbie for making her take the stand. On the anniversary of Leah's death, Jeff shut Meggan out, who was upset by his decision. They soon reunited and made love again. Jeff told Paige that he was thinking of asking Meggan to marry him, but she told her father he would lose her forever if he did that. Jeff still shocked Meggan by proposing; she accepted. They didn't tell Paige the truth as they wanted to keep her from getting hurt.

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