Jackson McQuillan

Representation: Greg Vaughan
On Series Since: 2002 - 2009
Full Name: Jackson McQuillian
Died: 2009
Profession: Unknown
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Brother, Ryan McQuillan


Jackson broke into Kim's home and put her in a cage. He revealed that he was a former classmate of hers. She turned him down at the prom and was one of the kids that everyone picked on. Deranged, he stalked and raped her.

He hired Will to try to kill Kim at Robbie and Leah's wedding.

Will failed at killing Kim. Meggan finally arrested him.

Kim ended up visiting him in jail. He revealed his horrible past to her: as a child his mother was physically, mentally and emotionally abusive. Kim started to feel bad for him. She agreed that she would drop his charges if Jackson agreed to leave town and get therapy. He agreed. He moved to White Cove. Soon, Jackson returned to TP and claimed he was a changed man. Kim refused to believe him. Finally, she saw Jackson in a new light ... but Victoria's alter ego strangled him and killed him.

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