Dr. Victoria Franky

Representation: Nicole Scherzinger
On Series Since: 2002 - Present
Full Name: Dr. Victoria Franky, real name Marbella Moretti
Profession: Doctor; Twin Peaks General Hospital
Martial Status: Married, Bryce
Previous Relationships: Ex-Boyfriend, Chris Michaels; Divorced & ex-boyfriend; Vinny Victors; Divorced & Sex, Shane Glubbs; Broken Engagement, Adam Black; Broken Engagement, Robbie Calimo
Family Ties: Brother, Donovan Moretti; Father, Ernesto Moretti; Mother, Eva McCloud



Victoria was married to Shane. Vinny shot her for 'knowing too much'. She survived, but starting suffering from increasing mood swings. She slept with Adam Black. Shane caught them in bed together and agreed to the divorce. Victoria remembered that Vinny shot her and blackmailed him. Soon, he turned up stabbed and Victoria was a suspect. She was arrested for his murder.

At her trial, he turned up alive and her charges were dropped. Vinny revealed that he knows Victoria did stab him! Adam proposed to Victoria, but her odd behaviour intercepted and she said no. Upset, he had a one night stand with Helen; only it progressed into more. Victoria discovered the affair, and in a rage tried to kill Helen. The accident caused Helen to lose her memory.

Victoria was on the docks when she encountered Andy. Believing that Andy was going to rape her, Victoria tried to kill him. He survived and he soon started following her. He realized that she had multiple personalities. In fact, Victoria's alter ego Brandy was in control of her behaviour.

Brandy wanted revenge on Adam and Helen, so she set fire to their apartment. After remembering that her father sexually abused her as a child, Brandy saw Jackson on the docks. Knowing that he had raped Kim, Brandy strangled Jackson and killed him. Robbie started closing in on Brandy. To keep Robbie away from her, she planned to kill him at Cory and Natasha's wedding. Tragically, her plan we wayward and Natasha was injured instead of Robbie. Robbie arrested Victoria at the wedding. Victoria went to therapy with Olivia Wilkins and was seemingly cured of her personalities. Victoria started to pull her life back together, but she realized that she had little memory of what had happened while under Brandy’s control. She started having flashes of Vinny shooting her and wondered what secret she could possibly know that would make him want her dead. She started growing closer to Chris as he offered to help her. She also became good friends with Andy. Victoria continued to investigate her past and she remembered that she stabbed Vinny, aka Brett. She also remembered the truth: Dave and Brett are posing as Vinny!

She tried to get Madeline's help in uncovering the truth, but Madeline walked out of the situation. Dave threatened her by revealing if she said anything he would go to the police about her stabbing Brett. Victoria continued to investigate and realized Meggan knew more than she was saying. Meggan and Victoria agreed to compare notes, but Meggan disappeared at the fundraiser. Victoria was worried and went to Robbie for help. Meanwhile, Chris and Victoria took their relationship to the next level and made love. She was jealous of his closeness to Daisy still. Chris reassured her that he was with her now, not his-wife. After the truth came out that Chris was really Andrew's father, Victoria still stuck by him. Meanwhile, she and Robbie tried to invesigate Meggan's disappearance but something always got in their way. On New Year's Eve, they explored the Victors Estate, and found a secret passage. After coming face to face with Dave and Brett, the two saved a captive Vinny and Meggan. Dave, however, shot Robbie so Victoria shot Dave.

Victoria struggled with killing a man, despite people telling her that she did a good thing. She supported Chris during his custody hearing but felt increasingly jealous of his relationship with Daisy. She asked him to marry her right before the custody hearing, but he said no. She started to lean more and more on Vinny. During a trip to Las Vegas, a drunken Victoria and Vinny got married! They returned home and Meggan was livid and Chris dumped her. Victoria told Chris that she and Vinny were drunk and it was a mistake, they were going to annull the marriage. Chris agreed to stand by her, despite Daisy's objections. While Meggan was moving out of Vinny's house, she hit Victoria with her car! Victoria couldn't remember the accident, but Chris and Vinny fought over her well being. Victoria stayed with Vinny and finally realized that it was Meg behind the wheel. Chris secretly leaked the story to the press on the day of the election causing Vinny to lose. Vinny was crushed. Victoria confronted Chris knowing he leaked the story and accused him of still loving Daisy and this was proof.

Victoria became increasingly frustrated with the childish antics of Vinny and Chris in their quest to keep her. She found herself fighting with Chris more and more often. To make matters worse, Robbie informed her that Meggan's fate was in her hands. If she pressed charges for the hit and run, Meggan would go to jail. Victoria visited Meggan and made her an offer: she wouldn't press charges if she agreed to leave town and go to rehab. Meggan agreed and left town. Chris, meanwhile, had enough of Victoria's lack of willingness to decide between him and Vinny. He called all three together and forced her to decide. She choose herself and dumped Chris and handed Vinny divorce papers. Later, she was shocked to see her brother Donovan Moretti back in Twin Peaks. She was worried that his arrival meant her abusive father had found her, but he reassured her that he hadn't spoken to their father in years. He revealed that her real name is Marbella; she changed it after she ran away from home and the abuse. She met with Eva at the hospital, and Eva believed she thought Victoria looked familiar. Soon, Victoria started to realize creepy notes in the mail, making her think that her father had found her. Donovan encouraged Victoria to go to the police, which she did. After a threatening voicemail was left, Robbie placed himself as her security guard. During over nights together, the two developed an attraction on each other, despite both knowing that he is happily married. On New Year's Eve, Donovan and Victoria were stunned when their father, Ernesto revealed himself to them. Ernesto dropped a bombshell on them: Eva is their biological mother!


Victoria was floored to learn Eva is her mother. She shut Eva out as Ernesto was arrested. She and Robbie continued to grow closer and also continued to flirt. Donovan told his sister that it was okay to have a crush on the police officer. They formed an alliance and vowed not to let Ernesto hurt them anymore. She also strugged with having a half sister in Natasha. On the day of Cory and Robin's wedding, Victoria was attacked. Vinny found her and she was alright; everyone assumed it was Ernesto but they had no proof. After the truth about Paige's paterntiy was revealed, Robbie showed up at Victoria's house and they made love. In the aftermath, Victoria told Robbie that she didn't want to be a rebound. He promised she wasn't; they continued to sleep together as Robbie seeked a divorce from Leah. Victoria, meanwhile, was worried when Eva was attacked much like she was. Everyone continued to believe that it was Ernesto behind the attacks, but he claimed he was innocent. Robbie and Victoria soon saw a video from Robin and Cory's wedding, proving that Jonas was the attack on Victoria. Victoria was attacked again; when she awoke, Ernesto was dead! Victoria was arrested for the murder and feared that her father drugged her and raped her again. Tests came back and proved that Ernesto did not rape her, but he did drug her. Victoria was released from jail. Victoria and Eva were horrified on Christmas Day when Donovan was arrested for Ernesto's murder.

Victoria supported Robbie after he learned that Leah was engaged to Jeff. He sued Leah for custody of Paige and still Victoria supported him. Victoria, meanwhile, was set on helping prove Donovan's innocence on the murder charges. She realized that she had to go back to Italy to see if she could track down Jonas, her father's right hand man. She said farewell to Robbie and was later shocked to see Robbie show up at the airport; he lost custody of Paige and wanted to escape with her. In Italy, the two shared romantic times until they learned that Donovan had been found guilty. They went to Victoria's childhood home and found a video proving that Jonas killed Ernesto! Jonas cornered them with a gun but Victoria convinced him to turn himself in. Back in Twin Peaks, Victoria and Robbie stopped Donovan from dying from the death penalty and proved his innocence! In the aftermath, Donovan thanked his sister and Robbie for helping save him. Victoria and Robbie continued to grow closer as well. Soon, she feared how he would react when Leah was marrying Jeff. He reassured her that he was okay with it. Victoria was happy with where her relationship was heading.

Victoria was thrilled when Robbie moved in with her in the new year. They continued to build their relationship. She was offput, however, by Robbie and Leah's seemingly close relationship. Robbie told her that they were just friends. Donovan, however, saw a close moment between Leah and Robbie and told his sister. Robbie covered when Victoria asked him about it. Robbie surprised Victoria by planning a romantic trip to Lake Tahoe! They were unnerved to see Leah and Jeff there as well. Victoria was shocked when Robbie asked her to marry him; she accepted! Their celebration was short lived, however, when they got word that Leah had been kidnapped. Victoria comforted Robbie when Leah was killed. She was shocked when Leah left Robbie everything in her will because she hadn't updated it since before their divorce. Victoria watched Robbie kick Jeff out of Leah's house and take over living there. Victoria tried to tell Robbie that Jeff deserved something but he wouldn't listen to her.

Victoria continued to be baffled by Robbie's behaviour towards Jeff following Leah's death. Upset with her fiance, she told him that they couldn't be together while he was treating Jeff that way. Shortly after, Victoria told Jeff that he could sue Robbie for what is rightfully his. Taking Victoria's advice, Jeff sued Robbie and was awarded half of Leah's estate, leaving Robbie livid. Victoria, meanwhile, was invovled in a minor car crash with a drunk Andy. She told Robbie that she could have died and didn't want to waste anymore time. He agreed that they should get back together, as long as they didn't have any more secrets. Soon, they became engaged and Victoria was thrilled. She didn't realize, however, that Paige had overheard her admit that she convinced Jeff to sue Robbie. When Robbie and Victoria told Paige their news about the engagement, Paige revealed the truth about Victoria. Robbie was shocked and dumped Victoria. Victoria, meanwihle, treated Shane after he was in a car accident. She asked him how he found out about Natasha's miscarriage. He revealed that he read her file, which is against doctor-patient confidentiality. Victoria soon informed Shane that a formal investigation was going to happen.

Victoria started the new year trying to get Robbie to forgive her for suggesting to Jeff that he sue Robbie for half of Leah's estate. Victoria was upset when Robbie refused to do that. She leaned on Eva & Donovan for support. Shortly after, Victoria helped Eva plan her wedding to Dominick after his divorce from Felicia became final. Victoria, meanwhile, told Shane that the hospital investigation on how he learned about Natasha's miscarriage was about to start. She knew that he could lose his license as a result of him reading Natasha's file. Meanwhile, after Paige announced that she and Shane had sex, he was arrested for statutory rape and Paige was forced to undergo a medical exam to see if she was still a virgin or not, which Victoria performed. Victoria tried to support Robbie during Paige's ordeal, but she was put off by his new bond with Kim. Donovan agreed with Victoria that something was off with the duo. After Eva's wedding, Victoria went to the Calimo mansion and, with Bob, saw Robbie in bed with Kim. Victoria was shocked to learn that Robbie slept with her as a way to get revenge on his father for his role in Leah's death. Bob and Victoria left together and were involved in a minor car accident, which caused Robbie to realize that he does still love Victoria. Victoria only suffered minor injuries from the car accident with Bob. It made Robbie realize, however, that life was too short to be fighting. He apologized to her for ending their relationship and she forgave him. They reunited and quickly got engaged. Eva and Donovan warned Victoria about getting too involved with Robbie again, but she professed that she loved him, so they supported her. Victoria and Robbie were soon on their way to Santa Barbara for the double wedding of Vinny & Daisy and Meggan & Jeff. At Frederick's winery, Paige admitted that she felt Leahs' presence, but Victoria chalked it up to the fact that Jeff was moving on. A horrible rain storm hit, and a mysterious figure watched Robbie and Victoria kiss. In the morning, Victoria was floored to learn that Leah was alive and well; Frederick had been keeping her at the winery until her memory came back. Leah's last memory was marrying Robbie, she claimed. Back in Twin Peaks, Shane ran a DNA test confirming the woman was Leah. He recommended that the family play along with Leah's memory until it came back fully. Victoria was crushed when Robbie moved back in with Leah and Paige and played the perfect family. She admitted to Eva that she thoughts he had lost Robbie for good this time. Victoria confronted Frederick about his schemes on the night was shot. Victoria was later questioned by the police. On New Year's Eve, Victoria witnessed Robbie and Leah share a kiss.

Victoria was reeling after seeing Leah and Robbie share a kiss on New Year's Eve. He told her that Leah just got caught up in the moment, but Victoria wasn't so sure. She confessed to Donovan and Eva that she wasn't sure if anything would be normal between her and Robbie again. During the ice storm, Leah's memory came back. Robbie told Victoria that once Leah's memory came back, they would be together. However, Victoria overheard Leah tell Robbie that she wanted to divorce Jeff because her memory came back, but her feelings for Robbie hadn't changed. Victoria was crushed. During the ice storm, Victoria performed the transplant that took Blake's lungs and gave them to baby Jacob. She also supported Shane and Natasha during the ordeal, and supported Donovan during Lukas' murder trial. Victoria slowly grew fed up with Robbie seemingly ping-ponging between her and Leah. After Leah learned that she had to stay married to Jeff for, at least, 6 months, Victoria told Robbie that she was tired of playing his second fiddle. He tried to tell her that she wasn't his second choice, but she insisted that they were over. Victoria revealed to Shane that she was actually devastated by the break up. Victoria then treated Dawn for her rape, which brought up memories of her past with Ernesto. She and Kim told Dawn that they would support her as past survivors of rape. While Robbie continued to press for another chance, Victoria stood her ground and grew closer to Shane. On New Year's Eve, Shane kissed Victoria.

Victoria continued to tell Robbie that they were over, despite him pressuring her to give them one more chance. Finally, the night of Shane's birthday party, Victoria snapped and lashed out at her ex for not getting it that they were over. Shane, meanwhile, grew closer to Victoria but they agreed that the kiss they shared on New Years Eve was a mistake. After Natasha exposed Cassie at Shane's birthday, Victoria suggested they go for a walk together; Shane agreed. Victoria went to the pier alone and was attacked. Shane saved her from being raped, and Victoria thanked him. Victoria, while telling Eva, Donovan & Shane that she was fine, started suffering from headaches. She was late for surgery, which caused concern for Shane. Victoria also overheard Craig lash out at Lukas and Donovan when they got back together. Shortly after, Brandy, Victoria's multiple personality returned and fooled Shane and Donovan with her presence. Craig, then, showed up at Victoria's office and revealed that he had been exposed to HIV and asked her to do the blood work to see if he was infected. Brandy remained in control of Victoria's mind. She told Craig that he was HIV positive following his one night stand with Chip, and she immediately began to treat him, but he got ill from her treatments, which alarmed Shane, Lukas and Donovan. Lukas blamed Victoria for Craig's illness, which upset Donovan. Shane then asked Craig to review his medical file, since he thought it was odd that he was so sick. Craig agreed; Shane was horrified to realize that Craig didn't have HIV at all! Brandy, meanwhile, took on a second job at Raven's Meadow and welcomed Barbara to the hospital. Brandy immediately wanted to get revenge on Barbara for sending Dawn to the bible camp, which resulted in her rape. She suggested to Greg that they perform electroshock therapy on Barbara; Greg agreed. Brandy started giving Barbara more therapy than required. Shane, then, confronted "Victoria" over Craig's misdiagnosis. Brandy claimed it was a lab mix up. Craig then took a turn for the worse and was admitted to the hospital. Shane ran more test results, which confirmed that he did not have HIV. He confronted Victoria, again, who maintained her innocence. Brandy, then, was the on-call doctor when Helen and Bob had their car accident; she looked after Helen. She stunned Dawn and Adam by announcing that Helen was dead! After Helen's memorial service, Brandy recalled how she drugged Helen to make her appear dead, but she is actually alive and buried alive! Brandy communicated with Helen via walkie-talkie and revealed that she is getting back at Helen for sending Dawn to the bible camp. Brandy, then, killed Barbara by giving her too much electroshock therapy! She tried to cover it up, but Greg opened an investigation into her death.

Brandy, Victoria's alter ego, remained in control of Victoria's mind. Brandy continued to talk to Helen, whom she buried alive, through a walkie-talkie. Helen pleaded with her to let her out of the coffin to no avail. Helen then told Brandy that her water was running low. Brandy agreed to fill it. Craig and Lukas, meanwhile, were livid with Victoria for misdiagnosing Craig's HIV and they wanted her to pay. Shane suspected that Victoria's alter egos were back but Eva and Donovan were skeptical as Brandy continued to fool them into believing she was Victoria. Shane suggested that they take Victoria to the Calimo cabin as an intervention of sorts; Eva and Donovan agreed. When the three suggested this to Brandy, she realized that if she didn't agree to go they would suspect her even more. Brandy arrived at the cabin first and she encountered Brett, who was out of jail. Brett explained that he was leaving town and stopped at the cabin as it was getting late to drive. Brandy recalled how Dave and Brett shot Victoria years earlier and snapped. She pulled a gun on him and warned him not to move. Shane, Eva and Donovan then arrived on the scene and Brandy revealed that she was back in control, to everyone's horror. Brandy announced that she was going to kill all four for learning her secret. The gun, however, jammed and Brandy accidently shot herself! Victoria was rushed to the hospital and fell into a coma. Eva, Shane and Donovan were left wondering who else Brandy had hurt. Shortly after, Shane realized that Helen was alive and with Adam and Max's help, they saved her. Helen wanted to press charges against Victoria, but Eva convinced her that allowing Victoria to get help was more important. Victoria woke up and realized what she had done. Brandy briefly reemerged but Victoria regained control and went away to get help. Victoria eventually returned home from the hospital where she was cured of her multiple personalities. Once she got home, she apologized to Craig and Helen for everything she put them through. Victoria supported Donovan when he got engaged to Lukas and agreed to stand up for him. Victoria and Shane, meanwhile, grew closer upon her return and they shared a kiss. Victoria told him that she had to move slowly, but Eva encouraged her daughter to reunite with her ex-husband. Victoria supported a devastated Donovan when Lukas was presumed dead during an avalanche. Victoria and Shane made love on New Year's Eve.

Victoria and Shane admitted that they enjoyed their love making on New Years and they continued to see one another. Shortly after, however, Victoria was late for her period and thought she was pregnant. The idea of having a baby scared her as she had just gotten healthy from her multiple personalities; she wasn't sure if having a baby was right for her. Eva encouraged her daughter to tell Shane. She told him that she was late and he was excited at the idea of being a father again. They took a pregnancy test and it was negative; Victoria was relieved and Shane was upset. The experience made them realize that they wanted different things out of life and they broke up. Soon after, Victoria was walking down the pier when she saw Vinny, who was presumed dead! They reunited and she was thrilled her ex was still alive. She told Trenyce and Tyler about Vinny being alive. Victoria continued to visit Vinny at the mansion and soon they ended up in bed together! Vinny then stunned Victoria by asking her to move in with him. Eva was against the idea but Victoria moved in with Vinny. She started exploring the house which gave Vinny concern as he was holding Daisy and Brett hostage still. He lied to her that all the secret tunnels had been either removed or locked up. Victoria believed him. Brad and Meggan arrived to confront Vinny about the idea of Daisy being alive; Victoria defended him. Later, Victoria thought she saw Vinny coming out of a secret passage and wondered if he had lied to her. She shared her thoughts with Brad and Meggan; they told her to pretend like nothing was wrong but to keep her eyes and ears open. Victoria continued to look around the Victors mansion as she thought that Vinny was hiding something. She accidently stumbled into the secret passage way and heard voices. Spooked, she told Meggan and Brad what had happened. They convinced Victoria to drug Vinny so they could see what was in the tunnels; while Vinny was drugged, they went back and found a captive Daisy and Brett! Before they could save them, Vinny appeared and revealed the mansion was laced with bombs! They went off; everyone survived except for Brett. Victoria visited Vinny, who was pretending to be Brett to avoid jail time and wondered which twin it was. Victoria believed it was Brett after a DNA test confirmed, unaware that Vinny altered it. Victoria reunited with Eva and Donovan and got her job back at the hospital. Vinny, however, wanted revenge on her since she exposed his plan of revenge with Daisy and Brett. He placed a small device on the back of her phone that had a high pitch squealing noise to it. Victoria admitted to her family that she was suffering from headaches and time lapses. After Victoria missed Christmas, Eva told Donovan that she believed Victoria’s alter egos were back.


Victoria continued to suffer from headaches as a result of the device that Vinny placed on her phone, which made Donovan and Eva worried about her. Victoria maintained that she was okay, but also secretly worried about what was happening to her. Vinny, then, wanted to kick his plan into the next gear, so he broke into her apartment again and switched Victoria's aspirin with a different type of drug. Victoria, still suffering from the headaches, took the drug and then thought she saw Brandy in her apartment! Donovan and Eva stressed to Victoria that something was not right with her and together worried that she had split again. Victoria maintained that she hadn't split again because she has always felt like she is in control. Victoria, however, realized that she had to do something, so she made herself an appointment at Raven's Meadow. At her appointment, Bryce Barty (the same doctor Vinny got to orchestrate the baby switch) was her doctor. Vinny told him to tell Victoria that she split again; Victoria didn't believe it. Donovan and Victoria were gutted when Eva was murdered. At Eva's memorial service, Victoria had a breakdown when she had a vision of Brandy about to stab Donovan! In the wake of this, Victoria checked herself into Raven's Meadow. Bryce, who had started to have feelings for Victoria, continued to drug her as per Vinny's instructions but Victoria overheard him talking about the Chief of Staff being powerful. She wondered who the COS was and if she should stop taking her medication. At Raven's Meadow, Victoria realized that Bryce had an attraction to her. She continued to believe that she never did split again as this felt different for her. She decided to stop taking her medication to see if it helped. After Bryce almost caught her skipping her pills, Victoria decided to play into his attraction to see if she can get more information from him. She kissed him but he warned her that due to their doctor-patient relationship, nothing further could happen between them. Victoria continued, however, to skip her medication and felt better than ever before, which made her convinced that she never split again. She suggested to Bryce that she get released because she felt better but Bryce told her that it was up to the Chief of Staff, not him. Victoria decided to visit the COS to get support on leaving the hospital. When she walked into COS's office, she was floored to see Bryce talking to Frederick Richardson, who had been presumed dead! Victoria was stunned and demanded to know what was going on. Frederick cryptically told her that no one could know that he was alive because he had many plans set in motion and that she would have to be silenced. Without thinking, Bryce knocked her unconscious but was horrified when Frederick was going to perform a lobotomy on her! Right before the procedure was going to happen, Bryce attacked Frederick and knocked him unconscious before escaping with Victoria. When she woke up, she was at the Calimo cabin. She was scared to see Bryce, but he explained that he saved her because he had fallen in love with her. She demanded answers about her medication; he finally revealed that he was blackmailed into making her believe that she split again. Before he could tell her everything, Vinny arrived at the cabin with a gun and told Victoria that he wanted her to suffer since she exposed his plan the previous year with Daisy and Brett being held hostage. Victoria was devastated by his betrayal. Vinny wanted both Bryce and Victoria to die; a struggle for the gun occurred between Bryce and Vinny and the gun went off leaving both men shot. Victoria was horrified and called for help. Vinny was pronounced dead and Bryce needed surgery. At the hospital, Victoria revealed to Daisy and Meggan that not only was Vinny dead but Frederick was alive and well. Victoria stayed by Bryce's side while he recovered but she was told that it didn't look good for him. She was put off when she heard Bryce mumble Eva's name and "the baby". Bryce woke up briefly and told Victoria he wanted to marry her. Victoria married Bryce in the hospital hoping that it would give him strength to pull through but he suffered a setback. On Christmas Day, Bryce seemingly took a turn for the better making Victoria believe it was a Christmas miracle.

Victoria was relieved when Bryce continued to make progress at the hospital. Shortly after, Madeline revealed that Bryce was doing so much better that he was going to be discharged. Victoria celebrated that his recovery was a miracle and they went home together. After the Roboto gala, Bryce admitted to his wife that he was concerned that Frederick would try to harm him since he prevented the lobotomy from taking place the previous year. Victoria offered to talk to Frederick for him, but Bryce said no. Victoria also questioned her husband about why he was mumbling Eva's name, but he clamed up. While Donovan and Victoria continued to mourn Eva, Bryce recalled how he gave Eva a drug at the hospital that saved her life! He worried that Victoria would leave him if she knew the truth that he helped Frederick keep Eva alive for his master plan. Shortly after, Victoria ran into Daisy, who was left a note following a dinner party at Frederick's. The note made Victoria wonder if Eva was alive after all, but Bryce claimed it was impossible. Victoria went to the Victors mansion and was flooded with memories from her time there with Vinny. She did, however, see Barbara Mills talking to Felicia. Victoria followed Barbara back to her room, thinking that Barbara might know where Eva was within the mansion. Victoria was stunned to see Eva remove the Barbara mask from her face! Stunned, Victoria realized that she had to tell Dominick the truth about Barbara/Eva. She told him everything and then went back to the mansion to stop Frederick from marrying Felicia. At the mansion, Victoria found Eva and they were reunited, despite Eva having amnesia. Frederick found them together and locked them in a room. Victoria tried to find a way to escape, but Frederick ended up gassing them to knock them out! When Victoria and Eva woke up, they were locked in a padded cell in Raven's Meadow. The ordeal, however, caused Eva to regain her memory. Victoria vowed to her mother that she would find a way to help them escape. Will, who got a job at Raven's Meadow, almost saw them as the mother-daughter cried for help. Eva and Victoria remained trapped in the padded cell in Raven's Meadow. They worried that they would be trapped together but the mother and daughter refused to give up. Victoria, then, realized that there was a vent behind the wall, so they were able to open the wall and escape the room through the vent! Soon, they found a secret office within the walls of Raven's Meadow, where they found some of Frederick's files. They were able to find a door but before they left, they stole some of the files in hopes of uncovering some of Frederick's secrets to use as leverage against him. They ended up at the Calimo Cabin, where they agreed to stay put until they were able to get something against the doctor. Shortly after, Bryce and Will discovered the women at the cabin! Will was floored to see Eva alive, while Bryce and Victoria were reunited. Bryce and Victoria wondered if they could get back together since she had trust issues with him since he helped Frederick. Eva and Victoria told the men what they were looking for in the files, and they agreed to help. Soon, Bryce discovered something shocking: his real name was Noah and Leah & Jeff's long-lost son is Ethan Alexander! They agreed that they would have to tell everyone the truth. Will sent cryptic texts to the Robertson's and asked them to meet them at Dominick's house. There, Eva was revealed to the family as being alive! Tyler and Leah realized that Abby's reign was over as Eva was still married to Dominick! Eva was then reunited with Natasha, Donovan and Victoria as they wondered what was going to happen next.

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