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Representation: Tina Turner

On Series Since:2016 - Present
Full Name: Jemma Davenport
Profession: Retired
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Unknown
Family Ties: Niece, Daisy Davenport; Great-Niece, Trenyce Davenport



Jemma comes to town after Daisy invites her to Twin Peaks to help her plan her wedding to Vinny. Jemma is quickly reunited with Daisy and Trenyce. Soon, however, it's clear that Jemma has a secret past with Frederick, despite Jemma telling Daisy that she doesn't have a past. Daisy threw a dinner party in hopes of getting to the truth; Jemma confronted Frederick and they agreed to keep the past in the past, but Meggan overheard. Shortly after, Jemma fained and Daisy called Frederick over to check on her Aunt. Jemma revealed that her secret was slowly killing her. On New Year's Eve, Daisy saw the two of them talking and demanded to know the truth. Jemma, meanwhile, told Trenyce to start focusing on finding her real child that she shares with Chris.

Jemma told Daisy to stop looking into her past because there was no secret. Jemma, of course, was lying as she couldn't stand to be around Frederick for some reason. Soon, she was having nightmares about him but she continued to lie to Daisy about what was wrong. Jemma, also, supported Trenyce in her quest to find her child. She also realized that Trenyce was carrying a torch for Chris and encouraged Trenyce to follow her heart, unaware Chris was moving on with Helen.

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